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Found 8 results

  1. This is another vehicle destined for a forthcoming diorama, but which I thought deserved an outing all of its own. Here's a very old and tired Austin 10HP Utility Vehicle, the Tilly, by Tamiya and me. I had an Austin Cambridge in the 1070s and I can assure you, the rusty arches that you see here are based on my fond memories of that amazingly comfortable behemoth with its sumptuously padded bench seats. It slept four! It started life brown, or was it green, and then faded to green, or is that brown. Pieces have fallen off... But someone still fondly polishes the windscreen. In return for the warmth of the cooling radiator. Seats four. It was a fun and easy kit and would be at home in a million diorama settings. Highly recommended!
  2. Tiily was a name derived from Utility and applied to a wide variety of small trucks but it's the Austin one everyone remembers. It was derived from the Austin 10 four seater saloon and was pretty ubiquitous during WW2. I'm building the Tamiya 1/48 version because that's what I do. Other kits are available. Aiming for a single 24 hour stint, with an official start of midday today. The box. Bought at my last visit to North East Model Centre, so I paid 20% less than than the sticker price. The sprues. Not sure why the tilt has been moulded in clear - just makes it harder to paint, and I'm going to have to as I don't have time to scratch the scaffolding instead. Instructions are the standard Tamiya double sided concertina, and don't hold any surprises. There are a generous 6 schemes on the decal sheet. The Polish one is for the 4th Infantry so I'll rob the 1st Armoured signs from another sheet. Everythnig else will be as Uncle Tamiya intended. Being on my own made Christmas dinner a cinch - Chicken Ceylon, Tarka Dahl, Mushroom Pilau and a couple of Onion Bhajis. Indian food that has almost certainly never been east of Dover Four minutes in the microwave and that was me fed. Right, building time. See you in a bit. Andy
  3. Or.......... "Right then Jenkins there's a thousand pound Jerry bomb ticking ominously in Mrs Perkins basement. Here's a stirrup pump, a tub of vaseline and a jam jar. Best of luck" Joking aside that's not far from what they actually used but more of that later. The Bomb Disposal Service caught my eye so I went for it. I then went down the rabbit hole of their equipment. I needed a beak from the mega build Dorchester so went for something really nice and quick. What could be better than a two spru Tilly. Really nice easy Tamya style. I wasn't going to do much fussy stuff. Well I did re do all the side cleats and loops for the canvas support. I wanted stuff in the back so didn't put the cover on. The big issue I had was with the black and red. I brushed it and cocked it up big style. Really thick and lumpy. Had to rub it down but still not good. WIP here: Note the brass Spade. Fascinating subject the BDS. They used brass and copper tools to prevent sparks. The Stevens Stopper, which is the box of tricks in the rear looks like this If you thought I was joking about young Jenkins then read the contents If you want more on the Stevens Stopper here's a brief explanation: http://www.rafbdassociation.com/wartime-equipment.html My absolute respect to the guys of the Bomb Disposal Service. Especially at the beginning of the war when they were effectively making it up as they went along! Thanks for watching 😁 A
  4. Hi all, Its time for me to stop lurking and come out from behind the curtains and create a WIP thread. I started a thread for an AA Stolly a few years ago but it sort of stalled. You never know I may pick it up again one day. Anyway, having been inspired by the quality of work I am seeing on here I've decided to take the plunge and start another thread. This time I've decided on something a bit simpler and more straightforward with no conversions, aftermarket, extra details etc. (Hmm, we'll come back to this in a bit...) I am going to attempt to build (and complete!) the Tamiya 1/35 Austin Tilly 'Out of the box' which I received as a Christmas present last year. This one 'ere... First thing I did was to see what aftermarket was available, yeah, I know, that plan didn't last long! (it's the natural course of action isn't it, everyone does it, it's perfectly normal? please tell me I'm not the only one...) and decided to invest in a set of these... You know I said we'll come back to this being a 'simple and straightforward build'.... Well... I took a deep breath, put away the plasticard and strip at the back of the darkest cupboard I could find and carefully took the lid off the box and started to examine the contents... Things were going well until I had a look at the bonnet sides and thought to myself (Which as I'm sure you will know is a very, very dangerous thing to do) "Oh I don't like the look of those, you can't see through the bonnet louveres loovers luoveers them vent things... Several experiments followed involving the use of tin foil, lead foil, thick plastic, thin plastic, crash molding and flames (always the fun bit) alas each time the results were decidedly sub par and not worthy of display. It was while I was waiting for the burns to heal (I'd tried crash molding remember,) that things began to get out of hand, and I mean really out of hand after looking on other forums and getting drawn into TheBarons outstanding Sea Vixen build I slowly came to the conclusion that to get them there venty things you can see through I am going to need a bottle of this... and one of these to put it in... Oh and not forgetting a quick download of Fusion 360 (how on earth does TheBaron do what he does? It took me three weeks just to be able to draw a square, never mind create an accurate fuselage and a RR Avon to go inside it!) and some experimenting with Tinkercad. I can see interesting things on the horizon... Wish me luck all, "I'm going in (headfirst with no safety net)"
  5. D-Day Air Assault (A50157A) 1:72 Airfix This release represents a continuation of Airfix's long-standing policy of drawing on their vast and diverse back-catalogue to produce themed box sets to commemorate historical events. Many of the current sets have been around for a while, to mark both the 70th and 75th anniversary of D-Day/VE Day. This set is the counterpoint to the Sea Assault set we reviewed a few months ago and contains a Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib, An Austin Tilly and BSA motorbike, a Beford fuel truck, a diorama base and some RAF figures. Unsurprisingly for a company with Airfix's history, these sets tend to contain a mixture of the old and new, although this particular set is skewed toward the new end of the spectrum, with just the figures representing the 'classic' Airfix range. As this is a starter set, the usual acrylic paint, brush and adhesive are also included. Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib The Hawker Typhoon is a relatively modern kit, dating from 2013. What you get here is the same as the stand-alone kit, which is to say a very nice model. For a full run down of this part of the set, please refer to my full review here. Standard Tilly and BSA M20 Motorcycle The Austin Tilly was a small utility (hence 'Tilly') vehicle based on a civilian car platform that was adapted for military use. Generally low powered and with limited off-road capabilities, Tillys were nonetheless incredibly useful vehicles that were produced in their thousands. Austin were not the only company to manufacture such a vehicle; Morris, Hillman and Standard all produced Tilly versions of their road cars for similar purposes. The M20 was the most widely produced military motorcycle of WWII, with many preserved examples in private hands today. This is another relatively new kit that was released at the same time as the Bedford refueler detailed below. The mouldings are clean and crisp and it looks as though it will build up into a well-detailed kit. The interior contains basic details such as seats and a steering wheel, while the front wheels can be posed in a turning configuration if desired. The doors are moulded separately and can be finished in the open position. The BSA motorbike is a very simple two-part model but the front wheel and handlebars can also be posed if desired. Bedford MWC/MWD The Bedford MW was a light truck produced in large numbers throughout WWII and beyond. Although it lacked four-wheel-drive, its powerful engine, short wheel base and relatively light weight combined to give it surprisingly sprightly handling. Variants included general cargo, tanker and gun tractor versions. This kit is a miniaturised version of Airfix's excellent 1:48 Bedford MW. It can be built in either tanker or general cargo versions, with or without a canvas cover for the load area. Detail is generally very good, with interior parts and a full engine and drive train. As with the Tilly, the wheels can be posed in the turned configuration if required. The rest of the set is composed of the figures, diorama base and decals. The figures that are supplied with this set are of the soft plastic type, the moulds for which I believe date from the 1970s. Detail is acceptable considering these aren't multi-part figures, and although they wouldn't be my first choice for use in a diorama, they will fill up the scene nicely. How well the supplied acrylic paint will adhere to the plastic is another question altogether. Last but not least is the big sheet of vacuum formed plastic upon which everything else sits. This is in the form of a revetment for the aircraft, as well as a road with space for the vehicles. The base will probably benefit from some additional details to bring it to life. Conclusion This set is the usual mixture of ancient and modern, although with much more of the latter than the former. The modern parts are very good indeed, while the figures are, well, not. Hopefully Airfix will eventually tool some new, polystyrene figures one day as these old soft plastic versions have ended up lowering the tone of a number of sets like this. That said, when mixed together in a great big box with an exciting picture on the front they are still capable of providing some enjoyment. Review sample courtesy of
  6. The Tamiya 1:48 Tilly finished in representation of a Caunter scheme with brush painted Tamiya Acrylics. Build thread can be found here. Really pleased how this one came out. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi there, Want to build Tamiya kit in 51st (Highland) Div. ? There is one picture here: http://www.austintilly.nl/EN/fotooud.html it is picture No.14... Are any better pics than this one ? Who is standing there ? Is there anyone willing to part a Div. badge and green 62 from Archer sheets to fit Tilly ? Thanks for looking...
  8. Morris Tilly, pics thanks to Dave (Shar2)
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