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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everybody, For starters, i conflated the H.P. Victor with the VC10. It was the Victor that was called the "Iron Duck" , and not the VC10. I have flagellated myself appropriately, and made the corrections where needed. Most of you know that i recently finished my first airliner- the Roden 1/144th scale Super VC10. For those of you who want to go directly to the end result, go here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235113603-iron-duck-final-report/#comment-4467887 And for those who wonder about how i go about building an airliner model (badly 🤣), go here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235103625-iron-duck/#comment-4279708 So Anyway....as G-ASGH was approaching completion, i went and did a thing. Yes, i went and started another Roden Super VC10. Some of you might be asking, "David in the name of God, WHY??" Well the reason is because over the course of the build, new information came to light on the VC10 that was received too late to implement on -ASGH, and there were some techniques/aspects to the build that i was either not satisfied with, or not documented appropriately at the time. So, this thread won't go into the mind-numbing detail of IRON DUCK. Rather it's intended to expand on just the places where i (think) i can do things a little bit better and cleaner. It won't have quite as many photos or quite as many updates, but i think the information will still be useful. The first thing that i decided to tackle were the fuselage windows. As some of you know, they were something of a disaster on the first model, using the kit windows and then puttying over them with Tamiya putty (which then pulled out during the masking and painting phases). On this second model, i attempted to fill the windows from the inside using epoxy with tape on the outside to hold it in place. Sounded like a great idea in theory, but in practice i was left with numerous air bubbles which needed to be filled with CA after the tape was removed. The windows are now all filled and they are all flush... but i am still searching for the best, most perfect, most-can't-fail-sure-fire-way method to fill the windows. Next up was the vertical fin. As with -ASGH, the halves were flat sanded on a piece of wet 320, but i was still left with gaps at the trailing edge of the rudder which were filled in by ramming strips of .005 sheet into the gaps with CA, and then block-sanding everything straight, thin, and flush. I'm still looking for a method to "nail" the alignment of the stabilizers. This time i glued just the lower halves to the fin, turned the whole thing upside down and taped the stabs down onto two pieces of wood of equal thickness, assuring that the surfaces were at least on the same 3-dimensional plane. Once dry, i added the upper halves. Next up came the engine nacelles. I learned too late in the game that the inner engine inlets were staggered slightly forward of the outboard ones. Not a huge amount, but enough to notice on close inspection. At the time, i felt the engine pylons were a little too thin in cross section, so i tried to thicken those up with a piece of .015 styrene. The end result of that wasn't very noticeable and it required slicing partway between the lower engine/pylon piece to fix some fit issues. I would not do *that* again. However, extending the inboard intakes was worth the effort... There's still quite a bit to be done with respect to panel lines and vents, drains, etc., but the major re engineering is all done. Next up came the wings. Again, i cut off all of the locator pins and flat sanded the surfaces on wet 320. The leading edges come together just fine, but we still were left with the gap issues on the wing trailing edges... However, with time, patience and the right tools, the trailing edge can be successfully rehabilitated and made presentable. Fabricating the wing fences came next. This time, i made the saw cuts in the wings before gluing the halves together... The fences are removable and can be left off the model until the painting stage. No longer in the way, where my fat fingers will blunder into them. I used the same method of re-doing the wing attachment as on -ASGH, though i went with somewhat beefier rods in the rear spar area. One of the things i learned late in my first build, (and i was not happy with either) were the gaps at the trailing edges of the wings at the fillet fairing. When the flaps are down, the innermost flap segment actually incorporates a small portion of the wing fillet, and there should not be any gaps there. Since my last major forays into gap filling with CA, i've expanded the technique somewhat to incorporate dental resin acrylic powder mixed into the CA. Trust me when i say that the resin/CA composite sanded away quickly and easily. That's all for the first installment. I'll report back when i'm finished installing and blending in the windscreen. I'm about halfway though that evolution right now. Maybe i'll work on that Phantom for a little bit.....
  2. Hi, I finished this model some weeks before Telford but was unable to attend, I'm afraid the photos are not the best as I only have a pocket camera that does not allow me to do macro very well and does not seem to focus very well on close up, and as it is a very large model I had to end up using the double bed and bed sheet to get any descent photos, anyway enough of my waffle here are the pictures.
  3. Really? https://ukaviation.news/kepler-aerospace-aims-to-get-former-raf-vc10-flying-again/ Love to think it could happen, but..... Rick.
  4. Hello everybody, I would like to built the Mach 2 VC10 in old RAF decoration. It's not a easy model to build, there are some problems with injection but the plastic used by Mach 2 is easy to carve, to transform. So, let's go.
  5. Here are the first four aircraft built as a project to represent aircraft associated (by me) with Filton airfield from the 1960s until the airfield's untimely closure in 2012. There will be more to follow, with an F111 and Concorde in the pipeline. All aircraft will be built in 1/144 scale, which is a little limiting but does mean the collection will not take over the entire house. More pics and details of the individual builds to follow. Some aircraft associated with Filton airfield in the 60s and 70s by jonbru0903, on Flickr From left to right in the picture above we have: G-AXLR, the VC10 test bed for the RB211 engine, initially designed for the Lockheed Tristar; D-BABC, the third prototype VFW-614 based a Filton for a few weeks as part of the development programme for the Rolls-Royce/SNECMA M45H engine; XA903, probably the third best known Vulcan, used for testing the Blue Steel missile among other things prior to arriving at Filton to be modified to carry the Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus 593 engine for Concorde. Later it also tested the Turbo-Union RB199 for the MRCA/Tornado; Finally, on the right, G-AMPO a DC-3 used in the communications and transport role, primarily in relation to the Concorde flight test programme based at Fairford. Some aircraft associated with Filton airfield in the 60s and 70s by jonbru0903, on Flickr
  6. ZA144 of 101 Squadron, Edwards AFB transient ramp, August 1984. Never did find out why she stopped in. Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. Taken from http://www.roden.eu/HTML/models1.htm This is a must for me!
  8. So my plan to build an SA-10 has been postponed due to the late delivery of the kit, so as an alternative I offer......... In the late 1960s, at the end of his parents' overseas tour, a very young Roland P was flown from Africa to the UK on board an East African Airways Super VC10. I still remember peering out of the large cockpit side windows and looking down on the Pyramids and also seeing my first Concorde when we landed in Rome. So my new plan is to build one of my Roden EAA Super VC10s for the GB. However, many years later, a somewhat older Roland ended up flying VC10s with 101 Sqn at RAF Brize Norton, which included all of the ex-EAA Super VC10s which were now known as VC10 K3s in RAF service. If time permits (highly unlikely given my propensity for starting and then missing the finish line in GBs) I plan to do the same aircraft in 101 Sqn colours. Now all I need to do is work out what photo hosting website to use and how to embed pictures; it all used to be so easy before Photobucket went all mercenary on us!!
  9. Just stumbled across a few from when I was in the Oggies. These generally won't be my mug shots, but will contain pictures of kit for reference etc. The quality will be variable, as my digital cameras back then were quite low resolution. I'll add to them as and when: Taken from a Tristar. Somewhere over the UK. July 2004. Handsome me in Evenes, Norway. Sometime early 2006. I still wear that hat! Note the two tone paint around the cockpit. Hot loading. Very unusual at the time as it was deemed to dangerous. Nevermind being rocketed and shot at! KDH March 2007. After a bird strike! The engine was fine, but the GE had a really messy job cleaning up! KDH March 2007. Herc C130J. C4. KDH 2006/2007. C130K C1 prop change. Dec 2006. KDH. Inside a C139K C1. December 2006. C130J C5. KDH Feb 2007. C130J. March 2007. KDH.
  10. Afternoon folks - am I right in thinking that if I want to build the RAF VC10 C.1K XV105 - 101 SQN 90TH ANNIVERSARY - my only option is the Airfix kit? The Roden kits are the Super VC10 if I have got it right? thanks chris
  11. I've not done a group build before. Joining late, hope that's ok? I'm going to do two VC10s from Roden kits - a BA Super VC10 and a BCal standard VC10 (type 1103). Making a start on the super-to-standard conversion first. Box photo - both kits, including the two six decals I'll be using for the BA Super. Two six decals for the BCal standard are on their way, although Australia Post has been so slow lately I wouldn't be all that surprised if the group build has finished before they turn up! Roden VC10s ready to go by Julian Griffiths, on Flickr
  12. I thought I might start this build, Airways VC10 vacform, I was considering doing the military version, but keeping things Brooklands orientated I shall make this particular VC10 in BUA colours registration number G-ASIX, I might open one of the passenger doors and add some detail, I also have the Anigrand kit but will just take the wheels and make some resin copies, anyway it will not be a quick build but hopefully not as long as the Vanguard took me, I did visit Brooklands last month but could not get any photos of her as they were doing some major work on the wings and most of her was fenced off, but there is plenty to get me started, in the mean time if any one has photos that they have of G-ASIX in BUA colours or Caledonian would be much appreciated, http://www.airliners.net/photo/British-United-Airways/Vickers-VC10-Srs1103/0726123/L/&sid=d0da64434e0ee3037e3eb68c0ebb3f72
  13. I've had the Airfix VC10 (BA edition) in the stash for longer than I care to remember and had always intended to build it as a BOAC aircraft with their beautiful blue, white and gold scheme. However, now that Roden have produced a Super VC10 in those markings I'd quite like to build the Airfix one in British United markings. 26 Decals do two sets, one with the familiar beige/blue cheat line, the other in what it describes as the 'Delivery Scheme'. Being a product of the 60s myself, I prefer the earlier scheme as, although simple, it has all the hallmarks of that decade. On the other hand I want to build an aircraft that was actually in service so can anyone tell me whether BUA's VC10s were operated in this earlier scheme of were they quickly re-painted in the later scheme?
  14. VC10 C Mk 1 10 Sqn, RAF Brize Norton, 1968 Roden Super VC10 kit converted to the RAF version by removing fuselage sections ahead and behind the wing. A lot of Milliput was needed to blend in the rear section. Cuts were made to retain the wing to fuselage fairing. A tailcone extension was also needed for the APU mounting. Decals were by TwoSix. I expected this to be a much easier build than it was. Fit of parts was not that good and needed a lot of work. Surface detail was good, but a tad on the heavy side But hey – it’s a new VC10. No more mega-scribing of the 60s Airfix kit! PS – If anyone finds my photos distorted where I’ve cropped them, which seems to have happened to me previously – I’m sorry but I’ve no idea what to do about it!
  15. Hi everyone Its been quite a while since I've posted anything due to work / life commitments. Speaking of work I was chatting to one of the other drivers about airplanes and he mentioned that he used to work for BOAC and as such had a real love for the VC 10. One thing led to another and I offered to build him a VC10 if I could find a suitable kit, enter the Roden Super VC10 with its BOAC decals. The kit its self has been trouble free but the surface detail, especially on the wings looked to me to be way over scale so I elected to fill all the surface detail and re scribe only the slats, flaps, ailerons, elevators and rudder. Its taken what has seemed to be an age to get the surface's to a standard that I'm happy with with lots and lots of filling, sanding, priming, filling sanding and priming! Now I'm at a stage where it only needs a little more re scribing detail to be added and I can finally get some paint on her... Ha! I just noticed in the close up of the cockpit that I need to carry out a little bit more work under the cockpit windows. Cheers all Iain
  16. Morning all! This is my quick OOB (almost) build of the Roden VC-10 K3 1:144 kit. Nothing much more to say so lets get on with it : Kit: Roden VC-10 K3 1:144 (From my LMS- Mike's Models) Paints: Vallejo Model Air custom-mixed grey (based on reference photos) Vallejo Model Air black, Model Color silver Washes: Vallejo Model Wash-dark grey Additional Details: Refuelling basket (inside the central refueling pod) made from rolled up tissue paper Spare RAF roundels had to be used on the side of the fuselage due to an error made by myself Flaps were produced, cutting out the kit's flaps on the underside of the wing and using plasticard to make up the rest of the structure Spoilers/speedbrakes were produced from paper Pros: Great recessed panel lines on the wings and rear control surfaces Nicely detailed engine pods (especially the thrust reverser gratings) Lots (and lots!) of decals, especially on the refuelling pods, which were not all used in this build Window masks (which i stupidly put on every single window and ended up running out of masks half way down the other side!) Relatively cheap- depending on your LMS/supplier Numerous tiny aerials and probes supplied Cons: Very shallow panel lines on the main fuselage body Ejector pins on fuselage join, when these were removed I found that there was a poor fuselage join Very unusual scheme, I can find only one image of this scheme on the internet-apparently the crews "were not a fan" Decal placement sheet was sometimes difficult to interpret Base kit does not have an option for spoilers or flaps Quite a few decals were out of register, but this shouldn't really matter Thanks for having a look Kind regards, Sam
  17. The Roden Vickers Super VC10 K3 Type 1164 Tanker Jet Model Kit has now arrived, furthermore the Vickers Super VC10 Type 1151 BOAC kit is now back in stock too! For full details, please see our newsletter.
  18. Roden have a nice bit of kit coming soon; the 1/144 RAF Vickers Super VC10 Type K3 1164 Tanker! For full details, please see our newsletter.
  19. Roden have released two gorgeous kits of the Vickers Super VC10 in 1/144 scale. This iconic aircraft is available in two different versions, with either the distinctive BOAC livery or East African livery.
  20. Gentlemen & Fellow Modellers, I am pleased to announce that the Roden Bristol Britannia in Monarch Airlines livery has now been released. for illustrations of this super model please go to http://www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=305 I can also confirm that the VC10 will be released before Christmas. The first version will have decals for a East African & BOAC aircraft with a Tanker version to follow. Roden do listen to the modeller and I can assure you all that some very exciting releases are in the pipe line, please keep your suggestions coming and I will pass them on. Please also visit the Frog site at www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk for other news including a new shop. The Frog Forum always needs new members so please consider joining. I hope by now some you you will have built the Roden Britannia and I as well as Roden would be pleased to have your comments. Thank You and happy Modelling, Martin
  21. VC10 – Middle East Airlines 9G-ABP, Chartered from Ghana Airways, 1968 Airfix VC10 with modified and rescribed wings. The wings have the extended inboard leading edge of the Super VC10, with the drooped tip and vortex generators added. Commission build for a VC10 enthusiast. Decals specially printed by Nick Webb (classic-airlines.com).
  22. Trip to Brize courtesy of RAF Brize Norton and the Swindon branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society- hope you enjoy Maybe someone can explain why there two drogues on the Tristar centreline (photo six) - presume they could not be used at the same time?
  23. Hi as title suggests i really could do with two pairs of vc-10 rear landing gear legs for the airfix kit any help greatly appreciated cheers Rob
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