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  1. In 2020 Airfix is to release a new tool 1/72nd Bristol Beaufort Mk.1 kit - ref. A04021 https://uk.airfix.com/products/bristol-beaufort-mk1-a04021 3D render V.P.
  2. I fancied something that might be a quick build and also wanted to see what a modern AIrfix car kit was like. I also wanted a few 1:32 companions for my Airfix E-type, I've got a DB5 in my stash but didn't fancy attacking lots of flash and poor quality mouldings. I'm not looking forward to tackling the decals, which is something that always puts me off racing car kits. Despite being a simple kit the box seems to be packed tight with pieces. Perhaps packed a little too tight, there's a bit of distortion to the windscreen pillar. Some good,
  3. Looks who´s excited because of this GB I have this lovely Airfix B-25C Mitchell kit to start with. Its decal option B is for the 1943 war bond tour look of the plane. I'll be perfectly happy to go with the kit supplied decals but backdated to its earlier time of operational duty in North Africa. That means I´ll be dropping the flashy war bond tour decals and use the earlier (stars without bars) national insignia, that come with the kit for the ASW a/c option A. So here´s the obligatory box+sprues+instructions+decals+aftermarket pic . In the meantime, forward with the double GB drop-out
  4. Greetings one and all, its time to kick off the next project and this one will be a big un, ooh errr misses. With the Seahawk Smoker in the final throws of completion it was time to dig out the next project. Here I present the great Airfix 1:48 EH101 Merlin Mk3! Only its not going to be a Merlin Mk3, not even a Merlin, infact technically not even a EH101 or AW101 which ever they call it nowadays. I’m going to try and emulate Canadas very own modern Yellow Peril, the CH149 Cormorant! So a bit of back story, I moved to Nova Scotia in 2012 with a Merlin Mk1 background and started work
  5. Hi everyone! Inspired by @AliGauld's and @Dandie Dinmont's concurrent builds, and being a perpetual starter, I decided I'd have a go at one of my newly arrived Airfix P-51D Mustangs. I remember, aged nine or ten, building the 1974 issue in the boxtop scheme "Cripes a' Mighty" at my dearly-departed Grandmother's flat one school summer holiday over forty years ago, and being incredibly proud of masking the blue nose (3M automotive masking tape blagged from my Dad ). I've just found one of these same kits, which is allegedly "mint condition", which I'll add to my nascent n
  6. Since I’ve already decided on a kit and a scheme I thought I’d start a thread early. Starting from here. I’ll be building one of these. Now I need to go and figure what’s different between the B and the E models
  7. Notwithstanding some kits earmarked for GBs this is the last of the 1/72 aircraft on the stash, it’s also a fairly complex build and I have to admit although I’ve tried to build one in the past I don’t ever remember completing one. So for that reason I’m starting a new thread instead of adding it to my stash clearance one. An interesting fact I always thought the nickname was an allusion to the amount of rigging wires on the Swordfish however it isn’t. It’s a reference to the versatility of the plane that it was as useful as a stringbag. Still to decide on a colour sch
  8. After the 1/72nd kit (link), Airfix is to release during Winter 2019-2020 (?) a new tool 1/48th Canadair Sabre Mk.4 kit - ref. A08109 https://uk.airfix.com/products/canadair-sabre-f4-a08109 3D render V.P.
  9. M3 Grant Tank (A1370) 1:35 Airfix The US Army had been remarkably complacent with regard to tank development in the lead-up to WWII, and approached war with precious few tanks that were hopelessly outclassed. This realisation resulted in a frantic clamour to produce a modern tank that could hold its own in combat, with the M3 Lee coming into service as a stop-gap measure within a year of its first design while the M4 Sherman was in development. As a consequence of its rather rushed introduction, it was known to have a number of fairly serious flaws, but it also
  10. My FW-190 I started this week has hit the point of IDGAF with some fixes I don't feel like doing right now, so onto the shelf of future inspiration it goes. So, will do a Sea Fury instead. I think by now it's old hat here, so no sprue shots are needed. However, have an Eduard PE set for it! #49878 for anyone curious. So. Will use box markings for the Korean War option, and will never know why they never included the one that shot down a MiG-15, that feat being so mundane and all. Anywho. Gonna start getting plastic shaved
  11. Hi folks, Thought I'd best get my contribution to this GB set up in readiness for making a start at the weekend when the firing pistol goes. My kit of choice from the stash (mainly because it's the only Scooter I have), is the 1/72 Airfix A-4B offering. However, as you can see from the obligatory box art shot - mine also has a friend in the form of a MiG-17 to keep them company: I bought this set after spotting it in the Chester Model Centre (back in the good old days before Covid-19 and you could still visit places). I had been wanting the new M
  12. Hi folk's a very brutal weekend was spent culling most of my old 1/72 build's sad to see so many binned but they really are just collecting dust now,One I really couldn't part with was a build from about five years ago of Airfix's little Tomahawk might have overdone the weathering a bit
  13. Meteor F.3 No.1 Squadron RAF, Tangmere, 1946 This was built from the old 1/72 Airfix kit. All surfaces were rubbed down to remove the rivets, etc, then a minimal rescribe on significant panels. The Airfix kit had always looked a little long to me and when I compared it to the plans in the SAM Modellers' Datafile it looked about 1cm too long, which I removed from the rear fuselage just ahead of the fin.I had no sooner refitted, filled and finished the rear fuselage when I came across Mike Keep's drawings of the F.3 in an old SAM magazine. I knew Mike and had worked with him and I knew
  14. I've posted my first two "COVID builds"--the AVG P-40 and Defiant night fighter, both with shark mounts--and this was my third model since back into the hobby during the pandemic. Notice a trend? I really find those shark mouths compelling! This was a nice enough kit, but I did botch it up in a few places (somehow really glued the wings together badly and took quite a bit of sanding/filler to repair--and even then the issue with the front inner port wing is visible in some photos), and then screwed up on some of the decals (most noticeably the checkered stripe). In retrospect, I also regret n
  15. Hi everyone, the A-4 Skyhawk GB is looming ever so close, and I have stupidly decided to finish this A-4B started eons ago. That is the plan no matter how silly it sounds. Silly because I am trying to finish my Etendard IV M from the Heller GB, and because I am entering another A-4B from Airfix in the A-4 GB... This one is being built almost OOB. I am using a Pavla Escapac seat. As the airframe I am modelling has the new type of rims, I have stolen the wheels from an Esci A-4E. And the underwing tanks a well, as they are better than the Airfix items. I jazzed up the
  16. For the few who've been following my WIP thread, here's the finished article, my reminder of a nice day out... And it's goodbye from me... Cheers, Dean
  17. Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C BEA late 1960s This is the old Airfix kit with a ‘standard set’ of modifications to make it look a bit more like a Trident. These are : Addition of wing root fairings Increased fin chord Sharpened tailplane / fin fairing Reprofiled wing chord Replaced wing fences Offset nose gear Reshaped radome Rescribed engine nacelles Decals are from TwoSix. In the photos the dark blue on the fin looks darker than the cheat line blue, but for some reason this isn’t noticeable in ‘real life’. The next
  18. RA-5C Vigilante RVAH11, Carrier Air Wing 9 USS Constellation, South China Sea, 1972 This is basically the old Airfix 1/72 kit with modifications to the air intakes to depict a late version Vigilante. Leading edge root extensions have also been added. One of the interesting aerodynamic innovations on the Vigilante were on the spoilers used for roll control. These included rear hinged as well as forward hinged elements to enable airflow through the wing. I was tempted to model these in the open position as they are often seen in photos when static but it all got too awkward
  19. I've posted my first two "COVID builds"--the AVG P-40 and Defiant night fighter, both with shark mounts--and this was my third model since back into the hobby during the pandemic. Notice a trend? I really find those shark mouths compelling! This was a nice enough kit, but I did botch it up in a few places (somehow really glued the wings together badly and took quite a bit of sanding/filler to repair--and even then the issue with the front inner port wing is visible in some photos), and then screwed up on some of the decals (most noticeably the checkered stripe). In retrospect, I also regret n
  20. Hello all! Well, I was in two minds about posting a Work in Progress thread for this build, as it's a fairly popular subject right now. And rightly so, as its an eternally popular icon of aviation, this new kit from Airfix is really rather good, and this particular mark wore one of if not the widest variety of camouflage schemes applied to any given aeroplane. Inspired primarily by @tonyot's build thread here, I ordered not one but three examples (unheard of for me, and I've since ordered three more - just don't tell my better half!), and aftermarket decal sets by DK De
  21. A late entry for this GB, as I decided not to build the Hasegawa F-106, for reasons I explained in the chat thread. After some contemplation, I chose the "new" Airfix Defiant: If there is one thing that has bugged me (to put it mildly) with quite a few Airfix kits from the past 10-15 years, it's the thickness of the trailing edges of the main wings and control surfaces. Look at the ailerons on this kit. Being molded in full on the lower wing, you'd think they would be nice and sharp, but not a bit of it: They must be at least 1mm thick, equating
  22. My fourth and final placeholder (for now!) is for a kit I recently completed as an Argentine Air Force A-4P, for which decals were erroneously included in early releases of the "starter" kit version, of which I bought four of on the cheap. This time around, I will be building the USN version. I will probably tinker with the weapons load. Maybe Bullpup missiles, maybe MERs w/Mk 81 "slicks", who knows?
  23. I'm new to this site, and just back into modeling (thanks COVID-19!) after 20 years or so away! I always loved it as a teenager, but turns out it's every bit as fun as an adult. Plus, more patience and more cash really make the hobby a lot more interesting. Still, for now I'm sticking to OOB and (mostly) brush painting. We'll see if the hobby sticks after this pandemic is behind us... I've benefited a lot from these forums over the last few months, and want to join in the fun. On the bench (i.e., my late grandmother's old dining room table) as of yesterday is Airfix's classic,
  24. A happy new year to you all (if it's not too late to say that)! I thought I would greet the new year by starting a new build and scanning the stash my eye was caught by this (apologies for the cat which is aftermarket and not included in the box): It's an Aldi purchase from a couple of years ago. I have been unexpectedly excited by the revelation that Arma are about to bring out a new P51B/C so I thought it would be nice to have a go at what seems to be one of the better 1/72 examples of the Mustang currently available. I started my research fo
  25. Hi all, for some unknown reason I am entering this A-4 GB. Still haven't figured why... Anyway, here is the guilty party: the 1/72 Airfix A-4B. I am sure very many BMers will enter this very kit. Despite its shortcomings it is a lovely kit to build, and it actually does look like an A-4B. I have another A-4B in the WIP and good sense would have me finish that one before starting another one... That won't happen. Here are a few photos: I did not even remember that I had these few goodies. So will use them, why not! The the d
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