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  1. 'Nuff said in the title, I suppose . Oh, just to make it clear, not the mighty cars, but the even mightier multi-role combat aircraft built by "Société Européenne de Production de l'avion Ecole de Combat et d'Appui Tactique" or SEPECAT, for short. I prefer the latter! Nope, not that, but all things Jaguar: Military aircraft, cars, tank destroyers... whatever was called a Jaguar V-P vppelt68 (host, of course) theplasticsurgeon Marklo Wings unlevel TEMPESTMK5 John Masters Wez Jabba JOCKNEY Redstaff Sam Colin W gingerbob reini trickyrich stevehnz CliffB RMP2 ...
  2. OK. This is not a Swedish tank, but in a way it started it all. I bought the AH-IV-R Tankette from Attack to convert it in to a Swedish Strv m/37 but never got around to start on it. Instead I found a Strv m/37 resin kit from Planet Model. Both kits were built out of the box. The IBG came along with their Landsverk L-60 series. This is the Strv m/38 Strv m/39 Strv m/40L and finally the m/40K I had tried to convert the Pz38(t) in to a Swedish Strv m/41 without success a couple of times. But then UM released it as a kit. I bought two so I could backdate one in to the Strv m/41 SI The kit is for the Strv m/41 SII. It is longer and have a different turret. More of pictures of these models and a description of the m/41 conversion can be found on my home page. Now I need to build a Strv m/42 to get the WW2 tank collection complete.
  3. I didn't think I'd completed anything in the early part of the year but I was mistaken, as my diary revealed. First the Canadian Ram Tank (all armour is 1/35) from Bronco. A British Mk.IV Tank finished as a Beutepanzer in the service of the Freikorps. This is a Takom kit. I switched to figures with this 'Android Gunner' modified with battle damage. Ebay bargain from China, brand unknown. She's about 120mm high. There was another Mk.IV which was finished in January bur returned for a guest appearance later in the year in a diorama built for the Whippet. This is Takom again. The Takom Grant CDL was the last to be finished in January. In February I started but later abandoned an Airfix M7 Priest and a Takom St Charmond. Not much wrong with either of them but there were family distractions which interrupted modelmaking for a long time. In July I joined Britmodeller and got going again. My first WIP and first build in half a year was the Takom Whippet Tank which made it onto a simple diorama with the earlier Mk.IV. In the Phantom GB I knocked out a 1/72 Hasegawa F-4G And then returned to my usual aircraft scale of 1:48 for an Italeri F-4J. A bust was next. This is a 3D print but I can't remember where I bought the file or who the sculptor was. It's about 120mm tall. Next came the Renault Taxi De La Marne in 1/35 from ICM. This was my French Fancy GB entry. This was a bit of a laugh. It's an Airfix Spitfire starter kit painted as if Baron Von Richthoven flew for the RAF in 1940. It took a weekend to do this one. My fourth WWI British tank of 2021 was this Meng full interior kit, blown apart by artillery fire and under inspection by some British infantry from MasterBox. This one was in progress for four months. And that was my year. It's been interesting compiling it here. I had been dwelling on my failures and was pleasantly surprised that so many kits had actually reached a satisfactory conclusion. One a month on average. I think I can improve on that in 2022! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is it immodest to describe your plans for the coming year here? I've seen it done a couple of times and I found it very interesting and not at all showey-offey so I'm going to nail my colours to the mast and follow suit. I'm hoping that will give me that little extra incentive to get to work on the can't be bothered days. First to be finished should be this, converted to the factory prototype version as a starter to a long series of Valentines and derivatives. It's already well along. As opportunities come up between other builds, I'll try to do a few more of the series. These are the ones on hand at the moment. The Canadian built Mk.VI will be a suitable candidate for the Canadian GB but long before that one, I'm taking this... ...into the F/A-18 GB starting in January. Also starting in January is the Bomber GB which I'd like to enter with this one. Two big aircraft at the same time worries me slightly, but I do like having two projects in hand to keep me fresh. In March we hit Big and British and a 1/32 Lancaster is both of those in spades. Just the nose though. I think that will be about as intensive as a 1/35 tank with interior. And just by coincidence, at more or less the same time I'm committed to psychiatric care to both this full interior M3 in the M3/4 GB AND the Achilles! What was I thinking? Then there's the Canadian GB starting in July with the Vally as already mentioned. and the final GB of my year is the Armoured Cars and Half-tracks GB. Isn't that the most beautiful vehicle you ever saw? You can keep your E-Type Jags and Mustangs, I want one of those for popping down to Sainsburys. That last GB runs until February 2023 but I'd certainly hope to be finished in '22. So that's the GB and Big Valley projects declared. In the copious free time between those kits I aim to fit in some random WIPs of my own. I bought that beautiful great thing for the non-running Leopard GB (Two votes short. Shucks!) but also because I was feeling rather inadequate at the time. 🤣 It was a Christmas present which I opened today and it's huge, like a crane. It will dominate my display cabinet, and pretty much my entire flat... ...especially as I'm planning to sit it on this other behemoth. I've never done anything like that before so I'm very excited, as the actress said. Finally there's a tribute to the lads which it would be cool to finish in early November. I say finally, but there might be a few little spaces in the schedule, maybe a weekend at a time for figure painting. I have a Ripley bust (but I'm taking tablets for that). She reminds me of the ex-wife, believe it or not. Well, actually the film reminds me of the ex. I think the rat from the 'hood, inna hood, is just charming. And then there's another ex - the Mother out of Law. Seriously, the resemblance has been remarked on by all. Can that lot be done in a year and a week? Now I see it on screen, I seriously wonder. I certainly wouldn't put money on it. However, I read something this morning on the Christmas Blitzenbuild pages where some crazyman is doing a 1/72 Victor in 24 hours! Go and see the carnage, do! @bianfuxia, by name, he wrote: Somebody said that it couldn’t be done But he with a chuckle replied That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried. I love that verse, it sounds like Kipling to me and I've always liked to kipple so ... Yes I'm going to give it my best shot and finish those 18 models before the end of 2022. Maybe they will look rushed, which would disappoint me, but maybe, I'll find that the more I push myself, the better I get? There are yearbooks here today with much more than this on display and of much higher quality than my standard. Maybe Stalin was right and it's true that "quantity has a quality all of its own"? It will be interesting finding out, won't it?
  4. My very first Tamiya and my very first 1/35, this kit has a very close link to my family. My grandad drove Chieftains at the same time in the same place and in the same regiment - and a close family friend fixed them. So I tried my hand at it. The kit is excellent, maybe the best I've ever done. No flash and all the parts fitted flush, I would recommend. Everything apart from the barrel. It's wonky, and it wouldn't sit right without the first piece having a massive gap, so I'm gonna have to live with it. If you it's have any advice I'd love to hear it. Tamiya gets top marks from a newbie builder, and it sits well on my shelf
  5. This is my very first dio and models, I started around two and a half months ago. I wish I had done a wip in hind sight but will for my next one. As you may notice this says Part 1 and so yes I have a idea for a part two. I'm totally hooked on modelling now and slightly obsessed. I had no idea this world even existed around three months ago! This one contains a panzer IV, yak-3, hanomag and 34 figures (one sniper who is kinda hidden, one of my fav parts as its 3d where is wally.) I'd really appreciate the feedback and comments as very keen to improve (I have a lot of ideas for the future). I found the plane very, very difficult and not my fav part, I wasn't totally happy with the outcome. My most proud bit is the potato masher grenade used as a paperweight on the improv ammo box/swastika clad planning table complete with eastern front maps. I like to try and do things from scratch where I can, like making some decals (the flag, maps and Nordland div insignia), hand painting some logo's (ss lightening bolts and the tanks numbers), the anti tank obstacles (pencils), the ammo boxes and radio (foam), I used blue tack for the sandbags (I know you can buy them or use dass to make them but its what I had to hand and might have worked ok?), I aged the barbwire in salt and vinegar to rust and kinda worked. The smoke is from loft insulation (naturally yellowed from a damp loft). I messed up with the blood on the man and the plane as looks ridicules...Very Texas chain saw massacre. It was supposed to be subtle! Also I spent a lot of time butchering/converting the pilot which now can't be seen because of the stupid amount of paint and I used the wrong shade of red anyway (I changed the pilots arms from holding the instruments, to arms by his side, as if dead and head lolled to the side but no one will ever see this now). Also I screwed up on the epoxy resin (pound shop) as I tried to disurb it whilst curing and made it non transparent which meant you couldn't see the floating rifle or the man's severed leg. The camo netting is the net you get when you buy garlic from the supermarket. I cured trees and moss from my garden, rolled some twigs in pva and then flock to add green to the trees. The main thing I learned from the build was RESEARCH FIRST! At first I wanted to depict Kursk '43 but then thought this has been quite popular so would do the panther watton line. I bought a yak-3 as I like this plane and its quite small in real life so would fit ok. I started the build and then continued to read about each item of equipment and found that the yak wasn't mass produced for combat until the summer of 1944 so couldn't do the panther line. By this time I had also bought ss figures and so needed a new subject to crow bar all this into and settled on the 11th Nordland division in Estonia in '44. This is loosely based on the Tanneburg line/battle for narva involving the 11th inf div and 11th ss nordland div. When I started to paint the awful airfix german inf I had no idea you were supposed to even use a specialised model primer first before you paint them, so I hope you may see a difference between these (standard heer troops, some I also converted to make more poses) and the zvezda ss and mortar crew and the half track (which was done last)....Anyway here it is. (shout out to Mrs Murphys signage, thanks to her calligraphy in fraktur style.) https://www.flickr.com/photos/192726894@N07/shares/8212VS
  6. Hi all, I have never attempted an armour build before, have mainly concentrated on helicopters and sci-fi up to now so please go easy on me. I am quite a way into this build but will post the progress to now, will be quite picture heavy I imagine. Will hopefully post over a few days to show the stages. So here is the kit I am starting with: I am fascinated by the Vietnam war I guess it's because there was so much film footage. This kit doesn't have the IR search light so I ordered the Def.models turret detail kit as I think it looks way cooler with the light.
  7. Hello Fellow modelers ... We have Multiple successful Single type Builds for Armor. The M3/M4 last year. The Panzer IV, Mk.VI Tger, and Patton S.T. builds earlier this year. Currently we have the T-54/55 build running. With T-34 & Panther Mk.V next year. Let me ask you this question? Would there be any interest in a Group Build of British Armored Fighting Vehicles ? This would most likely be in 2020 or later so plenty of time to gather everything together. This would cover From 1945 to present and each has countless variants and progeny to offer up as options. Im just curious as it seems we have interest in both German, US , and Soviet Armor. However no one has offered up British Armor ? I’m proposing this as a group build that will cover British Armored Fighting Vehicles and Tanks. This would incorporate all British Armor produced and operated by any country from January 1st 1945 to the Present day. This of course would include both UK & Commonwealth units. Since this build has gone through a few rewrites. As a result of this I've been asked to clarify the rules. To Clarify the restrictions or rules for what is allowed this is what is allowed. A.) The Vehicle of choice would need to be operated By the British military, Commonwealth, or others post January 1st, 1945. To clarify things. This includes AFV’s and Tanks procured, built, or used in WW2. If they saw use after January 1st 1945 they are good to go. So for example a Cromwell, Comet, or Churchill built in WW2. If the vehicle type was used after the 01/01/1945 it counts, and can be used in the build. This also includes tanks that were built in WW2 and used into the Korean war. This group build does also include specialized vehicles that didn't originate as an Armored Vehicle originally. Which includes jeeps, lorries, and Technicals that have been field improvised with armor and armament. Lorry soft-skins that have some form of defensive armament. They do transport troops so in a sense are APC’s if they have armor and/or armament ? Mine resistant Armored personnel MRAP’s vehicles are included. Specialized vehicles operated by Special units are ok if they have armor and armament. So long as any of these were made, procured, designed, or used post January 1st 1945. Im sure there were plenty of types built and used during World War Two that were also operated by the British and Commonwealth after the war for varying lengths of times. Again if you or anyone else is interested but are not sure please contact me. I would be glad to research and give you an answer. Im always looking for input and help so please feel free to offer ideas and/or constructive criticism. I realize this might upset some of the original joiners of this group build. That isnt my intention. I asked for input and votes earlier towards this idea. The results are in and of those who voted this was how the votes tallied out. Final count was 4 votes in favor of inclusion of all AFV/APC. And 2 votes of inclusion of all “C” Type tanks. This is 6 of 13 members. Less than 50%, however it seems no one else voted. So I will incorporate both post 1945. “ALL SCALES ALLOWED” Now some quick ideas for the qualifying variants. Heres an Airfix 1/72 centurion kit. Another one is this Centurion in Australian service. Then heres a quick look at a couple of kits of the Chieftains. First up is this Chieftain Mk.2 from Takom. And an interesting option with the Berlin Camouflage is Takom’s Mk.10. Next up is a Tamiya Challenger Mk.1. and a Tamiya Challenger 2 As there are a substantial number of Variants, Versions, and Prototypes just in British service I cant write down all of them. If anyone knows of a type they would like to build. That or an offshoot that they are not sure about please ask ? I will investigate and let you know. 🔺-Standard build rules apply such as the 25% rule. 🔻If you are using individual track links talk to me as i consider those to be a kit in there own right. 🔻I will hold the same absolute here as I did with my Patton build. NO WHIF’S - there are so many versions and sub-types of these that we dont need paper/imaginary tanks. 🔹 I will consider working prototypes so long as they aren't paper projects. A paper project is just another form of whif to me. please ask i will research and advise. 🔶 = I am happy to announce the Two Co-hosts will be Threadbear and PantherII. INTERESTED MEMBERS 🔶1. Corsairfoxfouruncle - host 2. DAG058 3. Patman 4. Dads203 5. Arniec 6. PlaStix 7. Plasto 8. SleeperService 9. Bullbasket 10. Etienne 11. sampanzer 12. Blitz23 12a. Giorgio N. 14. Sgt.Squarehead 15. Badger 16. Julien 17. MarkSH - Churchill 18. AndrewE 19. bull-nut - Warrior/Charioteer 20. Sabre_days - Challenger 1 21. Kallisti 22. Rob G 23. Hewy 24. Badders 🔶25. Threadbear - Co-host. 🔶26. PantherII - Co-host 27. GREG DESTEC 28. exdraken 29. Yetifan ⭐️30. wimbledon99 31. Mig eater 32. Enzo matrix 33. Col. 34. Softscience 35. Swat11 36. John 37. 38. 39. 40. Dennis * any photographs used are strictly information use. All rights belong to original owners.
  8. Something I've been trying to get the hang of and that is building and painting armour. The general trend seems to be, build and then paint, rather than paint and build at the same time. When painting the completed build how do you get the harder to reaches areas, or are you only interested in painting the parts that will be seen?
  9. Hi all, An appeal for your input, please: Does anyone out there know why these tanks were fitted "on their side" and, as they clearly were, what does the fixing and pipwork look like? On some images you can see a pipe vertically running slightly inboard and close to the LE of the pylon. Thanks a lot. Martin
  10. Hello Fellow modelers ... We have Four succesful Single type Builds for Armor. The M3/M4, Panzer IV, Tiger tank, And Patton. We also have two Soviet Armor proposal’s in the T 55 and now with the T 34. Let me ask you this question ? Would there be any interest in a Group Build of all British Armored Fighting Vehicles ? This would cover From January 1st, 1945 to present. The Tanks, APC’s, and scout vehicles covered each have countless variants and progeny to offer up as options. Im just curious as it seems we have interest in both German and US Armor. Showing signs of some interest in Soviet Armor but no one has offered up British Armor ? I’m proposing this as a group build that will cover British Main Battle Tanks developed and used from 1945 to the Present day. Im always looking for input and help so please feel free to offer ideas and/or constructive criticism, just be polite. If anyone is interested please follow the link. Please have a great modelling day. Dennis
  11. Hi all, Do any of you French experts, or wise owls of a Latin persuasion, know if the SMB2s operated by Honduras ever carried the 1285Ltr wing tanks, i.e. of the type used on the Mirage and Kfir? I'd really appreciate your thoughts. So far I have only found them with the smaller thanks in online images. Thanks in advance. Martin
  12. Miniart have four new items from the kits, figures and accessories ranges out this month including: A Personenwagen Type 170V Saloon and Soviet SU-85 Mod. 1943 with Crew. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/blog/article/new-miniart-sept-2016/
  13. We've got three brand new plastic model kits & accessory sets from Meng Models this month for you and a few restocks of popular Meng kits.
  14. There are some great new plastic model kits due for release in late-September/early-October from Academy and Roden, including the World War I era 1/72 British Vauxhall D-Type Staff Car.
  15. Trumpeter have some great new kits coming out this coming September. For full details, please see our newsletter.
  16. Meng Models have three new 1/35 scale sets out this week, including a Mk.V Female Tank, a Russian AA Guns Set and a Resin Wheels Set for their GAZ-233014 model kit. For full details, please see our newsletter.
  17. A small selection of Hobby Boss and Takom brand kits for your consideration: Includes two highly detailed 1/35 post-WWII German and Soviet SPAAG Models from Takom and two 1/35 military models from Hobby Boss. Check out the full range of Hobby Boss and Takom kits online or grab an item from our great Sale! For full details, please see our newsletter.
  18. There's a massive list of great new Trumpeter brand kits available to order or preorder right now. For full details, please see our newsletter.
  19. In our Sale we've got amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts on some of Revell's Newest Kits! There's a great selection from Armour to Aircraft and Buses to Big Rigs! Stocks are very limited so get your order soon in to avoid bad news! Watch out for more deals, discounts and news from Wonderland Models! For full details, please see our newsletter here.
  20. For a limited period only, we are able to bring to you Emhar's great range of World War I 1/35 Tank Model Kits and 1/72 Figure Sets with up to 50% off. For full details, please see our Newsletter HERE
  21. Trumpeter have released 4 exciting new 1/35 Scale Soviet/Russian Military Ground Vehicles this month. This release includes: a 9K58 Smerch-M on a 9A52-2 Launch Vehicle, a T-62 Mod 1962 (Iraq Modification), a Late Production NBC Vehicle and a 2S7 Self-Propelled Gun. For more information please see our Newsletter Here.
  22. At Wonderland Models we have four new plastic model kits due in this September from Academy! These great new releases include: The 1/72 KAI T-50 ROKAF Advanced Trainer Jet, a 1/35 US M4A3 Sherman Calliope, the 1/35 Soviet T-34/85 183 Factory Berlin 1945 and a 1/35 US M60A2 Patton with M162 152mm Gun. For full details, please see our newsletter here.
  23. At Wonderland Models we have eight new plastic model kits due in this week from Hobby Boss these great new releases include: The 1/48 Grumman A-6E TRAM Intruder, a 1/48 BAE Hawk T Mk.67, a 1/35 Soviet T-37A Light Tank, a 1/35 Soviet GAZ-AA Cargo Truck, 1/35 Soviet T-35 Heavy Tank (before 1938), 1/35 French Schneider CA Armoured, a 1/35 Soviet T-38 Amphibious Light Tank and a 1/72 Sepecat Jaguar E French Air Force. For full details, please see our Newsletter.
  24. Hi folks, Now that I've got Gerty to something approaching the paint stage, I thought I needed some light relief. I'm wary of doing more than one thing since my GB completion record is pretty poor, but these are very simple. I picked up the All Quiet on the Martian Front starter box at the weekend after finding it for a decent price in a sale. Steam Tanks! Giant Tripods! Heat Rays! You can see how I might not resist such a thing. Production values from the box art - not great! It's printed from an extremely low-resolution JPG of all things - you can see the pixellation and even the compression artifacts. A bit embarrassing for the printer and whoever did the prepress work... Thankfully the contents look pretty good: Six of these tanks, which can be built in a couple of ways, plus three tripods: and a several bags of metal infantry, MG teams, and "rough riders" on motorcycles. I'm not promising to build all of this but I reckon I can get somewhere with the tanks and tripods. Plus I'm just desperate to clip some bits off sprues that don't need to be sanded to death Cheers, Will
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