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  1. Hi all and decided to take the plunge with this one. HobbyBoss_TA-7C_Corsair_Box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Will be mostly out of box with a wing fold add-on by Wolfpack HobbyBoss_TA-7C_Corsair_bits by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Hope to finish as a "Spoofin Sluff" from the mid-1980s with a patchy paintwork HobbyBoss_TA-7C_Corsair_VAQ-34 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking, good luck with your builds! All the best, Dermot
  2. Hi all, Seeing as I'm co-hosting its about time I started up a thread for my entry into the GB. Like quite a few others here I shall be using the AFV Club 1/48 F-5E as the basis for my build and other than aftermarket decals and a resin seat I shall be building it OOTB. My choice of subject is one that I have been wanting to do for a while, an aggressor from the 527th TFTAS based at RAF Alconbury. I am of an age that I have very clear memories of these at various air shows in the UK, including Alconbury itself, and was fascinated by the various exotic schemes the aircraft wore. I was even lucky enough to see a couple of them plying their trade in a mock dogfight with a couple of RAF Phantoms, no guesses as to who had the tighter circles! Enough of my prattle here are the usual box and contents pictures; Quite nice box art, though sadly not from the 527th. The contents still mostly sealed in their bags except for the cockpit which has been given some paint. The decals by Two Bobs that I shall be using, there are 5 options on the sheet, two in slightly different multi coloured camo and the other 3 in an all over grey scheme. And the one I shall be building is the one in the middle in the picture above, bort number red 53 in the snake scheme, a classic scheme for the ALconbury aggressors. The only problem I have with these is that I want to build all the different schemes used and with the cost of these kits thats not financially viable! Really looking forward to getting started on this one. Craig.
  3. I thought I'd join in the fun as I have an Airfix kit on the shelf - I think I messed the last one up so bad it got binned....hey-ho, can but try! Nothing aftermarket, just out of the box..it comes with the Humbrol Acrylic paints that I will not use... Any of you Aggressor experts know of the FS paint numbers of the 2 tone browns? I have used paint matcher at it mentions Hum 148 Radome Tan citing Mr Color C318 97% match and Mr Paint MRP-324 (not so sure!) 96% match as close matches? Most of the pics I can find are of a 3 colour scheme.... For the darker brown 186 Brown, is says MRP-166 at 98%.... Box and Sprue pics... VMFT-04 website - 'hoo - ah'.... https://www.marforres.marines.mil/Major-Subordinate-Commands/4th-Marine-Aircraft-Wing/Marine-Aircraft-Group-41/Marine-Fighter-Training-Squadron-401/ First bits of work...fill in the pylon holes.. Quite a bit of flash to sort with a stanley blade...
  4. Hi everyone and here's my latest finish, built for the Tomcat GB here on the forum. The full build thread is here but to recap: Kit: 04038 1/72 Hasegawa F-14A 'Atlantic Fleet Squadrons' Build: OOB Paints: Halfords plastic primer; Tamiya & Mr Hobby Acrylics; Klear; Flory Models wash. Decals: Hi-Decals 72-051 for Iranian & Aggressor schemes Extras: ACMI pod scratchbuilt; AIM-9 training round from spares This was my first time building the Hasegawa kit and I found it a bit fiddly and over-engineered (if that's such a thing?!) The intake fit was a bit of a faff as was the front to rear fuselage. But happy how it turned out and like the scheme! Hasegawa_F-14_Tomcat_1_72_NSAWC_done (9) by dermot.moriarty, on Flickr And now paired up with my Hornet Aggressor Thanks for looking, stay safe and happy modelling. Dermot
  5. This aircraft has been complete for a while, but I finally got the photography set up out today to shoot some other model stuff. Here is the finished product: P1050525 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050524 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050522 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050532 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050529 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050527 by J Hooper, on Flickr Cheers! Hoops
  6. Good Afternoon, Some work in progress for one of the attractive Arctic Aggressors from Eielson AFB in Alaska. Decals will be from TwoBobs. I've started with the Hasegawa kit in 1/72 scale and am doing some light work to address some of the weaknesses of the kit and a bit of extra. I'm not trying to super detail this aircraft, but out of the box, it is a bit simple for my tastes. P1030808 by J Hooper, on Flickr Some detail added to the glareshields and updating the gun muzzle vents to late type. As molded, the kit has the early vents, not accurate for this aircraft. I also opened up the muzzle recess a bit. I've found that the canopy is a bit too narrow, so a small strip of .12mm sheet on the right side smooths the transition nicely, once painted the canopy also hides it well. P1030813 by J Hooper, on Flickr A bit of detail added to the ejection seats, there won't be much else visible once the canopy is on the aircraft. P1030810 by J Hooper, on Flickr I cut the fuselage reinforcing plates out of .12mm sheet on my hobby die cutter (Silhouette Portrait). This was my first attempt cutting styrene with it, and it worked out really well. The panel lines on the kit around the base of the tail are correct for a F-16A/B, but not a C/D so I filled and rescribed as appropriate. The tail lights were drilled out, and filled with some clear sprue. P1030820 by J Hooper, on Flickr Vent added to the vertical tail and the incorrect longitudinal panel line filled on the horizontal stabs. P1030816 by J Hooper, on Flickr Intake and exhaust plugs added to use the artwork provided by the Twobobs decals for those plugs. Also simplifies the detailing! The wide mouth intake was borrowed from a Hasegawa F-16CJ kit. P1030819 by J Hooper, on Flickr A cross section of the ordnance, under the wing pylon is a scratch build Elta EL/L-8212 lightweight jamming pod. Everything else is sourced from Hasegawa weapons sets. P1030815 by J Hooper, on Flickr Straight from the box, the Hasegawa wing tanks are more of a vertical oval. To fix that I sanded down the mating surfaces until they had a circular cross section and added some appropriate detail to the aft of the tanks. P1030814 by J Hooper, on Flickr This aircraft has the late type lightweight wheels, which nobody has really done well in kit form. I sent the artwork to the die cutter to make the face and added the hub out 1.2mm rod. It could use some bolt heads as well, and I considered using stretched sprue for it, but in the end decided that the effort would not be worth the result. P1030812 by J Hooper, on Flickr Detail added to the main gear well, added a vent just aft of that. I filled in the inaccurately shaped chaff/flare buckets, and rescribed appropriately sized ones. Beginning in 1987 build years, the aircraft had four of them, so those were added forward on the port side as well. The panels around the tail hook were also die cut. Next will be to paint the cockpit and assemble the major parts. Cheers and thanks for looking! Hoops
  7. Hi all with few bits glued today, finished one more model from "history line". Old Italeri mold in new livery, can not beat Hasegawa one but i like it a lot, maybe just memories.... Not to bother more, AK Real colors, minimal weathering (those birds were god maintained), added details in cockpit...and that is all. Till next project, best regards
  8. Hey All, I'd like to present the 1/72nd Academy F-16C/J draped in the splinter camo of the 64th Squadron. The decals were from the Hobby-Boss boxing. I took some creative liberties in choosing the Arctic Splinter camo as opposed to the reference in the box as it looked cooler (no pun intended?) I left the aircraft unweathered (it being Airforce and all) but went to town on the fuel tanks which wouldn't receive as much love as the aircraft itself. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  9. When this kit was first announced I was exited - I love the F-5E. I’ve seen scores of them over the years - mostly aggressors - the 527 AS at Alconbury, VFA-127, VFC-13 and VMFT-401 at Yuma. I have even more in my collection including 64/65th AS Nellis aircraft and the NFWS from Miramar. Literally hundreds of different schemes over the years. I bought the kit as soon as it appeared but a few reviews and close inspection of the plastic revealed all was not rosy! Well this is after all Kittyhawk! Endless to say - the lovely picture of an early F-5E out of Luke AFB is not attainable out of the box - it needs a bit of work! Unperturbed I set about building an early NFWS (Top Gun) F-5E using the Furball decal sheet and planned for it to be ready for SMW 2019 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the formation of “Top Gun”. I failed miserably! So as not to bore those who are not interested I have added a list of modifications at the end of the post - it was a lot of work! The F-5E evolved as time went on and various aerials, sensors and aerodynamic mods were scabbed onto the basic airframe. Why oh why didn’t KH do the same!? A classic miss of a golden opportunity! It’s almost as easy to update the ancient Hasegawa kit than correct this one! Since this is not a review I will leave it at that but here is a list of the modifications I made to backdate the kit - most of which will be necessary to model any of the aggressors until the F-5N (which is what the kit really is) came along. My main reference was the excellent build on LSP here https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/78413-132-kitty-hawk-f-5e-kicked-up-a-notch-oct-319-finished/ I will however point out that my build was not quite as involved as that one. I chose F-5E 169881/543 - mainly because I found a number of pictures of this aircraft, (a couple are in the photographic section of this site) including a shot of the underneath. I chose to depict the aircraft a little later without the (IMHO) naff looking heart and diamond in the paintwork. List of modifications made Starboard cockpit side console was moulded reversed - carefully cut off and glued back the correct way and tidied up. Seat was assembled as per photographs and not the instructions. The cushion is shown in the incorrect place on the instructions. RWR sensors on nose filled with superglue and removed. Slots for the rear RWR sensors filled All gun doors closed up which involves reworking the latches. Fill sand and rescribe longitudinal mould flaw on fuselage sides. Chaff and Flare dispenser mountings removed from underside of fuselage and U/C door UHF Aerial on fin tip removed Slot for VHF aerial filled on spine. Refuelling ports are on the wrong side. Moulds were taken and the ports filled. Holes drilled in correct position and covers moulded and fitted. Rivets added to hot areas at fear fuselage and afterburner units. Archer rivets used. LEX modified to earlier shape Flaps and Ailerons modified to allow the correct droop. Master pitot probe fitted. No appropriate pitot included in kit for the “Standard” nose Resin A/B cans were poorly moulded on my example so I made a lining tube to give impression of “double skin” to exhaust Under fuselage pylon reprofiled - it simply doesn’t fit! Starboard side AOA panel scribed and AOA probe scratch built Cheers Malcolm
  10. Hi All Here are some photos of my Tamiya 1/48 F-16 built up as an Aggressor aircraft based at Nellis AFB. The Tamiya F-16 is about as nice a kit as you can get in 1/48 (certainly better than the GWH F-15E I just finished), but I added some additional details, which if I'm honest probably weren't worth it: Aires F-16C/N Cockpit - although the detail is amazing, the fit of the resin cockpit in the kit was pretty poor. I had to thin down the kit parts so much to get it to fit, so I suspect it wasn't designed for the Tamiya kit despite being sold as such. Also since so little of the cockpit is actually visible I'm not sure all that work was necessary Aires F-16C Wheel bays - again I'm not sure they were meant for this kit despite what the packaging says and since they aren't that visible from most angles I should've probably skipped them and stuck with the kit parts Aires F-16 exhaust nozzle - this was a drop in replacement for the kit parts and is so much more detailed that I think it was worth it! Aside from the Aires resin pieces I also used a mask kit from DN models (excellent) and TwoBobs decals (also excellent). I chose this scheme partly because I found a lot of good photos of this aircraft (85-418) and partly because it doesn't have multi-colour walkway lines so I didn't have to worry about lining up the camo colours with the decals The ordinance under the wings is from Meng, specifically from their recent US Air-to-Air missile sets. These are really nicely moulded one piece missiles, and the decals are also very good. The only changes I made were the blue inert missile stripes which were painted on since the Meng set comes with the yellow/brown live missile decals. The ACMI pod is from the Tamiya kit. The paints were a mix of Vallejo and AK Interactive acrylics - I used the TwoBobs decal sheet to find the FS numbers and tried to match the acrylics as close as I could. The TwoBobs decals were excellent - perfect colour, minimal film and they settled down very well with some decal solution. They were also tough enough to withstand some poking to get them to go into the panel lines. Even the tiny name decals on the canopy are easily legible. They even included the tiny star decal for the HUD surround, With a little bit of decal solution, they conformed to the tail piece really well. The Meng missiles are really impressive for 1/48 plastic pieces - if you are looking for additional missiles I recommend this set. Thanks for looking!
  11. Last week I managed to finish this Hasegawa TA-4F Skyhawk in adversary markings. It is one of several adversary Skyhawks I have built, and I started it more than five years ago. It was a straight forward build but it just got sidetracked by lots of other models. I sprayed it freehand with Xtracolor enamels and used Fightertown decals for the markings. This is the company she will be joining: Jens
  12. Hello there. Here is my rendition of the Academy old mold kit. Build wasn't always fun, I've mainly learned how frustrating photoetch can get. Still, I'm eager to start building more recent kits of the Eagle. F-15c MSIP II boxing, Two Bobs decals, Hataka and AK Xtreme Metal colors, Eduard PE, KA Models exhausts, Revell pilot. Thank you for looking!
  13. This is the Hasegawa F-16C as a Block 30 USAF Aggressor of the 18th Fighter Squadron from Eielson AFB. I used the F-16CJ (Block 50) boxing, which includes most of the bits needed for Block 30/40/50 Vipers, together with Twobobs ‘Blue Fox Bandits’ decals, an Eduard F-16C Zoom set, a Master pitot tube, Wolfpack Designs’ AN/ALQ-188 ECM pod, and Astra Decals reinforcement plates. To that I was able to add an Eduard Brassin ACESII seat and GE F110 nozzle (for Tamiya) and some Armory Block 30 wheels thanks to Tony Oliver – check out his multiple F-14 WIP for a modelling masterclass! Although perhaps surpassed by later kits, the Hasegawa F-16 goes together very nicely despite some compromises: for example, the M-61 port needs modifying and the ECM antennae on the wings should be through the leading edge rather than under it. Nonetheless, I would definitely add another Hasegawa F-16 to my Aggressor collection – Flogger scheme next!
  14. Dates: 29 July 2017 to 29 October 2017 Host: PhantomBigStu Given this great aircraft turns 45 in 2017 and celebrates 40 years I'm service next year how about a STGB in 2017? Make a nice partner for the f16 GB assuming there's room 1. PhantomBigStu 2. theplasticsurgeon 3. jrlx 4. mungo1974 5. DaveJL 6. Arniec 7. Dazzio 8. Bill Ficner 9. Julien 10. Antoine 11. Caerbannog 12. Pin 13. AndyC 14. trickyrich 15. snapper_city 16. Ale85 17. TrojanThunder 18. richj 19. Arniec 20. Jabba 21. Dermo245 22. vppelt68 23. exdraken
  15. This was finished many months ago but has been gathering dust due to mojo fail. Surprising as it's the best model I have managed to create with my meagre skills so far. WIP is here. Eduard etch IP for the Italeri F-5E used, Quickboost seat and Mr Color paints. Masking was with the very wonderful Panzer putty as shown in the WIP. Decals OOB, worked perfectly except where I was stingy with the Alclad Aqua gloss. Let the show begin: Eduard IP for Italeri F-5e with interesting paint wipe technique from ARC Quickboost seat Seriously pointy pitot made with Albion Alloys micro tube and 0.1mm rod My best attempt so far doing burnt metal using various Alclad Messy attempt at CMK light Properly blue training round Nose gear success: rim looks vaguely round thanks to Eduard masks Main gear, washed and mildly weathered. Note short shot gear door, you'd think I would have fixed that wouldn't you? Nicely polished landing lights - odourless cyano and micromesh Final beauty shot Cheers all A
  16. https://videos.lesechos.fr/lesechos/sujet-actus/la-france-vend-63-mirages-doccasion-aux-etats-unis/ruz8uv' 63 ex-French Air Force Mirage F1?
  17. It's all I seem to assemble lately. Probably the last for a while because this one made it clear it was happier left alone in its box. On that note, you will notice the canopy appears not to fit properly. That's because it doesn't. It was slightly short shot on one of the arms and is warped, splayed like it's been sat on. I tried rectifying that without success so it'll have to do. Hasegawa 1/48, 95% from the box. I added seatbelts to the kits seats and used TwoBobs decals. Painted with Tamiya, Mr Colour, Humbrol and Revell acrylics. Weathered with my usual mix of pound shop eye shadows. Finding enough reference pictures of this aircraft at a single point in its life proved difficult. There are a fair few pics around but never more than a couple from any one point in time. I decided therefore to take what I liked from each era and try to apply it to my model. I'm not sure on the travel/ACMI pod combo either, but I wanted something under the wings. Anyway, on to the pictures. Some family pics with my previous build: Thanks for stopping by. Comments, constructive crits and advice on how to fix that canopy welcome!
  18. I have been looking forward to this GB for a long time. I haven't started or finished a project now for over a year and this seemed like a great excuse to get started again. I'm planning on doing a couple for this GB, a Tamiya 1/48 F-16C as a USAF Arctic Aggressor and Italeri's 1/48 F-16A as a USN Adversary in grey. I'm nowhere near as skilled or proficient as most around here, but I'll give it a go anyway and hopefully learn something along the way.
  19. Latest one off the production line and the first for this year this is my take on Tamiya's 1/48 F-16 Aggressor painted in the colours of the 18th Aggressor Squadron based at Eielson AFB in Alaska in the attractive Arctic scheme. Built pretty much OOTB with only a couple of added extras such as the static wicks. The kit builds quite nicely but is not the easy and perfect build that some claim, at least it wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong it is a nice kit and builds well but you need to take care on a couple of parts of the build, mostly the intake. Painted with Hataka paints which were like coloured grit and will not be used again. This kit was built as part of the ongoing F-16 STGB which is well worth a look as there are some cracking builds on there. Thanks for looking in guys, and if you are interested here is the WIP. Craig.
  20. Like a fair few other modellers I really like aggressor schemes, they make a nice change from grey. The Tamiya F-16 aggressor kit has all you need to build one of these colourful machines so what better place to start. Here's the ubiquitous shot of the open box and it's contents. I also have an aftermarket decal set from Two Bobs. Though I'm unsure if it is relevant to the mark of F-16 in the kit (yes those accursed block numbers again!) so it might get used on a Hasegawa kit. Still not 100% sure which scheme to do. I really like the "Flogger" scheme but I also like the Arctic one too, decisions, decisions! Craig.
  21. Managed to get a coat of paint on the U-2 and thought I'd get started on the F-5F while it hardens off. I bid on this kit after the positive comments it received over on the Cold War forum. I like a Monogram kit and as I was the only bidder I won it at a bargain price. Not sure yet about the final finish but as there are plenty of options I'll probably flip flop between one scheme and another. My original intention was to build the kit OOB. However, after checking out photos of the real thing, I felt the kit cockpit could do with a little tweaking, not much, just a little. First thing to go was, I assume, the drogue chute cover(?) and a replacement was scratched out of scrap styrene. Next, using a Dremel type, went the cushion and seat belts. I scratched a new seat back and carved a cushion out of Milliput. The seatbelts were made from wine bottle foil backed with Tamiya tape and painted with Vallejo acrylics. The belt hardware was a bit of a faff. I tried fuse wire and sprue wrapped in the usual manner but didn't much like the results. Next I formed a U shaped channel out of .010 styrene and boxed it off with another strip. After a couple of tries I got the size I wanted and, using a new double-edged blade, sliced off a few pieces. Stretched sprue cemented across the 'buckle' and painted with aluminium acrylic finished things up. With a little more work I think I'll be able to get a look I'm happy with. So, OOB as much as I can resist messing around with it. We'll see. Cheers, Dennis
  22. Last night I finally finished the last of my first handful of aggressor F-5Es. It is the lovely AFV Club F-5E kit with Wolfpack ejection seat (the kit only comes with the old type of seat). Paints are mainly Xtracolor, and the decals are from the great Afterburner Decals sheet for aggressor F-5s. I have eight more AFV Club F-5E/F/Ns on the bench at the moment, so this won't be the last F-5 from me you will see here. Jens
  23. I also have this Revel 1/48 F5F for this STGB (I try to build a 1/72 and 1/48 double). It is an old kit with raised panels, not near the AFV standard that I built before, but hey its in the stash!! I plan to build using either the kit or Authentic decals set in my stash, that happen to be the same airframe. Here are the standard shots: Aftermarket Decals in the stash I am however sorely tempted by these - to build the tigered striped Bort number 30........be a challenge, buy hey, why not!! Gonna need a couple of 1/48 pilots too (there must be loads somewhere as not many build with the crew in!!) Tempted.....
  24. Today I finished this Hasegawa 1/48 TA-4F Skyhawk. I used Xtracolor paint, Afterburner Decals and TwoMikes resin seats. I sprayed it freehand as usual. Now I have finished adversary TA-4s No. 13, 14, 15 and 16. ' Jens
  25. Never built Hobby Boss before. 4 nice choices decal wise - this will be OOB with wheels up. Have built the AFV F5E in Alconbury Aggressor colours, not too bad to paint the 3 way cam, could be a tad more fiddly at 1/72!! Obligatory box and sprue shots! Kit looks quite detailed, with a little bit of flash, on my initial look. Any top tips appreciated!! As with my SOP on STGBs, I will also built in 1/48. As Azureglo is doing the blue/grey Marines version, I am erring to the Brown Navy version....
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