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  1. I've been working on a ZM 109 and it's been a bit of a challenging build to do. It's not quite done yet but I decided I needed something that will just go together without much thought. I picked up the original release of the Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon when it first came out and haven't done anything with it. Mostly the paint job I felt would be a tough one. Recently my LHS got me to try the new Aqueous Mr Surfacer 1000 for a primer. It's practically odourless and easy to use so with that and my desire for a straightforward build the Falcon is hitting the bench. It's a big one alright. With the ZM 109 for a size comparison. AM will be an absolute minimum if any at all.
  2. It only took a few days of construction and painting to have a cheeky little table decoration. Bandai boxed the Death Star II with a Star Destroyer, originally I wanted to build the warship, but the superweapon got me. It can be put together in just half an hour, I haven't used glue anywhere. Sure, the joints could have been sealed here and there, but I didn’t deal with it. The base color is Tamiya XF-19 sky gray lightened with flat white. I painted the panels with artistic oil, as I could safely wash back on the acrylic base and repair it with thinner. The colors I used: Abteilung snow white + Rembrandt Payne gray. I hope you like it!
  3. One of my latest creations. Great Mazinger by Bandai at 1/144 scale, Infinitism range. Really a nice kit. Easy and pleasant to assemble. I really enjoyed this model. I had fun customizing the colors and adding details and a bit of weathering. And a finish with a satin varnish to make it less plastic. He's coming to keep his big brother, Grendizer, company. On to the pictures. Hope you will like it. Alain.
  4. Another Star Wars kit done, this time Bandai's B Wing, a bit more involved than the X Wing but still an enjoyable quick build (11 days from start to finish). Built OOB with Tamiya and Mr Colour acrylics. As with the X Wing all the panels were painted and only the small stencil decals used. Panel chipping done with Mr Colour maskol which i found to be thicker than the Humbrol Maskol. Not completely happy with the pilot but at this scale he's ok. It is possible to get the LED light module that comes in the limited edition kit (twice the price) to light up the engines but I didnt think the cost would be worth it. I would still like to do the 1/144 AT-AT if I can get hold of one. As usual any comments welcome. Bandai supply some "laser bolts" Wings folded. Size comparison with the X Wing shows why the B Wing was classed as a capital ship killer rather than a figther. WIP linked below
  5. Hello Dears !! Just let me know if I'm in the right place for such a build !! I spent my week End at a Made in Asia convention with the kids !! it's not the first time, but I always wonder about these kits !! And yesterday, I jumped in the game and bought one !! I suppose that you both know these beastie, I mean the kit, not the kids !! But I did'nt know, I even did'nt know if there are rules in it or paint scheme or so ! Here are the sprues !! I will just have fun and try it !! What is for sure is these kits are damn good !! In no time, I've got this !! Tomorrow putty and sanding !! But sincerely putty is barely necessary !! Stunning !! Have a great modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  6. Another Star Wars kit finished, this time Bandai's excellent X Wing in 1/72. This is the first of their kits I've done but there will be more, possibly the 1/144 AT-AT next. I have glue a few parts together mainly the engines but mostly its clipped together as designed. The Bandai kit has moveable wings and removable undercarriage but I elected not to. I only used the decals for the cockpit and the bands on the guns all other panels and markings have been painted using Tamiya and Mr Colour acrylics. Chipping was done with Humbrol Maskol. As usual all comments welcome.
  7. Another Bandai kit finished, this time Darth Vadar's Tie Figther Advanced. A quick build this time, received on Friday, started Saturday evening and finished today. In total 5-6 hours work over all, 1 hour to build, 2 hours to paint and 1-2 weathering/finishing off. If you're after a quick build then these kits are an excellent choice. Painted with Tamiya and Mr Hobby acrylics, black oil wash for weathering. No paint chipping or multi colour panels on the Imperial ships so a much simpler paint job, Mr Colour H51 Light Gull Grey as primary colour and Tamiya Nato Black for the panels.
  8. Hello and welcome. This area of Britmodeller is new ground to me I have been stalking a few builds over here recently looking for inspiration on building Gundam suits. (Excuse me if my terminology is a bit off I’m new to these kits). I’m finding some good WIP builds but nothing that goes through step by step like what I’m used to on the other side, mainly it’s finished kits or finished parts, not a bad thing but I was looking for a WIP that might help me build THIS. . I was gifted this lovely looking kit by a work friend on my birthday in April who has far too many in the stash. I decided that this would be my next build and I’d do the WIP exactly how I do them for my other kits. It’ll be a bit photo heavy and I’ll be learning on the job. I’ve gleaned some info about how these kits go together and they seem a lot different to your regular Airfix our Tamiya kit but we shall see. I’m planing on doing a nice amount of weathering on this but I’m not sure how you go about building and painting. Folk seem to build first and paint together (alien to me) or paint in chunks frame them armour? Oh I don’t know but I do know it’ll be fun so here goes let’s open the box.... I’d be honoured if some of you guys would follow along and help me out if I’m headed in the wrong direction. Here goes.... Okey so lid off and I get another lid? Nice pic though. woah!!! There’s a lot in the box. I love the feel of this crisp Bandai plastic and the cool multi coloured trees are sublime. loads of bits and my first stumble block. I don’t know why I expected the instructions to be in English but what with Tamiya kits and the like you never know. So even still how hard can it be eh. just like Ikea. Looky that molding so crisp. I do have these too. I’m used to water slide decals and these things are?? Stickers and what looks like those run on transfers?? What is this cRaZy? right one with both feet. The first few steps sees lots of putting together and no glue? Oh my, I just don’t get it. strangely addictive though. sanding off the nub ( there’s no flash to speak of ) bits is great as the plastic is so nice. It does really scratch the plastic though. I got around this by smoothing off the rough bits with Tamiya extra thin. this part was rough as a badgers Harris but with TET it looks great. I’ll be priming and painting any how but how I don’t know yet. Quick as you like all the chest parts came together. I guess after each section gets put together I can see what needs painting then I can dismantle and paint accordingly. It’s this the usual procedure with these kits? What slightly rough bits there were I sorted out with TET. Looking sassy. And you can see how the TET has worked it’s magic in this shot. Even though it’s freaking me out that I’m not gluing any of this together yet I’m loving that all the seams are in logical places. Like here on the head. Oh man this is ace!!! The instructions (I think) ask for stickers to be put on the eyes... screw that. I’ll paint ‘em .... probably.. So here we are. Looking good. I’m really loving this so far even though it’s totally alien to me. Thanks for looking in hopefully it’s not too boring and if she turns out well others might be able to use this as a good reference point. Take care and any comments are welcome. Happy modelling. Johnny.
  9. Hello, It will be my first model build. I am used to painting gaming miniatures and larger busts, but I would like to try something new. Millenium falcon starship always fascinated me. Since I was a little boy I always wanted to build it. I have chosen 1/144 scale because finished product is not gigantic and can nicely fit in the shelf, on the other hand, model details are still superb. I was lucky to get this one really cheap. I know that recent released version has some minor bugs fixed, but for me this already is supper cool (by the way, you can read more about it here: https://sites.google.com/site/millenniumfalconnotes/bandai-s-millennium-falcon). I’m not inted to make my build supper accurate to original work – this scale in my opinion is too small to do it right. Of course, you can find many 3D printed parts to enrich you millenium falcon but they are quite expensive and not as smooth as the Bandai plastic is (here is the good example: https://www.shapeways.com So just to start a few photos of parts moved just out of the box:
  10. I had a taster flight out of Duxford a while back with Classic Wings. The aircraft was a Cessna 150L Aerobat. When I got back I had a quick look and found a Bandai kit in 1/48 - my usual scale. So as a change from the usual military jets I would have a go at painting it to look a bit like G-BCDY. This is how she turned out This was the kit The faired over wheels had to be fixed. The wheels in the kit are only half moulded so whole new wheels needed. The colours are not quite right. The blue is too dark. I had to loose some of the engine detail to stuff in enough lead for her to not tail sit. I should have used some fine 1mm tape for the lining but just tried cutting some. And the serial number is in the wrong font and too big. 8mm high letter when I think 6mm would have been better. But she will do to remind me of my first time on the controls! Thanks for looking
  11. I've taken a small delivery of Star Wars Bandai,/Revell Kits to test the water as I don't normally do Film, TV and SciFi. Feedback appreciated https://testvalleymodels.com/products/slave-1-gift-set-05678 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/boba-fetts-starship-06785 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/outland-tie-fighter-06782 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/death-star-star-desdtroyer https://testvalleymodels.com/products/razor-crest-06781
  12. Well, after searching and searching for a suitable base I have chosen to use the support of a photo frame. If someone wants to see the process that I have followed in this model, they can do so at the following link. Andrés S.
  13. Hello all, This is my rendition of Bandai's 72nd scale T-70 x-wing painted in blue squadron markings as seen in Star Wars episode VII TFA. Overall this was a pretty fun build, there were some mishaps along the way, but I managed to finish it in the end, and am really pleased with the results. Here's the link to the WIP I did on it (this was my first wip, and I also think it turned out well): Here are the pics of the finished model: Hope you enjoy it! Oompa Loompa
  14. This is a project I started last year that has been on and off the bench since then. I had initially not planed to make any WIP for this one, but as I have been taking some photos during the process I've changed my mind. May be this will give me enough motivation to complete the model. The Bandai kit of the Super Cub was initially released way back in 1973, togehter with 5 other general avaiation types. Nice kits for the time, but not quite up to modern standards. But as general aviation types are not on the priority list of current kit manufacturers, these oldies have to do. I bought the kit second-hand, and here is what came in the box: I plan to build the model as "LN-RTC" as used by SAS Flying Club around 1980. Decals are from Lima November. Her I have started playing with the parts. The cockpit is not bad, but I decided to add a bit of extra detail. Here, I have added new rudder pedals and control columns, as well as knobs that I guess are throttle levers along the port cockpit edge. Seat belts are made from strips of Tamiya tape and buckles comes from a generic photoetched buckle set I have had for ages. Made by Reheat sometimes in the 90-ties I think. The exact colours used in the cockpit of LN-RTC are uncertain - my guess is light grey overall with dark blue seats. Floor with seats mounted in the port fuselage half. A light wash and gentle dry-brushing brings out the details. Regards, Ragnar
  15. I couldn't resist the temptation of starting this so I just put the inner frame together, an amazing bit of kit with so many amazing details tucked away.
  16. Hello all, This is my first WIP, so I’m going to be learning as I go along; I chose to build Bandai’s lovely 1/72 T-70 X-wing, this isn’t my first x-wing (I’ve already built a T-65 in “Red 5” scheme) and this certainly won’t be my last as I’ve got 2 more in the stash. The kit itself is as good as any Bandai kit, which means that the detail is crisp, everything fits together without any glue needed, there isn’t any flash to be seen and the clear parts are beautifully moulded without any defects. I’ll be doing this ship in Blue Squadron scheme as seen during the attacks on Takodana and Starkiller Base in episode VII The Force Awakens. I have already cut off the cockpit parts which I painted in Ak real colors RC261 Neutral Grey, and I also cut out the pilot and droid which I proceeded to prime with Tamiya XF-2 flat white. Here are some sprue shots, I know this has been done before, but I thought it would be nice anyway.Note: I cut off the clear parts sprue section from the main sprue to avoid damaging the canopy. Box Art Instructions Bandai decals and stickers Sprue A with fuselage Clear parts sprue section, cut off from main sprue A Sprue B with s-foils Sprue C with silver coloured parts Sprue B2 with BB model droid Sprue with base for The Last Jedi version Sprue with base for The Force Awakens version Here's what I've done so far: The seat was painted with Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey I don’t know how long I’ll take to finish this kit as I’ve got other projects going on, including a P-51D Mustang GB with my dad; I hope to finish before the end of the year but I doubt that will be possible. I will also try to take some comparison shots to show the difference between the T-65 and the T-70 x-wings using both Bandai kits and hopefully by next week I will have painted the cockpit, and maybe done some sub-assemblies.
  17. Hi all and here's my first finish for 2022, Bandai's 1/72 Poe's T-70 X-Wing from Ep. 7 The Force Awakens. I'm going to try and build more Star Wars stuff this year. Not much of a build thread as it went together so quickly! The fit of the parts is a joy and I only used glue in a couple of places. You could build and decal this straight from the box and have a lovely kit on your shelf. But I decided to repaint the orange markings with a custom Tamiya mix of red, orange & yellow. The hull was painted Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black My first time weathering with a liquid mask and I learned a lot - will do better next time. Rest of the weathering was a Flory Models wash and some oil streaking. Most of the kit decals were used. Thanks for looking and happy modelling. All the best, Dermot
  18. Hi all, After almost a month of work I finished Lord Vader’s ship. This was a very fun and a relatively quick build and, like all Bandai kits, it fits together perfectly. The model was painted with AK Real Colors Acrylics and weathered with Abteilung 502 oils. I hope you enjoy it, Comments welcome! A picture with the enemy.
  19. Hello everyone … Ive been working on this for a few days. My wife has been collecting “Hello Kitty” since she was a kid. I saw that Bandai had released a “Hello Kitty” Gunpla in 2020. Now I never thought Id see one in real life but surprisingly found six in August at what counts as a my local hobby shop. I bought this for my wife's birthday which is actually in August. Sadly its taken me three months to actually clear my desk off enough to build it. The large Head is interchangeable with the little gunpla body. I hate stickers so painted the yellow, reds, silver, some of the whites on the feet, and the pink. I chose to put this here as its more of Sci fi/anime vs figure. Please feel free to ask questions post comments or thoughts. Dennis
  20. Just a quick build of Bandais 1:144 Tie Fighter crashed on a desert planet, undamaged solar panels scavenged for scrap.
  21. I've a thing for the original Macross Anime kits from IMAI that appeared in the early 80's. The kits were available in the UK even though Macross or even the bastardized Robotech version from the the US wasn't. This a 2010 repop by Bandai of the orginal IMAI kit of probably the coolest looking mecha in the series. The boxart is particular captivating and adds a lots of character to a machine that only appeared occasionally in the series. Had great fun building this and rather pleased with the finish. I enjoyed experimenting with weathering techniques chipping (airspray and painted) and oils. The dull weather and basic photography skills means a the pictures don't show it all. Painted and partially weathered with Humbrol Enamels which suit the early 80's origins of this kit. Even in my late 40's I still think this looks as freaking awesome as I did in my teens
  22. This is another one that has been through the wars a bit. This is when Bandai were making some very cool large scale cars and things (A Steam roller and a Showmans engine) all in 1/16th scale, long before they got into Gundam and the like. Now, don't get me wrong, those Gundam and Star Wars model kits are really impressive, and I do see myself indulging an a Star Wars kit some time in my future, but giant robots are not my thing. They look amazing when built, but they leave me a bit cool. My adult son, on the other hand, thinks that they are really great. I suppose it's a bit like Rap music or Drum 'n' Base,: Technically really impressive, and I can appreciate te artistry, but I just don't like it. Anyway, middle-aged moan over, on to this kit. The obligatory box top. This has to be one of Colin Chapman's prettier cars, not as beautiful as the original Elan, but pretty none-he-less. Now this kit has had a chequered history. Early on, I decided that I wanted a dark blue Esprit, and sprayed it with Car aerosol paint. However, that stuff was very different from the modern acrylic based car paints. It was the old fashioned Cellulose paints. There are two main problems that I have encountered The paint is very unkind to polystyrene. It will eat into the plastic and do some real damage. The cured paint is very brittle and doesn't flex as well as the underlying Polystyrene. The first can be mitigated a bit by carefully priming the plastic with a Cellulose primer. It seems a bit less 'hot' than the colour coat. Anyway, the inevitable happened and the paint started cracking and peeling off before I had even started assembling the body! Tis left me a bit depressed, and I vowed never to use car paints again... It ended up in the loft, to probably be ignored forever... Many years (and house moves) later, I decided to give it another go. This probably was about 5 or 6 years ago. I stripped the really disastrous blue paint on it, and decided I would paint it Red. The ideal Lotus colour... So, at this point, we had: The body, stripped. (You can see a bit of the sub-frame to the left) The sub-frame. This was assembled a very long time before, and just forgotten. It was one of my better efforts from way back when, but had suffered the ravages of time. When I took it out of the box, the front end looked rather tatty, and the whole rear end fell apart. So, after much cementing, filling and touching up, it was back together again. This is how it looks at present. The floor pan, with release marks suitable filled and sanded. Most likely, none of them would be visible when assembled, but hey ! The engine, almost complete. Then I noticed that avital ancillary part had gone missing during the 30+ years in storage... I'm not sure what it is, but the instructions were good enough for me to re-create the thingummy, thus: I was so proud of it, I took many pictures of it. The last gives ma sense of scale, I think. The engine again... Finally all the other body parts, stripped. This poor car has suffered the Lotus curse: "Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious" So, this was where it was about two or three years agio. It has been in suspended animation since then. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  23. This my first sci-fi/space build: a Bandai X-Wing for a friend. Stay on target.
  24. Hi all, I am calling this done, not quite got it across the line for the May 4th Star Wars day, mainly due to shipping delays getting the last of my 1/144 Stormtroopers from Shapeways. I have 76 Stormtroopers in total in this hanger bay, 40 of them together with Darth Vader came last Saturday morning, thanks to Keith at Cozmic Scale models. The other 36 had a different pose and Shapeways had those. Anyway I got them on Tuesday afternoon. Darth Vader seems to have almost disappeared amongst the black flooring and lighting, but I have tried to show him best I can. I have continued the tradition of ILM by placing characters from other movies that they had worked on into the build. In the mother ship from Close Encounters they added an R2D2 on the edge of the ship just for fun. So, can you spot the Star Wars character from a later movie? I have placed it in the unlit photos to make it easier. I intend to display both this hanger bay and my recently completed Imperial Shuttle Bay together in a bookcase unit. Thanks for all the great comments and may the Force be with you always! Mystery Character Update Hi all, first of all thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on this build, it's very much appreciated. Just goes to show what you can do with a few old kits and a bit of imagination. Congrats to those of you that found BB8, yes it was staring at you in the face all the time! BB8 was in the Bandai Force Awakens Millennium Falcon kit and it sparked my memory for what ILM had done with the Close Encounters mothership. Let's see if I can hide another character in the next build. Bye for now, and may the Force be with you!
  25. This is the Bandai 1/72 B-Wing. Built from the box and added the lighting unit for the engines (at £2.50 from HK it was not a hard desision). The paints I used were mixed so they "looked about right". The photos make them look a little darker than reality. A fun build. Tim
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