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Found 12 results

  1. I dug through the stash and found the Williams Bros Boeing 247 kit. I am not a fan of either scheme in the kit, the racer or flight test article. I will see if I can find some other decal options on the net.
  2. Hi all This is my entry for the GB, appropriate initials as mine is the Gee Bee Z. Had this in the stash for quite a while, so what better way to get done, hot an R1 also but will not get greedy so will just do the one. I do love the Williams Brothers kit boxes artwork and the other kits on the back along with their instructions which are packed with details. Looking forward tobthe start line!!! Good luck everyone Chris
  3. Here is the model completed in its National Parks Airways livery, not at all a casual choice. National Parks are not real estate for sale. The model was modified as you can see in the building post here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026972-modified-boeing-247-williams-bros-172nd/& by the addition of a restroom, cargo area and door, more bulkheads, nose cargo area and hatch, pilots hatch, some cabin detail, and other details, plus of course commissioning a special set of marks from Arctic Decals. I am really fond of the 30´s appearance that the forward-raked windshield provides, so I went for that variant. Many hours were spent searching the Net, reading references, sorting out details and looking at photographs. Modelers should be a bit more skeptic and proactive if they want a more accurate model. The venerable Williams Bros issue is still a workable platform -if of course showing its age-, and again I thank good friend, fellow modeler and ebil genius Sönke Schulz from Volkania* for gifting the kit. *His address: Ze Lair Volcanic Region German Transsylvania Since Sönke gifted the kit, he insisted in having an official "model completed" ceremony with the attendance of the Volkania Sturm und Drang band:
  4. Some designs just seem to embody the Golden Age Divine Proportion. I know we all have our favorites, I have many, but the Gamma is one I keep going back to. I have built it first a lot of years ago following the original boxing: But more recently I went for seconds and thirds, incapable of resisting the need to extract more flavorful modeling juice from it, building it in some of its more exciting incarnations: I have now the Arctic Decals/Dekno resin/decals set that was released after my build, to do the Conqueror Cochrane again (you need a particular Azur-FRROM kit for that), but once more I couldn't resist taking the awkwardest path, and decided instead to do the very long nose conversion withe the stripy cowl used by Jackie Cochran, powered by a Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp Jr. for the 1935 Bendix race. I got a number of photos of it, and the old and venerable Williams Bros kit. Again a lot of surgery will be needed to modify the fuselage top, the nose, and the details on the kit that are not just quite right (rudder, for starters, and cockpit). Since I have done this 2G conversion before, I know what I am in for (sigh...). I am still looking for a plan/drawing of the plane, but it will be very easy to extrapolate from photos to extend that nose and work out the details associated with it's Pinocchio characteristics (Pinocchio, now what that reminds me of? ah! a president!) I have pulled out the kit and started already to separate and clean the useful parts -many will have to be discarded-, but today I don't want to complicate my life with photos and posting them, so the graphic part of this will have to wait for a little while, meanwhile this station will continue with its regular programming (the pending two Ju-86s, Republic Seabee, Vultee V-1D, London Bus, and Supermarine Sea Lion, all the latter just needing decals that are in transit) Aiiiiiiiooooo Silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lone stRanger
  5. William's bros 1/48 corben super ace. I love William's bros kits, great subjects and models that need building, these are not models to build straight out of the box. Scratchbuilt cockpit, except the seat which I modified, scratchbuild bottom half of the engine, as you can see it in the radiator cut out. Rigged with ez line. The cowling is gloss black, it looks blue in some photos, something to do which my phone I think?? I forgot to paint the scallops on the undercarriage fairing. Thank you for looking.
  6. Another shelf of doom rescue. This was a nice little kit, went together with no problems.
  7. I've really enjoyed going the extra mile with this great old kit. I was steered in the direction of the Skytruck books etc and came across the exotic wonderland of South American Aviation. WOW! Spoiled for choice, I finally decided on CP-1267 with Transportes Aereos Bolivar, opened some of the doors, dropped those magnificent flaps and got some movement on the elevator and rudder. Hand painted decor over the Ali foil and finished with laser printed decals. This was my first attempt at this, and I am well pleased with how they went on. An acknowledgement to fellow BMer obermartin who assisted greatly with the graphic design 👍 Loved doing the build. If you have one in your stash, either dig it out and make it.... ... Or PM me to discuss a sale /trade /swap!!! 😎🇧🇴😎
  8. Back in 1924, I believe, the U.S. Army Air Corps decided to fly around the world as a demonstration of air power. This was NOT non-stop, but went from point-to-point, often laying over for days to weeks at each stop. Nevertheless, it was exciting stuff for that era. The Army Douglas World Cruisers (there were 4), were modified versions of the Douglas Torpedo Bomber (DT). One of them, named the Seattle, crashed in Alaska, but the other three, named Chicago, Boston, and New Orleans made it all the way 'round. My model represents the New Orleans. It is a 1/72 scale Williams Bros kit, built strictly Out-Of_The-Box, for entry into a model contest. Only rigging and paint was added. The rigging was done using "invisible" thread, which is actually like a very thin mono filament thread. I drilled holes in the wings (top of top wing and bottom of bottom wing were left unpainted), anchored the thread, then pulled it tight through the holes in the top and bottom of the wing. Then I secured them with a drop of CA cement on each. When dry, they were trimmed flush then sanded down smooth, after which the appropriate remaining wing surfaces were painted and decals applied. Paints were mostly Humbrol, and of course, the kit decals were used. She finished "Honorable Mention" --- it was a tough competition. Without further ado, the pictures: If I were to do it over today, I would only change two things: I would use a better brass paint for the radiator, and I would change the white "4"'s to black ones, as the more readily available internet shows that's what they should have been. But, in the early 80's and with the old OOB rules, here she sits. Comments, criticisms, and general input are welcomed! Hope you enjoy this trip in the Wayback Machine. Ed
  9. Williams bros 1/32 Caudron renault C.450. Airframe no. 6910, As flown by Helene Boucher, before the 1934 paris airshow. Lovely kit, Detailed the cockpit, rescribed the plane, painted with vallejo french blue acrylic. Coated the decals with liquid decal film, but the red, white and blue bands broke up. left the canopy loose. hint for anyone building this, the under fuselage joint is long and very weak, so you need to reinforce it. thanks for looking'
  10. Williams bros 1/72 Northrop gamma I love williams bros kits, they need work but always come together nicely. detailed the cockpit and engine. rescribed it!! The decals are the ones that came it the box, so about 35 years old!! coated with liquid decal film and they worked really well. Massive thanks to @JWM for the canopy after i snapped the kit one. thanks for looking.
  11. I like the Martin B-10, from the age of 8 or so when I was given a book about the history of the US Air Force. It had some pictures of a tour of Alaska by a flight of them which looked way ahead of anything else at the time. It would have been fantastic if the pics had been colour; I assume then they would have been olive green/brown with yellow wings; later in the 30’s the USAAC went for blue fuselages – and highly polished gloss finish too. Whatever the colour scheme the B-10 was the state of the art on introduction, influenced most of the turreted bombers of WW2 and indeed was still in front line service in the Dutch East indies during the war, though pretty much obsolete by then. At the spring FAA Museum show a couple of years ago I picked up this leprous box from a pile. The vendor assured me it wasn’t contagious, was fully complete and the decals had been stored separately. It looked okay and for ten quid what could go wrong – new boxings are still available but 3 times the price and I bet you don’t get the coloured plastic nor is it likely to be as crisply moulded. What did I get? One sprue each of yellow and blue plastic, a clear sprue, a stand (hooray – but no crew - boo) and optional rubber tyres! And a set of very nice microscale decals. Whilst the parts don’t have many joining locators it is obvious that Williams put a good effort into designing an uncomplicated and robust kit. Assembly was fairly straight forward and the parts matched up reasonably well. It may not be an ideal beginners kit but certainly no harder than some older mainstream products. I probably should have scraped the trailing edges internally to try to get them somewhat thinner. The wings virtually plugged into the root fairings forming a good solid airframe, especially with the two stabilizers interlocking in the tail. Having assembled the basic air frame, and before painting I needed to decide how to tackle the transparencies. Given the “not-painting-them-at-all-method” occasionally adopted in my youth is unacceptable at IPMS Romsey I would have to mask. Unfortunately the framing is only dimly etched on the inside of the canopies so I cut some thin tape and set to…and failed, there’s too much intersecting glazing. Plan B was to create some painted magic tape frames which would be sealed in with Klear. That failed too so I just hand brushed. One day I may have another go, but generally once I‘ve finished a kit it stays finished. Having primed in grey to check the build was up/down to my usual standard, it was time to tackle the yellow paint, so I primed the wings white just for a base to these areas. Apart from the usual trauma of yellow paint coverage, this was reasonably straightforward, especially as I had the correct USAAC blue in a bunch of “Xtracolor” paints picked up from one of those piles of old paint giveaways at a club night! Even the yellow, an ancient Humbrol Authentic worked, though needless to say after the first coat I realised I’d forgotten to install the slats(?) between the fuse and nacelles. The Microscale decals went on beautifully, especially as this was my first use of the Microsol/set method (I previously used Humbrol Decalfix 1 & 2 which seemed to do precisely…nothing). I’ve got a feeling the black areas (walkways?) around the engine nacelles should be touching the blue but at least I got them reasonably symmetrical. The built model provided my first certificate (but not 1st place I should add) in the club’s annual completion at Christmas 2015, presumably the other members were blinded by the shiny yellow wings and entered the B-10 on their judging form by accident! Anyway, now I’m sort of getting somewhere with Flickr I thought it would be worth uploading to the forum. Cheers Will
  12. Hi, Something what I just finished, not the archive one. Northrop Gamma 2E, China markings from second Sino-Japan War, Hankow 1937 (till perhaps 39?) I started this about two years ago and was standing unfinished for a long time. I will try to explain a bit why it was going so slowly - but first I would like to present the photos: Here I realized, that some mud or dust must be added on w wheels, so I added: The model is scratch conversion of Williams Bros Northrop Gamma 2a/2b kit Here is a couple with another Gamma from my shelves - the Spanish one 2D. And here those two with Northrop Delta - which I also converted from the same kit: They used the same wings, undercaridge, horizontal tail, in case of Gamma 2D and 2E they basicly have the same fuselage, but 2E has shorter engine bad... Gamma 2D and Delta were alredy posted separately before. Well, I have to confess something. All those three models are made from a single Gamma 2A/B kit from Williams Bros.... I breed them - I copied some needed parts in resin... Here one can see that it was resin indeed: I engraved the lines and added details which differ them.. The canopy is made of 15 separate sheets glued together : This was a kind of pure "academic" work (opposite to work on Delta, which is really hard to get AFAIK ) since the Gamma 2E exists as nice resin kit by RS. Nevertheless - It took me some time. Finally I would like to present my small set (as yet) of China airplanes from first part of second Sino-Japan (before 1941). All of them I posted already separately (Dewoitine, Vultee V11, I-153) Thank you for watching, comments welcomed and regards Jezry-Wojtek
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