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Found 24 results

  1. Making a spot for the start of this build HMS York heavy cruiser got the kit for a bargain at the last show Bolton I managed to get to before everything fell apart. Since then I have acquired a few extras ( The BIG BOY'S came around honest ) to go with it mostly for her sister ship Exeter but sure I can make them fit and very inspired by @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies and @robgizlu builds I will be attempting the same camouflage as the box art a bit like Rob's HMS Berwick build light grey and dark grey 507C and 507B I think I have that right.
  2. Well New Year and a New build White Ensign Models 1/350 scale Castle Class Corvette I will be building as Portchester Castle as she was built on the Tyne at Swan Hunters. I got this kit second hand about 5 years ago it even has a few extras in the box which should come in handy. I have also be given some very nice reference material from @socjo1 Thanks again Just got the lower and upper hull together and been working on getting the filler smoothed over ready for priming but will attempt to add the hull plate lines we will see. Bridge and other fitt
  3. Hello Everyone, I decided to join this GB with this 1/350 kit from Trumpeter. With all those aviation topics I thought the maritime section needs some representation Born in 1990 I had some problems finding a suitable kit in my stash but settled on a Burke Class. As shown in the pictures, the kit does not come with other options then building DDG-51 wich started construction in 88, launched in 89 and started service in 91 so I asked Wikipedia and found that USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53) started construction in 1990! Now I only need to find some suitable decals... my plan is to use t
  4. Starting another build now I have a clear slipway after Abercrombie is done. HMS Eskimo a tribal class destroyer built on the Tyne now this kit has a few issues so i will attempt to correct them. I will be using the WEM Tribal PE set and also the ships boat set from WEM and the North Star 4 barrel pom-pom but first I have to re-shape the shear on the Bow and re-locate the hawser pipes for the anchors As you can see the bow shear on the kit is flat this needs to be raised by 3mm back to about the breakwater It shoul
  5. Hi all, Here's my latest completion, Trumpeter's 1/700 kit of the Frunze with some of the WEM etch for the type. Paints are WEM Russian Northern Fleet Grey and Deck Red with Humbrol for the rest. Like the Ki-67 "Peggy" I posted in the Aircraft RFI section, I've had this kit in the stash for ages (released in 2003/04) but never made much headway with it. I actually built the kit as a side project to the RNZAF Dauntless I posted back in March, but it's taken this long to get the paint work done!
  6. Here's my last completion for 2014, Trumpeter's 1/700 scale model of the HMS Barham modified to represent the ship at the time of the Battle of Cape Matapan. Colourcoats used for the AP507B and AP507C camouflage pattern with Teak and AP507A used for the decks and the RN White for the stripe on the mainmast and blast bags. WEM's etch for the kit was also used, although I substituted Quad Pom Poms for the Octuples on the bridge structure using photos as reference. The modifications to change from as sunk to Matapan condition mainly consisted of changing the platform on "B" turret to
  7. Hello Britmodellers here are pictures from my current build on my bench ( or better one of them) Its Trumpeters H.M.S Hood in 1/350 scale. Its my first attempt to add more details on a 1/350 warship. The kit was started right after i got it in my LHS, as an intended oob build, like my other ships i had at that time. While building her ( that was in 2007 or 08 ) i discovered modelling sites like Modelwarships.com or websites about the real Hood, learning about the wrong main gun turrets and the posted ships had so much more details. After i became unhappy with my idea it quickly stalled. Fill
  8. HMS Scorpion Atlantic Models 1:350 HMS Scorpion was an S-class destroyer of the Royal Navy, the eleventh of her name, commissioned on 11 May 1943. Initially she was to be named Sentinel, but this was changed following the loss of the Dragonfly-class river gunboat Scorpion in the Bangka Strait in February 1942. Scorpion joined the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla of the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow on 11 May 1943 and was deployed on patrol in the North-western Approaches. On 20 October she joined an escort group of nine destroyers, a Norwegian corvette and two minesweepers which sailed to the Kola Inl
  9. Started this way back in Nov 2014 for Perth Show this year and Lusty is finished.Only thing this is not a bad kit,and when it was released ,got a lot of bad press,which must have killed sales.Its not perfect,but there are worse kits then this. Link to build http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234971037-1350-hms-illustrious-airfixpe-waterline/
  10. I,m building this out the box with extras ,that didn't last long ,started adding bits mostly round the bridge and the goal keeper at the stern needs ladders once I start on the hull ,probably will see other bits as I go along. Airfix Kit 1/350 HMS Illustrious WEM 1/350 Illustrious set WEM 1/350 doors and hatches P.E. WEM 1/350 Aircraft set P.E. WEM 1/350 upgrades resin Seakings Aerials from master Extra Aircraft from Airfix Decals fro
  11. Hi all, I intended getting this finished for a trip to Scotland last year to give to my father, but the trip never happened. However, I went up at the weekend and finished the ship in time and then we finished the whisky!! The bottle that started it all. I've noticed from the pics that there are a few things I should have spent more time on and will probably fix them the next time I head north. Also, between my Dad, Brother, Great Uncle Ronnie and myself, I now have an empty bottle!!! Cheerz all, Jockster
  12. This is one ship I thought I would never build,An Airfix Leander 1/600,last one was 1974! Also as Airfix not producing this kit any more.They can still be found on E... and other sites,don't pay any more than £10! They do pop up regularly. ,Then along came 3D printing and HMS Leander now can look the part,I will get round to building more of the class in the future. The model was waterlined with added items from WEM and spares box .more details are on work in progress. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234963951-hms-leander-frigate-1600-airfix-ikara-upgrade/ There w
  13. History. Laid down in late 1935, the Richelieu-class fast battleships were essentially scaled up versions of the Dunkerque-class and retained the arrangement of the entire main battery placed in the forward position in two quadruple turrets. The ships were designed as a planned class of four in response to the the Italian Littorio-class, were well protected and could make around 30 knots. Richelieu and Jean Bart were completed during WWII and participated under both Vichy and Allied control; Clemenceau was never completed; Gascogne was cancelled before being laid down. The kit. The Model
  14. HMS Hermes served with the Royal Navy from 1959 to 1984 and still is in service with the India Navy as INS Viraat . Another great kit from Orange hobby,this kit is so good, only need to add some railings to the walkways around the funnel.It comes with a excellent P.E. set and all of it gets used, good decals,you only get 2 SeaHarriers and 2 Seakings,but can buy extras ones and Harriers come with a tug and tow bar ,I also added a Wessex, RAF Harriers and a Chinook from John (BFM).Vehicles from WEM again resin. The Escort HMS Battleaxe a Type 22 Batch 1 Frigate from White Ensign models,needed
  15. Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat BuNo 5093, Lt. Cdr. John S. Thatch, Officer Commanding VF-3, USS Yorktown, Midway, 1942-06-04 Kit: 1/72 Hasegawa F4F-4 Wildcat Afermarket parts: True Details #72455 resin cockpit and wheel well detail set Squadron #9105 vacu canopy Decals: Aeromaster #72-093C F4F-4 Wildcat Aces Pt.1 The following improvements made to this kit were: Inner surfaces of wing halves and rear fuselage halves (rudder) were thinned down to obtain sharp trailing edges. Some panel lines were filled and some added according to referenc
  16. Hello, has anyone used this set? Would you recommend it? I'm tempted by it, but the price tag is putting me off. thanks, Andrew
  17. Been off but not out - here's my take on Airfix's pretty good kit of the Type 45. Used WEM PE set (very good value), Veteran Models CIWS and Harpoon launchers plus all the usual tweaks! Finished in WEM Light Weatherwork Grey and Modern Royal Navy Deck Grey (which is slightly green to my eye, but hey!) All pics courtesy of Farnborough IPMS website (Dr Flangemeister!) Really nice kit, nice decals, and this came out nicer than I expected. The only glaring miss for me was the four spines on the top of the SAMPSON dome. I also didn't reposition the starboard anchor which didn't particularl
  18. Mogami Class Cruisers White Ensign Models 1:350 It’s been quite a while since Tamiya released their three Mogami class cruisers and until now there hasn’t been a sniff of a detail set for any of them which is a bit odd since they aren’t perfect and really needed someone to bite the bullet to produce some nice etch for them. Well White Ensign Models have done just that, and have released this big set of etched parts which covers all three versions, Mikuma light cruiser, Mogami heavy cruiser and Mogami aircraft carrying cruiser. The set comprises of two large sheets of relief etched w
  19. Type 23 Frigate 1:350 Etch Set To coincide with the release of the Trumpeter Type 23’s, HMS Kent, Montrose, and Westminster, White Ensign Models have released this etch set. Although looking like it was originally designed for their Type 23 model, this set has been modified to fit the Trumpeter kit with the inclusion of some additional parts. Several parts of the kit will need to be modified with the removal of plastic to allow the use of the etched parts. The single sheet measures 262mm x 107mm and contains over one hundred parts. Aside from a full complement of ships railings, each shape
  20. Hi, I built HMS Norfolk (F230) Type 23 Frigate Royal Navy from WEM (1/700 scale resin model) about 6 years ago and now that I resuming building 1/700 model warships, I noticed that the hull looks like a "banana" shape. Any suggestions to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. Regards, Ayala Botto Facebook: "Ayala Botto Model Trains" http://www.facebook....100140160133220
  21. Round Table Class Trawler 1:700 White Ensign Models The Round Table class was the name given to a group of eight armed trawlers built by Aberdeen based shipbuilders J. Lewis and Sons and Hall, Russell and Co. The ships of the class, in order of launch date, were Sir Agravaine (T230), Sir Galahad (T226), Sir Gareth (T227), Sir Geraint (T240), Sir Kay (T241), Sir Lamorack (T242), Sir Lancelot (T228) and Sir Tristram (T229). The ships were all commissioned as minesweepers, but two were converted to danlayers, designed to lay buoys (dans) in order to mark the safe channels clear
  22. HMS Coventry 1941 1:700 White Ensign Models The C Class was a group of Royal Navy light cruisers developed from the preceding Arethusa class and designed to withstand the rough conditions of the North Sea. In total, twenty eight vessels were commissioned, divided into seven sub-classes. The Ceres sub-class was the penultimate group and was comprised of five ships. HMS Coventry was the third of the Ceres ships. She was laid down on 4 August 1916 at the famous Swan Hunter shipyard on the Tyne. She was launched in July 1917 and completed seven months later in February 1918. Sh
  23. This week I got a copy of White Ensigns new 1:700 HMS Coventry - the plan being to convert her to sister ship HMS Curlew as my grandfather was gunnery officer aboard her when sunk off Norway in 1940. White ensigns Coventry portrays the ship after conversion to anti-aircraft cruiser in the late thirties (converted alongside Curlew). Have been asked if I'd post some pix - so here they are. Casting quality is excellent - with only a little cleanup being required. The hull is a lovely single piece casting with some beautiful detail - only marred by a few tiny pin-holes on one
  24. Airfix Mark 3 wings added to the 'new' Revell fuselage. Additional parts from the WEM exterior and interior sets - including the extensive bomb bay. RG527 - KN Q 77 Squadron 1945. Let me know what you think!! Thanks http://i1260.photobu...Sept2012018.jpg http://i1260.photobu...Sept2012016.jpg http://i1260.photobu...atthews/001.jpg http://i1260.photobu...ws/003-Copy.jpg
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