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Found 17 results

  1. Great choice of GB @Marklo and @Stef N., @PlaStix and I hosted the first Tiger GB a few years ago now. Good luck and I hope it is as successful as ours. Here’s my entry, the RFM tiger 1 I picked the kit up second hand a while ago. Not going for a North African Tiger more an Eastern Front Tiger. I’ve got an Eduard brass set and some very depleted Bison decals. I’ve also got a metal barrel on order. I’ve also got a diorama base cast by Marco Doeser. quick proof of life pic, and into the build after a few hours today it’s starting to look like a Tiger. It’s gone together really well and who doesn’t like building a a Tiger Tank?
  2. I have this one coming from the LHS in Athens and I will start with that...photo courtesy of Scalemates, btw... It will be OOB. It looks to be a decent little kit. I have another, larger Airfix Tiger coming from the Big Yellow Store...so that will be built as well, I hope, but I may wait until the D-Day GB for that one...the box says May 1944... Sprue, decals, etc...to come later this week... --John
  3. Max Factory is producing a 1/12th (!!!!) scale Tiger I. It is not inexpensive and also begging the question, “when is “big” too big?” Also, the nice thing about 1/12th scale is that the model dimensions are the same number of inches as the real dimensions are in feet. The kit is 27 3/4 inches long, 11.7 inches wide, and 9.8 inches high. https://www.hlj.com/1-12-scale-plamax-tiger-i-max01366?fbclid=IwAR27nj2NS4BESm2OyhapxyUMcSHCzHe8AyEt_ie1_m7M4Q2wt8FMDZ7nMh8_aem_Acu9zkbWzhWUcwNAavG4imxVCk9qt5rmp0lvhEjSLIxFTVt21AA-QDx7pJjjCohUVk4
  4. Hi, This is a 1:35 model the Panzer VI Tiger ausf E. This is an AFV Club kit no. 35079. I made it as movable model. Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks only.
  5. This is my first entry for this GB. I bought it at the end of 2020. I have Tigers (and King Tigers) from a whole range of manufacturers, and I wasn't going to pass up the chance to get yet another kit at a very reasonable price. Nowadays, many 1/72 AFV kits cost between 15 and 20 Euros, disqualifying them from this GB. I wanted to include at least one AFV in this GB, without resort to second-hand bargains, or a deep dive into the bowels of the stash. I will definitely not be using the "simplified" option for the tracks and running gear.
  6. I think this is ready for inspection... This is the first model I've completed since my youth nearly 20-years-ago. I've found that as I've reentered modeling as an adult I'm never exactly sure when I'm done with a project. Please let me know if there are any aspects I can improve or add on. This is an older Tamiya "Early Production" kit I've had for nearly two-decades. The decals required quite a bit of softening to properly adhere. Perhaps taking the easy route, I chose not to recreate a specific Tiger; just a three-color camo pattern with no unit markings other than the tank's number. I also wanted to represent a relatively new-to-the-field Tiger without much wear. Just a touch of rust and lots of dirt. I have a duplicate of this kit that I plan on completing in a white-washed, winter camo with extensive wear and projectile impacts. Base colors for the camo are Model Master acrylics with Vallejo acrylics for weathering. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi all, I'm only subjecting you to this because it's my first ever attempt at something which keeps its wheels on the ground, and a bit of an experiment in the kind of weathering you folk are so good at. It's the Tamiya kit, gifted to me years ago by an extremely talented modeller who thought I should have a crack at armour. Covid-19 was what got the motivation up enough! After Halfords primer, it's almost all Humbrol enamels through a cheap art-shop airbrush or my Hansa 381 for the camo pattern. Pinwashed with oil; tried a dot-wash with mixed results; more success with sponge-applied rust and paint wear using a red shade and a dark purple-grey, and enamel rust-stains. I tried not to go overboard as I had a feeling most Tigers didn't last long in the field before breaking down, getting stuck or getting blown up... Mud was artists' gel mixed with pigments and actual mud, and liberal amounts of pigments to 'dust' the lower parts of the hull. Decals were a b@*#%*d and a coat of Humbrol Clear reacted with water or the Solvaset to make white stains everywhere, which I have now incorporated as pants weathering effects Luckily the large numbers were the least affected but still haven't come out perfect even after 6-7 applications of Solvaset. My top moment was sweating over how the hell to paint the centres of so many wheels accurately, as they would look terrible with even the slightest smudge over the rubber tyres. In the end, attaching them to a cordless drill via a sanded pointy bit of sprue and holding a brush up to the spinning wheel produced perfect circles every time with no masking! Win! How do others achieve this? Hope the whole lot is acceptable anyway, it's been 6 years away from modelling, but it's just like riding a bike, no? Chris (Sorry for all the white-balance issues, I found it really hard to get the dunkelgelb a consistent shade through all the pictures so to get as close as possible I had to adjust it afterwards which made the background go crazy colours)!
  8. I just managed to snag one of these 1:1 scale shell replica models for a bargain price, and am working on the seams at the moment, which are a bit of a PITA due to the plastic being ABS or possibly even polypropylene, as it's quite flexible. I'm thinking ahead to painting etc., and had the idea of making it a realistic weight to complete the illusion. I Googled it up and got a figure of between 10.2kg and 10.4kg, so I'm going to go with around 10kg. I also read that the warhead was about 7.4kg, which would make the finished article quite nose heavy, with only around 3kg left for the brass casing, striker and the propellant inside. Am I reading this wrong, or is that about right? I've never handled a real one, so I have no idea, but it seems a bit foolish to me to make a replica that's top-heavy, just in case one of us trips over it and sends it crashing to the ground. I'm also trying to figure out how best to weight it. It crossed my mind to use lead shot, but holding it in place could be tricky, as even epoxy is exothermic and the larger the batch the more heat it generates. I'm also considering plaster, having dug out a couple of kilos of dental plaster I'd forgotten I had during the re-stocking of the workshop after the refit. It's quite compact volumewise, and I could probably give it around 5kg in total, but I'm a little wary as again I'm out of my comfort zone. What other options are there that wouldn't melt the shell or rattle once done?
  9. TopDrawings 75 Panzerkampfwagen VI (9788366148406) Kagero Publishing via Casemate UK Hitler's obsession with "bigger is better" is well documented, and that coupled with his constant interference in things he knew little about hampered their attempts to take over Europe. The Tiger tank was part of that size battle, and even before the design was completed the original drive-train was under too much strain that would result in many abandoned or scuttled Tigers on the battlefield due to mechanical breakdowns. When it worked however it was a terrible foe for the Allies with almost impregnable frontal armour and a powerful 88mm cannon that could out-range almost every tank on the field. It played havoc with the poor Shermans until the British 17 pounder was fitted to make the Firefly variant, but the Sherman's thin armour was still no match for it so they were still difficult to kill. Thanks to a complex production that was never fully streamlined they weren't able to put Tigers in the field in sufficient numbers to reverse the tide of defeat, with a small number of the beasts usually embedded in a squadron of Panzer IVs to take on the harder targets. Overall the Panther was a more successful design when every aspect was taken into account, but the Tiger was the most feared on the battlefield despite its shortcomings. Most major and some minor manufacturers have kits of this iron beast in all the prevalent AFV scales, as other people's Tigers don't make money for them, and it's still an amazingly popular subject today. The TopDrawings series majors on scale plans, which is the main thrust, but also includes a little background information, some pertinent profiles, and often a bonus of decals or masks targeted at the subject matter in hand. With this edition, you get a handsome A4 print of a damaged Tiger with a thrown track in light woodland, looking as if it has recently been abandoned by the surviving crew after taking a round to the mantlet. There is also a double-sided A4 set of plans in 1:48 showing the tank from the side in various configurations. The book is written in English on the left of the page, with Polish on the right, which translates to top and bottom for the captions to the various drawings within. The book itself is bound in a card cover and has 20 pages, and the rear cover devoted to additional profiles of two tanks that fought in the desert of North Africa, including the famous 131 that was captured and now resides at Bovington in full running condition. The first half of the plans begin with the prototypes, a number of which were devoid of turrets during testing of the running gear. Also included at the beginning are two plans of the unsuccessful Porsche candidate that famously caught fire as it was being shown to Hitler on his birthday. Other turreted prototypes are included, then the early serial production units before streamlining and simplification was attempted. The last profiles show a desertised design with angled exhaust covers and narrow fenders that was unknown to me until today, which is interesting. After this the colour profiles with eight vehicles in differing schemes, plus smaller scrap paintings of noteworthy detail that can't be seen from the side. After the break there is another set of plans beginning with a view from the underside showing which wheels were removed for rail transport because un-modified the Tiger was too wide to travel through some rail tunnels due to the huge number of wheels needed to reduce ground-pressure to an acceptable level. 1:35 scale is used throughout the book, and there are numerous front and rear views as well as some overhead and the aforementioned view from below to give a better look at the Tiger's form. Conclusion These books are essential for the modeller that enjoys comparing their models against scale plans, and wants them to be as accurate as possible, and the bonus print an excellent addition to any wall, or in my case cabinet door in the workshop. Review sample courtesy of
  10. Hello all! While recovering from my pulmonary emboli I started up the old Tamiya I ausf E. I’m still pretty run down and most of the work done has been done in small 10-15 minute work sessions. I’m building the kit from the box but making a few refinements along the way. I had this kit ages ago as a kid so I’m looking at it differently these days. One of the refinements has been to thin the smoke discharger brackets. They still need more thinning but look heaps better than before. I also filled some holes for a grab handle only the Bovington Tiger had and did away with the front spare track bracket. Now should I build a Citadel das Reich Tiger or a 501st tiger? 🤔
  11. Hi all, I've just received a Zvedza Tiger today purchased via ebay and to my shock/horror...I discovered I'm missing the flexible band tracks. I've contacted the seller, but in the meantime, what decent third party, reasonably priced track options are there? I've only used the flexible tracks previously, and quiet happy using them, so something similar would be ideal, though cursory glance seems to suggest idividual tracks would be the only available option. Regarsds, Greg
  12. Hi, here are some pictures from my AFV-Club Tiger I in 1/48 scale. Its a beautiful kit, with great details, like the petite molded on Zimmerit and the meshes over the engine louvers. Build OOB in just a few days and was finished on new years eve 13/14. The paint work was done freehend,with my airbrush and a dark wash from acrylics and some drybruhing for the weathering was applied. The decals were fragile and most of them didn t make it on the Tiger :-(. Hope you like it Cheers Bernd
  13. Hello everybody!!! Now, this is my third tank I've ever done, and, being a very young modeller (not telling shush shush) the standard obviously isn't AMAZING like some of the beautifully constructed kits various other people on the forum have made. Enough of that, here's what I built; Make: Forces Of Valor Scale: 1/72 Model: German Tiger I (WW2 Obviously) Other Specs: 504th Schwere Heeres Panzer Abteilung Date: Spring 1943, Tunisia. The build was really easy for me, perfect. The painting - Well the kit came with no decals so I just painted normally + heavily weathered with some recently purchased paints as I've just got into modelling - still a beginner + can't really name anything I'm good at but I still like it Yeah so here: On la bookshelf ^ From the front ^ Hope all the fellas like it, my first tank + not up to a standard of ANY kind due to terrible lack of budget, skills and time. I tried my best - still enjoyed making it though - very quick build and I hope to do some more soon Ordered MasterBox WW1 Male Mk1 Tank to get started on next, lets hope I don't destroy the poor kit as much as I did with the Tiger ey?
  14. Photo Etch Grille Sets (for Heng Long) 1:16 Taigen These sets are designed as quick and easy upgrades to the stock Heng Long radio control tanks, which although they are quite good in terms of broad details, they have no grilles covering the engine deck louvers. This omission isn't really that surprising, as a lot of the tanks will just end up as play things for kids, but for us alleged "grown ups" with access to modelling sites, references and endless patience, accurizing (an Americanism I hate) is quite popular. As a first step, these Photo-Etched (PE) mesh grilles are excellent, and once applied can be distressed to depict the wear and tear they suffered during daily use. King Tiger (3888-006) The largest of the sets includes the circular fans in the centre of the deck, four rectangular grilles that sit fore and aft of the circular grilles, and a pair of optional larger mesh covers for the forward set of rectangular intakes that extend to the edge of the turret ring, and provide an additional area of non-slip mesh for the crew. Check your references whether the tank you intend to model uses the curved or rectangular parts before you start. Tiger I (3818-008) Suitable for the Heng Long Tiger, this set includes the four rectangular mesh grilles for the louvers on the engine deck, with the rearmost ones having small T-shaped cut-outs for the retaining lock positioned toward the outer side. Panther/Jagdpanther (3869-1/3879-1) This set includes two circular mesh covers, one of which has a central circular cut-out, plus four rectangular grilles with outer frames and etched in bolt-heads for extra detail. Panzer III (3848-009) The Panzer III had a pair of air boxes on the sides of the hull, which were of course covered with mesh to prevent both foreign objects and grenades being placed deep within the engine compartment. This set includes the mesh and framework in PE, plus a set of tooled brass bolt-heads to complete the construction. These will really add some extra detail to your Panzer III. Conclusion As well as being a great first step to detailing your large scale radio control tank, these PE mesh grilles are also good value, as they are quite large sheets. They are easy to install, and with some light pressure from your fingers you can replicate the deformation that occurs when careless crew tread on them, and a sharp implement jabbed into the mesh can simulate a more violent encounter, such as falling masonry or something thrown or dropped on the grilles. Previously these sets have been labelled in poor English, as you might be able to see in the first photograph, but Steve @ Welsh Dragon Models, Taigen's UK importer advises that future deliveries will be more sensibly labelled without the Chinglish that dogged earlier batches. Highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of .
  15. Tiger I - 131 as restored by the Bovington Tank Museum. Pics thanks to Mike D. On 21 April 1943, a Tiger I of the 504th German heavy tank battalion, with turret number 131, was captured on a hill called Djebel Djaffa in Tunisia. A 6-pounder solid shot from a Churchill tank of the British 48th Royal Tank Regiment hit the Tiger's gun barrel and ricocheted into its turret ring, jamming its traverse and wounding the commander. The crew bailed out and the tank was captured. After repairs, the tank was sent to England for a thorough inspection.
  16. Hobbyboss are now showing a 1:16 Tiger I amongst their december releases. http://www.hobbyboss.com/a/en/Preview/2012/1012/914.html It will be interesting to see the reaction. How many people here will have it on their wishlist?
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