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Found 17 results

  1. Some of you may have already noticed a Pz.IV hull lurking at background on the Matilda photos. Well, here it is. The kit is Tristar's Panzer IV Ausf.B. some of the things to add are the PE fenders and the basic set by Aber. I also have Modelkasten early 38cm tracks to use and an aluminum barrel is on its way as well. Assembling the hull is tricky to say the least. large thin details are somewhat warped and there are no exact location points to be guided of. I started slow gluing it together segment by segment, on a glass sheet under the gentle weight to ensure the hull to be as straight as possible. the rear wall was the least collaborate and needed some filling at the bottom edge. Hull assembled, the next thing to deal with was to correct the brackets that support the idler's tensioning system. Tristar has depicted these the later type beginning of Ausf.D. Ausf A/B/C had these different however. I didn't have any clear photo of the bracket though, so the rivets there are pretty much the way as Dragon has these on their early Pz.IV hull. Front tow eyelets were replaced by details left over from some Dragon kit - Seemed a bit more accurate to me and I had these on hand anyway. One of the things that bothers me about this kit is the loose fit of the wheels. Haven't touched the roadwheels yet, but both the sprocket and the Idler sit quite loosely, return rollers being the worst with a half mill larger diameter hole to fit in. Otherwise the kit seems to go together quite nicely so far. Cheers! Kristjan
  2. A couple of recently completed projects first being a refurb of the airfix L-1011 Tristar I build long ago complete with dodgy painting, no straight decals, unpainted and yellowing plastic. Since I had the decals still I refurbed from TWA to Cathay. Second is the 1:24 Harrier GR1 that was donated mostly unbuild to the museum I volunteer at (the donor got the kit in 1974 and never got round to building it instead was building the real thing) so I built the model for display at the museum to depict an engine change. Never tried my hand at diorama before so was interesting trying to build jacks etc. Tristar before After Harrier GR1 1:24 On display behind our GR3 Relaxing with his bottle of coke whilst others work.
  3. As a TriStar admirer,I was very excited when Eastern Express finally came up with an injection molded kit of the -500 and I bought it right away. At first sight it looks like a cut down version of their "standard" -1011 kit which was obviously ripped and slightly altered from the Otaki kit. But it really turned out to be a little more than that. The greater wingspan of the -500 was added and also the bigger front cargo door is included. The build itself has its ups and downs as its a common thing with short run kits. Most of the parts need a fair amound of filling and sanding but with careful preparation of the parts it goes together quite well. The S-duct of the No.2 engine is also included but its a bit tricky to fit it into the fuselage halves. I built it mostly OOB,I just repaced the landing gear with an Airfix leftover,because the original parts had some serious molding issues and were beyond use.Some adjustments had to be done on them to fit into the EE kit. Painted entirely with Revell and Testors enamels and sligtly weathered with Humbrol graphite powder. Eastern Express offers this kit in different airline liveries,I chose the Air Transat version as this airline is a frequent visitor at our airport during summer. When they started their weekly service back in 1992 from Montreal to Basel (Switzerland),the TriStar was used,later added by a second weekly service done with Boeing 757-200s. So as a reminder of those good old days I wanted a TriStar in Air Transat livery for quite some time. Cheers
  4. I may well regret this but as the Beastie Boys said "as long as I learn, I will make mistakes". So here goes....... the obligatory sprue shot and a blurry(sorry) shot of the 26Decals decals and instructions and the Metallic Details PE set and instructions. Now all I have to do is build and paint a model in three months, how hard can that be??...
  5. Revell L-1011 Tristar Court Line G-BAAA 'halcyon days' Kit - Revell Decals - 26 decals and authentic airliners for cockpit and windows Modifications - 1. tail engine re-designed 2. area below rudder extended and corrected 3. trench cargo doors filled and sanded 4. nose reshaped thanks for looking!
  6. The Lockheed TriStar kit was one of the first in Hasegawas LoveLiner series in the early 80s. It is very accurate in shape,nicely molded and detailed. Apart from the 1/144 Otaki / now also Eastern Express kit,its the only accurate TriStar plastic molded kit. The Cathay Pacific version was released around 1980 and so the decal set offers the original paint scheme complete with the union jack on the tail. The decals were in surprisingly good condition and could be applied with no problems. The build was straight forward and the only modification I made,was shorten the engine exhausts like I did on the All Nippon TriStar. Hasegawa never updated the engines and always included the longer,2nd exhaust version. Cathay Pacifics TriStars served very well for 20 years before they were replaced by the Airbus A330. Hope you like her
  7. Just to put this in the proper place in addition to my post in the Classic Airliners sub-forum, I first saw this appear on the Airlinercafe site today. After following the linked picture it seems that Eastern Express have announced a new 1/144 scale Tristar 500 to be released sometime this year. Posted on the Pas-Decals forum in a thread on the Airfix kit: http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/11--/5913-airfix-lockheed-l-1011-tristar-air-lanca#8845 Hopefully it'll be a decent kit, but given their track record I'd like to see the actual plastic before getting hopes up too high. Jonathan. P.S. Can any of our Russian friends shed any light on the A310 shown on the Pas Decals home page? Could it be we're finally going to be getting a new A310 kit.
  8. A relief to finally have this one wrapped up. Learned a lot with this one, especially about how to use oils.
  9. Lockheed L-1011 Tristar 200, with 26 Decals 'Gulf Air' . 1:144 Eastern Express, sold by 26 Models with their decals. The Lockheed Tristar was one of the first generation of widebody airliners, designed in the 1960's and entering service in the 1972, few, if any are still flying today. Like the DC-10 it featured a centre engine mounted in the tail. With the development of more powerful and reliable engines, this configuration is no longer seen on aircraft of similar size. The Gulf Air scheme from the Tristar era is one of the most attractive around, so when I saw that 26 Models were offering their own boxing of the Eastern Express kit along with a set of their own decals, I just had to have one. The price was very good too, so I hope Ray reissues it sometime soon. The kit itself is pretty good. Other forums have suggested it is based on the long unavailable Otaki kit, but not having an Otaki for comparison, I couldn't say. The fuselage halves are in 2 parts, but the fit of the tail section to the main body is exceptional if not perfect. It really is hard to tell that the tail/centre engine is joined on. The rest of the kit fits pretty well too, unlike in comments made on this forum about the Eastern Express MD-11. I have not started my MD-11, but guys building the it have had fit issues, so it is worth pointing out here that the Tristar is a good 'un. There are a couple of improvements that can be made, pointed out at the end of this post. Two versions of the livery are offered on the 26 sheet, with minor variations in the tiles/font used for the 'Gulf Air' and 'Golden Falcon' scripts. Some aircraft had overall white fuselages (on delivery I think) and later they appeared with a bare metal strip along the underside. I did mine as A40-TZ as there is a good photo of it on airliners.net showing the full white fuselage. 'With something else', an A330-200, showing how big twin engined airliners have got! A couple of things are worth doing. The centre engine is a bit 'see through' so I stuck a simple roll of 5 thou plasticard in to give the illusion of an intake. Fellow member Chris 'Stringbag' has artfull bent some copper plumbing pipe for his. I have a copy that I'll use on my next Tristar. The engine pylons are a bit strange where they should meet the hot section. There is a gap that I filled with plastic strip & milliput to blend them in. Thanks for looking, John
  10. Revell L-1011 Tristar G-BAAA Some time ago I purchased the Revell L-1011 with the intention of doing the wacky Court Line yellow livery. I quickly put this together with no thought of the inaccuracies of the revell kit. I'm aware that there are other options including eastern express and the wonderful authentic airliners kit but I'd really like to have a go at putting this right (if possible!) The only thing that i attempted to correct was the reshaping of the exhaust section using excess plastic and reshaped.... this is the view without the engine exhaust on, i also noted that this has the correct number of flap track fairings??? - i think the airfix kit was incorrect? I am also unsure whether the engines will sit too low....... should these parts be sanded away on the wing??? Oops!..... I left the plastic wall inside the engine. How on earth am i going to get rid of this without ripping apart the whole model?? maybe dissect the tail? this is going to get messy i also didnt plan accurately where the transfers would end up so near the nose i have a disaster there. also the radome is too big (and shiny..should be a matt black) the wings should be WHITE... not grey. also the doors are like trenches, looks like i filled the cargo door trenches but left the passenger doors - for some reason no engraving for the rear passenger door? looks like a fake door compared to the others and FINALLY... the decals, whilst good in appearance like most giant decal sections they crack and can come apart. applying this whole orange strip was a disaster, luckily the decals came with a square of excess decal so i could patch it up - but lets be honest, it looks crap. also just below the reg and the 2nd rear door the decals crumpled on a curved section of fuselage I've already started scraping of the paint. so far this is what i think has to be considered *nose reshaping?? too much like DC10? *straightening the tail profile - too curved? *etched wing areas - also like trenches. They seem very simplistic and I doubt they are correct?? This is what i know I have to do *get rid of the plastic wall in the no2 engine *fill trench passenger doors *insert a hole for the aircraft stand as I'd glued it straight on the fuselage (very unstable) *upper wing surfaces to be painted white *inner orange area to be painted rather than use giant decal (will use a sticky template of decal for accuracy) I'd also like to know if braz do any RR resin engines? as the ones i have aren't the best (like lumps of plastic) As well as ordering new decals from 26, I have ordered 3d cockpit and window decals from authentic airliners on recommendation - thanks!
  11. Here is my representation of Court Line’s second Tristar, G-BAAB. I used the Welsh Models kit with 26 Decals supplemented with bits and pieces from the Nazca detail sheet. The light pink is Tamiya TS-25 and the salmon pink for the lower surfaces was custom mixed to RAL 3017. White is Halfords Appliance White apart from the belly stripe which is a double layer of white decal. Natural metal is various Revell and Tamiya acrylics. Building the kit was easy and straightforward although for some reason I got a bit bored half way through and the partly-built Tristar spent about a year looking sad and forlorn while I got on with other things. Eventually I took pity on it and finished it in parallel with an overall orange Easyjet A320 which made for an interesting clash of colours. The decals were also “interesting” although in a different sense. Applying the pink stripes, particularly around the tail, is an experience I’m in no hurry to repeat. 26 provide a generous amount of spare decal which perhaps should have been a warning. It was one of these jobs which looked simple on paper but in reality was anything but. I had a few “why don’t I take up a sensible hobby like stamp collecting?” moments. Weirdly, the left side which I did first went much better than the right which is the opposite of what I’d normally expect - must have been some kind of beginner’s luck! In addition the decals were rather brittle with a horrible tendency to break into flakes when I tried to trim them despite using a fresh scalpel blade. In a few areas, particularly around the stabilisers, I found myself sticking bits back in place with varnish. Eventually a hair dryer, copious quantities of Daco strong setting solution and a hefty dose of sheer bloody-mindedness got everything more or less in place although at the cost of extensive patching and touching up (Humbrol 200 with a tiny speck of red). Quite honestly it’s a bit of a mess and although the model looks OK from a distance close inspection isn’t encouraged. It’s definitely better viewed from a distance of six feet or more! The 26 windscreen decal was replaced by an old ATP item which I still had in my decal stash. It’s a bit black and monochromatic but it fits the kit far better than the 26 one. I’m sorry that Kurt Lehmann only does window decals for the kits which he produces since the Tristar’s big cockpit windows are crying out for the photo-real treatment. Anyhow, Halcyon Breeze is finally done. For all its flaws the result is definitely eye-catching. Who says airliners are all white and boring? Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is welcome. Dave
  12. Trip to Brize courtesy of RAF Brize Norton and the Swindon branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society- hope you enjoy Maybe someone can explain why there two drogues on the Tristar centreline (photo six) - presume they could not be used at the same time?
  13. Seen on Trumpeter's Face book page. https://www.facebook.com/TrumpeterModel/photos/a.103538733138062.8169.103526326472636/411802578978341/?type=1&theater
  14. Chaps. My mates just reported to me that he picked up an RAF Tristar on Virtual radar today. Not sure where it was but it was definitely picked up. Anyone know more? Rick.
  15. Here are some from the Brize Norton photocall, only 200 places and I was very lucky to fill one of them! Very sad loss to our skies. I do have a few more to add, I will do once I have finished editing them. Hope they are of interest. MB9T9967 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr
  16. All, I have joined an Anti-Aircraft "campaign" on another forum (same as our Group Build). My subject, the Panzer I Flak panzer. i am going with the Tristar version with the ammo trailer (plus AM barrel). No photos just yet but, so that you get an idea on the subject here is the official Tristar website: http://www.tristar-model.com/products35019.html# due to start march 1st and will build while I finish the Sd.Kfz 10 I am building for the GB on here.
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