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Found 23 results

  1. How do chaps, Picked this and a few others up last weekend at Figure Model World in Easingwold. Its by a Russian company called EK Castings (no longer being imported for obvious reasons) Think it's pewter and scales out at around 65mm. The detail is really good and suits my clumsy figure painting style. Here is a pic of the figure before painting commenced. And here he is all painted up. This was done with Vallejo and Games Workshop. Feel the webbing and puttees are too dark, but l'm really pleased with how he's turned out. Just need to source a suitable base. I'm still finding my way roung this figure malarky so any advice etc is welcome. Regards, Steve
  2. Hi again everyone. In addition to my Bentley, I'm also hoping to build at least one Golden Age aircraft. A big biplane with three engines would seem to be a good place to start . Luckily, I have this 1/200 scale, white metal kit which was produced in the UK by Helmet Models. My second-hand example has no box or instructions, but does at least have some (slightly yellowed), Imperial Airways decals. Cheers
  3. Although he’s rightly regarded as one of the greatest innovators in the history of Formula 1, Colin Chapman also produced his fair share of ‘duds’, a consequence of constantly ‘pushing the envelope’ to stay ahead of the competition. An attempt to expand on the success of the ground-effect Lotus 79 by extending the low-pressure skirted area right to the back of the car, the 1979 Lotus 80 seemed a good idea in theory but the reality was rather different. The skirts were now curved in between the rear wheels, but tended to jam in their guides at the wrong moments, mainly during braking when the nose went down slightly and the skirts lost contact at the back, causing a sudden loss of downforce. This caused pitching or ‘porpoising’ during cornering. Andretti tried to make the best of it, but it was abandoned after just 4 races, although he somehow managed to record a 3rd place finish in Spain. Team mate Reutemann refused to drive it and stuck with the old 79, which was now eclipsed by the next generation of ground-effect cars like the Williams FW07. One of the reasons I like building 1/43rd kits is that they enable one to build the failures as well as the successful cars (let’s face it, they are mostly ‘failures’...). Here is my Tameo/Silverline Lotus 80. A pretty good kit, although I didn’t like the treatment of the all-important skirts, which were cast on the bottom edges of the body and too thick and lacking in detail. So I cut these off and made replacements from 10 thou plastic, with proper runners along the lower edges. Quite a lot of work, but I’m happy how it turned out....
  4. Hi all. My entry will be this 1/200 scale Avro Bison - a white metal kit produced by the late and lamented Shed Models. The Bison was a purpose built fleet spotter/reconnaissance aircraft that served initially with the RAF and then with the FAA, from 1922 to 1929. Some were shore based, whilst others were ship borne. All were incredibly ugly! My second-hand kit has a few issues, with some minor damage and missing parts. It also lacks its instruction sheet, just to make it harder to identify which parts have gone AWOL . On the plus side though, it has decals! I'm particularly looking forward to this one Cheers
  5. With the delightful work by JeroenS on his MiniArt 1/35 LANZ D8532 Tractor, I was drawn to work on a similar era tractor, based on a Ford Model T. This isn't a Fordson tractor, which was specifically designed by Ford for agricultural use. This is a conversion of a Model T car to farm use. It seems after-market and bespoke conversions of the Model T car were not uncommon. As you might expect, these tractors varied wildly, with the one common bit being the powerplant and transmission. Google did manage to find several examples close to this kit, one of which was apparently a 5/8-scale model built by Ford as a gift for his grandchildren! This 1/48 while metal kit is from Wiseman Model Services. It's the first I've attempted in this medium. My first task was to identify all the parts. There's some very fine detail in these castings, as well as some flash. The 4 pages of instructions are more more descriptive than prescriptive, with 2 pages referring to a Kerosene Locomotive that was the basis of this kit. This will be fun!
  6. Hello all, hope this might interest some. I started posting some WIP on another platform (which shall remain nameless) but I've found it doesn't have the same 'thread' logic which this forum has provided. So forgive me eloping - I'm back, suitably humbled. This is a new 'quick' (for me) project. Selected because it's small, white (still got some paint from the last project), interesting & - importantly - a biplane without bracing! The Knight Twister - a kit design dating back to the 1920's - in much modified "Imperial" air racer form, as built & competitively raced by former WWII B-24 tail-gunner C.D 'Don' Fairbanks. As a racer it follows that the little plane was constantly tinkered with to improve or maintain its competitiveness. So there are many variations throughout the photographic record, and as now fixed for perpetuity in a Museum. I'll be working to represent one of the earliest incarnations (1971ish), mostly because this most closely aligns with the configuration offered in the kit. Photos here show that phase:
  7. Despite being my most productive year ever on BM, I can still offer one or two for KUTA. First up is this leftover from the Anything But Injection GB Classic cart before the horse in that I finished the tender before the locomotive. My mojo evaporated on the heat of the boiler and I got bored removing the crude handrail moulding, hence the tender getting completed. Realistically a bit of focus should see this finished, especially as there's the generous timescale of through until March to make a bit of an effort in
  8. Long before I was came on and lowered the tone, I think there was a GB for anything that wasn't injection molded plastic. I'm proposing Vol II, maybe the No PIMP GB that's No Injection Molded Plastic. Or to be more positive about it, wood, etch, white metal card, vac-form ... Having just started on a resin car in the 10th Anniversary GB, I've discovered a whole new world, and I was inspired and awed by what @pheonix did with wood and metal in the floatplane GB. Plus all the amazing vac-form work. And I do have to card buildings that I have no reason to build unless a GB comes along. What I'm thinking is.. Any model you like, so wiffy, sci-fi, fantasy even more conventional subjects, no holds barred in any medium you like but the injection molded element can't be more than 25%. I'm putting that in because in the my case, I'd replace the rainwater goods with AM injection molded and to allow for raiding the scrap box for similar fiddly details for others. Then standard GB rules apply and fun to be had along with new experiences; after all why should New Media always mean Twitter etc? Any takers/ thoughts etc? Hosts/ co-hosts/ founts of wisdom are offering their services and I've found an emoji with a tenuous link to host/ hospitality in 🏘️, having first rejected the hospital one; though that might be needed later So far Me (I suppose I should) 🏘️ Exdraken Mottlemaster Philp Black Knight BritJet CliffB Jb65rams dud_gan_ainm bootneck zebra sleeperservice Robert Stuart Angus Tura Tom Probert Kallisti Romeo Alpha Yankee Jockney Gorby helios16v rafalbert Heather Kay torbjorn Arniec DaveyGair RayS Panther II Tim R-T-C dnl42 Trickyrich 🏘️ Pin 🏘️ Jinxman Tzulscha malpaso Mr T
  9. In my stash I have a number of white metal figures awaiting a home in future dioramas and model railway layouts. Although there seems to be nothing in the rules for this GB that say that you cannot enter a figure with only one part, I thought I would at least enter these This has a wheeled trolley which needs some construction. Unfortunately MMS models ceased trading in 2018 and the owner, and designer of the models, Barry Walby, died in 2020. As far as I can trace no one purchased the business.
  10. Going Loco down in Eastern England.. not that it scans very well. The Ferrari is rather stalled at the moment, so I think it's time to look at something else, another big engine! Well, in the scheme of railway engines it wasn't that big, but it was a key engine in Eastern England, the 6 wheeled J39 designed by (Sir) Nigel Gresley- I think he knocked out a few others while he was about it! All the technical details here to satisfy the inner nerds and rivet counters... https://www.lner.info/locos/J/j39.php https://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=class&type=S&id=601039 False Economy? There's a ready to run version which has been available for a few years for around 120, which seemed a bit steep for a scrooge like me. And I rather enjoy the challenge of battling with old models. Admittedly the kit itself only cost 20, but then I had to pay another 65 for the chassis as it's only a body kit. By the time you add in the paint, decals and accessories, I'll end up at over 100 and then it seems an extra 20 for all the extra detail may not have been such a bad deal. But hey, where's the fun in that? Let the fun begin? This then is the beginning of the fun.. Black paint and decals for a Norwich based engine to follow in due course
  11. This has been in the stash for a bit too long, but it needs to be built because there's a gap on my model railway waiting for it... A pair of industrial rather than military silos. One of the reasons it's sat in the stash is the instruction sheets Do you remember the old Airfix instructions which were mainly text and regardless of how complex the kit always had 4 stages? Well, these ones are pretty much text with a grand total of 5 illustrations, but run to 34 stages and as you can perhaps see end with It is stressed that this is an adult's model containing very small parts and is not suitable for children Maybe I shouldn't attempt it; open the box or take the money time! Too late, I've opened the box The very small parts don't look that small after all, I just have no idea what most of them could possibly be. The instructions start with Important- It is to your benefit to read the following information fully before proceeding. Please identify each part and remove any obvious flash mould flashing. This time I think they mean it, now to work out the difference between a Cat-ladder double hoop (never seen my cat jump through a hoop) and a Cat-ladder Pegged-hoop (to be modified)!
  12. Hello all! I have to say I love these Group Builds, especially ones where I can stretch my capabilities, and this one is going to test me! I am no stranger to vacforms, but this will be the biggest I have attempted. The previous 'big' vacform was a Short Singapore III: One thing I will have to do is find a better way to display it! Anyway, here is the kit as supplied. The lovely, solid box, and a wonderful price tag! I got this at the Gloucester Model Club show a few years ago, and with that price it was a bargain! When I opened the box, I wondered just what I had done... There were two good, solid sheets of heavy gauge plastic with the main components, and on the reverse side of the wings, the glossiest finish I have ever seen with this type of model. The wings had been moulded in a very interesting way. They were angled in the mould, and that was to help with the trailing edges having less to sand away. There was also a very good selection of white metal parts included too: I will have to try my scratchbuild skills with the interior, only the control columns are supplied. There was a good instruction manual, from the days when instructions were in text, along with hints and tips for the preparation of the parts. There was also a transfer sheet, which unfortunately has seen better days - one of the roundels is damaged, but hopefully will be salvageable. There were a number of colour schemes supplied in the guide, but I decided to go for something a little different, and got the Aims transfer sheet for a rather interesting scheme: This sheet has the white swirls as transfers, which will help no end. It was designed for the Roden injection moulded kit, and I hope they fit this vacform one! The instructions gave me no clue as to the colours for the rest of the aircraft, so I trawled through Google trying to find instructions for the Roden kit which does contain this scheme, but it was the only one which did not have instructions online! I put a call for help on this Forum for these, and @Steve86 came through and sent me a scanned copy of instructions for the Roden kit - thank you very much indeed Steve! I have also downloaded the Wingnut Wings instructions for the Felixstowes which will also assist immensely. This will be an 'Early F.2A' with the glazing over the cockpit, that is supplied as a vacform part, and it is incredibly clear, and is not yellowed at all. I am looking forward to starting this soon, but the Hosts said in our 'Chat' section that vacforms can be prepped before March 20th! So that will be the next part... Any advice, hints or tips, will be greatly appreciated, I do have John Adams' vacform guide printed out already. Thanks for dropping in, Ray
  13. Edging onto the starting grid is this https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ma-scale-85-ferrari-712-m-1010--1072520 And now you know as much as me!! No, that's not right, because I know what it looks like And now you know as much as me! Quite possibly more, though I have heard of Andretti. I got this because it was bundled in with the Porsche 910 that I built for the 10th Anniversary GB. As such I didn't necessarily want it, and when I looked inside the box I wasn't sure I wanted to build it.. Largely because of what's not in the box, namely any instructions. Anyhow, now's the time and I think I can figure out where most of it goes. There again if anyone has got a copy of the instructions I'd be thrilled. Plenty of shiny red coming up and not on a fire engine
  14. Before I get too carried away with stats and watching everyone else, I should put up some builds of my own. Here then is the first of a possible 4 6 pieces so I fancy my chances of completing it. P&D Marsh started up in the 70s and with a few changes of ownership have been making white metal kits and for n and oo railways every since. The good thing about modelling in a small scale is that you never have a big stash😜 but it turns out that I've got kits from them with 3 different addresses on them, which suggests my stash is bigger than I thought. Not many parts, but as with many of the other builds on here the make or break will be in the painting. For those not into railways, platelayers were the people who maintained the actual railway and had these huts as shelter/ stores along the line. So they were everywhere that the railway went. They were working buildings rather than garden rooms so a good dose of grubby/ weathering is called for I'm undecided about whether to add some IM in the form of rainwater goods, or whether I'll leave it alone. Michael
  15. Time to start something new and different. This is to help me cope with corona virus, corvid-19, wuhan, china virus or whatever you want to call it. Frankly I am quite angry about the whole thing and I will keep my angry thoughts for my wife and kids who have had a gut full me wanting to push the big red button. It is even illegal for me to go and take star pictures even at this location https://www.google.com/maps/@-28.8704918,152.7450645,479m/data=!3m1!1e3 (right click - open link in new tab). There is a cattle yard along Richmond Range Road at the center of the map. Only one car has previously passed me at this site and the only other critters that would know I am there are the wild dogs and some cows. There is no TV here either. Every time the idiot box is on you here about corona virus. GROWL Why would I want to build this, well it is going to be a Moa build with toilet, toilet roll, hand basin, passenger seating and anything Moa would add to a model, you get the idea. Am I biting off more than I can chew? YES, if I don't put myself out I won't learn. ENOUGH grizzling here are some of the bits in the kit. The kit is made up of Resin and white metal parts Thanks for stopping by and having a peek. Stephen, trying to cope. Wife NOT coping with Stephen ( wife wrote this) I know the rest of the world has got a very bad dose of this and my heart goes out to you all. Australia has so far gotten away very lightly with only 70 deaths. My Protest.... I will NOT buy anything made in china
  16. Not sure where to put this really, but 'Aircraft' seemed the best fit. This is a build of Hasegawa's venerable 1:8 scale white metal kit. I've heavily modified it during the build with a lot of scratch built components. In fact only the main white metal castings made it into the final model, plus a few sundry components like spark plugs. It was a very enjoyable build, but significant effort is required to get something acceptable. The white metal castings aren't as sharp as their plastic equivalents in the injection moulded version. Replacing all the moulded bolts with tin plated aftermarket versions is a considerable cost in its own right. Still, worth the effort in the end. I hope you enjoyed the pics.
  17. I've managed to get hold of a partially built, white metal, 1/35 scale FV107 Scimitar made by Barton Miniatures. I think it's circa 1985. Long shot - does anyone have a copy of the instructions? Some parts are missing and will need replacing. I'd like to be able to draw up an inventory of what's needed. Fortunately, I do have an AFV Club Scimitar in my stash, which I can refer to, but it won't necessarily be that same. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPs_87TiBKE70vYZtphKwdUanynuBQEk6R46039 Keeping my fingers crossed. I've never done a white metal kit before so I will also be needing your help along the way..... AJ
  18. Today has been a good day of finishing projects. Albanian Front, winter, 1940.
  19. Now I've got image posting sussed I'll show some of my recently completed figures. This is Pavlos Melas, painted with acrylics and oils. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlos_Melas
  20. This is a little project I have just started. Airbrush primed and work has begun on the face with acrylics. I'll also be using oils where appropriate. (In other words not sure where yet. )
  21. One more recent one for now. Again painted with oils and acrylics.
  22. Mercedes Benz W154 Auto Union Type D Alfa Romeo 12C Sorry for the dusty pictures.....The parts were covered in fine resin dust! I found these irresistible.....Detailed they ain't, fun they definitely are! You can buy individual cars direct from Minairons: http://www.minairons.eu/en/64-1-72-scale-racing-cars I feel a 1938 German Grand Prix coming up.....Up yours Adolf!
  23. My first entry in this GB, the 1/72 Alley Cat kit of the Boulton Paul Sea Balliol T.21. I will be building this totally OOB. To be honest, there is nothing needed which isn't in the box! My choice of markings will represent WP328 of MTPS Abbotsinch in 1962. This aircraft has trainer yellow bands and dayglo areas on the nose and tail, so it should be pretty colourful.
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