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Found 18 results

  1. Hi here are a few snaps of the completed Interceptski, the build is here. The space pics were done in Gimp, I love that program At some point I'd like to knock up a hangar for it as per the TV show, who knows, I'll try and fit it in somewhere. cheers Monty
  2. Manufacturer: Mister X (SHADO Mobile) and S.H.E.D Models (Gerry Anderson’s UFO) Aftermarket: Pressed cardboard cake base from Hobbycraft, Air drying clay, Car body filler (Bondo), Woodland Scenics olive green bushes, Woodland Scenics light green clump foliage, Woodland Scenics buff coarse gravel and Woodland Scenics C1289 / spray or brush adhesive. Paints: Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Black, Mr Hobby Aquarius H89, Tamiya XF-18, Tamiya XF-16, Tamiya X-2, Molotow Liquid Chrome and Americana Burnt Umber. Weathering: Flory Models Dirt Pigments. Link to build thread 1: Work in progress of the SHADO Mobile Link to build thread 2: Work in progress of the Gerry Anderson's UFO Hi folks, I am calling this classic 70's TV Series diorama done. I bought the vac formed / white metal kit about 6 years ago and I always wanted to build it in a forest diorama with a SHADO mobile in pursuit, however finding a suitable scale sized model was proving difficult at that time. Fortunately, I spotted this little resin kit of the mobile on eBay from a local seller close to me and the build plan was put into action at long last. I had a trip down memory lane with this build and I am pleased with how it turned out. As luck would have it, I picked up a second UFO kit from the same now long gone manufacturer a few years back, so I have future plans to build it into a moonscape diorama. I might even have the ship spinning as in the series, but hopefully without the wobbles! Bye for now and happy modelling.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a couple of these kits in my stash, they are hard to find these days, and eBay has some very silly prices for them. Very simple and only a few parts, so it went together pretty fast. There is no mention of the scale for this kit, but I think it's around 1/72. However, the vac formed centre column was really too weak to support the weight of the 16 white metal arms, so I covered the kit part with a cut down water bottle neck. Once the black and white stripes had been painted, I painted the green area in Tamiya X2 white, then Hobby Color Aqueous metallic green H89. This looked a close match to the on-screen studio model. I painted the rest of the model in Molotow liquid chrome, sprayed neat from my airbrush. I might add some slight weathering once the model is added to the diorama base, but I wanted to stay close to the original look of the studio model. Next will be to build the SHADO Mobile.
  4. Hi all As threatened, I am building another interceptor as part of the UFO universe (see Scratchbuilt USAF Lunar Interceptor in RFI). This will be the RAF's contribution to the struggle against the pesky aliens while SHADO continues to build up its forces on the Moon. This is going to be a more complex build than the USAF interceptor as I want to detail the cockpit. I already have a 1:35 pilot figure from, I think, a De Havilland Venom kit (I don't have the box, just a pile of bits). Anyway, the model should end up around 25cm in length. This rough sketch shows what I'm aiming for, whether it ends up looking anything like that is a sweet mystery and all part of the fun. I have a plan as to how it will be made. It'll have a wooden spine, 22mm copper pipe engines and the cockpit will have to be built from 1mm styrene sheet. The legs will be an issue but I'm ignoring all of that for now in the hope that inspiration will descend upon me at some point. The armament will be 4 x 30mm cannons. Not sure if it needs missiles so there's another decision I can ignore for now and think about later. The photos show where I'm currntly at. I've made the body from 2 plastic pipes with styrene sheet wrapped around to create the oval. You can also see the MDF 'spine'. I made a start on the cockpit. This is very old-skool, I'm literally making ribs for the bottom and top which will be clad in more styrene. The 'glass' will be cut from an old CD case which, very handily, is clear styrene and a decent thickness as well. Don't ask me what album was in it, probably some cheesy 80s band. The pilot has been smothered in filler so I can sculpt a spacesuit helmet (I ended up having him looking slightly to his right which I thought would be a bit more interesting). I had to cut off his legs to straighten them out, his arms will need the same treatment probably to match his hands to the controls as it would be daft to have him waving his hands in thin air. It's all a bit Hannibal Lecturish but let's not forget he's only plastic and I'm in charge. All comments welcome, I'd love to know what you think out there. cheers Monty
  5. Hi all. This is a build I finished a little while back. It's my own take on the classic UFO interceptor. After all, perhaps SHADO didn't have the resources to fend off the aliens on its own and so maybe they got some help from the US, the Brits and even the Soviets. This interceptor has two missiles on stub wings and a roof-mounted 30mm cannon. It's mostly engine and fuel so it can get into position as fast as possible. The side-mounted rotating exhausts give it VTOL capability. Back in the real world, I based the design on the Apollo CSM as I thought that maybe the USAF would have to reuse some of the original NASA hardware. The tubular body is plastic pipe, the nose was carved from a pyramid of MDF slabs and sanded into shape using 40 grade sandpaper which is basically rocks glued to paper. So it didn't take long. The engine is 22mm copper pipe and the engine bell is part of an old light fitting. Most of the other details are styrene card and the usual greeblies. The decals caused me some problems as I had nothing in the spares bin that would fit, so I downloaded some F16 1970s vintage markings along with a few others. I made a few up as well. The final set was printed on waterslide paper. The missiles are ballpoint pens with bits of sprue, while their rocket bells are wheels from a Tamiya tank kit, drilled out to resemble a bell shape. Hope you like it and all comments welcome! I enjoyed this so much I'm working on an RAF gunship from the same scenario, and after that, it will have to be a Soviet gunship, just to balance things up a bit. Cheers and happy modelling Monty
  6. So I've decided its time to stop just looking at this huge box of resin and do something about it! I first heard about this kit at Telford in 2014, talking to Ian from Kits for Cash when I bought the UFO kit which has been built since this thread started: Then last year (2015) they actually had it with them, it looked superb... This is a very limited run of kits, so much so that there were only 17 available for sale and the price was considerable (cough!) However Ian was such a good salesman that when he said I could pay in instalments, my resistance finally crumbled and the credit card timidly appeared! So back in December a very large box arrived on my doorstep... on opening it there was an insane amount of resin!! Yes thats a 12" white ruler in the middle of it all! A few weeks later another package arrived and it contained the driver figure Pity its not Gabrielle Drake though... It must be said the casting of this resin is superb. The detail is crisp, I can't find any major pits or bubbles, and everything is solid and complete. There are lots of lugs and sprue attachments but thats only to be expected in a resin kit. Here is the back panel - check out the Scammell Tank Transporter roof parts This part is for the rear of the chassis and its a case of spot the kit parts! Next it the roof part that joins the cabin to the main body, just look that grille casting Next is a side panel with superb panel detail and finally a drive wheel (edge on) plus a road wheel (side on) along with a cabin seat and the instrument panel from the cabin. The first job was to wash everything in soapy water and start cleaning up the pieces. The first stage of construction will involve the main chassis and preparing it for the attachment of the roadwheels.
  7. Hello all, Recently completed for the Film, Fictional and Speculative Group Build. Here is my Bandai 1/48ish S.H.A.D.O Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's UFO. Completed with a mix of home produced and printed decals plus spare stencilling from a Eurofighter Typhoon kit. The larger red stripes have been airbrushed and the panel lines added with a pencil. Cheers, Mark.
  8. Hello all, I have been wondering whether I should add a third build or not, unfortunately when the subject kit arrived I couldn't help myself and immediately started fettling, and dry fitting, and generally thinking about how I would do it and the next thing I know.... BANG! like a low yield nuclear missile I've gone and started on the cockpit. Anyway here I am with Bandai's 1/48ish S.H.A.D.O Interceptor, from Gerry Anderson's UFO...as if you didn't know. The Cockpit base and rear panel replacing the joke like kit effort being detailed. The pilot is an ex RAF (Airfix sqn.) harrier pilot who is living the service moto to the full, however he just can't be without his home comforts so has brought his comfy Harrier seat with him. He successfully completed the strenuous S.H.A.D.O selection process whilst his kite was in transit from the factory in Japan. I know with my current poor start/finish ratio, embarking on another build is not ideal but I've been wanting to do one of these for ages. Additionally I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the DVD of the series (this is for research purposes only and has nothing at all to do with Gabrielle Drake in a silver catsuit!!) More later, Mark.
  9. Scratching my SHADO This was part of a Sci-fi themed group-build on another site. For various reasons, I had only six weeks rather than the full three months…... I managed it in five weeks. I've always loved Sci-fi books, but not really been a fan of Sci-fi films or telly progs. Having said that, loving Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, JOE 90 etc. in the 1970's was as compulsory for boys as wearing flares. It was the remarkable vehicles that caught my attention (hardly going to be the Oscar winning performances is it). When we were kids, we all knew the type. The kid who's parents bought them all the coolest of the cool toys. Fortunately I was bestist mates with this one (still am), so I could play with his toys almost as much as my own toys. I've been mates with Andy B for as long as I can remember. Admittedly I'm not likely to win any gold medals for my feats of memory, but I have photographic proof that we've been mates since year dot (or possibly earlier). Andy B (I also have a mate called Andy C, but I can assure you I'm not collection alphabetically organised Andy's. not consciously anyway) is a life long Gerry Anderson fan, he had loads of these type of toys (and probably still has) one of which was the Dinky SHADO 2 (from 'UFO') the one with the rocket launcher on the top. I remember hours of fun trying to put someone’s eye out with that. It turns out that the Dinky representation is a TRAVESTY! The telly one didn't have the eye-putter-outer on the top. It left me with a dilemma, do I model the real fake one or the very tempting fake fake one. After intensive thinking and a bit of a lie down, I decided to go for the real fake – and this is it: As usual I'll be doing this in 1/48th. The Tracks First thing to tackle is the dreaded tracks (why do I do this to myself?). The major portion of the tracks on my A7V tank were hidden, but the SHADO tracks are very, very visible, I foresee a number of scratch-built tanks in my future, so this should be filed under 'good experience'. Whichever way I make them, this is going to be a very very repetitive bit. Even if I could get after-market tracks the correct size, it wouldn't work. The SHADO tracks are very distinctive, quite unlike normal tank tracks. I'll show you a photo: This is from a 3D model I found online which should be very useful in this build. After doing the thinking thing, this how I dragged it into being. Forget the plastic, first I'll build a jig (don't forget – the black splodges is just dust inside my camera lens): The base is cardboard and the strips are a good quality (for strength) paper, held on with double sided tape. Originally I was going to cut the plastic strips for the tracks, from the 0.25mm card I already have, but it kept curling, and I was also having problems cutting to a consistent width, so I bought some 2mm x 0.25mm strips. These sit just proud of the surface of the paper jig and yes, there is a reason the plastic strips are staggered – to spread the join over more than just one tread. The first tread base goes on – the start of a very long process: (It didn't take that long to be honest, I'm just trying try add some drama. Pathetic isn't it?). I just space them by eye and checked they were square every now and then. The treads are cut from from 0.5mm sheet into 4mm widths: Bit of a warning if you have a go at this in the future, the track stuck to the paper part of the jig. Which was odd because the test piece I did previously didn't. I decide that it was because I'd left the brass weights, which I used to hold the newly glued tracks down, on too long. To reduce the possibility of the track sticking, only leave the weight on for a couple of minutes, and every five minutes or so, pull the part of the track you've just glued, out of the jig. I was left with paper stuck between the four main strips down the whole length of the stupid thing. Fortunately, brain wasn't busy thinking about chocolate or beer and the track got a bath in water until it was easy to scrape off. This is the end of the first stage, as you can see, it's very flexible: The tread pattern is very distinctive, but fortunately very easy to reproduce, again from 0.5mm x 4mm plastic – just four cuts. But first it was time to do a little jig: I haven't the time or the patience to make all the cuts perfect, hopefully it won't be noticeable at the end. Bottoms, bottoms, bottoms. I'm usually a big fan of bottoms (not any mind you, so kindly put yours away) but my A7V tanky thing, didn't have a beautiful bottom. This time I decided that I wasn't going to cut corners, and detail the tracks all the way around and although it may not be a prize winning bottom, at least it would be able to show it's face (?) in public. Each track has 58 treads, which means that both tracks combined have 472 individual parts and each track is nearly 1 foot (30cm) long. I've only made one track so far, I'll do the other when I know this one fits. Yes it was boring, but it was also quite a meditative, Zen like calming experience. So obviously I fell asleep. I think this process would work quite well for more traditional type tracks. God I waffle don't I? Next up, the wheels.
  10. In the works. http://www.donshoko.com/skydiver/index.shtml Thomo.
  11. On the Beeb today. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-42405205/ufo-spotted-by-us-fighter-jet-pilots-new-footage-reveals
  12. Decided to pull out my old Aurora Invaders UFO and start working on it. I plan on getting the TSDS decal sheet: Is there any other aftermarket for the kit, other than a lighting kit (Which I don't want to do)? I was hoping there was some PE ladders or other small bit for the interior. Larry
  13. Finished this a couple of weeks ago but never got around to photographing it properly. The kit is pretty straightforward and a reasonable reproduction of the original. The kit does feature a spring loaded missile but that was relatively easy to overcome. The missile itself comes with a hemispherical end which needs to be sharpened into a point. The cockpit detail is typically spartan so thats where most attention was paid in this build. The biggest problem I had was with the decals. The kit supplied ones were old, fragile and a a very curious mix of "spanglish" text! So the decals were custom printed from a source I found on the net. Problem was once the matt varnish was applied the "black" text turned into pink blobs. So the decals had to stripped off and attempts made to print decals that didn't run. This was done by forcing the colour printer to print ONLY black for the stencil markings This, therefore isn't 100% accurate but as soon as I tried to any red text the ink ran badly once decal varnish was applied Anyway enough talk, more photos! I tried to get a decent photo of the cockpit but the lighting was against me and all I got was glare from the canopy. I may try later when its dark outside and maybe the flash will then penetrate the canopy Sadly during this photo shoot, the clips holding the battery compartment lid on the camera decided to break and now its almost impossible to take photos with the bloody thing - two tiny bits of plastic have turned the camera into a virtual write-off!! Oh well maybe its an opportunity to upgrade...
  14. hi, i know money is tight everywhere,but i thought there was a monopoly commission to make sure everyone got a fair chance of contracts........i think these guys have got a bit of a head start,on space matters... grossly unfair,imho... http://www.examiner.com/article/did-a-ufo-dock-with-international-space-station-for-alien-astronaut-meeting?cid=taboola_inbound don
  15. Tell you what,we have no idea whats flying around in our space/air,there even shooting down uav,s disguised as birds in pakistan.In this day and age i wouldnt want to be a migratory bird,it used to be the only problem birds had was,hunters/trappers and the odd parked invisible spaceship. doh! but now its going to be every trigger happy person,if we are just finding out about cameras dressed as birds,What else is up there?? cheers Don or they are some sort of? http://rt.com/usa/army-maveric-prioria-drone-400/
  16. Well its complete! I can't say this is entirely 100% accurate - the kit is a bit too rubbish to get too close to the studio model and this at least LOOKS like Sky 1! So without further ado, over to Captain Carlin... and now to don my string vest and leap into the garbage chute...
  17. I haven't been posting much in the way of builds for a few months so I thought I'd make up for it with this quick build I started last week. I didn't originally intend to do a build thread so I didn't take any photos early on, so you'll just have to make do with these First off the box: As usual with Imai models they were intended as toys, so always have inappropriate working parts, eg the Spectrum Passenger jet with missiles! This is no exception, with spring loaded missiles - well actually the missile pods themselves being fired out of the front of the engines, chunky big wheels and an opening rear bulkhead which gave access to a compartment to store a miniature Mobile and Straker's car! Sigh! So here is a sprue shot showing the bits I'm NOT using: and here is the instruction sheet that gives an idea how poor this kit really is: The first thing that is immediately obvious is that there is no cockpit detail and no Captain Carlin to fly it! So I started looking around to see what I had that would allow me to scratch build a cockpit. I came upon one of the remainders of this kit in my stash from which last year I stole the missile fins for the Alien Dropship pod torpedoes: My first though was that I coulb rob this of the pilot seat and instrument panel and then I had a closer look at the cockpit: Hmm that looks an interesting size... so I measure it up and bugger me if it didn't fit the cockpit glass and the cockput bulge in the fuselage almost perfectly!! It did mean chopping it up quite drastically, but I had bought 4 of these kits for £5 each last year just to get the missile fins! I've already given 2 of them away as they are a great little starter kit, very simple but looks fantastic: (scuse the flash washing everything out!) so I wasn't all that worried about doing some drastic surgery. I found a resin figure in the spares box, also left over from the Aliens Dropship build, who had a suitable helmet and close enough jacket and with some careful painting this was the result: which is close enough to this considering the scale. So what of the rest of the kit? well the fairing on the underside is totally misshapen. The kit has it with a rectangular cross section whereas the original has a rhomboid shape and the front section has a metallic grille: So this has had to be completely rebuilt! In addition the rocket pods in the kit were designed to be spring loaded and were a terrible shape: Instead, I've replaced them with the front part of rocket pods from a 1:32 scale Hawker Hunter... the one that acts as my avatar (and which STILL isn't finished ) and you can see the result in that photo. The nose cone also needed work - in the original, it had a grille inside whereas the kit only has a sort of cross-like pattern engraved in the plastic. So this had some brass mesh added: and so did the front part of the underside fairing: Here you can also see the colour that will be used as the base colour. Its Ford Oyster Gold Metallic paint from Halfords. I'll try to put some panel variation in to give it more interest. Finally, here is where I am as of this evening: I've drilled out the cannon barrels that stick out. The panel "lines" are the usual trenches that Imai uses, but I'm not going to do anything about that. You can see from the previous pics that I've started spraying the nose cone. The very front appears to be dark silver. I started with some Metallic Grey, but I think it needs to be darker,so next I'll add some Gun Metal. I've left the nose off so I can insert the cockpit later and save having to mask the windows.
  18. HI,its got to be one of my fave pics? cheers Don
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