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Found 23 results

  1. Hey everyone. I'm posting my recent pics of the RFM TIGER 1 Initial Production, Leningrad 1943. The RFM kit is just excellent! I think maybe RFM makes some of the best kits on the market today. So clean and crisp with excellent attention to detail. Granted I didn't use the included markings for the kit, but instead kinda created my own version of the kit with inspiration from the Dragon kit for this same model. I painted with Tamiya as usual. Some subtle hairspray chipping and then used lots of oils and Mr Hobby weathering products which are just awesome. Overall I am happy with how it came out. Such a cool paint scheme. I hope you enjoy it and please comment, criticize and share you thoughts. If you have questions, please let me know. Cheers, G Thanks for looking! I HIGHLY recommend this kit. Seriously, just get it you Tiger addict.
  2. So mentioned initially as a bit of a joke me and Andy realised that there was a few of us that were looking to do a Tiger 1 project ...the idea was floated to do GB but realising that the earliest it would happen would be a year or more away we all thought a superthread might be the way to go. This thread will have several builds all under one roof....all Tiger 1's and although a group build it has no time limit and no rules other than it must be a Tiger 1 related build, it was thought instead of opening several threads all dealing with the same subject this might be fun and we get to share some laughs and share info and pics as we build and not clutter the forum with many builds all the same subject. Anybody can join in and all posts go here .......... NOW THEN YOU ORRIBLE LOT ....CARRY ON
  3. Hey fellow Tiger Junkies, I just got the new Andy’s Hobby Headquarters 1/16 Tiger 1. It’s a massive kit of course and planning to do it right OTB. I must admit, I’m a Tiger junkie. I’ve build at least 25 various versions of the tank or more over the past many years. I couldn’t help but snatch this one up as soon as Andy released it. Having watched Andy for maybe 5-6 years on YouTube, I have always respected his progression as a business owner. He’s not a breakthrough modeler, BUT he’s great to watch, he does good reviews and he bloody loves modeling. Anyway, it’s really a Takom product that he helped in development and marketing using his channel. Nice plastic. Little flash. Crisp lines. Having built several takom kits over the years I knew it would be a tidy kit. Which it is. Overall well detailed and reasonably good directions. This is not my first go round with 1/16 scale or with a large tiger. If you’ve never built 1:16 you don’t know what you’re missing. Here’s a quick comparison of size. In 2 days and about 12 hrs of work I finished the lower hull, road wheels and tracks. Yah, like all tigers it was a bitch to get just this section done. It’s like being on a manufacturing line at Ford. But now that this repetitive work is done, the fun can begin. Overall the build so far had been relatively easy. The wheels are not glued in place so painting should be easier. But I will not go full crazy detail with every wheel. Life is too short. I’ll black coat most and then color with my chosen base. I have not chosen which version I want to build yet, but leaning towards.....yah, I’ll let you know. Short update. Sorry for the lack of good photos. Had to make dinner. I’ll have more soon.
  4. Hello all, This is a bit of an opus of mine! One of a two part diorama in 1/35. Featuring: tiger 1 (tamiya), one 20mm AA gun (Tamiya), 16 figures (various makes- see figure WIP:) Took around 5 months to complete with a lot of research and planning before hand. I used the below two books for some of the research: The Harry Yeide book is a little bit of a dry read but helped with some of the unit specifics etc: I'm really happy with it and enjoyed every bit of it despite being a long complicated build. As mentioned in the tags its all brush painted and mostly scratch built (bar the interior furniture of the house and shop which I got from Verlinden and miniart and the shells are from tamiya.). I'd like to mention that the 246th VGD were in the area of Lucherberg but not the village itself. The figures featured here are for storytelling purposes, the unit was being pulled off the line at the time when the 3rd fallschrimjager, 8th regiment took over the position, these are supposed to be retreating stragglers! If anyone is interested in the battle itself it was part of the American push towards the Roer in operation Queen. The Siegfried line was first breached in sept '44. Then Aachen, the city itself, fell on the 21st of Oct and this is a loosely based diorama set early dec. '44 in the various villages and minor towns before Duren (and then Cologne). To give a general overview. Yes my tiger is very scared and heavily weathered but I wanted to have a little fun with it plus it was from the 301 which inherited its tigers from other units, meaning they would have been fairly cobbled together and would have been around the block a few times. Plus in two months after being depicted here, tiger 201 from the 301 looked like it did in the picture below: This photo came after the tiger 201 put a Pershing 'fireball', out of action in Elsdorf. It then backed up into a building and got stuck. From the shackles and tows being loose it looks as though they may have attempted to retrieve the tank but gave up and the crew abandoned it to the advancing Americans in February of '45. Elsdorf is around 30km from Lucherberg. Might seem a bit odd showing the back of the model but this will play an important role in part 2 and it shows the tiles and dormer which can't be seen from the front. And yes if that panzerschreck was to fire in this confined position then its crew would almost certainly be knocked out by the toxic fumes created by the back blast and also yes the mg42 is in a tactically terrible position. The pics below are a few close up on some of the specific items I scratch built: Such as the head stone and cross: I also scratch built the telegraph pole/signs/light: The doors and handles (plus a little ding a ling bell at the back of the door which you cant actually make out!) I made the dozer shield with the exact spec from the ones used to clear roads. These were normally attached to stug's or panthers adapeted especially for rubble clearence. The idea here being that the dozer sheild and shovels were used to clear the space for the tiger to shelter in, away from the marauding 'Jabos' (allied fighter bombers). I also did the balcony, drain, shop sign, picture frame, fire place and cellar doors (which you would have seen in plenty of the other pics). A couple big ole shots without the tiger: Sorry if the pics are a bit repetitive but I'm not very good at them and theirs loads of angels I try to cover. I could wax lyrical about this one all day but at the risk of boring you all half to death I'd just say if you have any questions please feel free to ask away! Part two might be another five months away as its of similar size, has three afvs, 18 or so figures, a pub, garage and few other its (but a little less scratch built items). Thanks for viewing, Paul
  5. It’s been a while since I made my last tank, (a T34/85 as I recall) so I thought I’d have a break from aircraft and scratch a long standing Tiger itch I’ve had. This is the Dragon Models version of an early DAK Tiger 1 and goes together really easily. It’s built out the box with the included PE, but I couldn’t resist adding a set of Friul metal tracks to add a bit of weight to the model and give a fairly authentic sag to the assembly. Paints are Tamiya acrylics, Windsor & Newton lacquers, and various washes, oils and powders have been utilised to dirty up the tank and tracks. Weathering AFV’s definitely isn’t my strong point, but it’s fun trying new methods and ideas which may, or may not be of use at a later date, and I really must try making dioramas at some point. Anyway, here it is…
  6. It's all done at last ...........a few Aber kits and a Tamiya early production kit no-216 and some scrounging around on the interwebs for info and i finally got there........ Hope you like And now the finished article.......Tiger 100 of the 502nd as seen during the fighting around the Leningrad sector 1942
  7. Hi all This is Tamiya's 1/48 Tiger 1 - Early Production, which I have depicted in German Grey with a well worn, winter whitewash camo. This was my first attempt at using the hairspray chipping method and doing excessive weathering. It was painted with acrylics and weathered with oil paint washes and various pigments. I plan to make a small display base for it (the one in the photos was borrowed from a previous build) ... once I can work out the best way to make snow.... Thanks for looking. Cheers, Greg
  8. So my 1 and only lockdown build. Being a key worker I am either at work or at home looking after my daughter. Here is the Tamiya Tiger 1, and Brush painted. First time I have done track links and have to say what a pain. Over all a fun build and enjoyed the painting. Regards daron
  9. I made this Tiger long ago. Kit are from Tamiya , very nice kit, fit very well and this is my favorite tank. Enjoy guys.
  10. Hi there everyone, I'm new here and I would like to ask if anyone can help me identify a symbol or insignia from a 1 35 scale Academy kit of Tiger 1 tank called Operation Citadel. On the decal sheet it is labelled as " 5 " . It has a yellow box as a background and red lines I cannot describe within the yellow box. It is meant for the Totenkopf version of the Tiger 1 during operation citadel. I will try to upload a picture here, if not can someone tell me what the symbol means by looking it up on the Britmodeller review ? It is there in the pictures. Thanks!!
  11. Hi all I am still cracking on with the other build even though I have gone silent for a while cause real life happened. Starting from tomorrow the builds should pick up momentum because I will be officially on leave. Anyhooo the idea here is to build a little dio with a tiger 1 and the panzer iv in 35.The crews standing around taking a rest and onr big mouth member taking it on himself to discuss "that girl in France" everyone hanging on his every word. Will post pics as soon as we start the build. Regards: Shaun
  12. UPDATE 3.7.17 THIS RFI IS 'UNDER RECONSTRUCTION' THANKS TO PHOTOBUCKET. COMMENTS AND PHOTOS DO NOT NECESSARILY PAIR UP, BUT ALL VIEWERS' COMMENTS AND MY REPLIES REMAIN. HOWEVER, I HAVE DELETED SOME OF MY RAMBLINGS WHICH ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT. . This was my first diorama after a 35yr hiatus in model-making and I was quite pleased with it at the time. I finished it before joining BM and therefore before I realised how 'poor' it was in comparison to the best in BM. Soon after joining, I decided that I was going to re-build this dio, replacing the figures with those contemporary with the Normandy landings, improving the buildings and replacing the Tiger with one I have yet to build. So this diorama no longer exists. The building on the right has been removed, as has the entire front edge of the dio. I will get round to 'up-grading' everything at some point in the future, but I am currently deeply engrossed in constructing my 'ever evolving diorama' and this is going to take me another year at least. In the meantime, here's how the dio appeared in its then 'finished' state. Prizes to those who can spot the pair of discarded boots. TFL Badder
  13. Hi everyone, Just a placeholder here for now, got myself a 1/35 scale Tiger 1 with a set of Atak Zimmerit and Friul Tracks. Also got a collection of spares that I shall 'borrow' off my ol' man! I'll hopefully get some photos up of the kit tomorrow but as for the accessories they're floating somewhere in the big red mass of the Royal Mail As for colour schemes it'll be in a Dunkelgelb base with Dunkelgrun streaks that was floating around Russia somewhere after Kursk, maybe i'll through in some red to keep it interesting. In terms of experience however it'll be the second time I've used the friul yet the first time with Atak so break out the superglue! It'll also be the first time I've done a tank with a camouflage scheme other than olive drab or panzer grey so it will be interesting practising the German Schemes! Oh and this is my first group build so let's hope for the best! Thanks Guys! Sam
  14. This was a scene I put together for two of my Achtung Panzer GB builds. When I was planning what to do for the base I thought it was a good opportunity to see what could be fitted onto the maximum size of base allowed in the proposed Vignette Group Build - 6 inches x 6inches. The base itself is MDF over which I added some filler to try give the impression of part of a cart type track with some slight raised areas ether side. All the green stuff is left over from some railway modelling projects from many years ago. The figures came with the Dragon Tiger 1 kit. The background sky is part of my Spitfire display base/shelf. The WIP for the whole project can be found here. Top down view: Kind regards, Stix
  15. I'm probably getting a bit too carried away with the anticipation and excitement of it all but I've decided to build another 1/48 tank to go along with my Hobby Boss M4A3. This one in fact: With it's rather lovely packaging: I hope this is okay with the mods? The Tiger 1 has fairly recently become one of my favourite tanks and, while I was looking for a suitable 1/48 version for this GB I came across AFV Club's Final Version Tiger 1. I found it online and had one on order, but the retailer was unable to get one from the supplier, despite claiming to have several in stock when I ordered. I then struggled to find another one at a reasonable price. I had given up on getting one when I read somewhere that AFV Club's boxing was based on a kit produced by Skybow. Then, by chance, while checking out Parabellum's website, I discovered they were offering the Skybow Late Tiger 1 kit for £11. AFV Club's version comes with a small PE fret whereas I've had to buy it separately - but it worked out at about the same as the cheapest AFV Club's version I could find. When I picked up this tank I also got the track links set to go with it. I will post some photos of the contents of the box later. Kind regards, Stix
  16. Does anyone know what the photo etched parts on the left is used for? There seems to be three rings of PE, pluss two tiny parts that looks like maybe a bolt attached to each small elongated metal plate. Btw, the box I got, looked nearly identical to the image, only change was that the milled part seen in the image, a ring to be fitted closer to the "root" of the barrel, was milled together with the barrel and wasn't a separate part.
  17. I am having a difficult time finding metal tracks for this Tamiya 1 Late version kit I have in 1:35 scale, there seems to be various models, and it looks like the tiger tank versions had some differences to the wheels over time, I just don't know if those differences are cosmetic on a model or of the differences are more important that than fitting wise. Does anyone know if the following product from Friulmodel (ATL-06) will match the wheels and such? Here is an image of a product I think might match:
  18. Does anyone know where to buy a Rye Field Model Tiger 1 from in the UK or EU? None of the sites I have checked show any for sale.
  19. Hello fellow modelers. I have decided to build the Dragon's 1/35 Tiger 1 for my best friend. All was going well until I had to do the paint chipping. I have tried it first with a brush, but was in general dissapointed. Therefore I removed the paint and started again with AK worn effects. After disastrous results with the AK worn effects, where the paint just cracked and fell off in large pieces (TWICE!), my frustration really grew. I've spent countless hours looking for videos on how to paint chip, but none were helpful. I came across this site: http://www.scalemodellingnow.com/tbfinishing-armourpaintchipping If we look at the chipping its very tiny. My question is, how do you make that kind of chipping, as all I can do with my 0/2 brush is significantly larger and less realistic: http://shrani.najdi.si/?1v/xq/2ElpQ4uk/tiger-1-6.jpg I didn't even come close. If you have any advice on how to do that kind of chipping I would be very grateful. I've watched that guys video but the chipping that he does at the rear is easier and totally different to the one on the hatch. Best regards, Jaka
  20. This was a really fun build. Initially I was a little dismayed when I opened the box for this kit - it is old and shows it's age - but, as it turned out, it made for a thoroughly enjoyable little upgrade project. I added some left over bits and pieces from Dragon and Revell projects, plus some styrene. There's also a couple of bits of a Red Bull can! The WIP can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234971585-airfix-176-tiger-i-yeah-that-old-one-upgradeda-bit-update-050515-a-bit-of-a-baseboard/ The trees are from Woodland Scenics and the soldiers are Airfix's 1/72 Afrika Korps all on an MDF base covered with a product from TreeMendous - not sure what this stuff actually is though! The tufts are left over from previous projects. As with all my kits everything is brush painted using Humbrol and Revell acrylics. Comments and suggestions welcome. Also I made the base to measure 6 inches by 6 inches just to see how much space there is on the size of base that can be used in the possible Vignette Group Build - if it gets voted through the vote at the end of the year. If you think you'd like to take part in this GB and haven't signed up yet the thread can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975282-vignette-group-build/"]http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975282-vignette-group-build/ I was surprised how much space I had on this base with only a small 1/76 tank on it. Kind regards, Stix
  21. “Was vor uns liegt?” - Two Tigers – a chance meeting? (For details of each Tiger please see below) King Tiger No.333 PzKpfw SdKfz 182 Ausf.B S.Pz.Abt.501 - Ohrdruf Proving Ground, Germany 1944 Kit: 1/72 Dragon Armor Pro Series King Tiger - Henschel Turret w/Zimmerit This was the first kit I finished for the Achtung Panzer GB and it was completed back in March. However, I waited until I got a base made for it before putting it in the RFI section – and in fact I’ve decided to display it alongside the 1/72 Dragon Tiger 1 I also made for the GB. I’m going to post both builds in this one thread rather than clutter up too much of this area of BM! (I’ve still got three other APGB builds to post here at some point!) The only things I added to what comes in the box are the cable for the front light, the brackets that secure the front fenders to the side skirt armour and the aerial. Paints are all Humbrol and Revell applied by hairy sticks. WIP - http://www.britmodel...40315-finished/ And with a twenty pence piece to show the size: Tiger 1 No.112 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.E Tiger 1 late 1./Pz.Abt.101 Normandy 1944 Kit: 1/72 Dragon Armor Pro Series Tiger 1 w/Zimmerit plus Tiger Aces figures This was the second kit I finished for the Achtung Panzer GB. To what's in the box I have added spare track links on the turret (links kindly donated by Sgt.Squarehead for my D-Day Tiger 1 build) tow cables (made from twisted wire) and the turret machine gun from the spares box. It's all brush painted with Humbrol and Revell acrylic paints applied with hairy sticks. The WIP thread can be found here: http://www.britmodel...0315/?p=1914060 And with a twenty pence piece just to show how small it is!: Kind regards, Stix
  22. Right - I am now getting a bit carried away (or I ought to be!). Now that my 1/72 Dragon King Tiger is nearing completion it's back at home where I can do the remaining work on it, decals etc., but only at weekends. Having done a quick check through the list of builds in this GB I realised, if I'm not mistaken, that no-one is making a 1/72 Tiger 1. I'm making a Tiger 1 in 1/48 and DaveJL is building one in 1/35. Then, a couple of weeks ago, while in Birmingham, I was in the Ian Allen bookshop where I noticed this: .......and it was reduced! So this will be my next weekday build and this GB will have Tiger 1s in three scales. I'm thinking I might make it as part of a small diorama alongside the King Tiger. Not sure of the setting yet. I hope to get this started tomorrow. Kind regards, Stix
  23. Hey guys! whilst building my Lancaster, i felt that i needed to build something "plastic" so i thought to do a tank of my liking. after having to decide between the tiger, a kv1, the jagdpanther, a hetzer or a Churchill i decided to go with the tiger (planning to do the others next). the kit should arrive tomorrow, is there anything i should know about before going ahead and putting it all together? i have read about people changing tracks and barrels, any particular reason why? and where can i find replacements if i should change them? paying extra is no big deal, as i would rather it look as good as possible thanks for reading and i shall post some images when it arrives thanks -lord
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