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  1. New tool 1/72nd Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc expected in Autumn 2020 - ref. A02108 Source: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2020/spitfire-mkvc.html 3D render V.P.
  2. Hi all, I've been super excited about this group build for a while, and even more excited when I saw that the rules were going to allow Bomber Command aircraft on anti-invasion operations! So, inspired by Larry Donnelly's excellent book "The Other Few", my plan for my first entry in this group build is to build an Airfix Blenheim as one from the many Blenheim squadrons that made nightly raids on the "invasion ports" - the ports on the French coast in which large numbers of barges were building as the Germans prepared for Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain. Her
  3. My entry for this GB will be an Airfix 1/48 Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9R - as flown by the CO Wing Commander A.J. Owen circa 1962 I've got some Eduard etch that was being sold at the Driffield show a few years back - it was half price! I'll certainly use the cockpit set and being black there is no need to worry about matching Eduard's colour. Not sure about the wheel well and air brake etches but will decide when I look at the plastic in detail. The only online picture I can find of this airframe (XH889) is from 1961 and has the code letter "L" - perhaps the WingCo cha
  4. Hi All; Well yes, a somewhat common subject for this one but I can't resist a controversy and this is one of the mothers of all modelling controversies... My approach is to build it up using as much circumstantial evidence as I can gather in addition to, but not solely reliant on the photos, and then trying to piece together a plausible interpretation that's consistent with all that; and Occam's razor. I'm using the Airfix 1/48 scale kit and will build mostly out of the box. As you'll see though, I can't resist a few enhancements that satisfy some of my pet peeves abo
  5. Built from the Airfix Beagle Basset, straight from the box plus home made decals. Steve
  6. Long, long ago, well 1974, I bought the 1/24 Airfix Harrier kit when it appeared, Inspired by a conversion article by Alan Hall and Mike Keep, "Updating the Harrier" on pages 118 to 123 of a magazine I no longer seem to have, I started work. As with may kits I purchased when at Brunel my modelling went into hibernation when i started work in 1975 and then found a wife in 1977...and bought a house...then Airfix in 1997 issued big Harrier as the GR3. My conversion continued its hibernation. Time passed and I thought that it would be a good project to finish, so earlier this ye
  7. This is a place keeper for my entries in the group build. I was going to build an EE Lightning, but having two in the stash and in the interests of stash reduction I though to myself “two at a time is not much more work than one” so: One NMF and one camouflaged. some extras: and sprue shots; F.2A: F.6, essentially the same kit with an extra runner with the over wing tanks Redtops etc: AW
  8. This is the Airfix 1/76 set. The LCM III has been extended by a scale six feet to make the LCM 6, and the Sherman has been enhanced (not corrected) by the addition of a few Dragon leftovers and two Revell German Navy figures the make the crew up to five. Hope you like it. A few shots with other Landing Craft. A mix of Mach II, Trumpeter, Airfix and Heller LCA, LCM III, LCM 6 and LCVPs
  9. Why build one Bird Dog when you have two? Actually I have three, but one of the two that I bought second-hand on the cheap is missing a couple of parts, although it could probably be salvaged. So that leaves just the two: My intention is simple: Build both the USAF and South Vietnamese subjects represented in the standard boxing: Of course, the first (nay the main hurdle) is the usual one: colour. The grey is presumably meant to be a matt version of ADC Grey, but I don't know if I have anything suitable in my Humbrol and Revell collection. I wil
  10. Here we go then... a vintage classic I couldn’t resist and one to hopefully bring the mojo back after a disastrous attempt at building the new Mig 17. I first built one of these when I was 11 or something. I had been warned “not to buy any more Airfix” because to be fair to my parents, my room was FULL of them. I conned my poor Gran into taking me out to get this one and we agreed to keep it a secret, until when I got home I found one of the wing halves were duplicated meaning I couldn’t build the model. Dad to the rescue writing to Airfix back then (we’re talking early ‘90s), who sent me a re
  11. Hi comrades! My next project will be Airfix Lightning in 1/48. I have F.6 boxing and I will build the Saudi F.53 model in NMF. Why RSAF - because they use Lightnings in real combat over the Yemen, why NMF - this is the livery of every RSAF Lightnings most of their service life. Combat load will be underwing Matra 155 rocket pods. The pods will be from Reskit, pylons will be scratch built, dedicated sources - here: The model will be riveted (it means the long build), otherwise NMF will look wrong Planned aft
  12. Conversion from the Airfix 1/48 HC3 Ok this is a big project, converting the Airfix 1/48 Agusta Westland AW101 Merlin to the new Norweiian Air Force Search & Rescue Helicopter. This is the inspiration: And this is how I'm starting, move all the windows around and blank off lumps and bumps....followed by adding more in different places.
  13. D-Day Operation Overlord Gift Set (A50162A) 1:72/1:76 Airfix Operation Overlord was over a year in planning, and resulted in the largest amphibious invasion ever staged, originally intended to take place earlier in June 1944, but was delayed until a brief lull in the bad weather permitted the gamble to be taken. Over 150,000 men and tanks were landed on the first day on five beaches in Normandy, France named Gold, Sword, Juno, Utah and Omaha, with varying levels of resistance encountered from light to extreme, the latter experienced by the Americans on Omaha. De
  14. I have finally finished my Lancaster. But before I present the photos I would like to make a couple of comments in regards to the Airfix Kit. I don’t think is news to anyone to say this kit is quite mediocre. Throughout the building, I’ve constantly find myself fighting to it rather than enjoining the process. From the get-go, there was something weird about it. As soon as I opened the box an awful stench came out of it! it really stinks. Not sure if all Airfix kits are like this or only my box, but it was so bad that I have to put it far from my workbench. Second, called me spoiled, but I’m u
  15. Hi all, here is my latest off the bench, the Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire F Mk.22. I set myself the challenge of getting this one built within a month, and am pleased to report I achieved my goal! The kit was built with a few additions, namely: - Aires Tail Surfaces - SBM Models Exhaust and Gun Barrells - Pavla Cockpit Set - Eduard RAF Seatbelts - Jay’s Model Kits Vacuform Canopy I also added some other minor details, including brake lines. I had some trouble with the wing fit, but this was probab
  16. Hi All! I finished this kit recently and I have to say - I was very impressed with it. It's one of the better new-tool kits from Airfix in my opinion, having some great details including open gun bays! I was still getting to grips with my new airbrush and the Humbrol paints I used didn't airbrush so well, but I think it looks ok. What do you think? I know there are lots of little things I could have done to improve this (removing seams here and there etc) but it looks pretty good on my shelf The video here features the full build of the kit, th
  17. Airfix Scale: 1/72 Type: Spitfire F Mk.22 Extras used: None Paints and colours used: Alclad II High Speed Silver, various Tamiya paints, Flory Grime Wash, please see build thread for the clears Hi All, I finished this sometime ago, but it's taken me a while to get around to photographing here. This is the Airfix kit. It's pretty decent. Nicely recessed details which are a little soft in places. Fit is generally good, but not very positive in places. Minimal filler needed (just Mr surfacer really). Over all a good fun build if you take your time with the fi
  18. Hello, This is my first Group Build and as is my wont I've probably bitten off too much especially given the short timescale. Most of the ingredients for the build are here Definite overkill on the workfront building that lot. Here are the main contenders The transfers for the Spitfire will come from the Iliad set The Italeri Hawk has had its transfers pilfered and the plastic returned to the stash So where does the Buccaneer fit in? Well, I'll be building the aircraft in flight so I need a crew for the Hawk and as neither the Revell nor Italeri boxi
  19. North American Harvard IIb KF954 of No 6 Flying Training School forced landed near Buxton on 7th August 1947. AC2 John Stanley Wright had taken off for a cross country flight at 11.15 and at some point, became disorientated unable to locate his position he decided to make a forced landing. He landed with the undercarriage lowered, however the aircraft had not stopped by the time it reached the far end of the field and ran into a dry stone wall, which caused the undercarriage to collapse causing minor damage to the airframe. The incident was quickly reported to No.28 Maintenance Unit at Harpur
  20. It may be strange, but in my "Falklands War model collection" Sea Harrier is still missing! That's why I decided to make two at once. To make it more interesting, they will be models from two different manufacturers - Airfix and Italeri. They are most popular kits of SHAR in 1/72 scale on the market (so far) and are well known, but I`ll try to compare them on this occasion. Airfix kit is from 2011, meanwhile, the Italeri is a rebox of the old ESCI kit, which comes from 1983! It would be logical if Airfix was better, but as you know - it is not. So let`s see both kits.
  21. What with theSpadgent's impressive O/400 and Moa's equally impressive O/700 WIP, I've gone and started on my own Airfix Handley Page, having been in denial for over a week I reckoned I'd start a WIP. If you're looking for the definitive, expert, mastercrafstman approach, this isn't the thread for you, go look at the other two., I will be representing the average modeler (I hope) and bodging my way through to something I'm pleased with and which hopefully won't be entirely unlike a HP O/400 (or 700) I still haven't entirely decided on the colour scheme, but I'm edgin
  22. Finish no10 for the year is also the third Harrier but a first gen rather than 2nd gen, I used the Airfix GR1 kit built OOB less the the spine antenna made from plastic card and the CTA decals for the Spanish variant but the kit stencils as they were sharper than the CTA stencils. Painted with Mr Colour acrylics but no weathering as most photos show the aircraft were keep in a clean condition. Just need the RAF GR1, Thai AV8S and Indian Navy FRS1 and that will be the Gen 1 harriers complete. As usual all comments welcome. There are 3 marking which
  23. BAE Systems Hawk 100 Series 1:72 Airfix The Hawk 100 is the next generation Hawk following on from the original Hawker Siddeley Hawk. The new hawk has more advanced avionics, the provisions for more weapons, all contained in a redesigned fuselage with a new wing. The Hawk 115 (CT-155) was ordered by the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Hawk 127 by the Royal Australian Air Force, and the Hawk 128 (or T.2) by the Royal Air Force. The Kit This is a re-issue of Airfix's 2008 new tool with extra parts to reflect the Hawk 100. The kit
  24. Built from the old Airfix kit as I needed a Sikorsky rather than Westland Sea King for this very early aircraft as used by ETPS for many years. Scratchbuilt instrumentation boom and Airdecal markings. Steve
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