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Found 11 results

  1. Hi There are less then two months till the end, so maybe it is too few time to complete that complex build like Contrail Valentia, but I decided to at least try... Some time ago I received as a result of a trade not virgin (and not complete) set of parts of Vickers Velantia from a legendary and classic vacu multi-model kit by Contrail... A year ago there was a thread with research on Valentia, it is here I think I know already enough details to start build.... But any support, additional data will be welcomed. The model I received was already cut out from a vacu sheet, some interior was done (but maybe needs some improvements), the fuselage halves were glued together but I separated them. Similar with upper wing, on photo below showing all parts (incomplete - without all stuts) upper wing is in one piec, but I manage to separate it already. I am going to cut out the ailerons in attempt to get more realistic look at the end. Here are the parts: I hope the build is not exceeding required < 20% of advance and it fulfills the GB (Big and British) condition . I am going to do machine from RAF, 1941. Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  2. Hi, My fourth machine of Regia Aeronautica from Italian invasion on Abyssinia in 1935-36. This is Caproni Ca. 111 C belonging to 65 Sq. RA. This was a second main derivative of Caproni high-wing colonial bomber/transport machines, next to three engine Caproni Ca 101 . The Ca 111 had single Isotta Fraschini Asso 18 cylinders W engine. It was used also as strategic recce machine due to relatively long range. More on this type here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caproni_Ca.111 The kit is Broplan "advanced vacu" (with injected small parts), very nice kit, athough not well detailed regarding undersurfaces. I started construct it within "Nothing but injected" GB, however did not manage to finish on time. Some record of work is here: Here is the result: And my shelf (the top one) with machines from Ilaian invasion on Abyssinia, from left Fiat CR 20, Caproni Ca 101, Capronie Ca 111, Romeo Ro 1 and Ethiopian Farman 192: This is mine #20 in this year, very likely this is the final score (still it is possible +1...) Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  3. Dear fellow modellers, I would like to show you my latest finished model. I built it for a competition/Group build in a german modelling forum with this year's subject "French aircraft". I used the vacu kit by Welsh models. Unfortunately the decals fell apart when I tried to apply them and so I used decals from F-RSIN, which are more accurate anyway. There is no provision in the kit to show the clamshell doors in the opened position, so I modelled all the interior structures from scratch. The model is painted with Gunze Mr. Hobby white and Vallejo Aluminium with True Metal polishing paste. The wire antenna is made from Uschi van der Rosten rigging. Hope you like it! cheers, Norbert
  4. Hi, Dewoitne 338 was a luxury long range French passenger airplane from late thirties. 31 of them were build. You can read more on this type here: https://www.passionair1940.fr/Armee de l'Air/Appareils/Transport/Dewoitine-D338/EN-Dewoitine-D338.htm and here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewoitine_D.338. Few of them were captured by Britts in summer 1941 in Syria & Lebanon campaign and them they were transferred to Free French forces. Together with other civil airplanes they went into LAM (Lignes Aériennes Militaires ) - the FFAF transport service which was flying between Bayreuth and Brazzaville in Congo with base in Bangui (today Central African Republic). Each machine posses individual name. Mine has name "Belfort" (FL-AQB) and was renamed from "Ville de Beyrouth" (F-AQBD). The kit is by Broplan, vacu with small parts done as injection. The building thread within Mediterranean Theater of Operation GB is here: Here she is: (on above photos the khaki hue is reproduced closest to what I see by bare eye, below it goes too much to fresh green for some reasons...) The left engine just started! : An some shots in African sun: So it is already fourth militarized civil French type in my collection, other are Potez 29, Potez 651 and Bloch MB 220: Dewoitine is the largest of them ! This is mine No 19th in this year comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  5. RAM Models is to release on February 29th, 2016, 1/72nd Vickers VC-10 C.1/C.1K vacuform kits. Source: http://www.rammodels.co.uk/index.php/cPath/65 V.P.
  6. Hi, Boeing 314 Clipper was constructed as luxury passenger airplane at late 1930s. Using this type Pan American company established first regular commmercial flights over northern Atlantic in May 1939. Twelve Clippers were constructed and they were impossed to military service during WWII as C-98. However, as I know, they never wore military insignias (I mean US white stars). Three of them were used in UK by BOAC during WWII. Each model 314 had individual name - the machine with registration NC 18605 had individual name "Dixie Clipper". Initial Pan-American silver painting on Clippers were replaced in 1942 with experimental 10-shades scheme of blue-grey colours. Leter some (or all?) US Clipers were painted to standard 3-shades Navy scheme, and at and of war, when returned to Pan Ameican they were stripped back to NMF. Clippers were used for overseas civil (for example to Lisbon) and military transport, including VIPs. US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt used "Dixie Clipper" to get in January 1943 for a meeting in Casablanca with Winston Churchill and Charles De Gaulle. Josef Stalin was invited to this summit but did not arrived bacause of the situation on eastern front. That is historical background of my build. The build thread is here: When I've learnt as a 10 years old boy about 1970 from Airfix catalogue on existance of Clipper I was unhappy that the model is only in 1/144. Some years passed I started to think on Clipper seriously when Anigrand resin kit appeared few years ago but a year ago a possibility of buying vacu kit of US company Combat Models from a colleugue from BM appeared. It was not so expensive as resin one so I was very happy that I've bought it and started gathering materials (photos, dravings) in aim to help in build. This is mine third construction finished this year, two previous were Consolidated Coronado and Martin Mariner, both from Mach 2. So it is a trio of big US flying boats, but Clipper is much bigger then those two others, the wingspan is bigger from that of Blohm Voss BV 222! Here she is: Details Scratch build trolley And finally - among other models on shelves Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  7. Hi, A second post with vacu model. This is Polish tourer/sport airplane RWD-13 (1/72 vacu by Broplan company). More about this machine can be read for example here: http://www.aviastar.org/air/poland/rwd-13.php It was developed from experience gathered with earlier tourers by RWD: RWD-2, RWD-5, RWD-6 and first of all the RWD-9. Two latest types (RWD-6 and then RWD-9) won twice fameous Challanges - a light airplanes competitions organized in Europe in begining of thirties. It is more or less OOB, if vacu can be OOB. Some details are of course added. She is wearing markings of Romanian ambulance of East front. The pecularity is, that those machines were piloted by women pilots. More on this exceptional squadron ("Escadrila Alba" - the "White Squadron") can be read for example here: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/171506-escadrila-alb%C4%83-romanian-women-in-skies-during-wwii/ I made this model some years ago. Now there are kits of it in 1/72 (resin and polystyrene) as well as 1/48 (resin only) Please have a look at the photos - any comments welcomed Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  8. Hi, Norwegian recce and light bomber hydroplane, Høver MF 11. After German attack on 9th April 1940 Norwegian airplanes, which survived, were all camouflaged. There are some photos showing those schemes like here: On left there is also He-115. The machine which stands behind it, with partially overpainted number (only "8" left) was subject of my model. I know two kits of MF 11, I did it from vacu kit by Broplan (second is resin one by Choroszy Modelbau) Here she is: This was my third build within float planes and flying boats GB. Remaining two were Blackburn Riopon in Finish colours (Broplan vacu) and Douglas DT 2 C in Norwegian livery (both were on RFI some weeks ago). Here are all three: Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  9. Hi, This is Blackburn Ripon II F of 4/LeLv 6, September 1942, Finland. Model by Broplan (inc. decals - what is rare for this producent), with scratch build details and Bristol Pegasus engine replaced by aftermarket set (Aeroclub main body+Special Hobby both collectors) This was done within GB "flying boats and float planes" The construction thread (with two other floatplanes: MF 11 and DT 2) is here: Here she is: And family photo with Blackburn Shark (Frog/novo scratch converted to Mk III) Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  10. A few years ago I could "catch" a 1/72nd scale vacuform kit of the Stinson A. http://www.airliners.net/photo/American-Airlines-Stinson-LLC/Stinson-A-Tri-Motor/1263327 I would like to build this ugly/beautiful model, but I think there are no decals available. (American Airlines prefered) Has somebody an idea how to get decals for this wonderful airplane?
  11. Hi Perhaps somone know it... - Is there any aftermarket canopy for P61 Black Widow in 1/72 scale? I was googling and found only in 1/48... No hope at all? Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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