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Found 15 results

  1. I ordered one of these Galaxy Model "grinding pens" https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33027364811.html They look like mechanical pencils, but the core is obviously made of something else than graphite. Does these have another name that is more widely used? One of the problems with many Chinese tools is that is difficult to find reviews of them. Does anyone have experience with this kind of pencil? What's the material of the core, is it fragile? I ordered one with a 0.5mm core. I'm hoping that the tool will be useful in cleaning small parts.
  2. Tool Stand EBMA Hobby & Craft We all have a plethora of tools bought over the years and storing them can be pain at times, even more so for the modellers who dont have a dedicated area to work in. There are lots of brands on the market, and many of them use MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or Perspex that is laser cut to shape and can be self-assembled, which is great for keeping shipping costs to a minimum. EBMA have created their own line of racks, drawers and tool storage etc made from MDF that are pre-cut ready for assembly. This one is designed for tools and comes in a modular design for the main area allowing the modeller to choose how they wish to configure it. There are two of the "pliers racks" seen here on the right, three of the "file bins" seen in the centre, and 3 of the "brush bins" seen here on the left. There are storage areas in front of the bins, and underneath three slim drawers. Rack filled with random tools/brushes to give an idea of use Construction is simple, and will require some PVA to glue the outer sections together, and having some clamps handy will be a boon for getting strong joints. The joints will also be stronger if you use proper woodworking PVA glue, which can be sourced online easily and cheaply if you’re in need. Instructions are found online to save paper and cost, and yes you do really need to look at them. If you have built any kind of flat pack you already know this! This set like many others from EBMA comes with little magnets which you can use for to keep more than one of their modular units together. Conclusion This is a well designed storage system for all modellers which will help keep your tools together so you dont spend time hunting for them. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  3. Hello, my name is Thanos. I am new to scale modeling, currently I am building a Kinetic F 16 (1/48) and a couple of Eduard Spitfires (1/72). I have made a relatively good investment buing some tools, like a set of tweezers, a H&S Ultra (2 in 1) airbrush, a compressor, a knife with No11 blade and a razor saw. Also I bought some brushes (10/0, 3/0, 2/0, 2, 4 round brushes + an old 12 round Da Vinci and No 3/8, 4, 8, 10 flat brushes). For gluing I am using Mr. Cement S, but I have problems due to its fast evaporation. For gap's filling I bought an AK grey putty and Mr Surfacer 1200. I would like to ask for recommendations regarding the adhesives and paint brushes. Also I would like to ask for must have tools or other important tools.
  4. Over the last few years I've made a few modelling tools and I thought I would show them off and ask if anyone else has made or re-purposed something that they use. Sometimes I make things to help with modelling because I to damn tight. Sometimes it's because I can't find what I need. But mostly it's because I like making stuff, and giving the grey matter a bit of a work out. Circle Cutter Because I couldn't find a circle cutter that would cut circles smaller than 10mm, I made this. It can cut circles down to 3mm Diameter. It's by far my most used, home-made tool. Paint Swatch not strictly a tool as such, but this is one of my most useful modelling items. A couple of years ago I got feed up with Tamiya paint charts and the colours on the paint lids bearing little relation to the colour in the jar, so I started a long and very boring job of spraying all the 'XF' colours and the few 'X' colours onto strips of plastic. On the back is the few Alclad colours I have, and also the colours I have mixed. Incidentally, some of the metallic colours have been half over-sprayed with Tamiya smoke (X-19) to show the effect it produces. I've got a lot more of the 'X' range now and I really should do a new gloss swatch, but there is always something more interesting to do. Parts Rack Again, not really a tool in the usual sense, but it helps enormously. It's made from an old washing up rack that was about to be ditched as it was going rusty. I keep the sprues lettered from left to right so that it's easy to find the one I want. Corrugator For my recent BoB dio, I needed some corrugated sheets. The purpose made tools were either very expensive, or produced corrugations that wouldn't be in the scale I wanted – 1/48. I bought some aluminium 1mm wire (£4) and cut two pieces of ply 60mm x 60mm x 12mm. After a bit of experimentation, I wrapped the wire around the blocks, with a 2mm gap between each wire. Each wire was super-glued after making sure it was straight. For the corrugated panels, the best material I found was a takeaway foil container from my local Indian. It was just the right thickness to be strong enough to withstand use. Obviously the width of the foil will shrink because of the corrugations, so I cut the foil sheets 10mm wider than the blocks. Then it is simply the case of putting the foil between the blocks and standing on them. It took a few hours to make the dies, but now they are done, it takes seconds to produce a corrugated sheet. Not perfect, but good enough for me. Flexifile I thought that a flexifile might be useful, but I was put off by the £19 price tag. I made this out of a plastic clothes hanger in about 40 minutes - not pretty, but it works. The clips holding the sandpaper in place are sewing clips - which are easily strong enough for this job and very useful for other small clamping jobs as well (and you get 50 in a packet for a couple of quid). Variable Pressure Clamp Occasionally it's useful to hold a part in place with just light pressure – for example holding a canopy in place while it dries. The only thing I could find which looked like it would work was something called a multi-clamp, but it looked so simple I thought “I could do something like that” (saving £10 was another factor as well). This is the result – again made from a clothes hanger, plus a small bolt, a wing-nut, a 2mm thick metal washer and a pencil eraser. It is a little on the large size (the model in the photo is 1/48) so it may be better to use a child's hanger, but I'm not having another kid just to make another one, so this will have to do for now. Aircraft Stand About as simple as you can get; three mini planks; four pencils (with erasers); two screws and a load of holes. I made it a couple of days ago so it hasn't been used on a build yet – I've just used one of my old models to show how it works. Paint Mixing Palette We seem to get through loads of plastic bottles in our house, so when I need something to mix paint I just cut off the bottoms. So, does anyone else make or re-purposed anything that I can steal they would like to show? Thanks for looking - Gorby.
  5. After several attempts at locating information that I need, I determined that maybe this has never been done before and should possible have it's own forum partition. I will get to the skinny of my request. Basically, what should a beginning modeller have in their workstation if starting from scratch, before they ever open their first kit and begin building? I.e. For modern warplanes, a beginner should have airbrush, compressor, a list of paint codes to have for, say US Navy aircraft, as well as paints that are used for non-FS painting, but will be used often. Basically the list of all paints a modeller should have in their everyday colors, then the paints for specific color call-outs. This is in military terms, a PCI (pre-combat inspection). Make surs you got the right gear before you go out and pick a fight, I hope to acheive the same for beginners like me. Hand brushes, sandpaper (what level of grit) puddy (type and why) exacto knife with different blade shapes and their uses, panel line tool, weathering effects and washes, decal solutions, thinners field both enamel and acrylics, paint tent/box, ventilation. Anyway, I am new (again, after a 30 year layoff) to modelling, and things have changed a lot, mostly the quality has gone up I hope, and the aftermarket has exploded for upgrades and conversions. Having a workstation with the basic tools and paints to begin, is itself stressful. I would hate to start a kit, only to find out that I need a certain tool or paint or whatever, and all progress halts until the missing aspect arrives. This could be added to each group of modellers with a list of the basic paints used on almost all kits of that genre, and an explanation of how to determine the specific paints required. This could be fun for the more experienced modellers, see who has the best list, make a contest out of it. Mostly though, I really need to know that I have at least the minimum tools and paints/glues/overcosts required to begin my first build. Hope to hear from you all soon and thanks in advance, sincerely, Stalker6recon
  6. Hey guys, I am very very new to this site. I am an American veteran, now living in the Philippines. I have had an extremely hard time finding the paints and tools that I need to reenter model building, after a VERY LONG gap. My last build was in the very early 1990's, and I am hoping to get back into the game, so to speak. As I said, living here is not the best place if you need to find paints, tools and kits. I have resorted to using Ebay for most of my buys so far, and it just so happened that I sent a question to a seller located in Hong Kong, with more than 12,000 feedbacks. I was asking about a 1/48 scale V-22 that I want to add to my kits. He was able to send me to his website, which offers lower shipping costs than ebay. When I went to his store, which is NOT very well constructed for a website, but you can find a lot of items from different brands, at what seems to be extremely good prices. As an example, a Tamiya 87086 weathering stick, which sells for 4.10 dollars on Amazon (US), is only 2.30 cents on his store. Nearly half the price. The same goes for the paints, all of them seem to be at half the prices found on ebay/amazon, and he has different brands, some I know, others I have never heard of. The guys on here that can create military aircraft that just need an engine, and they would fly, probably have experience with the other brands available there. I am making this post, just because I am so happy to find a place that has a lot of what I believe I need, and at MUCH better prices than I have found in the Philippines. I am on a fixed, limited income, so money means a lot. When buying one bottle of paint, a few dollars doesn't mean much. But when you plan to fill up on FS colors or their equivalent, needing to buy a few dozen, every dollar saved, really counts. He also has a lot of tools as well, saws, sand paper etc, and at what appears to be some of the best pricing I have ever seen. Sorry if this post is inappropriate, I don't really know the rules, and I was so excited that I thought I would share this with my new friends and mentors, that have the same passion that I do, but probably a LOT more skill. I am doing reading and watching videos, trying to consume as much information/tips, as I can get. I hope that I too, can create the "it would fly" look that so many of your are able to do, probably with ease. I did post on my profile, a bit of information about myself, and requested and tricks/tips that you have, if you have the time. I would greatly appreciate it. Anyway, here are the links that got me to his page, let me know if these is indeed a good price as compared buying locally in your area. I know that it is HUGE savings in my area, which is more than double, even triple the prices that are offered on this site. Anyway, this is where I started on ebay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-25163-1-48-v-22-oaprey-with-jp-marking/271350442464?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3D51040936a9cb426480c9d0eb4e9292bd%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D271350442464&_trksid=p2481888.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3A99717105-b704-11e7-a283-74dbd1809bac%7Cparentrq%3A433d2e6215f0ab6b48125d9efffcea63%7Ciid%3A1 And this is the link to his store, http://www.wahwahmodelshop.com Anyway, I hope this help others to save a buck or two, or at least to get an idea that there may be deals in your area that can stretch your dollar, peso or pound. Cheers, Stalker6Recon PS. I tried to add a photo of the item/price from a screen grab, but I can not add photos, not sure why.
  7. Help.......... I need a masterclass with pictures if possible on creating wood effects for rifles and tool handles and shafts. I normally use enamel paints but would like to learn to use different media if need be thanks in advance scott
  8. Hey guys! I don't know if it's okay to post this video here, but if it's not please let me know. I'm just starting a YouTube channel and in this video I would like to talk about some basic tools and items I'm using at the moment with scale models or what would you need in order to start the hobby. And I would love to get some feedback! I know the video is not top notch and maybe I'm mumbling a little bit, but that's a start.
  9. Modelling Tools Revell Which modeller can not say they need tools, and who is not always looking for better and different tools to help us out? Here Revell bring us three different tool sets under their brand name. Tweezers This pack contains 3 sets of pretty standard tweezers. Two standard positive pressure sets, one with angled ends. Also included is one set of negative pressure tweezers (ie you have to pinch to let the part go). These are all fairly standard items and I would be as bold as to say there are better items available on the market. There is nothing wrong with them though. Modellers drill This again is much like a standard pin vice drill we see. Inside the main body is the vice part which has two different ends for different diameter bits. There is a good ergonomic handle on the back end, with space inside to store bits if needed. This drill comes with 3 drill bits. Saw Blades and Handle This tool is a good idea as the saw blades click into and are held in place by the handle and not as usual where they are trapped by friction inside a normal blade handle. With the proper handle it feels like you have more control over the cutting operation. 3 different blades are included with the handle. Conclusion The first two sets are fairly pedestrian, however the Saw Blades and handle are much more positive. Overall recommended. Revell model kits & Tools are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit
  10. Having recently finished a TSR2 and now getting close to the same problem with an Airfix Lightning F2, what do you guys use to support tailplanes that have a wobbly fix while the cement sets? I'm looking for something other than pots, bits of sprue etc and already have my trusted Berna clamps which are good, but don't help measure the angle of the dangle... Suggestions?
  11. For those looking, I thought this was quite a reasonable price, taking your chance with customs, but don't see it an issue at that value! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-74024-Thin-Blade-Modeling-Razor-Saw-Craft-Tool-Plastic-Model-Blades-NIP-/350821790432?pt=UK_ToysGames_ModelKits_ModelKits_JN&hash=item51ae9bb2e0
  12. Cam across these, got one ordered to see the quality. The handle might be suitable for the etch saw blades I have if nothing else. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GJQG04-MANWAH-Hobby-Razor-Saw-Handy-Craft-Saw-Model-Tools-NEW-/111351648274?pt=UK_ToysGames_ModelKits_ModelKits_JN&hash=item19ed135012
  13. I am envious of the dentists array of gadgets. Especially their polishing gizmo. I bought GMC DEC003AC 135 Multi Function Rotary Tool and thought that with the extension it should work a treat. Just the soft polishing disk acted like a grinder. I need something small and lightweight for drilling 1/48 and especially for polishing out scribing mistakes.I have looked at the Dremel but is seems like an expensive version of what I have.
  14. Hi all, I'm a complete novice just trying to get my kit together before embarking on some (hopefully) great modelling journeys. I've an airbrush which I haven't yet used, just a bargain basement thing from eBay (didn't see the point in splashing out straight away, I can always expand at a later date). The one thing I feel the need to purchase is a respirator or mask of some sort; my modelling will be taking place in the garage and there are no windows and with winter almost here, I'll be keeping the door shut! Can anybody recommend a mask or respirator? It doesn't need to be too flashy and the cheaper the better, but it does need to be effective. Thanks in advance, Scott. PS: If anybody has any tips they learned from when they started airbrushing, please feel free to share
  15. Hi All Im looking for cheap starter warhammer or scale model tool kits any one all surgestions greatfully received, Thanks.
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