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  1. I've only just got round to taking pictures. Finally completed this just in time for presenting on our club table at Telford this year. Decals from Model Maker. Kit; Modelsvit 1/72 Su-22UM-3K Superb kit to put together but very much over engineered ejection seats otherwise it all went together really well. Brass pitot from Master, a must on this kit. Paints from the Hataka redline set except for the brown which was NATO brown from Ammo Mig. 3D printed ladders & choks from LP Models. There are tiger decals for the fuel tanks & I had attempted to get them to conform, but I failed miserably so I just hand painted the tiger markings on. The main fuselage decals were surprisingly easy to apply. Don't do what I did, fixed & painted the outer wings on upside down. Only noticed when i was applying the stencils on then realising the access panels didn't look right. Had to strip the paint off & started again & luckily I had more wing stencils available from another couple of decal sheets in the stash. Thanks for looking.. Martin
  2. Just completed this today, my first completed kit of 2022 with another couple of kits following on behind. As seen in the "F/A-18 STGB Part 2" group build. Canadian Air Force CF-18 439.Sqn Tiger Meet 1991/2 Academy 1/72 F/A-18A Hornet (Blue Angels kit) entirely out of the box. Leading Edge decal set 72.037 " CAF CF-18 439.Sqn Tiger Meet Special from 1991/92 Vallejo, Ammo Mig wash & custom mix matt finish. A brief work in progress here. Martin
  3. Purchased two of these excellent Academy kits for a fiver each at the 2019 SMW. The first of the two was completed as a Spanish Tiger during lockdown, so I've had this one waiting for an excuse to get started. Thanks to whoever thought of a second F/A-18 group build, this can be added to my infamous ever growing collection of flying felines! Here's the box with all the leftovers from the other kit, still wish I'd bought all the traders Academy F-18's now, I remember these being stacked high & going like the proverbial! Also the Leading Edge Tiger Meet decals. This will be built mostly out of the box, no aftermarket apart from the decals. Primed all the parts on the sprues & fixed the main fuselage parts including cockpit together. All goes together really nicely apart from one small gap just in front of the cockpit starboard side. This was apparent on the previous kit. It seems that Academy has included everything on the same sprues for the standard US F/A-18 as well as parts for the Canadian version. As I'm building the CF version I had to include the port side spotlight. A quick google showed the Canadian requirement for a spotlight to illuminate nighttime intercepts of Soviet bombers. There is an indentation on the inside of the port fuselage, so I just drilled this out for the provided clear spotlight part. The other part specific to the CF version in this kit is part 31 as opposed to 24. Here's the fuselage with some lead weight just secured in place with some bluetac just behind the cockpit area. The next job will be to seperate the control surfaces from the wings. I won't be buying resin flaps as I managed it well enough with the Spanish F/A-18. To be continued....
  4. This is a very nice kit, the detail is great, fit is near perfect and the decals are extremely nice, all 200+ of them. My only gripe is there was not enough room for me to get the nose weighted down, so I made up a little base for her to sit on. I really like Tiger Meet special markings and this is a cracker of a kit. It's painted in overall RLM 04 yellow, weathering kept down as she looked pretty good when on display. It seems this aircraft was kept in her tiger colours and put on a pole outside an airbase hanger.
  5. Does anyone know what this kit is like? Specifically, does it have raised panel lines, or engraved? Is it any good or an awful shape/fit, etc?
  6. My eleventh build of the year comes in the shape of this German Air Force WTD.61 Sukhoi Su-22 M4 30918 98+14. This was known as the official "Last Flight Su-22" which had its service life extended in order for its last flight to RAF Scampton where it currently resides. 1/72 Bilek/Italeri kit. Pavla cockpit & Canopy. Airwaves etch. Scale Aircraft Conversions landing gear. Armory resin wheels. Master brass pitot probes & gun barrels Hi Decal & Propagteam decals. Ammo Mig, Hataka & Vallejo acrylics. Also many thanks to Andre "Hook" for the Aphid missiles & rails. Thanks for looking! Martin
  7. Italeri 1/72 Mirage 2000C with Syhart decals To be precise - French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis. Had to use the relatively OK Italeri 1/72 kit but its nothing special so it was a slog to build as loads of things need cleaning up on the moulding. Sink marks filled, panel lines on the nose cone needed removing. Other panel lines on the upper wing rescribed, dropped the flaps, used a more accurate ejection seat from the Special Hobby F1 kit That Special Hobby kit is great as a donor for parts for other mirages, comes in handy. Also used a Master brass pitot, drilled out the gun ports & used Albion Alloys tubing to great the gun barrels. For paints I used a paints from a Hataka set & used a pre mixed orange that was color matched for a NTM 2000D that I had built previously. Apart from the Syhart decals that were donated from a member of the Mirage SIG I was also given the oversize supersonic tanks from a Heller Mirage 2000N, for some reason these Italeri 1/72 kits & the Revell 1/72 2000D kits don't supply the extra large area ruled fuel tanks which is annoying. Looking forward to seeing some new mouldings of the 2000's at some point! French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr French Air Force Mirage 2000C 103-LI 2010 Nato Tiger Meet EC 1/12 Cambresis by Martin Laurance, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Martin
  8. Ok silly me has decided to build another on for this GB, it wasn’t planned but I will have some time and it’ll help reduce the stash. Ok I got this at my clubs yearly auction last year. That stupid box was the first to go and the sprue was chopped up to fit into a smaller and sensible box, so I had to source another box photo! It’s actually not a bad looking model….especially for the prise I paid $10. Ok me being me some things needed to be replaced, exhausts and wheels. Being that there’s not a lot of difference between the C & M models of the Rafale I can use the PE sets from the C model. The Revell cockpit decals are rubbish. I wasn’t too impressed with the plain grey scheme and as luck would have it, Syhart do a nice set of Tiger Meet decals for her, so that’s the scheme I’ll do. The one issue with doing this scheme is the centre drop tank fitted to this aircraft was the smaller 1250L one, the model only comes with the 2000L tank. But as luck would have it I just happen to have a Rafale C in the stash which has 3 of them in it! It should be a straightforward build the only problem area in the intakes…there’s no intake trunk provided just a gaping hole into the fuselage, so I may just blank it off or make intake covers.
  9. IIRC, I have read somewhere that ZE355/S only had the tiger stripes applied on one side of the rudder when it was at the Tiger Meet in Italy. Anybody out there confirm this? Also, did this have the back seaters periscope fitted at the time in question. Toying with doing this one from the ZM F-4J Marines kit as I have a pot of xtracolour X127 standing idle. TIA Chris
  10. First off I should start with a BIIIIIG sorry! O.k. please guys, beware! This one is really picture heavy, to be precise, it will be almost 140 pics heavy, so if you want to get out, better do it now! I thought some time about splitting this up between the WIP and the RFI sections but since the lady is already finished I thought it even more unpleasant to make the watcher switch between the sections. Hence I now decided to turn this into some sort of crude mix of WIP and Rollout. I hope this is not far too much and that I am not breaking any rules and that you bear with me. I just finished this baby and had a one year long WIP thread in a German forum. Some folks asked me to give at least a rundown of what I did in english before letting the Tiger roll out so here we are. Some time ago I already did this Tiger in 1/48 along with the Monster-sister of the JABOG-32-wing's second squadron: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234917593-148-luftwaffe-tornado-ecr-4633-lechfeld-tiger-2011/?hl=lechfeld http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234939481-148-tornado-ecr-4629-a-monster-for-the-tiger/ This time I went and tried the lady in big, i.e. 1/32. Before I start just a little digression but wich should hopefully make sense in the end: I was one of three finalists of Fighter Bomber Wing-32's design competition which led to the design for this - as it should prove only a short time later - sadly final Bavarian Tiger Tonka due to the wing's dispandmend only a few months later. In 2011 and 2012 I had several opportunities to have some pics taken of me together with the lady as many of us like to do given the occassion. For me this Tigerlady is something very special and it is just a shame that she got shredded in early 2013. If the original can't be saved I want at least a nice keepsake as big as possible, hence in 1/32 and it needs to be something special. Some time ago another German modeller had the idea to portrait himself infront of a model, i.e. something like a 3D photo. I just found this idea so grand and original, I just had to copycat that for me. On one occassion the Tiger was covered with FODs, canopy and refuel probe open / extended but without any load and another time the Tiger was packed, with closed canopy and refuel probe and without any covers. Hmmmmm hard choice .... hence before I force myself to decide I'll construct everything as flexible as possible so I can change to whatever mood I am in and in the end it turned out as a changing amalgam of these two shots:
  11. Hello Britmodellers, after a break (för mödellingör thö Viggen) now my latest Roll out for ModellFan Magazine. Was a Brit show stopper then in 1977... Cheers, Tom
  12. I'm calling this one done. I had major trauma with the decals and the paint underneath is waaaaay too thick but I enjoyed it and learnt a few lessons. Anyway here it is.
  13. Hello All, I'd like to join. Always fun to build a Matchbox kit. My CF-104 will be a Canadian Starfighter in Tiger Meet livery. I'm going to use a Hasegawa F-104 decal sheet because it has the tiger head for one of the Meets. The code will not be accurate. I bought the kit at a swap meet and it came is two wing tanks from an ESCI kit. (The original kit does not come with wing tanks.) So, I'm good to go. Here's a shot of the sprues, wing tanks and decals.
  14. ....and now for something completely different! The Eye of the Tiger This small rendition of the french superjet is by far the newest and best kit in 1:72. But there are surprisingly many faults and the jet is partly undersized. That did hurt and i spent 130 hrs on that. It was in ModellFan 2016/05. But everytime i look at, it i get some Tiger in my Tank!
  15. Hey again... Yep two finishes in as many days - definitely NOT the way I usually roll, but no matter. Kinetic 1:48 Alpha Jet with (outstanding) Wingman decals and no other extras whatsoever. Kit does have some 'build issues' most notably in the wing/fuselage join - so-much-so that in order to build it with the flaps dropped, you need to cut away a couple of milimeters from the inside edge of the flaps and re-profile them with a sanding stick to get them wing in to position. Also the engraved details appear to have been applied by an entrenching tool... all that said, it's still light-years ahead of the old Heller & Esci kits from back in the day. Paints are all Xtracolour enamels except the yellow on the fin which is Tamiya acrylic straight from the jar. Please feel free to make any criticism, comments or ask any questions. Ian.
  16. Well I’m first cab off the rank of this build, only because I though it was to start last weekend! Had all the photos and stuff ready as well. For this GB I wanted something nice and simple, I had the Eduard 2000C in the stash so all I needed was a new colour scheme as I didn’t fancy the ones supplied. The model is quite simple and really old, it started life in 1992 when it was released by Heller…..and it shows it! The panel detailing is quite nice but some of the other stuff! There are some nice extras with the model, some I’ll use some I won’t. So I plan to throw away the old cockpit and fit a new cockpit Wolfpack one. Plus a few other bits, at the stage I bought the wheels I had planned to build her with wheels down but have since decided to do her in flight. So the wheels are available to anyone who wants them. These doors are part of the reason why I didn’t want to build her wheels down! I’ll either rebuild these or replace them. I’ll probably have to replace them as their shape doesn’t match the door opening at all! Ok finally the colour scheme, well she will be rather bright! Not quite the simple scheme I had planned, but at least it’s all decals this time so that should help. It’s actually going to be part of a bigger theme of builds I’m planning. I want to build up a set of Tiger Meet aircraft, I have the 2015 Polish F-16CJ, I’ve got a 2010 Czech Gripen (about 1/3rd finished) already. So in future GB’s I’ll start to add more. As mentioned this will be do as an in-flight model, I have Leon already for the cockpit. With the new control surfaces I’ll try an give her an action look. That said I did make one really scary discovery when I was laying out the new control surfaces on the kit ones. After looking at some scale drawings it appears that the kit has some issues with the angle of the leading edge its control surfaces! I’ll know more once I start cutting things up….. and this was to be a simple build! Leon has since run away!
  17. Tiger Meet 2017. Brittany, Rafale, F-16, Rafale, F/A-18, Rafale, Gripen, Rafale, Gazelle, Rafale... And also some Rafale.
  18. Well she finally here, seems like ages since I proposed this GB! Ok after a few minor issues I think I have this one all sorted….even if I have a complete F-16 now spare, more on that one later. For this build I plan to build a Polish F-16CJ in 2015 Tiger Meet colours….well Grey in a tiger pattern! I’ll be using Tamiya’s lovely F-16 for this build, …and yes I know this one is a Block 50 and I need a Block 52, that’s why I now have a second one (and I know I should have just built the second one instead….but that would be too easy for me!). I need a few bits to turn it into a Polish F-16 so it gets Wolfpack’s Dragchute set. Plus while I’m at it a new resin cockpit and exhaust from Aries. There was a bit of a mix up when I ordered Tiger Meet scheme set, I wanted the masks but were sent the decals. I then received the masks once the supplier was advised of the error. The decals are lovely but I really want to paint the scheme, it’ll look that much better. Like my “Splinter” MiG-21 this will require painting the reverse of usual painting! More of that when the time comes. Plus I now have a complete spare F-16, so what will I do with it??? A Whiff! It’s not allowed in the build so there is a thread running in the WhatIf section….though there may be the occasional photo-bomb! I’ll be away for the start of this GB but can’t want to start, for a change I have an almost empty bench!
  19. Well here goes, since I can't see anybody else showing us how this little beauty goes together I'm presenting my W.I.P. of my recently acquired simple set from the big H. I'm rather partial to Tiger Meet schemes so I was rather happy that Syhart re-released the two F-1C Tiger Meet Schemes, one from 1991 and the other from 1994 so I ordered them along with the Special Hobby F1C Simple set at a bargain price. Only lord knows how I made the mistake, I accidentally ordered two 1/48 sheets, so back to Hannants they were posted and the correct 1/72 sheets are now back in the post. The detail in this kit is very nice, the panel lines aren't soft or shallow like in older S.H. or even sword kits, they are nice and sharp and not too deep. So far I've attached the shock cone intakes which are molded all in one. Be careful when removing them from the sprues as there are large points attaching them to the sprue and ejectors. It's nice that they are all in one, but some panel lines on them need re-scribing. The airbrakes are strangely moulded as one large panel which block fits in behind the intakes. With some fettling with a very sharp blade, they could be seperated and posed open I guess as I have seen these open on static aircraft. I've now painted and inserted the cockpit and jet nozzle at the rear. I thought all was happy until I had glued the cockpit tub in place. Part 7 which attaches to the front of the display panel coaming forced a curved part of the fuselage at the front away. It actually snapped off. I believe that curved bit is what wasn't present in the first batch of kits they released (just so you know what I mean). Just cut away at part seven so that it doesn't interfere with the fuselage. That's it so far Martin
  20. Italian Air Force F-104S MM6825/53-06(cn 783-1125) "Tiger Meet 88" 21 Gruppo 53 Stormo Cameri in Nato Tiger Meet, 1988. Kit:REVELL 1/144 F-104G converted Decal:DIY decal
  21. Lockheed Martin F-16C/F-16D Fighting Falcon, from Polish Air Force showing their special c/s for the NTM 2013 in Bielewicz, Krzesiny AB, Norway. Kit:ARII 1/144 F-16AM converted to F-16D & REVELL 1/144 F-16C Decal:DIY decal
  22. The special scheme "Bavarian Tiger" of Luftwaffe Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon S 3009 (cn GS004/048) during NATO Tiger Meet 2014. Kit:F-Toys Euro Jet 1/144 EF-2000 Decal:Fully hand-painted with DIY decal
  23. This is the second 1/144 Tornado I have done in a Tiger Meet Livery. The other was a 2011 version. Both of these kits were easy to build and with plenty of detail. The plane depicted in this version was based in Lechfeld AB in 1994. In both kits, the decals were the focus of the build, so pretty much everything was OOB. And, Revell must be given credit as the decals behaved quite well with the Micro Set/Sol solutions. What distinguishes this kit from the other was the paint disaster that occurred in layering a top clear coat. The coat topside went on fine, no problems and I thought I was on the home stretch to completing this kit. The protective sealing coat on the bottom; not so protective, more the opposite. So, needless to say with it being so close to completion and with all the paint and decals done, I was not a happy camper for this to happen. And, to keep it from becoming a modern art display with the shattered pieces embedding themselves into the wall I wanted to throw it against, I put it away for a while. I am clearing out my shelf (shelves!) of doom and making myself get all those half-started kits finished. This is one of them. I carefully sanded back the paint on the underside so as to not ruin the decals as much as possible. Them I had to figure out what colors I had used and repaint. I did lose one of the wing decals, but that seems a small price to pay. I repainted, resprayed another top coat and this time, no problem. Then I put the finishing items on and here it is. I should have removed the canopy masking before storing this kit as it was a bear to remove. I am not real happy with the results, but it due to the paint problems, not the kit build or design. I am just glad to get it done. And here it is with its little brother And cousins As always, all comments are welcome. And, if someone out there knows the correct magic incantations to make the air brush demons behave, please post. I would like to know there is one out there that exists without too drastic of small animal sacrifices and less than the sale of my soul to learn. Evil black art; how I miss hairy sticks
  24. My fascination with Tiger Meet kits continues with this 1/72 Rafale B from Hobby Boss. I have built some 1/144 and 1/72 Revell Tornados, but I am branching out. This is the first Hobby Boss kit I have ever built. I am wondering if the fit and design of the kit, plus the quality of the decals will equal Revell. I have chosen the second Tiger Meet scheme in the box. The cover depicts another Tiger Meet aircraft. Upon opening the box, I am very pleasantly surprised with the amount of detail to the parts and surface. This is a very nice kit. Now, I have to admit, I have no knowledge of planes without propellers. If you asked me how accurate this kit is, couldn’t tell you to save my soul. I just bought it for the Tiger Meet scheme. If the kit goes together well and the decals fit, then I will be happy. Since my knowledge is negligible, I am solely relying on the color callouts in the instructions. My apologies if it offends the Rafale fans. I am not messing up on purpose. So on with the show. Let’s start out with the, ummm, cockpit. Nice amount of parts, looks like a lot of detail in the kit parts, plus supplementation by decals. The layout of the parts with a base coat on each looks like this. There are various decals that need to be applied to the two instrument panels. I am encouraged after application of these decals. They seem to react well with Micro Set/Sol and snuggle down nicely. I hope the Tiger Meet decals work as well as these. I put the two seats together and then painted on a few details along with weathering one to compare to the unweathered one. Here are the back of the seats (which will probably be invisible once installed) The sides, starboard, port and both sides weathered The cowling for the rear seat is next Finally, the tub is painted and various decals applied to good effect. Now, everything is put in the tub with these results. The fit was quite good except for one area. Each seat top has a gap that needs to be filled. That may very well be my fault as the fit for everything else was very good. So, need to break out the filler for these two little areas. Next up the center spline needs to have two vents installed and a little air scoop added. They all fit perfectly and I am still amazed at the detail level. The halves are split into upper and lower rather than right and left. I am hoping this will help ease any seams that need to be filled. I inserted the cockpit and canards which are designed to be moveable and joined the halves. They fit well and there appears to be minimal seams to fill and sand. (And for that I am thankful!!) And this looks like a good stopping point. My initial impressions of this kit and Hobby Boss are quite good. I hope they hold out for the entire build. Comments always welcome and encouraged.
  25. another one bites the dust.... Another out of my 1/144 scale kits. F-15E from Revell. Awesome little kit. And next to his big 1/48 brother.
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