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  1. Good evening all, Could I enquire as to whether anyone would have any photos of the Vulcan rear crew seats with all of the cushions/padding added and any belts and straps that were present on such seats? I've seen numerous photos of the rear crew seats (been lucky enough to have the experience of sitting in one at the Midland Air Museum) and in almost all of those photos, no buckles and straps are present (presumably because they are museum aircraft). What kind of straps were present in operational aircraft? A bit of context-Having abandoned my early attempt failure at creating a 1:35 plasti
  2. New Heller Kits Due In To Stock In August. HEL49893G - Heller 1:72 Gift Set - Tiger I (Late) £12.99 HEL79893 - Heller 1:72 - Tiger I Late £9.99 HEL80257 - Heller 1:72 - Alpha Jet £9.99 Click on the link below or click on the pictures www.creativemodels.co.uk
  3. We Have Had Today The New Releases From Meng. MNGDS-001 - Meng Model 1:72 - Kayaba Ku-4 Ram-Jet Fighter £12.99 MNGDS-002 - Meng Model 1:72 - Mansyu Ki-98 Attack Aircraft £19.99 MNGTS-016 - Meng Model 1:35 - German Main Battle Tank Leopard 2 A4 £49.99 MNGTS-018 - Meng Model 1:35 - Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank £49.99 MNGTS-019 - Meng Model 1:35 - German Panzerhaubitze 2000 Self-Propelled Howitzer W/add on Armour £49.99 These are all booked in and all orders paid for before 2pm will be sent out the same day. All orders over £30 comes with free UK M
  4. Hello everyone! As you can see it's my first post on this Forum so I'd like to say hello to everyone who visit my topic. For this model I used Bicentennial Eduard kit. I won't write about this kit, because I think everyone knows it. I'd like to ask you what do you think about my Phantom? And please be honest! Thanks for watching!
  5. Hello everyone, Haven't posted anything in a while, due to 'technical difficulties' , but here's my latest completion, it's a but rough in a few places and the Shuttle was being a pain because it wouldn't stick to the 747, but I got there eventually. Thanks for looking, Ryan
  6. Hi Guys I need some help with the colour scheme that Aermacchi used on the factory built MB326 (Impala), it consisted of four colours in avery intricate pattern, these colours were: Tan Colour, Dark Green, Olive drab and Grey I would appreciate the FS numbers or eqvilant if you happen to know them. If not the Air International December 1982 issue has this profile on page 300 (a scan of the article would help), fourth from the top as it seemed that the Brazilian AF MB326's were also painted in this colour/scheme. Any help would be appreciated Regards William mechinf@netactive.co.za
  7. Some superb diorama ideas here from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, commonly known as The Boneyard, where the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) takes care of disused warplanes and fighter jets. http://www.bing.com/maps/#Y3A9NTEuNTA2NDAxfi0wLjEyNzEwMCZsdmw9NiZzdHk9ciZlbz0wJnNzPXlwLllONjh4MjM0MTQxODIxfnBnLjF+cmFkLjgw Go to the Bird's Eye tab, zoom in, rotate for some stunning views.
  8. Hello everyone! I am presenting you the model of the aircraft Fw-190A8/R2, wich was flown by Feldwebel Hubert Engst, November 1944. The model was made OOB with some scratchbuilding. I made drive ropes for the canopy movement, cannon and pitot tube(hypodermic needles), details on the droptank, droptank rack, Fug25a, clear stand and a spinning propeller. The pilot figure is from CMK. I used Model Master colors. For the painting references I used profiles from the KAGERO - TOP COLORS 14; FW-190 at War book. This airplane is well documented and exists a big amount of photos, that's why color
  9. Here I comeback to the forum after a long time with this kit. Although not a wartime aircraft, it is one of the closest things you can find that actually didn't fought but looks like if it would have had. The main thing that separes these kit from the usual is; modified pilot to resemble the actual pilot who achieved the records, with a white suit, resembling a pulp fiction astronaut, and I sculped with putty the wheel protections on the wheels, which I think gives a great style, besides the chroming of the nacelle. This has been a family build - built by my father, wheel protections and p
  10. Hello again! Since I have plans to build some airliners after Christmas, there is one question I have... and that is: What do I do with windows? I don't think the kits that I'll be making come with the plexiglass inserts for the windows. I do not want to fill them up because that would mean I'd have to buy window decals which costs more £££. I am planning on leaving them open, as this will also make painting easier. However, I still want the plane to look nice and dont want my modelling dignity to leak out the windows ( ), so maybe covering the windows from the back or something? So just d
  11. Dear admin, This post was made by mistake, please delete it Hamdhan.
  12. Hi here comes my first article, here on Britmodeller.The chosen subject is my Hasegawa P-40E.It is one of my favorite aircraft and like so much other WW II fighter types a must.The Hasegawa P-40 don t fall together, if you follow the instructions you run into very serious fit problems at the rear fuselage and aft of the canopy.I created completed fuselage halfs and close after this the fuselage, the gaps on the spine are better and easier to fill. There are also fit problems with the wing guns. After this it is a trouble free build and the completed kit look razor sharp like the real thing. Fo
  13. Hello everyone! I am presenting a Mig-21M model that was finished one month ago. Used accessories: Eduard Brassin – Mig-21MF – Interior early Eduard Brassin – Mig-21MF/SMT Exhaust Nozzle Eduard Mig-21MF Exterior Master Pitot tube Decals: Balkan Models, Lift here, Eduard stenciles Paints: Model Master Aluminum plate Lots of accessories from Eduard were never used, there was a lot of scratchbuilding. An entire process of building and painting can be found in the workshop in the folowing link: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/2013/04/mig-21m-e
  14. Having been brought up near Filton airfield, I have set myself the task of building as many aircraft associated with Filton over the years, to a greater or lesser extent. This will be done in 1/144 due to limited storage space. I have started with VC10 RB211 testbed G-AXLR, VFW614 D-BABC and DC-3 G-AMPO. If anyone has photos/slides ets of aircraft at Filton and would be willing to share tham with me, please let me know.
  15. With the growth of 1:200 scale model ship kits becoming available I thought it might be worth advising you of the availability of 1:200 aircraft models. Some of these could be used with the ship models, most likely the aircraft carriers but also for larger warships with aircraft carrying capabilities. Here is a link to the TOTS SITE (The One True Scale) which shows kits, photos and builds of 1:200 scale aircraft. Mike
  16. Having been brought up near Filton airfield, I have set myself the task of building as many aircraft associated with Filton over the years, to a greater or lesser extent. This will be done in 1/144 due to limited storage space. I have started with VC10 RB211 testbed G-AXLR, VFW614 D-BABC and DC-3 G-AMPO. If anyone has photos/slides ets of aircraft at Filton and would be willing to share tham with me, please let me know.
  17. A couple from my latest buld for a Facebook Groupbuild 'NATO' 20140330_EOS5D3_{C02}_Coventry_NATO Groupbuild_2014_M7B1704.jpg by Mr_Nemo1888, on Flickr Airfix Lockheed U-2 for NATO Groupbuild_1 by Mr_Nemo1888, on Flickr Thanks for looking, Simon
  18. Pearl Harbor to Coral Sea Book by AIRfile The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, by Japanese naval aircraft on the morning of December 7 1941 brought the United States into the war which, until then mainly involved the forces of Britain against Germany and Italy. Immediately following this attack, Japanese forces attacked Thailand, Malaya, the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island and Midway. These attacks brought Britain and the United States to declare war on Japan and became known as the Pacific War. Over the following weeks Japan extended its operations, i
  19. It's that time again people. Though, I'm not fully ready to post all the photos (have been too busy to get some edited) but I will get some up now, get Christmas over with and then some up later. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I love taking them.... Happy Christmas to everyone too! I hope you have a great day/time off. (First batch of 10...) B777 1/40th BHX by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Head on VC-10 getting for a departure. by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr XR808 at Bruntingthorpe by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Swedish Air Force Sabreliner 861 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr XV295
  20. ok this is something a bit different and could be cherry buster for some! I know there are quite a few twisted soles out there who like to dabble in resin, or just like to sniff it! So how about a 100% (ok not counting PE and white metal bit) resin build? These lots of choice available out there plus plenty can be had quite cheaply on EvilBay. There are probably heaps of members out there sitting on resin just waiting for the right time, plus probably lots of curious members wanting to know what the fuss is all about. So why not have an open build for whatever you have stashed away or wha
  21. Browsing round the internet I came across the following website that looks like it should be pretty useful for those looking to make something other than OOB. http://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/ enjoy.
  22. Hello people I am looking for a good 1/72 Cessna 182 that is decently priced, any suggestions?
  23. This is one of my latest models. This is a kit I avoided during a long time because it looked too similar to the Tojo, George, etc. But finally, and as I am running out of different models to build, I ended up buying it. I got the old "super-rivetted" Revell version, which makes it look something american, with so many rivets. I decided for this bronze-brown camouflage, as it escapes from the usual japo green that bores me so much. The kanjis on the fuselage have been hand-painted. What I like from this model is the sensation of sturdyness it has, and the door to show the motor is very welc
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