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Found 14 results

  1. Usually the Turkish M47 Pattons involved in the infamous 1974 invasion of Cyprus are presented as painted Olive Drab overall. Meanwhile, the specimen captured by the Greeks clearly wears a two- (or even three-) colour camouflage pattern. Has anyone seen a diagram of this camouflage somewhere, or even a photo of this M47 from other sides? Any help will be warmly appreciated Cheers Michael
  2. Hi all! Yes, in true London Bus tradition (you wait ages and then more than one come together.... see my F-100 recently) I have the latest product of the Crawley Down hangar ready for inspection. J As you can see, she is a F-84F Thunderstreak as she was when operated by the Turkish Air Force from Incirlik AB in the early 1970s. The Turkish Air force (THK) received around 300 Thunderstreaks from West Germany, France and the Netherlands. This one, 53-7086 (ex-WGAF), a F-84F-75-RE was one of the last built and arrived In Turkey after a major overhaul in West Germany. They were known as “F-84Q”s. The Turkish ‘streaks ended their careers with the 131st and 132nd squadrons (Filo) at Konya AB in 1974. There were replaced by the F-5. It is a point of note that “the F-84F had only very few air-to-air engagements. One of these was the shooting down of two Iraqi Il-28 Beagle by two Turkish Air Force F-84F Thunderstreaks when the Iraqi bombers crossed the Turkish border by mistake when bombing Iraqi Kurdish locations in August 1962.” My reference image was this: My model is based on the great (in my view) Airfix 1/72 kit. I added a few extra details, such as different tanks (450gals from a Voodoo), a Martin Baker seat, a small vent under the starboard wing root, and a different cockpit based around a spare F-86F resin one that I had in the spares box. It isn’t 100% accurate but close enough and certainly better than the kit parts. I also replaced the canopy hinge mechanism with a plasticard one and added a blanking plate that is a bit more refined. I then scribed her as best as my old hands could manage, leaving just the pierced speed brakes and wing brakes as raised items. I didn’t see how to cut these and have them looking acceptable. The paints are Humbrol enamels - 165 Grey, 163 Green with 11 Silver undersides, knowing the latter should be a silver-grey which I chose to do this way and then matted it. One of my compromises. The tanks are 191 Chrome silver (they certainly operated with these tanks although my image above doesn't show that). The red is 60 Scarlet. It is matt cote overall (except the tanks which are gloss coted). I weathered with Tamiya Weathering Powders D and Flory Dark Dirt. The national insignia came from the Tigerhead set. Because these aircraft were straight out of the German system they had WGAF stencils. I therefore used an AirDoc set (72-008) for this. The white numbering is from Techmod. Here she is: Umarım senden hoşlanırsın!!! Martin Updated images:
  3. This is the very nice Tamiya kit in 1/72, build straight from the box but I used the excellent Blackbird Models decal sheet for the markings. Colours are Middle stone, dark earth over azure blue.
  4. This is the old Airfix kit in 1/72 with decals that came from my spares box. The kit isn't too bad, the detail is fairly light but it was a bit of fun. The kit had been lurking in my stash for over a decade, so I figured I'd pull it out for one of the current Group Builds here.
  5. The new Airfix kit is pretty good. I used the Blackbird Models Turkish Spitfires decal sheet, just because I wanted something a bit different.
  6. Turkish Infantry 1915-1918 ICM 1:35 This set brings us four figures. Two troops running, with one kneeling firing his rifle, and one officer kneeling with his pistol out. In the period leading up to WWI the Ottoman Empire decided to modernise its Army, but did so by buying equipment in, instead of arranging for domestic suppliers to do this. A German Army mission was invited to advise on this, and surprisingly they favoured German Army weapons, and German manufacturers. The standard infantry front line rifle was the M1903 Mauser bolt-action rifle, and the side arm the Mauser C96. This set from ICM brings us two sprues of caramac coloured plastic one for the figures, and one for the equipment with a selection of the the M1903 with and without a bayonet. The C96 holstered, and out of the holster with the holster separate. Other items on the sprues are Helmets, Bayonets, ammunition pouches, water bottles, grenades, a map case, and even binoculars and their case. A box with two sets of the equipment is also available here from ICM. Conclusion This is a good set which provides for any WWI Turkish diorama, or even a small stand alone vignette. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  7. WWI Turkish Infantry Weapons & Equipment ICM 1:35 In the period leading up to WWI the Ottoman Empire decided to modernise its Army, but did so by buying equipment in, instead of arranging for domestic suppliers to do this. A German Army mission was invited to advise on this, and surprisingly they favoured German Army weapons, and German manufacturers. The standard infantry front line rifle was the M1903 Mauser bolt-action rifle, and the side arm the Mauser C96. This set from ICM brings us two sprues of caramac coloured plastic with a selection of the the M1903 with and without a bayonet. The C96 holstered, and out of the holster with the holster separate. Other items on the sprues are Helmets, Bayonets, ammunition pouches, water bottles, grenades, a map case, and even binoculars and their case. Conclusion This is a good set which provides weapons and equipment for any WWI Turkish diorama, or even a German one given that most of the equipment is German. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Well, finally finished after spending a little time on the shelf where very little happens! After my C- and D- models I embarked on the F- with the intention of finishing here as a Turk and I eventually managed it. Sorry about the image. I am less than enthusiastic about her :(. It is the Italeri kit combined, like all of my Super Sabres, with the Trumpeter wing and main u/c. This gives a reasonably accurate wing with slats. Unfortunately the Italeri kit has some faults – canopy, main wheels to mention just two. I corrected the first with a Rob Taurus vac form. The main wheels had to be rubbed down to the correct(ish) diameter. I tried some resin aftermarket wheels but they were equally inaccurate! The “journey” was long and drawn out, speckled with problems. For example, the Colorado decal set was clearly sub-standard, with most decals cracking and falling apart when within a centimetre or two of the model. :(. I also inflicted some problems myself, such as rubbing off some of the fuselage flash decals when I was cleaning up the Flory dirt weathering. I got it fixed (almost) with a combination of other black/yellow decals from my decal files, plus a bit of touching up. All this meant that my enthusiasm waned and in the end I simply rushed to finish her. Rather disrespectful to the kit but that is how I felt. She depicts one of the last new Super Sabres delivered to Turkey and operated by 113 Filo (Squadron) from Eskişehir Air Base in the 1950s/60s (below). What did I do/use? Italeri F-100F 1/72 Trumpeter F-100F 1/72 – for the slatted wings and main gear struts/doors only Aires seats Rob Taurus vac form canopy Colorado decals (squadron marks) - which are inaccurate in design but all I had. They were also very brittle. TigerHead Decals for the national marks Microscale stencils I printed the serials and codes myself Humbrol Enamel 191 Chrome steel (rear end), 27001 Aluminium (overall), Humbrol enamel Matt Cote with Gloss Cote used for the rear end Flory Dirt for weathering I hope some one likes her ... Martin
  9. Hi all, The latest just rolled out of the paint shop after a final matt coat. As you can see, she is a F-100C operated by the Turkish Air Force. I have attempted to replicate, in my ham-fisted way, this machine: I have no idea why I picked her as she is pretty much standard fare for the THK at the time. She has kept the former Air National Guard cam finish, having only the "USAF" removed from the fin and the Turkish flag and roundels applied. She was delivered to the THK on 11/06/73 and was retired from service 14/07/87. Turkish C's were delivered from the US by ANG crews immediately after the Vietnam war. As you can see, they retained the IFR probe from their former lives but never used them in Turkish service. The image above was taken at Norvenich AB, West Germany in 1973. My build was to amalgamate the better of two kits - the Esci F-100D and the Trumpeter F-100C. Essentially I used the wings (with main gear and doors) and fin from the Trumpeter and the Esci provided the rest. The wheels are Esci. The wings gave me the slats. The former is not the best for accuracy in the fin area but for me she is close enough. I don't count the mm's. ;). I drilled holes and set the tail planes on rods so that they could be set at an angle as all Sleds sat this way. The paints are standard Humbrol SEA enamels 28/116/117/118. I added a spot of white to each of the upper colours so that I could paint on some panel lines. The rear jet area was weathered with Tamiya weathering set D over a coat of Humbrol 191. I used thin strips of tape to give me the lines I needed. The jet pipe is Humbrol Metalcote Steel, dry brushed with 191. Flags and roundels are from Tigerhead. I made the serial for the fin and the nose wheel door. The cockpit and the jet pipe are both from Aires. She was dirtied with Flory "Dirt". She's not perfect but I hope you like her. Martin
  10. Hi all, Seeking advice/info please. It looks like the ex- KLU/Luftwaffe F-84Fs flying with Turkey had MB seats? If so does anyone out there know which model they used? Thanks. Martin
  11. a few shots taken of airfields when I flew jump seat in to airfields in the 1980s.... Izmir-Cigli - 23/1/0/1987 The mil ramp is on the right side. The forground is the T-37 ramp, with the large visitors and T-33 ramp and hangar beyond, then further there is the T-38 ramp, on which there were two Turkish S-2s :). We landed took a .... right turn .....and taxied back along the taxiway that you can, crossing to the terminal. While photography was clearly tricky there was a lots to see, including 4 visiting F-5s by the T-33 hangar. Izmir-Cigli - 23/10/1987 A better view of the T-37s Larissa, Greece - Summer 1982 (not sure the date as I had two trips) This was as we touched down. Lots of luvverly F-84s! Larissa, Greece - Summer 1982 a photoshopped image because there was a cockpit window frame in the middle! Note the RF-84Fs - flying on one occasion Larissa, Greece - Summer 1982 And this is where we parked. :). There was also an AB205 SAR on the (serial 4397) on both visits that I made here. The entrance to this "civil" pan was just behind the white Dak. I'd spend the turn around walking around our aircraft and eyeing the view! Martin
  12. Singapore Stratotankers (KC-135's) + Turkey & Chile 1:72 Miliverse As well as being the mainstay of the USAF Air-2-Air refuelling capacity the KC-135 also provides this capability to other countries air forces around the world. These include Republic of Singapore, Turkey, and Chile. These decals from Singapore based Miliverse give the modeller a chance to represent one of these countries KC-135s. The decals come on 3 major sheets. One contains only black lettering, the second national markings and tail flashes, and the third the main airframe markings including colours and metallics on the same sheet. The decals look excellent, well printed, colour dense and have minimal carrier film. Conclusion These decals will help the modeller make a good looking, and different KC-135. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. Interseting article on the Aviationist website today: http://bit.ly/1QXUYRh
  14. Hello people, I just finished this build. On thursday I found a Revell 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V kit in the local store I buy most of my kits from and I felt like I had to buy it cause from what I see most modelers build at least one, it seemed obligatory. After taking a first look at the kit I thought many build spitfires so many may have built the kit and built it OOB as I usually do so I thought I might try something different. Why not build a Spitfire that flew for my country, served in my city and I found this as a reference: I checked the only online store that sells after market stuff in Turkey but there were no specific decals for this specific plane, even the common Turkish markings for the time were sold in only 1/48 scale so I had no luck. Then I said why not try to create them by painting ( no I don't print decals myself and don't plan to for now) and use the common decals from the kit. The worst that could happen is I'd make a mess and return back to RAF decals. While making the plane I remembered the bases left from my die cast car models so I thought of using one as a base (1/24 seemed too big so I used a 1/43 model's base) and also create kind of a small diorama, that would be a first for me, so this was overall an experimental build and here is the result I am pretty much satisfied with: OK.14 Central Flying School Eskişehir/Turkey , Hope you liked it Regards
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