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  1. The model was built straight from the box, except for pitot tubes which are made with Albion alloy tubes. I airbrushed a first coat of Alclad Primer, then a soft preshading and different coats of white. All colours are Gunze expect metallic parts After decals and a coat of clear I did a washing for panel lines, and some filters for weathering with oil colours. The white camouflage was more difficult than I thought! The results is a little bit “orange skin” Decals are from XTradecals sheet Before take photos I forgot to remove the masking tape from underside cockpit win
  2. The MikroMir Victor B1 was a bit to much of project to start now with builds for CBK SIGs display underway so I zigged instead of zagging and threw this down from the loft when I was up there. I had always had this down to build as one of the prototypes. Initially intention was to do it OOB and get to the painting ASAP. Of course things have started to spiral rapidly. The intakes and exhausts are horrid see below and the kit is B1 ish and lacks the intake and fillet at the base of the tail that the prototypes had ( this differs from the chunkier version on the B2) and then once into the build
  3. Unable to decide if the lack of WIP threads featuring the new Aifix Victor is a bad sign or not, I decided to take the plunge and start my own. I don't normally do build threads due to a lack of time (or rather a large number of demands on my time), but having recently rediscovered my mojo, acquired this kit and begun a 9 day break from work, the planets are all aligned for this to begin. I acquired the kit on Friday and started work almost immediately. The kit compares very well to other recent Airfix efforts. The mouldings are crisp and sharp and actually remind me of certainTrumpeter kits (
  4. So this was yet another of those, hey lets do something quick and simple. I've got more fingers than this kit had parts! This is an vaguely accurate 'desk' model of the prototype. The kit as a B1 is not just inaccurate it is plain wrong with the intakes being incised 90degrees to the body! A lot of body work was required to bring it somewhere close to acceptable. the kit is box scale ~1/160 I believe. Thanks to dwomby and Adam Poultney for resources. Build here
  5. Lost British Projects is to release a 1/48th Handley Page Victor B.2 3D printed resin kit Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=698218020664711&id=566804443806070 V.P.
  6. Handley Page Victor B.2 1:144 Great Wall Hobbies Although I don't usually build bombers, I've always liked the 3 V-Bombers but their sheer size meant that I was never likely to build the trio in 1:72 scale. Along came the GWH 1:144 Vulcan kit, followed by their Victor, and now Mikro Mir's Valiant. Suddenly a 1:144 fleet seemed like a good idea, so I have bought all 3, and this is the first one to be completed. How could you resist this boxart! It is a really beautiful kit, the fit is faultless and the detailing superb. I'm no expert on V-Bombers, but it looks pretty good to me. I di
  7. MikroMir is to release a 1/144th Handley Page Victor B.1 - ref. 144027 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001063-handley-page-victor-b1-1144/ To put alongside the Great Wall Hobby (GWH) and Pit Road Victor B.2/K.2 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234964961-1144-victor-b2-gwh-kit-l1004/ 3D renders V.P.
  8. When Airfix released their 1/72nd Victor B.Mk.2 (BS) at the end of 2016 I had to get one as soon as possible and this was supplied via the always reliable MJW Models. It was a Christmas present from me to me and was started on Boxing Day. In my mind there was no doubt what I wanted, XL512 operated by No. 139 Squadron out of RAF Wittering 1963-64 in anti-flash white complete with a Blue Steel missile. I am too young to remember this colour scheme but when I start to think about it, anti-flash from nuclear weapons? In England? The four minute warning? Mass scrambles? Get off the ground as fast a
  9. I tend to overdo things just a little bit.... It's exactly the same with my P-61 build. I can't help myself, when I try to build things out of the box I end up scratchbuilding most of it. So I thought to myself why not start a second long term project that involves a lot of scratch building. I take my inspiration from the likes of Airscale, tomprobert and roymattblack on these forums, all you amazing scratch builders out there inspire me to try on pretty much the worst best idea ever. A 1/32 Handley Page Victor K2. This all being said I could not even have started out on this project withou
  10. Here is my Airfix Victor B.2 that I finished over a year ago but never got round to posting When it came to which Victor to model there was only one choice for me and that's XL231. Been a member of the team who maintain XL231 at the Yorkshire Air Museum the choice was simple. I added Eduard's excellent pre painted etch to the cockpit and despite the fact that much of it can't be seen it did give the cockpit a very much real look to it. The model represents 231 as she was as a Blue Steel aircraft of the Wittering wing. Enjoy Victor B.
  11. Hi folk's,this is definitely my last entry here's the story,my mother in law's Christmas present tends to be a model,"just get one you want" being the mantra,I tend to keep it around the twenty quid mark so I'm happy and she's not spent a fortune(last years Airfix Gnat/Hawk red arrows is still not started and was a mere £12:99) anyway much as I was tempted to grab a Heyford this one came in at £14:99 at Wonderland Models so definitely a post Christmas build as once it arrives it will go to her for wrapping up for the big day.
  12. My KUTA project to hopefully get finished by the end of the year, the excellent Airfix Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2 (BS) kit which I started I think just after last Christmas. In fact there isn't a huge amount left to do. I managed to keep working on it until May which is when the garden needs a lot of attention, then we went on summer hols, and I found masking the cockpit canopy just too fiddly! She is going to look fabulous when finished, I just need a gentle KUTA
  13. Hi all Having recently made the Revell Victor K2, I’ve finally splashed out on the Airfix B2. Just one question; for the white XL512 would it be accurate to leave off the trailing edge Kuchemann carrots to depict it at an even earlier date? Or would that mean it also needs other mods? I’ve seen photos of various Victor B2s in white without the large fuel slipper tanks or the ‘carrots’, (including XL191 & XL230) - does anyone know when the carrots were added? I don’t have the skill to start modifying intakes or anything so no biggy if I add the carrots, just wo
  14. Any comments welcome, it's the only way to improve ...
  15. My first attempt at modelling again for 20 years. Any feedback appreciated, as that's the only way to learn and improve. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPCI14vv0TSoMqjWCGgwFNbhLLqFRbdyjZ1y4Na https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNa2LPv5d3O5W0vFNuBCps8FHTAgtgdUfTzmdGK https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNSzhtcz5dt-WXoao3mT6WdGokjShOMSHP6mY7l https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO9pWBxc3nvX4u1wjluhZP0qUnfIa9RA-zdDxfT How do you get photos to show as images not URLs!?
  16. Hopefully will be going upto Elvington in October, how often do they fast taxi the Victor?
  17. Hello again, long time no post. I'll be doing this in the white colour scheme. I want to do a bit of a diorama so I'm building my own AEC Mandator transporter for the Blue Steel,and possibly a trolley if I can get some decent photos of the trolleys used for the Victor. Anyway onto the build, I splashed out on some Eduard photo etch for inside and outside. Airfix rendition on the left, Eduard on the right. Kit detail of the undercarriage bay. Eduard version. For the cockpit Eduard would have your replace the Airfix equipment at the top of the pi
  18. As a side topic to the 'what should Airfix be making' and the inevitable 'why?' and 'why not' posts that follow can you list your personal wishlists in 3 categories: Near term - those you feel are likely to come to fruition in a year or two, even if you won't be buying it Medium term - within say 5 years, and can include those models You want to see that are a faintly realistic proposition. Long term - when you will be planning a release from your cryogenic chamber. (note: whilst the long term plans may include unlikely makes or marks, or even a corrected version of a current bestseller p
  19. I got me a 1/96 Frog Victor B.1 recently (another interesting story which has got to do with a rumour of a sunken ship, a not-so-amused wife and myself getting moored by her next to that wreck in the cold and fathomless depths of the Pacific... ). Anyway, as the intakes of that beauty were non-existent, they had to be scratch-built. So I was wondering how the intakes on the Victor B.1 might look like. I know that there a a lot of pictures of the Victor B.2 (including their intakes) around, mainly due to the 1/72 Airfix one. Can I assume that the intakes differ a lot from the
  20. So while I wait for my local shop to carry the new Airfix Victor, I'm going to start on the Matchbox K.2. I built this kit, years ago, when I didn't know any better and now that I'm much more experienced and patient, I'd like to have a proper go at the venerable kit. I'm terrible with using aftermarket, and the Flightpath set is about the cost of a new Airfix Victor (therefore negating money I need to purchase said Airfix kit), so I'm going out of the box, with as many corrections as possible. I'll rescribe and shorten the stabilizers 3mm, maybe even add a little scratchbuilt detail, but what
  21. Handley Page Victor K2 Tanker XM231 "Lusty Lindy". Pictures mine taken at The Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington. Thanks to Andre Tempest and the Team which keep this aircraft alive for access to take some of the pictures.
  22. Hello, first post on this forum! I liked to build (very bad) scale models as a kid, and after a 15-20 year sabbatical I decided to pick up the hobby again. I have been lurking around without registering for quite a while now, and I figured it's time to sign up and post something. I've always thought British cold war bombers are really cool, so I wanted to start out on those. I already built the Avro Vulcan in Operation Black Buck camo scheme, so I thought I'd go for Operation Desert Storm for the Victor. I was actually going to build Airfix's new Victor model, but It ha
  23. Excellent, well researched, deep enough but not too intense to be enjoyable. A very good book about aeroplanes. And who doesn't like a good book about aeroplanes?
  24. A friend wanted me to build this kit for his dad's Christmas present, I have never built this scale before it was a great little kit which went together really well. It took longer to do the paintwork than actually build the kit.
  25. Pitot and Refuelling Probes 1:32/1:48/1:72/1:144 Master Having released the Sukhoi collection, Master Models have also recently released several sets for Western aircraft, with particular emphasis on the three V Bombers in both 1:72 and 1:144. [AM-32-090] – This pack contains two parts to build up the pitot probe and fairing for the Italeri 1:32 Mirage II. Rather than brass, the two parts have been turned in alluminium and is a simple direct replacement for the kit part. [AM-48-118] – Another simple replacement pitot probe, this time for the Airfix 1:48 BAC TSR-2, it may have been al
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