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Found 11 results

  1. Thanks Tali. Armory Models Group is working on a 1/144th North American XB-70 Valkyrie kit - ref. AR14701 Sources: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/4884-armory-1144-xb-70-valkyrie-анонс/ https://www.facebook.com/armorymodelsgroup/photos/a.1402378656653208.1073741829.1402311443326596/2550142541876808/?type=3&theater V.P.
  2. This will easily be the biggest vacform I've ever attempted, and it's daunting if I'm honest. Picture of the real one below, I'll post pictures of the kit later with something to scale it against Edit Thanks to the diligence of a fellow BM member @Shorty84aka Markus, I discovered the BV238 needs significant alterations to end up anything like the original aircraft so an alternative was required. I've chosen to build the 1/72 Valkyrie instead, I hope you like it. Cheers Pat
  3. Hello Everyone, Originally I was going to build either the 1/72 Revell Hind-D, F-4U Corsair or Hawker Tempest for this build as I remember how badyly I made them when I was a kid (around 12-13). However then going over the rules, I saw a little bit that a kid is defined as anything before 18 years old and if an older kit was going to be refurbed there was no 25% minimum rule. As I have been repairing/finishing failed GB kits during all these fun and games, I was going to look at the Valkyrie next and this fits the bill as far as I can tell? So onto the story. In December 2000 I started work at the local Safeways Supermarket. As my birthday is late in July, I was one of those unique few that legally left school at 15, so I was always on the young side. Anyhow, I remember buying lots of useless and unneeded stuff with my new found wealth - who doesn't at that age?! I remember finding a new website called "HobbyLink Japan" that would send over model kits from Japan? Result! I remember ordering a few Gundams (Ex-S, GP-03, Double X) and a Super Valkyrie from the Macross series of films/tv shows. I had gotten back into the Anime circles just after school and was enjoying everything I could download on this new technology called "broadband"... kids today will never know the pain of waiting for an MP3 file to download via DC++/IRC (before Napster was even thought of!) on a dial-up modem. I remember watching the Macross series way back when I was a nipper (not Robotech) it was a fansub on VHS that a guy in the street had managed to get. I also remember it being the first "cartoon" I had seen where one of the main characters actually die... that was shock to a young kid in the 80's. Anyhow, back to the model. The Gundam's I built (rather poorly) and where proudly displayed on my shelf as they could be built in an afternoon, however this Hasegawa model was different. It needed to be built like the old Revell/Airfix kits I used to build as a kid. So I dug out all of my old gear and started to build it. Lets just was the desired result was never acheived and the kit was thrown up in the loft for the next ten or so years. Then I met my ex-girlfriends father and he was into wargaming - I remember seeing him paint two Baneblades (from Warhammer 40k) and thinking they where cool, said about the Valkyrie and he said he would look at it. Well things didn't work out between me and that girlfriend and that was that as they say but I did look at the kit again and tried a few bits more with worse results - kit boxed back up and thrown in the loft. 11 years ago I met my current girlfriend and one day we was walking around Lakeside when I saw a shop called "ModelZone". I had a look in there and saw lots of kits on display (I really do miss that shop) and was interested in the Valkyrie again - I may or maynot have seen a Valkyrie in there, I really am not sure. I said to my girlfriend that I was a geek and wanted to get some bits and pieces. I remember buying a Revell 1/72 TA-152 and Revell 1/76 Comet MBT - they came out okay. But my girlfriend surprised me by saying she was okay with my hobby and has supported me with this every chance she could. Fast forward a few years and I am making model kits full on as my main hobby. I take a look at the Valkyrie again and decide to have a crack at it again, I take it apart as best as I can (badly) and then just prime the main parts. Didn't like the kit so threw it back in the box on the shelf. I now have a few Valkyrie kit's in my possession (I think about 8) but none of them are completed as of yet. So I have decided to get this one finished as it has plagued me for near on 20 years now. I hope it is okay to get this kit added to this GB? If not just say and I will probably build the Hind-D (which was going to be done after the Valkyrie anyhow. Picture time! The box art in all of it's glory. You have got to admit that the drawing is very cool and nothing like the finished article that I produced! The parts as you can see where a complete mess. I have squashed one of the leg fastpacks. I have also ruined one of the wings. I have lost a missile pod as well. I am going to see how much I can build with just the bits I have here. Other random bits and bobs. I also have the weapon set for the Valkyries as well so I could bomb up the aircraft. A Macross stand as well! This is turning into 3 kits in one thread! The decals for the main kit and the weapon set. Both have survived the last 20 years relatively intact. As you can see I have alread used some of the decals already. With no idea why, I used the decals for Hayao Kakizaki's aircraft. I probably liked the green, only answer I can think of why. But this time I will use the decals of the main protagonist - Hikaru Ichijyo (the red ones). I have used the cockpit decal, but that is completely destroyed. I have a back up decal I can use. I got this a while ago for another kit, but would work well here also. I will see how things go. I may steal the decal out of the kit these where intending to go to. What everything should look like when I have finished but with rockets and reactor bombs on the wings. The some of the load outs you can have on the kit. For the people wondering how did that thing ever get off the ground, the simple answer is... it didn't need to. It was launched from the SDF-1 Macross while in space where take off weight isn't a problem. This is the kit that the PE was purchased for. If I really need to, I can steal parts from this kit but I really do not want to. I will scratch build as and where I can. This should be fun... wish me luck! Kind Regards, Dazz
  4. Hi folks, Very long time without a build, due to a new career launch in writing. One novel under my belt, second is well under way. Details in my profile "About Me" section if you're interested. Thought I was neglecting all those lovely kits I bought last year, so it's time to clear some shelf space, starting with one of the biggest. The AMT/Italeri 1/72 XB-70 Valkyrie has been well-covered on here by the likes of General Melchett and Wee Beastie, so I won't say much about that. But the Anigrand 1/72 XF-108 Rapier is a new one as far as I know, so that will make some interesting building for me and for you too, I hope! Having a problem with photos due to camera battery exhaustion, so I'll just use this as a placeholder for now. More soon!! Alan
  5. Amodel is to release a 1/72nd Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie kit - ref. 72372 Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/plastic-model-1-72-cobalt-co50-valkyrie-amodel-72372.html Box art V.P.
  6. 1/35 Valkyrie German tank crewman. Constructed and painted, ready for my Meng Leopard 2a4 (which has yet to be started :-) ). Painted with vallejo acrylics (uniform) and AK (flesh).
  7. Need I say more? So far this is a declaration of intentions rather than actual beginning of the build, I have another two projects that are barely started and have higher priority. I found a vacform marvel inside Valkyrie's box - Prop&Jet MiG E-8 - another kit that qualifies, maybe I will give it a try if time permits
  8. Hello! Finished on last friday VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross anime in 1/48 by Hasegawa. Additional two sets of PE parts from Hasegawa and Jasmine Models. Carrier deck from Steel Scorpion and resin carrier tractor from PWMP. Carrier crew also from Hasegawa is on workbench. Hope you'll like it
  9. Hello! I ' ve searched on a net for some drawings from the famous Valkyrie. I found this draws: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/xb70valkyre.html These are accurate ? I ask this, because the model, the walk around photos and this draw showed a lot of differences. I should some detail photo, or draw from the wings upper surface. Can anyone help me ?
  10. Source: https://www.facebook.com/hphmodels My guess: a re-edition from the HpH 1/48th Convair B-36 Peacemaker kit... V.P.
  11. I did it again. I bought one of these expensive ExtraTech pig-in-a-poke aftermarket stuff. This time for the AMT/Italeri XB-70 Valkyrie. "Pig in a poke" because it is next to impossible to get any information of what detail enhancements the ExtraTech sets provide. I had the same issue with their Concorde set (reviewed here:http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949458-concorde-etch-set-172-extratech/) before but as I was rather pleased with this I waited for a good opportunity to get the XB-70 set as well. Here we go: Included are these two pieces of etch sheets: The instruction sheet is two pages of rather simple copy paper: As you can see the following areas are addressed: - intake - exhaust area (only inside detail - but no exhaust cones - the kit ones are poorly detailed and too small) - under carriage - U/C doors - wheels - various vents Edit: What I miss here are the various antennas of the XB-70 and what would have been very nice: A windscreen frame (under the visor similar to the Concorde - the windscreen is missing in the kit) and a visor frame, so the clear parts could be added with clear sheet. Armory also offers an etch set for the Valkyrie (reviewed here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234938609-xb-70-valkyrie-172-exhausts-by-armory/?hl=valkyrie) which includes new exhaust cones (which really make a different!), various vents (same as the ExtraTech set, so you will have some double if you buy both sets) and the lightend "end plate" above the exhausts (again this is the same part included in the Extratech set). If you want to dress up your Valkyrie I can recomment the Armory set noted above and only suggest the ExtraTech set as a second set which will add further less obvious (than the exhaust cones and vents) details. As the Extratech set is rather expensive (IMHO the price is 50% too high compared with other offerings from other manufacturers) for what additional details you get only die-hard Valkyrie maniacs will probably buy this. But for these I can recomment it :-) Rene
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