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Found 14 results

  1. Was the „Infantry Tank Mk.III” Valentine really funny? Well - being an infantry (i.e. sluggish due to the heavy armour) tank that evolved straight from the ill-fated Mk.I and Mk.II Cruisers (crewed by 5 or even 6 men) it should be neither fish nor fowl. But despite this weird ancestry, it has become the most numerous British tank in history, surpassing not only the WW1 landships and the cold war era Centurion, but also all such-well-known WW2 designs like Crusader, Cromwell and Churchill. It was the 3rd incarnation (after the A9 and A10 cruisers, 300 built) of the same vehicle lower part (including the engine, transmission, drivetrain, steering, tracks, and roadwheels). Of the 8,275 Valentines built (6,855 in Britain and 1,420 in Canada), almost half (~3,800) were delivered on Lend-Lease terms to Soviet Russia. The most popular variant (1,500+) was the Mk.II. Crewed by 3 men, it was powered by a 130hp AEC inline six-cylinder diesel engine. Armed with a 40 mm gun and a 7.9 mm Besa MG, this variant weighed about 16 tons. The ancient (1976) ESCI kit, facelifted with link-and-lenght tracks by Italeri in 2003, is still the best Braille scale Valentine on the market. Containing 118 styrene parts, it's the early variant with a 2-pdr gun and a turret crew of two, making it suitable for the build of the Mk.I, II, IV, VI and VII. The biggest challenge was to find the 1943-style painting scheme for it, as my MTO tank collection still lacked the Desert Pink vehicle. Anyway, thanks to @Mike Starmer, I have a confirmed example of the Desert Pink/Dark Olive Green Valentine from A Squadron, 50th Royal Tank Regiment, 23rd Armoured Brigade that fought at Mareth Line, Tunisia in March 1943. Thus, after the SCC2 Churchill, Portland Stone/Dark Slate Matilda, Light Stone/Silver Grey Grant and Light Stone/Charcoal Crusader, now I have a full set of British desert colours in my Braille scale AFV cabinet. Fortunately, there was no PE fret to fight. Here, the biggest problem was the decals that had to be assembled from scratch. From the "6" of 86 and "7" of 71 (Mirage Grant sheet) the Arm of Service "67" red plates were made on the front and rear apron offsides. Then came the WD serial number on the turret, composed of numbers from the WGB-DEC-28 sheet by Warlord Games. Each digit is 1 mm high and 0.5 mm wide. The distance between them (as printed) is 0.1mm and - of course - the T27666 was not ready for use. Massacre... The blue triangles (50th RTR was a junior regiment) on the turret are also from Mirage Grant. The individual tank number "1" in the center of the triangle is simply one side of the companion diamond. The REDOUBTABLE name was created using… single letters from the "name shield" of the Tamiya P-47D kit. Later, hand-painting a cormorant of the 23rd Brigade (fortunately the 50th RTR in Tunisia used a simplified, almost pictographic form) on white square shields attached to the front and rear apron nearsides turned out to be as easy as walking through the park. The Italeri Matilda sheet contained 8 such white squares of the appropriate size. You just had to paint 8 black birds and choose the best two of them. The antenna made of 0.3 mm Aber steel wire appears thick in the photo, but be aware that the picture on the 15" screen is about twice the size of an actual 1/72 model. The photos are taken with an LG smartphone. More photos can be found in the WIP thread within the 2020 "WW2 MTO Part 3" Group Build Comments are welcome Cheers Michael
  2. Well this is me completely out of the comfort zone ! Picture from Scalemates I already have a flying thing in this GB so it's long overdue something that doesn't fly. I can't remember when I built anything other than an aircraft so this will make a nice change, however I will need some advice / hand holding along the way so don't go too far away ok ? Cheers Pat
  3. Hi guys, I finished my AFVClub Valentine MK II build (kit No. AF35185). You can find WIP posts here. It's an OOB build except some wiring added here and there. It's not based on any particular contemporary photo, but on a combination of several photos from Operation Crusader period. Painted with AK Real Colors No. 61 Light Stone. I tried to keep weathering to minimum as this tanks were quite new at this period. I used combination of Mig's North Africa Dust nature effects and pigments. This is also my first attempt to do a bit more professional photos (with DSLR and light box instead of my mobile). @diablo rsv thank you so much for your photography advice, it was very helpful. Here it is: And a few with black background: And a few details: Cheers, Nenad
  4. Hi guys, I started my new build recently. It's AFVClub Valentine II, kit No. AF35185. Except few frustrating and unnecessary issues, this is a great kit. Great details, very nice, fine molding. I decided to go with the 8th RTR option, from the Operation Crusader period. I couldn't find any exact reference photo matches of the markings provided by AFVClub, and these are closest I've got. At least according to my brief review of the terms, those should be OK to share for non-commercial use. Now I'll fast forward to the point where I am now. Everything went out smoothly until I realized that this kit is not as accurate as I believed for the subject I selected. My bad I didn't do enough research right away so i had to do some painful surgeries. I'll make a list of inaccuracies I found out. I am sure that some of them if not all are already mentioned in other topics, but it does not hurt to mention them again. Radio and aerials, there is quite a confusion here. Instructions says that you should build Wireless Set No. 11, but there is no antenna mount for Wireless Set No. 11. However, aerials you should build if you follow instructions is intended for the Wireless Set No. 19 (with two antennas). But, there is only one antenna mentioned in the instructions, although there is a mount for another antenna in the kit. I first built Wireless Set No. 11 and I had to remove it (this was painful experience) and build Set No. 19 with two antenna mounts. Road wheels are an older version that were used on Valentine II, but not with the markings provided in the kit. There is no new version of road wheels in the kid and I decided that I can live with the old ones. Tool box lid in the instructions is wrong one. There is the right version in the kit (N5 with two strengthening bars), but it is not mentioned in the instructions. Unfortunately I used the version from the instructions (with 4 strengthening bars) and I decided to leave it like that because I was quite sure that I will damage the toolbox beyond repair if I try to remove the lid. Here's the Wireless Set No. 11: Replaced by Wireless Set No. 19 (also present in the kit - parts E4, E7, E10, E31, E32 - but not mentioned in the instructions) I added additional antenna mount (part B14 and etched part G21) and fit it to the rear right corner of the turret. And here's the current state of the build: I decided to go with these sub-assemblies: That's it for now. Best, Nenad
  5. Tank, Infantry, Valentine Mk.IV Tamiya | 1/35 scale Tank, Infantry, Valentine Mk.IV in 1/35 scale from Tamiya with RB metal barrels and Masterclub metal tracks. Painted with Tamiya acrylics; weathered with, Vallejo acrylic weathering effects, Ammo and Mig Productions enamels; Ammo pigments and dirt from outside. Comments and criticism welcomed!
  6. Tamiya's lovely Valentine with some Value Gear stowage plus some from the spares box. The figure is Mini Art with a Hornet head as I made a bit of a town halls of the kit figures. My only gripe is with the choice of schemes, one rather uninspiring British scheme & two Russian, it should be the other way round. I weathered it with oils & Mig pigments which turned the vehicle darker after I sprayed the tank with Winsor & Newton fixative - D'oh!! The Tamiya Archer beckons. Any comments or criticisms welcome as always. Pete Thanks for looking.
  7. Having been looking for the Italeri 1/72 Valentine for several months I just have met the Fujimi 1/76 one for a stupid price. As I never heard about it I'd like to know, whether is it visually much smaller and of lower quality than 1/72 Italeri one. Of course I know that the difference in hull length should be less than 4mm, but how much is it really in this case? Cheers Michael
  8. Am wanting to finish a Tamiya Valentine as in the photo below named 'Black Knight' in North Africa. Photo was taken in late 1941 or early 1942. Believe Light Stone would be correct for this time period but the dark sand shields are throwing me off as to how this tank was painted. I can see the white/red/white markings on the front of the hull and turret used during Operation Crusader. Any thoughts/comments/educated guesses on the camouflage? Thanks, Charlie
  9. In contrast to the plethora of German and Soviet WW2 AFVs the British tanks are not so well represented among the 1/72 kits. Trying to build a Valentine Mk VI (small turret) there's only ancient ESCI (recently labelled as Italeri) Mk II or a "wargame" extremely simple Armourfast kit of the same variant. Which one do you consider worth bothering with? Another important British infantry tank is a Churchill. And here again we have to choose (leaving 1/76 Airfix aside) between the 40-years old Hasegawa one, the ESCI/Italeri kit of similar vintage and the expensive new tool from Dragon. Is the last mentioned worth its price? Which one is the best basis to build a Mk IV (squarish-type cast turret with 75mm gun) model? Some years ago I have seen also the Churchill under the Humbrol and Heller labels? Were they just rebadged Airfix kits or something other? After some 40 years break in AFV modelling I'd like to build some dozen of the most prominent WW2 tanks. What I need is accurate dimensions and sharp surface detail - interior doesn't count as all hatches will be closed. Could you help me with building such a stash?
  10. Infantry Tank Mk.III, Valentine Mk.I MiniArt 35116 The first model of the Valentine (350 were built), it was not sent out due to problems from rushed production. The tank had a riveted hull, was powered by AEC A189 135 hp petrol engine and equipped with a 2-pdr. gun and a coaxial Besa machine gun. Its two-man turret forced the commander to also act as the gun-loader. (Wiki) Need to start another build today, it's Build Club and I can't get at my paint gear for another few days so.... Workspace ready - it's 1:15pm and I'm waiting for the guys to arrive shortly..... I was going to do the Austin Tilly but? So, here we go! And kicking off with the Drivers compartment which held no scary parts, only basic clean-up. This kit come with the Transmission and Radiarors so a little extra work can be added, fiddly but not difficult. Constantly test fitting parts and this construction to the hull to ensure it all has a snug fit. The radiator fit is delicate. Time will-out if this part of the build fits well into the body of the vehicle as the upper hull is slightly warped. However, It can be fixed. This is my 3rd MIB Build and 4th this year. Unfortunately, due to domestic issues I can't get at any of my painting kit for at least a week and I can't go a whole week without 'getting a fix'. I shall see how far I get as this coming week, for me, will be a very busy one. Next Time: The Running Gear and perhaps the Indy-Track
  11. Hi Everybody Have any of you wonderful people got/seen/know of any pictures/drawings ect. showing what's on the inner sides and floor of a Valentine when the turret is lifted out and some images from turret and transmision ? Could you share? I'm building an open hull and haven't got a clue what is between the driving compartment and engine when the turret isn't there. I have a part view of the right hand wall which seems to be bare but that's it .
  12. As part of our website we have loads of vehicle Walk-arounds http://leicestermodellers.weebly.com/its-for-real.html Come and take a look
  13. Valentine DD or Duplex Drive amphibious / swimming tank. Pics taken at SMW 2012 by Dave.
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