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  1. Kitty Hawk is reported running two 1/48th helicopter kits: Bell AH-1Z Viper (Super Cobra) - ref. KH80124 Sources: http://www.kittyhawkmodel.com/#!80123/cnuv http://www.kittyhawkmodel.com/#!80124/c1eup http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=266634 http://scalemodels.ru/news/6428-vertoletnye-anonsy-Kitty-Hawk-Models-1-48.html Also a UH-1Y Venom (or Super Huey) - dedicated thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974037-148-bell-uh-1y-venom-super-huey-by-kitty-hawk-cads/ - ref.KH80123. V.P.
  2. Hello everyone It has been a while since my last post. This work I want to present to you, was finished during Shanghai lock down in 2022. Although the number of works completed in last year is only two, which is the lowest score in terms of quantity, I am now comforting myself with the two works that I am very satisfied with in terms of quality. One of them is this "Downed Bald Eagle" F-16CG Block 40 US Air Force 555th FS Commander's plane. The base kit is Tamiya's 1/48 F-16C/N "Aggressor", modified to Block 40 F-16CG. Aftermarket parts include Fabscale's F110 nozzle, Orange Hobby's metal and resin AIM-120B missile, Eduard's resin GBU-24 bomb, AN/ALQ-131, AN/AAQ-13 and AN/AAQ-14 pods, Master metal dischargers. The AIM-9L "Sidewinder" missile is by AMK parts. Well, the key feature of this work is the background and its history. -Reproduced the aircraft of Mr. David Goldfine, commander of the 555th Regiment of the US Air Force stationed at Aviano, Italy, which was shot down in "Operation Allied Force" on May 2, 1999. He was rescued immediately after being shot down, and after that he was able to rise to the rank of 4-star general. The mounted armament is the position at the time of the mission that was shot down(not quite sure since I did not find exact reference from Internet), and the painting is also based on the advice of a former 555th regiment official, recreating the moment of the last takeoff before being shot down. Another interesting thing was that a friend in Serbia sent me some of the wreckage of this plane, so I custom-ordered a wooden base and exhibited it together with the work. I am very grateful to him for his kindness. By the way, the wreckage of this shot down aircraft is still exhibited in the museum in Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia. For modelers, it was a great blessing to be able to make friends on both the American side and the Serbian side through modeling. That may be the true charm of scale models. Thank you for watching.
  3. F-16 Exhaust Nozzle P&W F100 (648854 for Kinetic) 1:48 Eduard Brassin Kinetic have recently overhauled their 1:48 F-16 range with new toolings an boxings appearing of numerous variants in the Air Forces of several operators. Eduard have been busily working on producing new sets to increase the detail, and we have the exhaust nozzle for the Pratt & Whitney F100 engine in for review. As is now usual with Eduard's larger resin sets, they arrive in a deep Brassin branded cardboard box to accommodate the diameter of the assembly, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags and the instructions folded around acting as padding. This set has just four 3D printed resin parts, but the detail is totally off the charts. The petals of the nozzle are crisp and well-detailed, which extends into the interior, where textures and shapes are replicated on every surface. The exhaust is attached to the hollow trunk, which is printed in a dark grey almost black resin, hiding the exquisite details rendered on the interior until it is painted, but we have attempted to bring out the details by lightening the interior in the photos. At the forward end of the trunk, the afterburner ring and rear of the engine are glued into position after painting using Gunze Sangyo Mr Color codes, which Eduard seem to prefer, and with good reason. The completed exhaust assembly then slots into the rear of the kit, the trunking sliding within the fuselage. Conclusion The detail is exceptional, and when painted sympathetically, it will look about as real as most modellers can achieve without selling their souls to some malign deity of their own imagining. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. F-16 Radar Early & Late (648855 & 648856 for Kinetic) 1:48 Eduard Brassin Kinetic’s new F-16 kits are readily available now, and Eduard have created these new sets to detail up the radar with 3D printed details unsurpassed by most other methods of construction. These two sets both arrive in their own shallow Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, the Photo-Etch (PE) in another bag with a piece of card to protect them), and the instructions folded around acting as padding. The sets contain the same number of parts, five parts on four bases in 3D printed resin, and one PE part, although the details differ very slightly. Each set is a drop-in replacement for the kit nose cone, the bulkhead sliding inside the front of the fuselage until it butts up against the lip, then the radar backing plate is attached to a pivot on the bulkhead, and has the PE radar panel applied to the front. The radome is superbly detailed, hollow and thin, with the angle-of-attack probes moulded/printed-in, and four studs printed on the inner lip that the instructions advise not to remove during liberation from the print base. There is also a hinge-point inside the radome that mates with its opposite on the bulkhead, using the kit pitot probe to plug the hole in the tip. The two unused parts so far are FOD guards that can be painted red and glued over the AoA probes for a parked up example, which is thoughtful. The painting call-outs are given throughout the instruction steps in Eduard’s preferred brand, which is Gunze Sangyo’s Mr Color range, with enamel (C codes) and acrylic (H codes) supplied along with the colour names underneath. F-16 Radar Early (648855) F-16 Radar Early (648855) Conclusion Gorgeous detail on both sets, inside and out. If you plan on modelling your F-16 with the radar exposed, this is exactly what you need, and there are definite differences in the two sets, as evidenced by the late having an egg-crate texture on the bulkhead, while the early version does not. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Here is the Work In Progress report for 841220 F-16C Block25C - 57th Wing 64th Aggressor - Nellis AFB: For this build I will use Academy F-16C model in 1:48 scale. There is a great thread in this forum about Academy Viper: Some resin part updates will be used to improve this kit. Serkan
  6. Hot off my workbench is this 1/48 Tamiya Viper done as a Block 52 of the Republic of Singapore Air Force's 143 Squadron "Phoenix". I used the Thunderbird boxing as the basis for this build. Mainly built out-of-the-box with Fine Molds seatbelts and ScaleNutz decals as the only aftermarket used. To represent a RSAF bird, some details had to be scratch-built including the plate-mounted AIFF antennae, HMCS sensor on the canopy and GPS receiver on the spine. The model was painted primarily with Mr Color lacquers. Weathering was done with a mix of AK Interactive, Ammo by Mig and oil paints. I also played around with some new techniques to give it a more weathered appearance. Loadout depicted is typical for a peacetime intercept mission consisting of 2 AIM-120C AMRAAMs, 2 AIM-9M Sidewinders, 2 370 gallon wing tanks and a AN/AAQ-33 Sniper XR pod on the right cheek station. Hope you enjoy the photos! Mark
  7. I was skimming through my aircraft archive, a couple of days ago, looking for weathering inspiration, and came across this picture of an RNLAF F-16 that I photographed at Nellis AFB way back in 2009... My eye was drawn to the panel, on the side of the intake, under the EPU (centre left on this detail). Crazy variety of stuff... light rivets, dark rivets, splotches of colour with fringes of another colour. Anyway, thought it might be interesting to someone (with better eyes/paint skills than I)
  8. Seeing we are revisiting quite a few GB's form the past I thought it was time (well you can thank @vppelt68 for reminding me ) to re-visit everyones favorite/favourite little Light Weight Fighter, the F-16! It has been a few years since the last one, 2017...I know because I hosted that one, so 2021 is about right to do it again. The F-16 is still a front-line assert in most air forces around the world....well those not silly enough to go the F-35 path...... trust my lot too! ......and i know there's masses of F-16's in stashes so there's no excuse to help make room in the stash of even more models! Ok with the last F-16 STGB, allowed the Mitsubishi F-2 because of it's an F-16 on steroids. The F-16XL is ok of course in it's demo schemes, but this time I'm opening it up just a wee bit more. The proviso is that it's in a proper operational F-15E Strike Eagle scheme!!! The F-16XL was up again the F-15E Strike Eagle for the US Air Force's "Enhanced Tactical Fighter" competition, which it lost out to in 1984. So by some twist of bazaar fate (or me having a night on the rum back then), something mysteriously happened and the F-16XL won the competition. So for one time only I'm allowing and F-16XL in either current or former F-15E colour schemes...Israeli F-15I scheme? * referenced from? (Top Shots II) 1, trickyrich - Host -1/32nd 2, Corsairfoxfouruncle - 1/48th 3, few9fkr9595 (Tony Oliver???) - 1/72nd 4, rafalbert - 5, Marlin - 6, madcat911 - 7, theplasticsurgeon - 1/72nd 8, TEMPESTMK5 - 9, Wez - 10, Jabba - 11, Valkyrie - 12, Vingtor - 13, zebra - 14, helios16v - 15, Romeo Alpha Yankee - 16, CliffB -1/100th 17, Beazer - 18, Col. - 19, modelling minion - 20, Mozzy19 - 21, exdraken - 22, desert falcon - 1/48th 23, Anatol Pigwa - 1/72nd 24, Arniec - 25, Bowman - 26, FortyEight - 1/48th 27, Enzo Matrix - 28, alt-92 - 29, Ray B. - 30, RJ-WobblyHands - 1/48th 31, Christer A - 32, DaveJL - 33, Dermo245 - 34, stevehnz - 35, Bjorn - 1/48th 36, Hockeyboy76 - Egg scale 37, Peter W - 38, PeterB - 39, Marklo - 40, TEMPESTMK5 - 41, Miko - 42, Robert - 43, MickE - 44, 45,
  9. More of a placeholder as I’m finishing off my Canberra SC9 over at the unarmed GB as I’m off to Tokyo 8 July - 10 Aug so need to get that over the line… Thought I’d have a bash with this - have a couple of Hasegawa line kits in the stash but felt like doing something different … This is a really old tool reboxed down the line … Challenges will be white paint, raised panel lines and of course the large decals …. Will pop a Canberra pilot in (unless anyone has any modern USAF pilots sat in the spares box never to be used !) and see how it goes…Kit has loads of ejection pins and flash to sort but seems quite a basic build parts wise … Have some Mr Paint in all 3 colours for where the insignia red and blue are needed … How do you guys prime for white ? I just used a white rattle can on the Canberra - is it better with black over the white plastic or maybe Halfords grey ? or stick with the white?
  10. Back in the 1980s and as part of its modernisation efforts, the Republic of Singapore Air Force chose the General Dynamics F-16 to replace its fleet of aging Hawker Hunters. Under the Peace Carvin I FMS program, the United States sold a total of 8 F-16s (4 As and 4 Bs) to the RSAF. These aircraft were received by the RSAF and were initially based at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona where the Air Force sent a detachment of pilots and ground crew to train under the USAF. On 9 January 1990, these 8 Vipers arrived in Singapore and were inducted into 140 Squadron "Osprey". This is the Hasegawa F-16A kit built with HobbyDecal turned metal pitot and AoA probes. Decals came from Siam Scale but were not too good so I had to use some of the decals from the kit. The scheme here represents one of the jets as the arrived in Singapore with the old-style "yin-yang" roundel. This was quickly replaced with the modern "lion-head" roundel. This was built as part of BM's Viper GB. Build thread can be found here: Mark
  11. Tamiya kit with Elite decals and Eduard seat, armament and some photoetched details. Nice and easy build and a quick addition to my Desert Storm collection. Thanks for looking! Andrew
  12. F-16 Jet Nozzle for F100-PW Engine (MDR4860 for Tamiya) 1:48 Metallic Details Tamiya’s F-16 in 1:48 is a nice kit, but styrene exhausts can’t rival resin replacements, and when those resin parts have been patterned using SLA 3D printing, there’s no contest. This set arrives in a shallow cardboard box with five dark grey resin parts, a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE) brass, and a slip of glossy paper with simple instructions printed on them. The detail is phenomenal as usual with Metallic Details sets, and once the casting blocks have been removed, it is a simple task to fit the parts together although painting them realistically will take a little more skill and effort. The inner trunking is capped off with a circular rear face of the engine with a PE afterburner ring glued centrally over the centre boss, then the truck is slipped inside the outer fairing, resting on a small lip within. The superbly thin and detailed set of inner petals are slotted into the front of the fairing against the lip, and the outer petals then slide over the inners, completing the assembly. The key aspect will be the painting, so take care to research the correct shades for each section, as it will make a huge difference and really do the set justice if they are well painted. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. I had attempted to build AMT's 1:25 Viper GTS kit as a child but royally messed it up. However I acquired this RT/10 in around 2007 from a friend who was moving abroad for work, and I had completed it by 2011, working on it alongside many of the other older builds I've posted up. The completed pics were taken earlier today, after a quick run over with a soft brush to remove all the dust from it sitting in my display cabinet. Paint was Halfords rattle can for the body, and brushed Humbrol enamels for the rest, except the interior which was brushed Tamiya acrylics. My friend had started it, building up most of the rolling chassis & he had fortunately also done an excellent job of painting the windscreen frame & screenprinting on the glass (which I hate doing) but the body & interior had not been started. I did little on the chassis except free up the front stub axles & rear driveshafts, and finish off some painting to the underside. The detail on this kit is very high - much is prototypically correct but fully hidden - e.g. there is a full side exhaust system even though it is sealed up in the sills... It did however pose some challenges, as for the body to sit correctly to the axle centres, the upper interior tub and rear inner arches were trying to occupy some of the same space. With some careful adjusting, tweaking (& hacking to the front of the inner arch & rear of the upper tub), everything fitted together. I think that I may have had to do some adjusting to get the front bumper & bonnet aligning too, but the rest of the parts all went together very nicely. There were no decals - everything was molded in, and I used a sharpie to pick out the badging, which worked well. For some reason this release of the kit came with tinted lenses for the front lights, which I am not hugely keen on. There is light unit detail behind, but the camera hasn't picked it up. Also, please forgive the right hand rear wheel looking wonky in some of pics - it does fit properly but I didn't spot until after the pics that it had come unglued from the driveshaft (these rotate with the rear wheels). In hindsight, I also need to do the edges of the rear light lenses in black sharpie to make them look more realistic but whilst they are only held in with clearfix, I'm wary of damaging the paint so am undecided whether I will fix this. I also need to add some clear orange over the silver for the front marker / running lights. I never got around to adding number plates, but if I do, the plan is to use the ones from the Chrylser UK's press fleet Vipers - either WOW 110T (with a dot between the 11) or A10 CYL. I also have Revell's snap kit Viper RT/10, which I'll build at some point and will probably be in the usual Viper red! It has a much lower parts count than the AMT and far less of the intricate detail, but it will be interesting to see how the two kits compare once built. Instruments were molded - no decals, so required careful painting. And a few from just before final assembly: Full exhaust system, but all hidden when the body is installed. This last pic shows how the interior parts are split between the body and the chassis - unlike many kits, there isn't the inaccurate and out of scale double floor:
  14. Since couple of years I was busy with 3 view artworks of various F-16 Vipers. Now the time has come to bring them alive... In this thread I will summarise the Viper versions I am planning to build. The content will be extended depending on my performance for new artworks 🙂 Here is the initial list of Vipers I am planning to build: 1. 841220 F-16C Block25C - 57th Wing 64th Aggressor - Nellis AFB: The "Work In Progress" report has started here... 2. 860269 F-16C Block32D - USAF Weapon School - 57th Wing 64th Aggressor Squadron - Nellis AFB: 3. 851418 F-16C Block25F - 57th Adversary Tactics Group 64th Aggressor Squadron - Nellis AFB: More Vipers will be added to this list soon 🙂 Serkan
  15. Hi! Im Fredrik and im new to this forum. Great to be here! I just picked up modeling together with my brother and father (we made a hobby room for dad as a 60 yr gift). Last time i built something was when I was 12. Iron eagle has always been one of my faviorite movies as a kid (still is kind of) so building a F16 was an easy decision. Looking for comments about what to improve techniquewise for my next model. Hopefully I can add some images of the result in daylight when I get back to our hobbyroom 😀. I put the images in the post below.
  16. This is my 1/48 Tamiya F-16C Block 52 Viper dressed up in the markings of the Republic of Singapore Air Force's Black Knights aerobatic demo team. Base kit used was Tamiya's F-16C/N Aggressor/Adversary kit as it has parts to build all F-16C blocks from 25 through 52. I modded the kit by using the metal pitot and AoA probes from Tamiya's F-16 detail-up set. I also scratch-built the smoke system pipe from the centreline station to the nozzle at the exhaust as well as the HMD sensor on the canopy. The seat was detailed using Fine Molds' plastic seatbelts for ACES II seats. Static discharge wicks were made with stretched sprue. I used decals from Miliverse to represent a Viper flown by Lead Solo MAJ Eugene Lim of the RSAF Black Knights demo team. Overall a nice build though the decals did give some problems. Hope you enjoy the photos! Mark
  17. Academy catalog 2018 show a new tooling a 1/35th Bell AH-1Z Viper "US Marine Corps" kit - ref. 12127 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235031989-academy-catalog-2018-newsletter-q1-2018/&do=findComment&comment=2918663 V.P.
  18. AH-1Z Interior (49957 for Kitty Hawk) 1:48 Eduard The latest variant of the aged Bell Cobra was given the name Cobra, and we reviewed the kit when it was released around four years ago here. I haven't got a clue why this set is being released now, but as it's here, let's have a look. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. Inside is a single fret of nickel-plated and printed PE, which is mostly used in the improvement of the instrument panels that are laid out in front of both crew of the aircraft. The moulded-in details must be removed first, and then the new parts can go in, replicating the screens and oceans of knobs and dials that sit in front of the crew. Even the smaller banks of switches on the tops of the panels under the coaming are supplied, and the crew's control sticks are also decked out with small detailed button layouts. The rest of the parts are riveted skins for the cockpit footwells, pre-painted seatbelts for both crew members, and four grab-handles within the fixed top section of the canopy, plus a few small instruments missing from the kit. Review sample courtesy of
  19. ...Nothing but the rain! May I present one Viper Mk.II from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica universe, but then you all knew that anyway! This is the Revell boxed Mobius kit which I decided I would light with LEDs. This model has been a first for a number of reasons; first 1/32 scale model, first to be lit and first to have a 'proper' base. I purchased the Green Strawberry detailing kit for the cockpit and extra detail, and painted with the usual mix of Humbrol primer and Tamiya acrylics, weathering with sanding sticks, oil paints and washes. The model was an absolute pig to put together with a really clunky design and several millimeter gaps in some places but it went together in the end and most of the shoddiness is hidden. The idea for the base came from Plasmo modelling, I can't take credit for that. I'm pleased with her overall, but if I were to do it again, I'd try and light the nav lights and look for some accurate tail numbers, as the one's provided with the kit does not appear to match any 'birds' Starbuck flew. Hope you enjoy! JB
  20. Hey everyone. This is only my third model kit as an adult. The first two were a TIE interceptor and TIE fighter. I started this build about a year ago, worked on it for a while and then put it aside as a series of cascading life problems overwhelmed my time. I finally picked this back up about two months ago and have been slowly working my way toward the finish line. I am not a fast builder by any means. The pilot is now not going to be used. The photo etch probably won't be seen very well either. Photo etch landing bays will be largely hidden now that I've decided to mount this to a custom landing pad. Original cockpit seat with photo etch belts. I decided I hated this seat and redid it. More below. Some 3D printed parts I'm going to use to liven up the landing pad. Painted, weathered, and with some decals. This is going to be an open pit in the landing bay. Build from sheet styrene, with some TIE fighter base connectors, a guitar string, some solder, a small metal tube, and a few pieces of rube styrene as details. The new cockpit seat compared to the old one. I'm much happier. Took a lot of sanding and filing on the bottom to make it fit. I did reuse the photo etch belts. In the cockpit. Landing pad started. This is just a FOR SALE sign from a hardware store. Weathered and with a cool white SMD in place in the pit. The black base is a $12 picture frame with some foam board beneath the for sale sign for strength. Lighting test of the cockpit. If you compare this to the earlier unlit cockpit you'll see I swapped out the main view screen image. The first one just looks too much like Eric Cartman -- it's all I could see. So I cut that out and used a different one.
  21. Hi guys. I want to show you my latest build, it´s Kinetics 1:72 F-16D in polish colors. Poland operates a total of 50 F-16C/D, two of them as instructional airframe for ground crew training. The F-16D Jastrzab, Hawk in english, was special painted in this discreet scheme for the Nato Tiger Meet 2011. The Kinetic kit fits well but got not the same quality as Tamiya. I used some extra stuff from Attack Squadron (nozzle, wheels, sniper pod), Quickboost (seats) and Decals from Techmod. The model is mainly painted with Gunze Colors. Daniel
  22. Late last year I went on a Viper rampage. Here's the first of them. Kit is the Revell F-16C kit which has all the bits for an early F-16C. The famous Rammstein Dragon is one of the most colorful of all USAF Vipers IMHO and I have always wanted to build it. The decals came from a Superscale set but all the stencils were swindled from an old Revell F-16A boxing, one of the few places one can get hi-viz stencils that were the norm up until the Gulf War (hey decal makers, what are you waiting for?). The aircraft was an early Block 30 which still had the narrow intakes. Gunze paints were used throughout (except 36118 which was Tamiya XF-24) with some light weathering with enamels. I decided to build the Viper unarmed aside from AIM-9s. More Vipers coming soon...
  23. This one has been quietly marinating in the stash for a while. A couple of weeks ago I splashed out on some extra parts and the package arrived at the weekend. Brilliant! Or so I thought. So, apart from Tamiya's viper I added Aires' tail pipe, wheel bays and weighted wheels along with Eduard brass. I quick search of the delivery box revealed that I was missing the Aires front office, fog it! I'd forgotten to add it to the order list. Another order required along with postage costs. So first off this is what Big Ed delivers: Seven packages containing masks for the canopy, a stencil set, "Remove before flight" tags, brass for the bang seat and cockpit which looks reasonably good along with brass for the exterior and a ladder. A lot of the external brass is for the air brakes and I'll probably have these closed so I don't expect I'll be using that. Price wise it made more sense to buy the Big Ed package rather than just the elements I wanted. Now the contents of the big box. Apologies for the photo quality. Normally I'd use my SLR but had a bad day with an Abrams so used the camera on the iPad. Not much to say about these two other than the parts are all cleanly moulded. I'd have liked a bit more definition in the panel lines but I'll see about that later. Decal set: Not sure how many of these I'll use. The contents of a box within a box. Nice to see that there are two canopies; Tinted and clear. As some aircraft had a mix of front and rear sections this is a nice addition. Nose cone is here as well however I think I'll replace the pressure vanes with metal ones. There was also an empty plastic bag. Not sure if it was meant to contain anything. Tail fin and engine bay. The pressure sensor on the tail leading edge looks a tad fragile as do the static dischargers on another sprue. Metal me thinks. Bang seat and 2 pilots. I might convert one of the helmets to JHMCS version after I've drilled out on of the heads. The ladder looks terrible but maybe I'm being over critical. Compared to the quality of the rest of the parts it looks like a 5min after thought. The plan is to try to paint the Have Glass finish. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to tackle that yet and obtain the patina required. I also wanted to add a Sniper pod in addition to the 213 Harm targeting pod. Additionally the Harm pod has to move over to the LHS leaving space for the AN/AAQ-33 Sniper pod. Seems the only people who manufacture an after market pod set are an outfit called Wolfpack however they seem to have stopped production of these parts. If anybody has a set somewhere that they'd like to convert into cash I'd be interested. The plan is to build a desktop display model with the engine alongside. It also means opening up some of the panels normally found open when the aircraft is parked and building some of the detail behind them. But before I start all that its back to ordering a few more parts.
  24. When: 7th January 2017 to 9th April 2017 Hosts: trickyRich, Neu Before anyone mentions it, yes we have had one of those before in 2012. But seeing as the STGB calendar is full up until 2017 there would have been a nice break since the last one and so it must be time to do it again! This is one of "those" aircraft you never really get tied of, almost a perfect design, and really successful design at that was used throughout the world and still is very much in use! Plus the nice thing is there is a huge range of models for this aircraft from 1/144th up to 1/32nd and covering ever variant. So the list; 1, trickyrich - host 2, nick32 3, theplasticsurgeon 4, vppelt68 5, AnonymousDFB1 6, Lex77 7, Antoine 8, Jabba 9, Arniec 10, Vingtor 11, Ilking 12, Knight_Flier 13, Caerbannog 14, mungo1974 15, snapper_city 16, mirageiv 17, -Neu- - co-host 18, PhamtonBigStu 19, jrlx 20, Trojan Thunder 21, Giorgio N 22, swat11 23, Rob G 24, stevehnz 25, Bill Ficner 26, alex 27, DaveJL 28, DannyB 29, Tim Moff 30, AndyC 31, philp 32, logical 33, FortyEighter 34, F3 Demon 35, modelling minion 36, Blitz23 37, paulR 38, Enzo Matrix 39, Tony Oliver 40, stevej60 41, Old Viper Tester 42, Thud4444 43, Robert 44, SimonT 45, Reaper 46, Pappy 48, Stephen 49, Richard E 50, Synopsis 51, Supertom
  25. Im in with this reboxing of the much hyped Tamiya 1/72 F16CJ - come complete with full weapons, so will be built OOB. This kinda fits in with my ongoing USAFE project. Did toy with doing a Have Glass V version, but Spangs airframes are still sporting the standard 2 grey paint job. Have a Mustang to finish by Sunday and am off to Uganda for a couple of weeks, so it may be started after then.
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