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  1. Hi to all I would like to share with you the first model done from our current proyect. It have started the research in march 2021 when I came across Buz Craig and Carl Vincent. They have helped me in a way that exceeded my expectations. They have been sharing their knowledge with us with a lot of patients on a daily basis. I do not have enough words to thank them. As I did in similar previous projects. I have done a folder with a summary of each aircraft with all the related photos and information. This makes the building process easier and reduces the number of mistakes. This is the list of aircraft that we are going to include Mark REFERENCE Serial code letter Squadron Pilot Place Time 1 RAF Tomahawk I Tomahawk BK853 - AAE&E UK 1-nov-40 2 RAF Tomahawk I Tomahawk AH767 - 400 RCAF UK 3 RAF Tomahawk I Tomahawk AH771 - 400 RCAF UK 1-oct-41 4 RAF Tomahawk I Tomahawk AH860 RM-F 26 Gravesend 1941 5 RAF Tomahawk IA Tomahawk AH973 - 1940 6 RAF Tomahawk IIA Tomahawk AH893 RM-D 26 UK June/July 1941 7 RAF Tomahawk IIA Tomahawk AH830 RM-A 26 UK 8 RAF Tomahawk IIA Tomahawk AH903 RU-Z 414 RCAF UK 9 RAF Tomahawk IIA Tomahawk AH895 SP-B 400 RCAF UK 1-ago-41 10 RAF Tomahawk IIA Tomahawk AH945 XV-W 2 RAF 1-sep-41 11 Desert Tomahawk Iib Tomahawk AK367 C Fayid Airfield septembre 1941 12 Desert Tomahawk IIB Tomahawk AK490 Amriya septembre 1941 13 RAF Tomahawk IA Tomahawk AH852 0 414 RCAF UK 1-mar-43 14 RAF Tomahawk IIA Tomahawk AH899 PB-F 1683 Bomber defense Training Flight Market Harborough 1-may-44 15 RAF Tomahawk IIB Tomahawk AK184 at Hamble, Hampshire 1943-1944 16 RAF Tomahawk IIB Tomahawk AK122 BT-H 1686 FLT 1944 17 SAAF Tomahawk Iib Tomahawk AK431 ED 73 OTU Libia 1942 18 SAAF Tomahawk Iib Tomahawk AN311 TA-C 2 SAAF 1-nov-41 19 RCAF P40 H-87A-3 P40 E 1071 A 14 Squadron Umnak Island summer of 1943 20 RCAF P40 H-87A-3 P40 E AK857 VW-H 118 Squadron RCAF Annette Island, Alaska October 18, 1942 but not before June 21, 1942 21 RCAF P40 H-87A-3 P40 E 1052 D 111 Squadron RCAF Umnak Island May 2 to June 12, 1943 22 RCAF P40 H-87A-3 P40 E AL194 V 111 Squadron RCAF Fort Greely, Kodiak Island, Alaska 19-abr-43 23 RCAF P40 H-87A-3 P40 E AK815 VW-T 118 Squadron RCAF Annette Island, Alaska October 18, 1942 but not before June 21, 1942 24 RCAF P40 H-87A-2/3 P40 E AK940 LZ E 111 Squadron RCAF mountains of Alaska. Summer 1942 25 RCAF P40 H-87A-3 P40 E 729 C 1944 26 RCAF H-87A-2CU P40 E 1076 27 RCAF P-40 E P40 E 1057 B 132 Canada 1943 28 RAF Kittyhawk Mk I P40 E AK571 - 23-abr-05 29 RAF Kittyhawk Mk I P40 E AL229 - AAE&E Uk 1-abr-42 30 RAF Kittyhawk II (P-40F-CU) P40 F FL220 Uk 1-ago-42 31 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40E-1) P40 E ET604 No Code nil Hobsonville late May/Jun 1942 32 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40E-1) P40 E NZ3008 14 SQN RNZAF 33 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40E-1) P40 E NZ3027 FE-V 10 January 1944. 34 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40E-1) P40 E NZ3036 HQ-Q 35 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40E-1) P40 E NZ3038 JZ-A 15 Howick 1943 36 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40E-1) P40 E NZ3043 FE-B 2 FOTU 1/01/1944 (with 2 FOTU for sometime) 37 RNZAF P-40E-1 ex 68FS P40 E NZ3094 Servicing Unit, New Georgia 38 Desert H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I P40 E AK673 GA-F Gazala 2 Februrary 1942 39 Desert H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I P40 E AK739 FZ-R 94 20-mar-42 40 Desert H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I P40 E AK919 LD-B 250 Sqdn. Ldr M.T. Judd 1-ago-42 41 Desert H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I P40 E AK961 CV-0 3 RAAF Squadron Amartya, Egipt 1942 42 Desert P-40E-1CU (Kittyhawk Ia) P40 E ET789 GA-G 112 RAF 43 Desert H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I P40 E ET611 North Africa 1-jul-42 44 Desert P-40E-1CU (Kittyhawk Ia P40 E ET790 GA-? 112 RAF Sqdn. Ldr Billy Drake El Daba 1-jul-42 45 Desert P-40E-1CU Kittyhawk Ia P40 E ET953 CV-V 3 RAAF Squadron 46 Italy H-87A-3CU P40 E AK886 OK-R 450 RAAF late Jul 1942 47 SAAF H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I P40 E AK702 KJ-J 4 SAAF F/O W.P. Pictorius Feb and April 1943 48 SAAF H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I P40 E AK840 DB-K 2 SAAF Jul/Aug 1942 49 RAAF P-40E-1 P40 E A29-118 FA 82 Squadron Bankstown late 1943 50 RAAF P-40E1 P40 E A29-83 2 OTU 51 RAAF P-40E1 P40 E A29-148 76 Squadron Flt John Meehan sep-42 52 RAAF P-40E1 P40 E A29-75 76 Squadron 1942 53 RAAF P40 E P40 E A29-78 54 RAAF P40 E P40 E A29-82 55 RAAF P-40 E-1a P40 E A29-85 CD-E 2 OTU Mildura 1-ene-45 56 RAAF P-40E1 P40 E A29-129 2 OTU 1942 57 RAAF P-40 E P40 E A29-133 FA-B 82 Squadron Bankstown oct-43 58 RAAF P-40 E P40 E A29-806 AM-V 77 Squadron 1944 59 Desert P-40F-CU (Short tailed merlin powered) P40 F FL234 HS-A 260 SQN 60 Desert H-87A-2CU Kittyhawk I (fin fillet) P40 K short tail EV322 CV-I 3 RAAF Squadron 61 RCAF P40 K-1-CU Mark III (Short tail) P40 K short tail 245945 F 111 Squadron RCAF Elmendorf Air Base 3-sep-42 62 RCAF P40 K-1-CU Mark III (Short tail) P40 K short tail 246004 S 111 Squadron RCAF Amchitka Island summer/ fall of 1942\ 63 RCAF P40 K-1-CU Mark III (Short tail) P40 K short tail 245951 A 111 Squadron RCAF Amchitka Island summer/ fall of 1942\ 64 RCAF P40 K-1-CU Mark III (Short tail) P40 K short tail 245954 G 111 Squadron RCAF Amchitka Island summer/ fall of 1942\ 65 Desert Kittyhawk III (P-40K-1CU) (Short tail) P40 K short tail FR241 LD-R 250 SQN 66 Desert Kittyhawk III (P-40K-1CU) (Short Tail) P40 K short tail FR338 GA-? 112 RAF 67 RAF P40 K (Short Tail) P40 K short tail FL891 8 68 SAAF P-40E-1 (fin fillet) P40 K short tail EV421 DB-H 2 SAAF 69 RAAF P-40 K (Long tail) P40 K long tail A29-182 AM-C 77 Squadron New Guinea 1943 70 Italy P-40 K (Long tail) P40 K long tail FR507 OK-REB 450 RAAF R.E.Bary Grottaglie Italy 4th October 1943 71 RAAF P-40M-1CU (Long tail) P40 K long tail A29-302 86 Auguts 1943 72 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40K-15) (Long tail) P40 K long tail NZ3050 HQ Gunnery Training school Ohakea 1944 73 RNZAF Kittyhawk Mk I (P-40K-15CU) (Long tail) P40 K long tail NZ3060 9 14 Guadalcanal 1-jun-43 74 Italy P-40L-5CU P40 L FS490 BAE 3 RAAF Squadron WGCDR Brain Eaton Italy 75 RAF P-40L-5CU P40 L FS452 5 Takoradi 76 RCAF P40 M-10 P40 M 837 77 RCAF P40 N-1 P40 M 851 Dartmouth, Canada early 1945 78 RCAF P40 N-1 P40 M 855 F 133 Patricia Bay 1944 79 RCAF P40 N-1 P40 M 831 C 132 80 SAAF P40 N-1 P40 M 5055 D 81 Italy P40 M-5 P40 M FR806 GA-Q 112 RAF 82 Italy P40 N-1 P40 M FT859 OK-L 450 RAAF S/Ldr. Jack Doyle Fano 1945 83 RAAF P40 N-1 P40 M A29-495 Piva North sep-45 84 RNZAF P40 M-5 P40 M NZ3067 FE-H 67 85 RNZAF P40 M-5 P40 M NZ3070 14 RNZAF Station, Whenuapa 86 RNZAF P40 M-10 P40 M NZ3118 14 Kukum Field, Gudalacanal 1-jul-43 87 RNZAF P40 M-10 P40 M NZ3119 88 RNZAF P40 N-1 P40 M NZ3121 4 Servicing unit Ondonga, New Georgia 89 RAAF P40 M-5 P40 M A29-323 SV-F 76 Squadron Momote, Los negos abr-44 90 RAAF P40 M-5 P40 M A29-357 SV-H 76 Squadron 91 RAAF P40 N-1 P40 M A29-412 5 squadron Piva sep-45 92 RCAF P40 N-20 P40 N 867 PN 5 OTU RCAF Boundary Bay, British Columbia late 1944 93 RCAF P40 N-20 P40 N 877 T 132 Western Air Command RCAF Tofino, British Columbia early 1944 94 RAF P 40N P40 N FX594 - Uk 95 SAAF P40 N-5 P40 N 5077 R 11 OTU Isipingo 24-3-44 96 SAAF P40 N-5 P40 N B 11 OTU 97 Italy P40 N-5 P40 N FT943 OK-R 450 RAAF F. Lt. Ray Goldberg Cutella Feb. 1944 98 Italy P40 N-5 P40 N FX515 OK-K 450 RAAF San Angelo May. 1944 99 Italy P40 N-20 P40 N FT928 OK-L 450 RAAF S/Ldr. Jack Doyle Cervia 1945 100 Italy P40 N-20 P40 N FX666 CV-Z 3 RAAF Squadron late 1944 101 Italy P40 N-20 P40 N FX660 CV-W 3 RAAF Squadron late 1944 102 RNZAF P40 N-20 P40 N NZ3253 T -29 4 FOTU 103 RNZAF P40 N-20 P40 N NZ3267 45 Ardmore 1945 104 RNZAF P40 N-25 P40 N NZ3283 Nil code 4 FOTU New Zealand 1945 105 RAAF P40 N-5 P40 N A29-531 2 OTU Oakey 1945 106 RAAF P40 N-20 P40 N A29-650 107 RAAF P40 N-40 P40 N A29-1208 3 AD Amberley 1945 108 RAAF P-40N-15 P40 N A29-558 HU-N Morotai ene-45 109 RAAF P-40N-35 P40 N A29-1005 GA-f 75 Squadron Circa abr-05 110 RAAF P-40N-30 P40 N A29-915 FA-diamont 82 Squadron F/Lt F,Schaaf Labuan sep-45 111 RAAF P-40N-40 P40 N A29-1140 SV-T 76 Squadron 1945. I was posting the building process here Here are the photos of the first P40 done. I hope you like it. 1) RAF Tomahawk I Tomahawk AH767 - 400 RCAF UK We estimated that this series will ocupied these 3 shelfs from our new display cabinet. Cheers Santiago
  2. Great Wall Hobby (G.W.H.) is working on its first 1/32nd kit a Curtiss P-40B Hawk 81/Tomahawk - ref. L3201 Sources: https://hobbylink.tv/the-latest-scale-model-news-from-the-all-japan-model-hobby-show-2018/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryModelingSRG/permalink/2152742281608317/ V.P.
  3. Hello there and welcome to my first workbench thread. So, a bit of background about me before getting into the nitty gritty: I started aviation modelling when I was seven or eight years old, my first effort being a Matchbox Westland Lysander, bought from the local corner shop. My Mum started it with me, she made a good job of the interior, and then I proceeded to make a right gluey mess of the rest of it! Build time, approx one hour its amazing it stayed in one piece! Anyway, I was hooked and up until I was in my mid-teens I continued building aircraft kits, mostly 1/72 scale, all sorts of brands and types, and actually didn't do too badly in the end. I then embarked on model railways for the next ten years, until aircraft again became an interest, this time in 1/48 scale, and although I acquired quite a stash I didn't actually build anything. Fast forward through marriage, children, divorce, and finding the love of my life, and I'm again model-making, both railway and aviation. So here we go! Cheers, Mark
  4. I'm trying to do Neville Duke's airplane AK578 as depicted on the Xtradecal sheet, Early P-40-Part 2. The problem comes in when I did some research that apparently AK578 is a Kittyhawk and not a Tomahawk. Is Xtradecals wrong? There is conflicting information on the 112 page. One place has it as a Tomahawk with the picture of only the front end. The picture is difficult to make out if it is a Dark Earth/Middlestone/Azure or TLS scheme. Then in the serial number portion of the page it describes AK578 as a Kittyhawk Mk.I. Another of my trusted sources, Roy Sutherland at Barracudacals, has GA D as a Kittyhawk as well. I'm so confused. Can any of you shed light on this subject aircraft? Is it a TLS "D" or a DE/MS/AZ GA D? I want to do this right. Or do I need to pick another aircraft. I really want to do a sharkmouthed desert scheme 112 aircraft. I'm trying to use the Xtracals as I never have and they were given to me for this build. Thanks Floyd
  5. Hi folk's a very brutal weekend was spent culling most of my old 1/72 build's sad to see so many binned but they really are just collecting dust now,One I really couldn't part with was a build from about five years ago of Airfix's little Tomahawk might have overdone the weathering a bit
  6. Happy new year to you all! Here is my finished tomahawk. Oob build, only added the decals on the props and made the seat straps from tape. Painted the underside with Mr hobby azure blue and the top side in Xtracrylic dark earth and vallejo mid stone, all the rest in tamiya. I wasn't going for accuracy on this one hence the red nose. Fun build no problems, its a good little starter kit. Thanks for looking. Dave.
  7. Hi all, Not done much at the bench recently due to 1/1 stuff that needed doing. This has been sat on the bench for about 3 weeks with just the canopy to mask so I got it done today. Nice little kit. OOB except for seatbelt and gun sights which came from an etch set. Thanks for looking Neil
  8. I've got a big project lined up next so thought I'd squeeze one or two fast builds in. I started this yesterday and made some good progress on it. It's been in to the bench about 3 times now but kept getting relegated due to others things nipping in front! The cockpit went together quite quickly. The colour was mixed from what I had so probably not too accurate but you see very little once it's inside. I need to add a seatbelt yet Some riveting has been added, haven't a clue how accurate it is, but adds a bit more detail to the surface. Still got the port wing to do yet. Cheers Neil
  9. Hi All, Now that I've sorted out linking images, here's a build I finished about 5 months ago. It is Airfix' new tool Tomahawk MkII, finished as an aircraft of 112 SQN RAF, Libya 1941. Finished mostly OOB, with the addition of Eduard interior set and masks. Painted with a mixture of AK Interactive (Azure & Mid-Stone) and Vallejo Model Air (Dark Earth). This was before I properly got to grips with colour modulation, so the end result is a little 'flat' to my eye. In addition my weathering skills are not up to what I'm sure would have been a much more heavily used aircraft. Despite this I'm relatively pleased with the result - feedback welcome! Cheers, Roger
  10. AirCast Resin has released 1/72nd Piper Tomahawk resin kits Sources: https://www.facebook.com/AirCastResin/posts/334481367446136 https://www.facebook.com/AirCastResin/posts/384750345752571 https://www.facebook.com/pg/AirCastResin/photos/?tab=album&album_id=334481307446142 - ref. ACR72006 - Piper Tomahawk - ref. ACR72007 - Piper Tomahawk ref. ACR72008 - Piper Tomahawk V.P.
  11. Hello everyone... well I'm in with this kit. I find it fitting that I'm building a kit of a Tomahawk, and I grew up in a town named Tomahawk Wisconsin so it works for me. The kits decals are for 73 Squadron and i have a set of lend-lease VVS decals i may use. My confusion lies in that i cant find very much on 73 squadron using Tomahawks ? Ive seen Hurricanes in the same time frame this is supposed to be a P-40 Tomahawk unit. Ultimately if I'm not happy with the options id like to find a set of 112 squadron or AVG markings. Im still looking and that might still be a possibility. Dennis
  12. Looking at what photos I can find (going by serial numbers), Mk.Is appear to have the later larger wing root of the Mk.IIs, not CUs. Is this correct of just my imagination? Did the Mk.I have a canopy horn alarm? - can't find any photos of the starboard side. Is there any reliable wing panel drawings? Anyone know the codes for these II (AC) Squadron Mk.I and Mk.IIBs AH850 AK107 AK144 AK146
  13. Hi Folk's,finished for the MTO GBis Airfix's lovely Tomahawk,I was just leaving the Northern show when I spied the kit on the last stall before the door for a mere £12 and when I saw the 112 Sqn scheme had to have a crack at it.Sgt.William Earl Houston was only 19 when he lost his life on operation's over the Western Desert on December 12th 1941,from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand after training on Hurricane's with 52 OTU he joined the famous 112 Sqn and their equally famous shark mouthed Tomahawk's the story goes that an AVG pilot saw a newsreel of 112's P40's and painted the same on his aircraft which led to the unit's trade mark sharkmouth marking's.Anyway here she is I haven't added wiring as to be honest it makes dusting a pain! With my first build of the kit when it was released.
  14. P-40 from Trumpeter. I made few corrections and added things to cockpit and engine. Tail wheel bay is bulit from scratch. Decals (mainly) are from Techmod and gun barrels and pitot tube are from Master. Unfortunately i broke pitot tube ending. WIP thread was on LSP: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=69082 I forgot about gunsight, so i did one photo with it. It is on the end of this post.
  15. Hi All! Been some time since I last had time to build something, but here is my most recent attempt Let me know what you think! I'm quite happy with the weathering and finish overall, I don't normally build them "wheels up" however. Thanks in advance for any comments
  16. For your enjoyement, or otherwise, an Airfix P-40B finished with Kitsworld 112 squadron markings. Paint by Hataka, weathering washes and pigments by Flory and AK Interactive. This is an excellent and enjoyable kit to build. Build thread:
  17. Lift Here is to release in August 2017 a 1/72nd Piper PA-38 Tomahawk resin kit - ref. LHM040 Source: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/piper-tomahawk-expected-august-2017-lhm040-lift-here-decals-lhm040-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=143729 V.P.
  18. Hi all! I have figured out which P-40 type is called what in RAF service: P-40 B/C = Tomahawk P-40E (4 guns) = Kittyhawk Mk. I P-40E (6 guns) = Kittyhawk Mk. IA P-40F (shorttailed/Merlin-engined) = Kittyhawk II P-40L (longtailed/Merlin-engined) = Kittyhawk II P-40K = Kittyhawk III P-40M = Kittyhawk III P-40N = Kittyhawk IV So far - so good. I also understand that there weren't many Kittyhawk II (P-40F/L) delivered to th RAF. Now here's my question: Would a P-40F/L delivered to the RAAF be called a Kittyhawk II? Or was it still a P-40F/L Cheers Hans J
  19. Bronco Models is to release in April 2016 a 1/48th Curtiss-Wright P-40C Hawk 81-A2 AVG "Flying Tigers" kit - Ref.FB4006 Sources: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2016/03/bronco-models-five-featured-new-kits.html#more http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=22028 V.P.
  20. An odd bit of diversion from Fine Molds, 1/72nd scale missiles. Announced so far are a Tomahawk cruise missile with VLS launcher, and an SM-3 Standard with VLS. (Will we get a 1/72nd Aegis ship to go with them??) http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10474672 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10474671
  21. Now I am getting the hang of Flickr, I thought I would upload some of my earlier models, built since returning to scale modelling 8 or so years ago. This was built from an Aldi Airfix Starter Kit. I cut the canopy to open it up, I think it may sit a bit high. The camo is from the little pots, but the azure blue was more like midnight, so I used some Humbrol Enamel. It doesn't look quite so virulent in real life! This second plane is an Aleutian P-40e. It's scratchbuilt from solid balsa, following WW2 US Navy recognition plans. These plans were issued to schools to make ID models for military use and get students "air-minded". It would fail the USN tests though as it should be made out of harder timber and painted satin black. It was fun to build and all the markings were hand painted, basically to see if I could. I have a plastic kit for a plane in similar markings, which would obviously be more accurate, but would I enjoy building it as much? Cheers Will
  22. HI all - well she's finished. Heres Auntie's latest, finished as AK367 From 112 Squadron RAF, October 1941 at Sidi Heneish, using Barracudecal's excellent markings. Painted with custom mixed Tamiya acrylics, and finished with a little love. All comments welcome, as ever. Hope you like her! Jonners Here's the model with a Hurricane MK1painted in "standard" RAF Dark Earth, Dark green and Sky to try and show my attempt at the 'similar' US DuPont colours on the Hawk.
  23. In yesterdays post with my Bf 109 I mentioned I had a few more RFI's to show you so as promised here's the next one on the list: This was a cracking little kit which I paid no more than £2.99 for from Home Bargains (always on the lookout for models wherever I go). It is built OOB with just the odd scatchbuilt item. Please let me know what you think - pics below:
  24. Hi again, While awaiting the finishing touches for the Maltese Mosquito, and before attempting another bigger build, I thought I'd take the opportunity to bash out my Airfix P-40B that was originally intended for the Starter Kit GB. Unfortunately, in the course of the GB, it became clear that the paints provided by Airfix were so completely wrong it was practically a 'what if' build. We were only allowed to use what came in the box so the Tommy went back into storage. Now here it is, living to fight another day! The kit is completely bog standard from the Alamein Dogfight Double set, which looks rather like this: As you can see, the markings given for the P-40B are AN218 nickname 'Menace' which was on the strength of 112 Sqn at Sidi Hanish in the summer of 1941. However, at the time of the markings provided, 112 Sqn was operating its aircraft in the approved colour scheme: Temperate Land (Dark Earth/Dark Green/Sky). The squadron was lobbying hard for a more effective desert camouflage to be approved, because Sky was no good from below and dark green was hopeless from above - but change was slow to come. Photographs of 112 Sqn up the blue in 1941 show an evolution from Temperate Land Scheme towards the definitive Desert Scheme. When supplies of Mid-Stone were finally allocated, there were some aircraft with the Dark Green areas overpainted (to make Desert Scheme), others with the Dark Earth overpainted (making Tropical Land Scheme). This seems to have happened when 112 Sqn applied its recognition letters of GA as well as the individual aircraft letters, and anecdotal evidence from squadron members states that this took place in November 1941. The best picture I've seen of AN218 has her still in Temperate Land Scheme of Dark Earth/Dark Green over Sky. The spinner should have been Sky but appears darker, assumed red, and she has a shark's mouth painted on. Neither the red spinner or the shark's mouth were officially approved at the time, but were almost universally adopted by 112 Sqn aircraft. Quite how these colourful additions supported the squadron's demands for better camouflage is not made clear! Anyway, that's my plan and while I've got the complete kit and decals I appear to have lost the instructions somewhere! Hopefully they will turn up. Meanwhile I got started by painting the interior green - I took a dollop of Tamiya 'Cockpit Green" and mixed it with Flat Yellow in an empty cupcake box until it was the sort of shade that I wanted: So far so good. If anyone has the instructions and is able to scan them I'd be grateful to see them please, although the fundamental build looks fairly straightforward!
  25. This is my first ever participation in a GB, and although four months is a long time, I'm a slow builder and the time frame coincides with peak work period, some planned holiday, and a probable job search, so spare time is likely to be very limited on occasions. Plus, it's summer! So, bearing that in mind, I've opted for this kit as my initial contribution. It's the relatively new Airfix moulding, packaged with VVS decals in the Airfix Club kit from a few years back. I built the Flying Tigers P-40 last year for my son's ceiling display, and I don't recall any major issues with the kit, so it should be a straightforward OOB build. The challenge for me will be to do the winter whitewash. It's not something I've tried before and I'm a wielder of hairy sticks, so I'm not feeling too confident. The kit decals depict White 58 of 20 GvIAP, with a scheme absolutely plastered in whitewash. The info on Massimo Tessitori's site (http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/lendlease/p-40/tapani/p-40b-c/58khlobystov.htm) has the whitewashing rather more restrained, and on balance I prefer that both aesthetically and as I can at least see the research underlying that scheme with my own eyes. I believe box and sprue photos are traditional at this stage, if only I could get photobucket to work properly, I would post. Maybe tomorrow it'll behave...
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