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  1. Hello everybody … I am finishing builds that were started in 2022 before my health took a turn for the worse. I am presenting three spitfire’s today. The first will be a Mk.Vb in the Markings of USN VCS-7 Spotting aircraft from Operation overlord on June 6th. Sadly I lost the landing gear and had to build this one in flight. I used a spare set of flying gear from the Airfix Mk.Vc that I had left over. My first such build in almost 40 years. Please feel free to post comments or ask questions. Dennis
  2. Next off the bench is the Revell-Monogram 1/48 T-6G, being built as the SNJ I flew at Goodwood a few years ago. I actually made astart on this in 2020 but lack of bench space and COVID-19 put it on hold. Just starting on the Eduard detail stuff (meant for the Occidental kit but most of it is useable on this kit).
  3. Hello all. I started this one back on April, it stalled a couple of weeks later and I picked it up again in August. I don't build many jets, much less modern ones so this was a bit of an adventure into grey. Dirty grey was the attraction, this was my subject aircraft. The WIP is here. In short, I found the kit to very user friendly and didn't have any issues with it. I used a lot of PE in the cockpit and found that to be more enjoyable that I usually find cockpits to be. I didn't have decals so ended up painting all the markings except the pilot's name, the engine intake warning chevron and the rescue arrow. I created a stencil for the eagle's shape and then hand drew the detail with a weathering pencil. There are no stencils on the model because as hard as I looked at the photos above I cannot see a single one on this airframe. I did find the bombs to be tedious but they look nice 🙂 To the pics... And some cockpit pics from the in-progress (I'm aware the bang seat might be the wrong colour but I learned that too late to change it)... Thanks for looking, cheers.
  4. I’m looking for the most accurate match for the blue grey and grey used on PBY 5-A’s in late May 1942. The red dots and rudder stripes of the Catalina have already been painted over. I’m not locked into any brand just whatever provides the best match. Thank you so much
  5. USN Ensign Flag - Steel 1:350 Eduard USN Flags (53202) This set is for any 1:350 ship/boat needing a US Flag or Ensign. They are in the new steel material so can be bent etc to make them look a bit less flat. They are double sided and come with eyelets to bend round to affix to your rigging. Review sample courtesy of
  6. Reaching out to this great community of scale modellers with a challenging question. I'm working on working on a scheme for an Airspeed Oxford which was flown by the US Navy Anti Submarine Squadron while in the UK. It was not used for training but as a "communications aircraft". I've found a scheme used by Commander Squadron of 94 Combat Bomber Wing, 8th Airforce, England and am wondering if this scheme would be relevant for all services. Coincidentally, Ive seen the same scheme used by the British too.
  7. Hi all, a little late on submitting my collection for 2022 as it’s the first day of the new year. As usual I had a resolution to build a model a month, something of an epic fail on that score, partly down to indolence and partly the cars needing shiny paint which is something of a challenge. First out of the blocks was the Razor Crest, one of 3 kits given for Christmas which I feel should always be prioritized out of respect for the giver. Finished in various Vallejo Metal Colors, and with a 3d printed plaque by one of my fellow club members. Next was present no.2, starting off a bit of a JDM kick. Tamiya’s lovely Nissan 370z in the Heritage Edition. I was pleased the coloured interior can be seen, the other two JDM to follow on are symphonies in dark grey and black! Last of the Christmas presents was one of Tamiya’s older re-boxings, the Nissan Silvia Ks. A nice simple build OOB, the green colour is the four-paint mix from the instructions though I made the lower half darker than suggested as I preferred it to a test mix suggested for that element. Most of my model builds previously have been 1:72 aircraft, however the Ukraine situation seems to have removed my interest in building model war machines. That said my entry for the Matchbox GB was a USN Helldiver, although I don’t think any of the US, French or British versions actually engaged in combat. Last completion of the year was this Aoshima Mazda RX-7. It’s the Vertex tuning version, the bonnet and wing were my first experiment in carbon fiber decalling; next time I’ll hopefully avoid wrinkles! So that’s my rather low output for the year. I’ve received 2 car kits for Christmas so that will be the first efforts for 2023. Happy modelling all for the New Year. Cheers Will
  8. Delving into the depths of the R-1820 has me thinking the kit engine is wrong(ish) It's supposed to be a -22, which has the sparkplug wire ring behind the push rods and the shallow front (sump?) Most period pics and a lot of restorations show this. Most of the pics of a 'deep sump' engine show the sparkplug wire ring in front of the pushrods. Did AM mix'n'match details?
  9. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, may I present my entry for this group build. I was captivated by this box art when I first saw it on line last summer. I was also a little misled. It seemed to me that this scheme had blue upper surfaces which would be much more appealing to my eye than the usual grey on grey. It was only when I had the box in my hands that I realised that the blue is supposed to be a shadow effect caused by a low sun. It doesn't quite make sense as the strong shadows under the leading edge extensions indicate that the sun is high and behind the viewer's left shoulder, but it's an artist's impression, not a blueprint, and I still like the painting very much. Then I saw this photograph of the same aircraft coming on board at dusk (or possibly sunrise?). Again I see the blueish shadows on the wing upper surface together with orange lit highlights. These two hues look amazing together, as blue and orange are complementary (across from each other on the color wheel). The pairing of a punchy warm orange with cool blues creates a beautifully balanced combination which I'm going to try to replicate. It's fairly unusual to see a model aircraft painted to simulate incident light and I certainly haven't done it before so it's all very exciting. I have attempted similar effects on Warhammer and other fantasy figure models where the technique is almost routinely applied and of course, as we see on the box, it's invariably used in two dimensional painting. But before I can get to the challenge of the painting, I've got to build the thing.
  10. This is an out-of-the-box build of the Italeri boxing of the Platz X-47B UCAS. This is a really nice kit to work on, with great surface detail and it goes together nicely: no filler here! There are some well-thought touches in the design of the kit that make it an easy build (for example, the jet exhaust is just a push-fit) and just a few mould release marks that need filling. I couldn’t find confirmation that the X-47B ever flew with weapons but there are a couple of nice GBU-31 JDAMs that fill the large and quite plain weapon bays well, so I used them. The colour scheme is Ammo MiG F36270 over a dark grey primer base with a light Paynes Grey wash. The decals seemed quite thick but behaved well. It certainly looks different on the shelf! Chris
  11. Hi All, Not been on here for a bit, been pretty busy. This hasn't stopped my modelling, just made it a longer process. My last project just finished building the USN Bb55 North Carolina, as seen in the bottom of the pic. Reason these are like this on my table is that I've built a new display for them to go in. Have to say how different the camouflage changed over the years in WW2. Aircraft carrier USS Franklin with 1944 measure USS New York 1942 USS San Francisco 1942 USS Indianapolis 1945 ( not yet finished) USS North Carolina 1944 Why did they change them? I do like building them as the (Dazzle) camo does look good. I will do some better photos on the N Carolina in another post.
  12. Hallo This is my F4B-4 in 1/32 from Hasegawa. More or less SOB just with engine update in Resin. The build was straight forward and due to your information about the a/c I could feel safe and informed. Hope you enjoy it. Happy modelling
  13. US Navy Modern Tow Tractor (211872) 1:72 Videoaviation.com The US navy need a low profile tug to move about on carriers. The current STT (Shipboard tow tractor) is the A/S32A-32. This also provides a mobile platform and fuel source for an engine air start unit the MSU-200NAV The Kit This kit is of the Tow Tractor with the GPU mounted to the rear. It arrives in videoaviation's standard white box with a drawing on the lid. Inside the tractor body is the main single part which requires no clean up. The rest of the parts are all in separate bags. These include PE parts and decals. Here Videoaviation are making use of 3D printed resin for some of the smaller parts and the single piece figure. This makes for great quality which is easier cleaned up, The figure here had departed from the 3D casting block in transit with no damage to the figure itself. To start the tie down points are attached to the main body of the tug, then in the driver area instrument consoles, foot controls and the steering wheel are added. The seat is also then added. Hubs are attached to the wheels and then these can be put onto the main body. Grills and lights are added along with the main rear tow hook The exhaust for the GPU is added. Stencil decals can then be added. To finish off the figure can be used if wanted. Conclusion If you're placing any of your models on a base, adding ancillary equipment is a great way of enhancing realism. As always the quality of the parts from Videoaviation is top notch. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  14. Source: https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel/posts/1811361739030929 https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48115 V.P.
  15. Hello ship fans, the dazzle camouflage of WW1 ships makes an attractive and challenging subject for ship modellers and I've been fascinated by this subject for many years. So, joy of joys, a new book on the subject has been published very recently: “The Easter Egg Fleet. American ship camouflage in WW1”, by Aryeh Wetherhorn? I received my copy (paperback version) yesterday and it is marvellous – reproductions of most of the USN and merchant dazzle plans (as per the Admiralty Orders in the IWM). Both port and starboard profiles are shown in most cases. These are preceded by a decent (although obviously American-biased) overview of international laws pertaining to maritime warfare, USN camouflage theories and practice, submarine warfare in context, the British connection, etc. Various photographs are not very well reproduced though. Fabulous stuff, and grist for doing one or two Caldwell/Wickes/Clemson flush-deckers or the earlier USN destroyer classes, plus several armoured cruisers and battleships that are available in kit form. I’ve just ordered a Combrig 1/700 USS Birmingham to build in its beautiful (actually Admiralty designed) camouflage. A pity that the IWM can't put together a compendium of its many Orders. Cheers, GrahamB
  16. Good morning, a few weeks ago, I started my biggest modeling effort so far: the well-known and praised USS Nimitz from Trumpeter. A fine kit, and to make it even better, I got the Eduard set, the Starfighter decal set and some more airplanes. After all, it should look rather busy. My idea is to have the carrier look like this: http://www.thunderstreaks.com/spotting/carrier-visit-uss-nimitz-august-16-17-1976/#prettyPhoto , with some minor changes on the aircraft layout. Let's start with the aircrafts: first problem, the trumpeter ones have folded-out wings, but on the original, almost all wings are folded. So, fist step, is to cut the outer wings, are reglue them straight up. That's however nor possible for the intruder/prowler/skywarrior, since the wings overlap. Corsair and phantoms are easier, they point straigt up, thus painting and decalling should still be possible. After glueing, they receive a small blob of maskol, and a black priming. You see the difference later. That's some 60 aircrafts, of many different types and colours. And that's why I build the old one, still with the phantoms. After the black priming, I airbrushed the white, and then brush painted the light gull grey. The decals are the ones provided with the trumpeter kit, only 6 corsairs of the "sidewinder"-squadron. And you can see, the cockpit without the black priming is far too bright. And that's a corsair with black priming and the starfighter decals. They are nice to handle, but still can drive you crazy. All decals are separate, where they could have been grouped together. In the front fuselage, there are some 6 decals on each side, which could have beed grouped easily together. Oh, another nice point of the black priming: the intake looks rather realistic. If you don't spray the white head-on, it looks like the real thing, as it is dark grey. With some more 60 aircrafts to go, don't expect an update too soon... it took me 90 minutes for one aircraft, but the others have a bit less decals than the corsairs. Alex
  17. While looking for VF-85 Hellcat photos for @Corsairfoxfouruncle, I found this excellent photo collection of USN and FAA Hellcats; some very interesting photos, many of which were new to me, and I hope to you, as well. Mike https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/f6f-hellcat/ https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/f6f/
  18. Hi all; Here's the latest off the bench, an Eduard 1/48 Hellcat. The WIP thread can be found here: This was an enjoyable project from both a modelling and an historical aspect. The kit was very easy to build and the journey into knowing the unit to which the reference aircraft belonged was much more interesting than I anticipated when I began. The WIP describes both journeys quite thoroughly but in short, construction was very easy and the fit good enough that I did the final assembly of wings and stabilisers to fuselage after completing all decals, paint and weathering. There were one two problems, the worst of which was Eduard's incorrect decal placement guide meaning that the stencils were a real pain in the rear - the instructions' decal ID's and the decal sheet's ID's were mismatched. Everything else though was self-imposed which is more or less par for the course for me. Here's the pics; Thanks for looking. Cheers; Mark.
  19. Hi folks. I started with the begenning of the year, this simple and beautiful kit, Tamiya's USN Skyraider. I preferred not to add so muc aftermarket, only the seat belts, a prepainted ser from Eduard, I guess for fighters from WWII era. I repainted the straps in grey green. I only added some details in the sidewalls down the side consoles, a friction knob of the throttle sticks in the left and a circuit breaker box in the right. Some details in the left side of the armour plate behind the seat. I added some wiring in the engine and piping and tubbing in the wheels wells I primed the cockpit with One Shot primer and airbrushed with mig and Revell acrylics. I used the kit decals for the front console. I hope you like it. Regards! Pablo
  20. Hi comrades! Here is my yellow wing Buffalo. The build is here Main improvements: Scratch built half of cockpit floor, main undercarriage and aft-engine structure and wiring. Rivets. Some wiring on undercarriage legs and cockpit. Used aftermarket: Eduard's brass and canopy masks. Yellow-wings and Starfighter decals. Thanks to all the help I received for my questions! Hope, You enjoy Thanks for looking
  21. Hi Folks, I’ve not posted my work(on here)for some time but would like to share my latest build with you. It’s Revells 1/48 fat face Skyraider. Picked it up for £10 from The Works website(uk) as I’ve always liked Skyraider’s but not been willing to part with Hasegawa prices. It’s the old Matchbox kit I believe and is lacking in detail with raised panel lines(which I re-scribed). Really enjoyed the build and fairly pleased with the result, the wing joints were a pain as was the ‘blue rinse’ for the rear glazing. Main paints are hataka lacquer for LGG and Tamiya white. I thought the hataka white was too dark. Quite pleased with the result but feel free to comment.
  22. US Navy ALBAR 15 Universal Towbar (209032) 1:32 VideoAviation.com The US Navy have to move aircraft around and for this they need towbars. The ALBAR 15 is known as the 15 as it is 15 feet long. The ALBAR is also designed for towing aircraft provided with fuselage and landing gear tow rings. The locking pins on the end of the tubes are also used to attach to the standard shipboard crash dollies to provide positive control while moving damaged aircraft supported with crash dollies. The Kit It arrives in videoaviation's standard clear clam-shell box with n insert showing the towbar. . Inside there are two bars. The parts consist of the main bars, the end with the wheels, and the top end to connect to the towing tractor. Decals are provided for two different versions. Conclusion If you're placing any of your models on a base, adding ancillary equipment is a great way of enhancing realism. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  23. Dear All, Just a couple of quick newbie questions about the Yellow Wings Decals sheet number YW72038, which includes an early P-40. Firstly, what is the opinion of Yellow Wings products? Secondly, does anyone know which model of P-40 is on the above sheet? I'm guessing 'B'? Please forgive me if this has already been discussed - I'm not long returned to the aircraft modelling fold after nearly thirty years and, apart from the Airfix TBD-1 forty years ago at the age of 10, have no experience of interwar US aviation! Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Mark
  24. I'm joining with Flagship Models' 1/72 USS ALLIGATOR. This was the US Navy's first submarine. The design by Brutus de Villeroi was unusual. It used oars for propulsion, had a snorkel with an air purification system, and an airlock for a diver. She was launched in May 1862. Her first sorties were to take place in June 1862, but were cancelled when the conditions were judged unsuitable for operations. By July 1862 the oars were replaced with a hand-cranked screw, raising her speed to 4 knots. Her next sorties were to take place in April 1863, but she foundered and sank during a storm off Cape Hatteras while being towed to Charleston, SC. Here's the starting bits. 22 resin parts, chain, brass wire, and plastic rod. Those are some serious rivets! But, they look appropriate to the era. The model portrays ALLIGATOR in her as-launched oar-powered configuration. Some serious clean-up is in store... I built Flagship Models' 1/72 CSS HUNLEY some years ago. The kit built nicely Here's my interpretation of HUNLEY's spar torpedo:
  25. My house is packed up for a move (to somewhere, who knows?), along with the kit stash, books and many of my tools. A perfect time to start a build! I needed a kit that would be easy to build with the shoebox of tools that I spared from long term storage just in case the whole moving process took long enough to require them. Good call past Cookie - I really owe you one this time. This 1/72 Academy Helldiver from the USS Randolph during Operation Iceberg caught my eye. The boxart also provided a theme for a multi-build - the British Pacific Fleet played a large role in Iceberg, and this affords the opportunity to build a couple of FAA subjects that have been on the list for a long time: A Corsair IV from the HMS Formidable, and the two BPF Indomitable based Hellcats featured in the Eduard dual-combo boxing. Oh, and I'm planning to add an Essex based F4U-1D Corsair for good measure. This could turn into an @Beard level never ending build.
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