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Found 186 results

  1. Hi The oldest of three models I posting today - I made it in 1976 or 1977...I remeber some upgrading of painting, especially weathering in the span of this almost 40 years...Anyway - this is very old one. This is Nakajima J1N1S Gekko made OOB from Japaneese Revell kit. Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  2. Hi again everybody! Here is my second black and white airplane – Hurricane Mk.I in the colours of 87th Squadron in the autumn of 1939 in France. On 10th November 1939 this particular machine (L1619, squadron code LK-P) was flown by Plt Off Horatio Dunn. He chased a Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft but went too far from the airbase and ran out of fuel. Dunn made an emergency landing near Aalbeke in Belgium. He was caught by the Belgian police and imprisoned but managed to escape from the Belgian prison on 27th November and returned to his base. The Hurricane was interned by the Belgians as well, however its fate is not known. The German aircraft that Dunn chased (Do-17P) incurred some damage and crash-landed near Stuttgart killing all crew. The link to a photo of L1619 after landing in Belguim Airfix kit is very well known and truly nice to build. The only substantial issue I had was with the wing. It seems that the upper and lower parts have different dihedral The upper part is correct while the lower part has dihedral in excess. I cut joint tabs and pressed the two parts to match dihedral to the upper part. This resulted in a lower side being 1 mm longer than the upper one on both ends. I simply sanded excessive plastic. Also some surgery was needed to properly insert landing lights. To make things prettier I used Eduard’s PE for the cockpit, resin wheels and exhausts. Paints are same as for my Defiant - Hobby Color for the camo and Vallejo for almost everything else. Decals are by Xtradecal + stencils by Aviaeology. And here the two black-and-white RAF warriors together: Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy Dennis
  3. Just to show that I'm not just someone who prattles on endlessly about aeroplanes and models, but someone who actually, occasionally completes models, for your pleasure are some piccies of an Il-2 Shturmovik I had made for a magazine article a few years back (sadly, the article was never published). This is, as the title would suggest, the single-seater version of the Il-2 Shturmovik as realised by Hobby Boss in 1/32nd scale. The kit itself is very nicely moulded, with no flash, and has nice engraved detail. There were some errors that had to be corrected, mainly amongst them the metal rear fuselage, which was rare with the single-seaters (and unknown for the GPW two-seaters). To fix this I sanded down the fuselage until the panel lines and rivets disappeared. Alternately, you could fill in the engraved detail on the rear fuselage with putty, then sand it down. The shape and dimensions all appear to be dead-on, and with a little work, this can be made into a fine representation of the Il-2. At the time I was making this model, Eduard had just come out with their interior and exterior sets, so most of the additions to the interior were scratchbuilt. The basic engine is provided, and is accurate, but without many of the accessories and pipes and wiring, which had to be scratchbuilt. I go into more detail about this kit in my soon-to-be published book (due to be released in January, hopefully), so I'll just post the pictures and let them do the talking. A picture is worth a thousand words, etc. Enjoy! Best Regards, Jason P.S. The name of the book is "Il-2 Shturmovik: Red Avenger". Look for it in all fine (and not so fine) bookstores and outlets! Sure to be a classic!
  4. Hi Everyone, Let me show you the Boulton-Paul Defiant Mk.I – the first of two black/white RAF fighters that I’ve recently completed. On 29th May 1940 this machine (L6957) took an action over Dunkirk as part of 264th squadron (squadron code PS-T). On that day L6957 was piloted by Plt Off Desmond Kay and LAC E.J.Jones was a gunner. A dozen of Defiants were attacked by Bf 109s over the Channel. Defiants fought well and managed to score several Messerschmitts. However, Kay’s Defiant was hit by enemy fire and got its starboard aileron and hydraulics damaged. This caused the gunner to bail out, but Kay managed to fly battered aircraft back to the base. Jones, however, perished in the Channel. The kit is a well-appraised Airfix’s set with addition of Eduard’s photo-etch mainly in the cockpit and gear bays. Also I got some resin parts to replace exhausts and wheels and used brass Brownings by Master. Paints are Hobby Color for DG/DE (perfect match to my taste!) and Vallejo for black and white. Decals are a mix of original Airfix’s stencils and DP Casper set for Dunkirk. I’m not 100% sure that DP Casper has correctly depicted thinner yellow rings on the fuselage sides (perhaps should be same width as blue and white?) and that a narrow yellow ring should be present on port wing. Also I opted to use Airfix’s letters for squadron code having converted “U” into “T”. DP Casper’s letters are too dark and thin. Thanks for looking! Appreciate any feedback! Dennis
  5. Hello Chaps, I'd like to share with you my completed build of the Revell of Germany newly tooled (last year) 1/32 Focke Wulf Fw190F-8. I usually complete a full build series starting with an in-box-review with updates along the way until completion, but, I've been really busy with a new house my wife and I purchased in December, and so, we're going backwards and forward with contractors. Anyway, I found myself with a spare hour and thought I'd spend it on here! I have to say, this kit is another "Great Value For Money" kit from Revell of Germany; fabulous engineering, quality molded product and a complete joy to build without the need for filler and zero fit issues and looks good built straight out of the box as I did, except for the addition of antenna cables using 1.010" black EZ-Line! Based on the cost alone....I paid $23.95 for it, which is around 16.00 quid when converted, I'd give this kit 5 stars. For everything else, 4.5 stars, just because the instructions are still in black and white, they don't provide alternative paint numbers and the box isn't a sturdy lid and base design. On with the photos, I hope you like her as much as I liked building and painting her! Well, there she is....if you'd like to watch my YouTube Channel "Build Update" and "Final Reveal" videos for this build, then here are the links to those: Build Update #1 video link: https://youtu.be/hwiTyVsZXvI Build Update #2 Video link: https://youtu.be/6hugFcFgpFA Build Update #3 Video link: https://youtu.be/vdPiuCH_0qo Build Update #4 Video link: https://youtu.be/0Bpdc0JwAh4 Final Reveal Video link: https://youtu.be/eSI_qcd9s88 Thanks in advance for taking a look at this posting, watching any of the videos and for your comments, greatly appreciated! Until next time, happy modeling and have fun! Cheers, Martin
  6. Hi all I have just bought the Airfix 1/48 WWII Ground crew set and, is it me, or are they way overscale? I put them next to some ICM figures and they dwarf them. Put next to a 1/35 figure and they don't look that much smaller. Regards Mick
  7. Here's my round-up of finished models 2015. With kind regards from Vienna Roman Schilhart IPMS Austria January 2015 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf-109 G14 w/Aires Engine July 2015 AZ Model Spitfire Mk.IXe Airfix Mustang IV (conversion using Freightdog Resin Set) Modelist (aka Dakoplast) Yak-9 August 2015 Revell Hawker Hurricane IIc AZ Model Messerschmitt Bf-109 G "Romanian AF" Kovozávody Preostejov Mustang III September 2015 AZ Model Messerschmitt Bf-109 G10 Airfix Focke Wulf Fw-190 F8 October 2015 AZ Model Bücker Bü-181 AZ Model Messerschmitt Bf-109 G10 November 2015 Airfix Focke Wulf Fw-190 A8 "Sturmbock" Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB Eduard Focke Wulf Fw-190 A8 December 2015 RS Models Reggiane 2005 Kovozávody Preostejov Lavochkin La-5FN Hasegawa DH Mosquito B.IV Sword Spitfire Mk.XVIe It was a good year for modelling - since my girlfriend left, I have had much more time on the workbench... with best wishes from Vienna Roman
  8. Hi Everyone, Here`s my attempt at making an AVG Hawk from every ones favourite P-40 kit Finished to represent a Hawk H-81 of the 2nd Pursuit Squadron `The Panda Bears`, AVG, flown by Franklin Schwartz, Burma `42 I made a few improvements to the kit, the biggest being: replacing the cockpit with a resin one I had lying around from an Eduard P-40 Still used the kit instrument panel though, so it`s still not accurate but looks better IMHO and scratch built a replacement seat. Other tweaks include; reduced the rudder chord, lengthened the tail wheel, lengthened the main gear........... Added retraction links to the main gear, Replaced the wing guns with brass tube and sanded the protruding panels down a bit. The Decals came from a Sky models set, which were great except I had to hand paint the teeth behind the spinner Oh and the pitot came off a Hasegawa kit, otherwise just the usual brake pipes, aerials etc Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Happy New Year, Cheers Russ
  9. Hello and thanks for your interest, this is my 1/72 Hasegawa Mosquito B.IV. The kit was started about 5 years ago. I ran into serious trouble with the split canopy section which consists of 4 clear parts, and they just wouldn't go together. I was left with a split line along the top canopy seam and gaps on the side windows with the blisters. Therefore, the model ended up in my 'box of doom', destined to become a source for spare parts. In early December I cleaned up my working room and rediscovered the Mosquito, almost finished, with a base coat applied already. After close inspection I decided to finish the model, since I felt it would be a pity to throw it away. I did not do any corrections on the flawed canopy section, just left it as it was. That's why you don't get any close-up pictures! The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Code letters for the Decals were sourced from a Tamiya kit as the Hasegawa decals looked to green-ish to my eye. They represent a plane from 105. Squadron in 1943. So here she is, not my best effort, but finally resting in my display case next to my Tamiya B.IV (shown here:http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234920784-172-tamiya-mosquito-b-mkiv/). I am hoping for a new mould Mosquito series from Airfix in 2016! All pictures by Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes With best wishes from Vienna, have a nice holiday season!
  10. JWM

    Gauntlets from Africa

    Hi I stored in my comp some photos from net, it was from a web page with a SAAF or RAAF pilot photos, unfortunately I did not made a reference...Neither store with data, which was there available. Anyway they are interesting Gauntlets from East Africa (AFAIR). Is anybody familiar with them? Can anybody help with identifiaction? Serials, colours, codes, unit... The Squadron code (except first photo) is "PT", perhaps?... Regards J-W
  11. Hi everyone, Just finished the marathon filling and sanding exercise that is Airfixs 1/48 PR XVI Mosquito so thought I`d share some pic`s Finished as an SEAC aircraft of 684 Squadron, RAF, Dum Dum , India, circa 1945 Read that they fared badly in the theatre due to their wooden construction, hence the nick name I wasn`t expecting Tamiya fit or even that the new parts in the kit would fit the older parts without a bit of work, but...... apart from the tailplanes, every part required a lot of filling and sanding. The canopy and the nacelles being the worst. Resorted to clear epoxy for the camera and landing light covers. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  12. Hi, I am trying to build DH 84 RAAF ambulance, likely A34-54. It is in WIP...- a scratch work. Here: http://www.goodall.com.au/australian-aviation/dh84-pt2/dh84-dragon-pt2.htm within record for A34-54 there is a photo described like that: A34-54 at Mareeba Qld in 1943 with No.2 Air Ambulance Unit. The factory paint scheme has been replaced by jungle green camouflage with red and white ambulance cross. Frank F. Smith collection I've seen in net someone's model of the same machine (not sure that exactlu "54") which was painted in DKEarth/Foliage Green with light blue undersurface. So - was it one or two colours from top on DH 84 RAAF Ambulances? And the bottom - white or light blue? Besides my doubts about the colours, which I should apply on this machine - the another problem is that I think that there was (perhaps) a nose art on this machine on left side (bee or something like that). I will appreciete also some info on this. Was it on "A34-54" or on another Dragon? Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  13. JWM

    RAF Liberator Mk I

    Hi, I am considering conversion of Academy B24 into Liberator Mk I in Coastal Command markings. I know there is a lot to change, but this promises a lot of fun of modelling, isn't? . There are some interesting particular machine for consideration. For exampele there was and fameous "u boot killer" - AM929 while serving in 120 Sqn she sunk 5 u-boots. In profile published here: http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/b/327/9/2(which is taken from Polish monography of Liberator) this particular machine has no 4-canon instalation in front bomb bay. It is true? The all known remaining 120 Sqn (and all MK I CC) machines have it. Why this machine has not? It served later in 231 Sqn as transport machine (converted to C. Mk I) and crashed on 9th May '45 (http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?15568-Liberator-AM929-231-Sqn-9-April-1945) - so perhaps in these times she did not have those cannons, the whole pack was for sure romoved for transport purposes - but when she was a "U-boot killer" she should had them, why not? There is also a story about her: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=692997334159191&id=340758036049791&comment_id=693570777435180&reply_comment_id=693662130759378&total_comments=2&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R1%22%7D How about the Leight light? Did CC Liberators Mk I have it? I have found photo in Net, but those details are not visible: http://www.ulsteraviationsociety.org/coastal-command-ni-ww2/4537284196(photo No 4) from photo here: http://ww2aircraft.net/forum/album/black-26-white-photos/p20054-consolidated-liberator-grmk1.html it seems that there was no such light - when it was installed on GRV it was moved a bit forward regarding the leading edge of wing and was visible from such angle. I hope some BM experts know the answers... EDIT: The another interesting mashine is AM924 http://www.revi.cz/images/covers/78/revi_78_26_27.jpg and AM923 Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  14. JWM

    Radial Whitley in WWII

    Hi, In IWM collections of photos I found Whitley with modified rear - the turret was replaced by opening for parachute jumping. http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205197364 Was it a typical conversion for all parachute trainers? In photos of jumping from Whitley, for example here https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/00/Parachute_troops_jump_from_a_Whitley_bomber_during_a_demonstration_for_the_King_near_Windsor%2C_25_May_1941._H9955.jpg man jumped from the normal doors in middle of fuselage. In this colection there is another nice photo of similar, early radial Whitley with Y letter on nose http://zoom.iwm.org.uk/view/40329&cat=photographs&oid=object-205197363described that it was taken in 1941 in Ringway, Manchester. However - what could be a serial of this machine? On anather photo serial look to be k72?? - very interesting is partial overpainting by a fin flash http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205197423 Is there any available complete profile/photo with serial, code letter and perhaps deteils on turret romoved or not...? Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  15. In order to warm the hearts of the 1/144th scale community, we decided to develop a brand new injection-moulded kit of this lovely aeroplane. The “Beau’s” have never been released before in plastic in this scale, so this is their first appearance. These kits have been made using high-quality moulds, produced by one of the best Czech moulding companies. To whet your appetite here we present you the images of the test shots and the first test build. The finished kit still lacks the clear parts, but otherwise it is complete. Here are some pics depicting how the model master was made from scratch. Each kit contains 53 parts and six clear parts (cockpit and rear gunner canopies, aerial cover and wing-tips with position lights). Naturally, a comprehensive instruction leaflet and a decal sheet are included, the latter offering four options for each Mark. The kits will be available by mid-June. More info about the forthcoming kits and camouflage options can be found here: http://www.4pluspublications.com/en/scale-model-kits/mkm14434-beaufighter-if http://www.4pluspublications.com/en/scale-model-kits/mkm14435-beaufighter-ic http://www.4pluspublications.com/en/scale-model-kits/mkm14436-beaufighter-vi KR Michal Ovcacik, MARK I
  16. I discovered one of these in my stash hidden as a freebie inside another kit and thought it might look nice next to my Judy one day. It's all sealed and in good order minus the box so a nice addition to the 'shelf breakers'. Haswgawa Toyota Starter Truck Gb http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MjYzWDUwMA==/z/dqAAAOxy4dNS2TTG/$_35.JPG http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-images/hsgs1817bs01t-lg.jpg (I see once again it's converting pix to urls...pita!) Obviously not a popular subject (only found 1 BM build pic, although hints of at least 2 more) but I am hoping someone can point to pix, plans etc of the originals. Google bought up 2 very poor quality pix but little else. Also see there's a tanker that shows up occasionally. Perhaps a fleabay/market hunt is in order... At least it will be different to the current fad of RAF WW2 vehicles.
  17. We've got a fantastic offer on the 1/35 Vosper MTB 74 'St. Nazaire Raid' plastic model kit from Italeri right now, with 40% off for a massive saving of £40!! This fantastically detailed model of a real life British Motor Torpedo Boat used during the St Nazaire Raid in World War II could also be complemented nicely with Italeri's 1/35 Vosper MTB Crew figures set which has 10% off! Hurry now while stocks last! For more info, check out our newsletter here.
  18. Many aircraft in the war received temporary white camouflage during the winter. Leaving aside dirt, weathering and flaking off, does anyone know if it would have discoloured with age? I ask because I'm not sure whether it's better to use Appliance White (which doesn't go yellow) or old-fashioned white enamel (which usually does). Appliance White can be discoloured if necessary, but it's a lot more work than starting with enamel. Plus, would this be different between, say, the Luftwaffe and the VVS?
  19. We've just this week received our stock of the 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat Plastic Model Kit from Airfix! This detailed, new tooled model kit, based on the WWII era American carrier-based fighter, comes with a choice of 2 sets of decals! For more details, check out our newsletter here.
  20. This month we have some great new releases from the Master Box range of plastic model kits this month covering such subjects as World War I, World War II and some fantasy too! The four new kits released this month are: A 1/35 British Infantry "Before The Attack" WWI Era model figures kit, some 1/35 "Skull Clan Death Angels" from the Master Box "Desert Battle" Series, a 1/35 WWII era French Soldier and Bicycle kit and finally a 1/35 scale kit of German Motorcyclist figures. For full details see our newsletter here.
  21. Hi all, I haven't posted in ages but I just got news from PCM that they have no plan to reissue their later version Hurricane kit; PCM 32012 - Hawker Hurricane MK.I Battle of Britain version w/metal wings I occasionally see these on US eBay for 100+ $ - seems to be more of the earlier "rag wing" version popping up once in awhile. Sigh... Anyone know of any other manufacturers out there with a 1:32 Hurricane in their pipeline? Given it's importance and critical role played in the Battle of Britain, and many other campaigns, I feel this aircraft has not been well represented by the industry. The Airfix and Tamiya 1:48 efforts may be the best ones out there today? Opinions, comments welcome! Cheers Eric PS - like many others, I'm still waiting to see if the 1:32 HK Models Lancaster ever does see the light of day...
  22. We've got some more great re-releases from the Tamiya plastic model kits range coming to us later this September, with some exciting and unusual models to be had! Included in this re-release: The 1/24 Lexus LFA "Full View" with transparent body, a 1/25 German Tiger I Heavy Tank, a 1/35 Japanese Type 97 Medium Tank Late Production, and last but not least a 1/35 German Tiger I Late Production with "Ace Commander" and Crew Figures. See our Newsletter for further details!
  23. I know that this question had been asked in the past, but unfortunately all the old posts don't show the pictures anymore which Edgar attached in the past. Anyway, I am looking for information of the attachment points of the lap straps in the Hurricane and Spitfire BoB era aircraft. Are they attached to the seat or the cockpit framework? And where / how? There is lots of information how the shoulder straps are attached, but I can't find any pictures showing the lap straps attachments as they are out of sight on all the pictures I have seen. Any information is much appreciated. Cheers, Peter
  24. JWM

    Sea Otter in SEAC

    Hi Number of Sea Otters were used in Burma and generaly Far East during 1945. I made some google search for photos or painting schemes and found interesting photo: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/27862259@N02/6154538937/ looks that Sea Otters are alu dope overall (?) and they have SEAC roundels. Photo is said to be taken in Java. Is it WWII photo? Something about serials? Anybody knows more on SEAC WWII Sea-Otters ? It could be nice subject for model. Cheers
  25. Hello and thanks for your interest in this topic. This is my 1/72 Revell Hawker Hurricane IIc, a kit that I bought at a swap-meet of IMPS Austria a couple of years ago. Apart from the plastic sprues, it also contained a small etch fret by Eduard for the interior details, paint masks and a vacu canopy from Squadron. After many years of languishing in my stash (with the box already bleached and crumpled) I came across a Xtradecal Sheet "D-Day Anniversary Pt.1 (X72194)" that contains markings for a Hurricane with D-Day stripes - that's what I had been waiting for. Of course, this build is horribly late for that mentioned anniversary. By summer 1944, the Hurricane was already outdated and withdrawn from frontline service. However, a number of aircraft, still retaining their armament, served with 1697 Air Letter Despatch Service. They carried mail in the underwing pods from forward airfields in France to England. Some info about 1697 flight can be found here: thttp://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peop...a2943001.shtml This Revell kit dates back to the 1990s and is among the best-fitting model kits I've ever laid my hands on. You won't need any filler! The Eduard masks had not aged well, they had lost all their adhesive force and would literally 'fly away' when you spray them with the airbrush. The Squadron vacu was obviously not designed for this particular kit, being too wide. I did use Eduard's photo etch pieces for the cockpit interior, though. A new vacu from Rob Taurus was purchased. The model was sprayed with acrylic colors from Gunze/Mr.Hobby. D-Day stripes are all airbrushed, too. Photographed by Mr. Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thank you.
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