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  1. Hi! I'm not really into jets, but I'm a naval aviation lover and always had a soft spot for the Tomcat (who hasn't?)...So when the Tamiya box reached the shops...well, you know. The kit has been sitting in my stash for five years, and I really haven't the skills for this kind of project, but this GB motivated me to have a try! I would have loved a colorful VF111 aircraft on my shelf, but I'm afraid that ship has sailed, can't find those decals. Oh well. Here is the well known box: Bye
  2. A couple of days ago I finished my latest build, the Finnish army's StuG. Ausf. G III .These assault guns played a very important role in halting the red army's massive attack in the Karelian isthmus near Leningrad during June-July, 1944. The fate of Finland was at stake. If the Russians had been able to break through they would have marched directly to Helsinki and conquered the whole country. It would have been the end of Finland as a nation. But the advance of the red army was halted in fierce fights. One important element were the 59 German assault guns that were bought just in time to strengthen up the Finnish defence. These StuG III's destroyed in total 87 Russian tanks while own losses were 8 StuGs. My model is a kitbashing build of the Dragon 1/35 scale StuG III kit and the Tamiya Finnish StuG III special edition. I vandalized the Tamiya kit of its Finnish modifications, for instance the large tool box in the rear, the spare wheel racks on the sides of the StuG,, the modified shield for the machine gun and the DT assault rifle as well as the C-shaped hooks. The tracks are white metal ones of Master Club. The problem I noticed too late was the size of the tracks.They didn't exactly fit the teeth of the drive sprocket. I will have to fix that problem going forward. For the markings and the Finnish swastika (nothing to do with the nazi one, though) I bought the very good decal set of Echelon. Building the model was straightforward and maybe the hardest part was painting the complex green, brown and beige camouflage. I used Vallejo color's paints for the job. I finished the build by weathering the model with several AK's pigments. Many of the StuGs had a wife's or girl friend's name written above the visor of the driver. My model was named "Liisa" and it was one of the highest scoring assault guns with nine tanks destroyed.
  3. Latest one off the bench, Tamiya's classic P-51B Mustang with a good bit of work thrown at it. 1/48 Tamiya P-51B Mustang Capt William J Shackleford 375 FS / 361 FG Bottisham, England August 1944 - Aires cockpit - BarracudaCals cockpit placards - Ultracast spinner, prop, exhaust, flaps, and wheels - Squadron vac canopy - Gun barrels replaced with Albion Alloys tubing - Fuselage riveted - Wing panel lines filled - Custom paint masks for all major markings - AMDG decals for "Queen Jean" script and playing cards Anyways, on to the pics!
  4. Hello, My next thread will be StuG III Ausf.B. I have chosen Tamiya kit for this one and since I have few leftovers from Dragon's Panzer III family kits I've built before, I use them wherever I can. I have few Aber upgrade sets also to use and aftermarket decals, as I'm going to one of the StuG Abt. 185 vehicles. I'm not very happy with the Tamiya kit, but there are not many options when building Ausf.B. Bolts are rounded and need to be replaced, weld seams are often missing and need to be reproduced, fit is loose and need a lot of filler. But main problem with this kit is that upper hull, when removing the molded fenders, appears to be 1mm wider than lower hull. I really don't know what to do with that yet. Here is the front driver's plate compared to hull: But Aber's etched sets seems to be awesome and offers a lot of fun. Here's the assembled ammo storage cabinet. And yep, the lid is movable: Tracks are from MasterClub this time and oh are they awesome. Compared to Friuls, these need very little cleaning and go together with little resin pins. Til' next time, Kristjan
  5. Finished! I enjoyed every moment of this build. Will get my hands on Tamiya's Phantom soon. If you want to see the different stages of painting, you can find it here: All but one of the pix are close ups, since the model i huge even in 1/48. I made one huge mistake, let's see if anyone spots it. And it's ready for pickup, Axel! Stay safe, take your shots and keep glueing plastic! /Torbjörn
  6. I don't normally like making more than 1 model at a time, because for me its a recipe to not complete anything. However the Alpine is suitably near completion (as long as I do not screw up reducing the paint run) that I know it will be completed and with 2 more weeks until the clear is suitable cured to be sanded I have started on a 7. I have not done much, just enough to show the direction I am going. I have often wondered how I could manage to make one with an aluminium body and painted wings. It would be nigh on impossible to mask. It is very easy to remove the wings, but the trick is getting them back on. But I have com up with a cunning plan . On the model the vertical surface of the front wings touch the body are so thin that they disappear when the wings are cut off. Therefore I have glued some thin strips of plastic below, then used stretched sprue between this strip and the wing to reinforce the joint. Then a small amount of filler. Next Drilled two holes on this new strip straight through into the body before cutting of the wing. Now I can use pins to locate the wing back in place after either painting the body or using Bare Metal foil, still not decided.
  7. Dear All, Tamiya's interpretation of F-16 is an outstanding kit with pretty fine details and easy build. Added only resin ejection seat and PE from Eduard, painted with Mr. Color. The plane stationed in Japan, a few years ago I had the opportunity to see it and walk around at Yokota Air Base (friendship festival). (Some of the static dischargers were broken off, need to replace them.)
  8. With it's front wheel drive (which gave it its name) and monocoque chassis, this little Citroen was quite innovative on it's introduction in 1934. It stayed in production until 1957 by which time over 750,000 had been built. Aside from civilian use, it was popular with the French army, and was captured or confiscated in huge numbers by the Germans who used it in all theatres of the war. I'm going to build a pre-war civvie version using one of the options on the decal sheet but I'm going slightly off piste in that instead of the standard all black bodywork I'm going to attempt a two tone scheme I found on a Google image search. This is what I'm aiming for: The box. They were very popular with Luftwaffe pilots as they offered a little more luxury than standard issue vehicles. The plastic. It's not big, but knowing Uncle Tamiya, it is very clever. There are also instructions and decals. I'm already tempted to get another one to do as a military example. Speaking of examples, there's one showing clever Tamiya engineering; the windows (apart from the windscreen) come as a single big clear piecce to be inserted into the body at the last stage before body and chassis are joined, making both construction and painting as easy as possible. Lots of chrome silver and gloss paint on this one. What could possibly go wrong? Andy
  9. Hi All, My next completion is Tamiya's mighty Stringbag, which I will say from the outset is a superb kit. I've completed it as LS276, which flew as part of 836 Sqn FAA from Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC) Amastra in 1943. Here's a photo of Amastra, which was a coverted oil carrier: I couldn't find any photos of LS276, but here's another aircraft from 836 Sqn: These aircraft were unusual in that the 'Royal Navy' above the a/c serial was overpainted with 'Merchant Navy', initially as a joke but eventually a source of some pride. As my grandfather served in the Merchant Navy throughout the war I feel a small personal connection - these aircraft could well have been flying as part of the many convoys he sailed across the Atlantic. Here's the WIP if anyone is interested: The kit was built OOB with the exception of the Tamiya rigging PE set, which was veeeerrry fiddly. This build nearly ended up on the Shelf of Doom due to decal disasters, so I'm glad I had a word with myself and pushed it over the line. Anyway, on with the photos: Despite a myriad of minor imperfections and errors I'm pretty pleased with the way she's turned out, and she certainly has shelf presence. I might move on to something a little simpler next time though! Thanks for looking, Roger
  10. Need something to mess around with whilst waiting for a GB to start, pulled this classic off the shelf. Not sure what to add. It's Tamiya so that should cover the moulding questions. Two grey and one clear sprue is all there is. However got this somewhere, a really old Microscale decal sheet (for the Airfix kit...). Still looks good. Not sure which version I want, VF-74 with the red rudder bar or VF-213 with the Blue & White checkered tail. Will see what strikes me when I get to decals.
  11. My recent history with finishing group builds isn't good (think the low point was MTO III where I completed 2 models but never put them in the gallery). I do have a good record with Tamiya 1/48 armour though. I've managed to get a couple of them finished in Blitzbuilds. I have the Pz.III gun tank and a couple of StuGs in the stash, but since the latter are so well represented, I thought I'd stick with the original tank. I've built the Matchbox Ausf L at least three times so I have a fair idea of what it should look like with it's long gun and fancy spaced armour. The only thing I'm not sure of is which scheme to use. The box top one is from s.Pz.Abt. 502, a soon to be Tiger equiped battalion that kept a Pz.III company as screens so the Tigers could concentrate on killing Russians at long range. Given I'm involved in the massive Tiger build thread, that appeals but that scheme looks like hard work witth a hairy stick. There's a DAK scheme too, which would be my usual go to as I love painting desert colours, but it's not shouting to me this time. Last option is a Panzer Grey example from the Herman Goring regiment in 1942. It's not very colourful. there are no unit markings and I've never tried my dodgy weathering techniques on such a dark base. And yet... Any road up, enough waffle. Here is the box: Inside there are a plethora of sprues (relatively speaking, this isn't a modern 1/35 super-kit) and a metal lower hull tub. Decals and instructions are all present and correct, although the instructions had a fit of pique and refused to be photographed Roll on Saturday Andy
  12. Hello Everyone, This is my first work in process post i have done so i hope its format is correct. Theres a lot to describe up to the point i am right now so ill try and be brief as much as i can. Unfortunately i joined this community after i had done most of the initial build of the hull and turret and i don't have the pictures of it in its creation unfortunately. So first up is the Hull. The initial build took around 3 days give or take 2 mins and probably could have been done a bit faster had it not been for work and homelife commitments and also i used Mr Surfacer 500 to "paint" the armour sections to add a different texture to them. Once i had it built i primed it in Vallejo Mecha Primer - Grey Primer(73.641) and with an idea in mind to add chipping later on i painted the whole hull in Vallejo Model Air - US Olive Drab(71.043) and glossed with Vallejo Acrylic Varnish(28.517). Leaving it to dry overnight i sprayed it with hairspray and moved onto spraying it in Vallejo - Iraqi Sand(70.819) i know that this may be deviating from the norm but i wanted it to be a darker sand colour than the stipulated Light Sand colour suggested by the box, ultimately ill be placing this IFV in a diorama with a Fallujah Street battle setting (Urban combat) with a rainstorm that had just passed. I wanted to go for that dirty look! (Big ambitions i know, and it'll probs will look a bit naff but im definitely going to give it a try!) Using Ammo mig - Brown for Desert yellow filter(A.MIG-1504) i plastered this over the whole hull which darkened it down some more. With that dry i used Ammo mig - US Modern Vehicles wash(A.MIG-1007) for the panel lines and nooks and crannies and finished off with Ammo mig - US Modern Vehicles Streaking effects(A.MIG-1207) and feather it off with enamel thinner. The rest was simply just hand painting all the tools and bits and bobs with a combination of Vallejo and Tamiya paints and AK Interactive - True Metals Wax. I still have the lights to do as well as decals before i place the weathering pigments but ill catch up with that as and when i can. [You will see a difference between the colour of the viewports from this side and the front, the sides and rear were painted in Tamiya - Royal Blue(X-3) and the front viewports painted in Vallejo - Transparent Green(70.936) at this point in time, i cant decide what i want them to be.] [On the aerial at the back i used AK Interactive - True Metals Brass wax for the base of the aerial and also the ones on the turret] [The TOW System will get attached onto the turret near the end of the painting] [I used Ammo mig - Gun Metal Modelling Pigment(A.MIG3009) and wiped this on, which i think gives a nice "Gun Looking" effect (Normally i would just use Tamiya - Gun Metal(X-10) but i decided on a change. The Laser designator is currently Masked whilst painting the turret.] [Its hard to make out in this picture but 4 of the 8 Smoke dispensers have been drilled out, i am looking for that deployed look but i may have to lighten it in a sooty kind of colour to make it more obvious] [Crew primed and shaded. hopefully itll make them more stand outish when i come to paint the faces and uniform....lol we will see...... im rubbish at painting uniforms!] [Track and gear all painted and just waiting on me to finish faffing about with the hull, i used Tamiya- Rubber Black(XF-85) for the rubber part(I also cut bits out of the wheels to give it a used look, not clear in the picture) and also the track with additionalAk Interactive - Track Wash(AK083) to make it pop! And thats the update of my work in progress, a bit long winded but, ive done a lot to it before joining, just a shame i didn't keep the pictures of the build up. I look forward to answering any questions you have and also any suggestions(Like keep your posts down to at minimum word count! lol) Rossco
  13. Here is my recently completed Tamiya Stug III G, which I have depicted with a well-worn whitewash. Unfortunately, I was a little too far advanced with it to join the current group build. It was painted with acrylics and weathered with oils and pigments. I used the kit rubber band tracks, which I think turned out ok. I used little bits of sponge to push the tracks down to create sag, then super glued them in place before removing the sponge pieces. I also lost the fire extinguisher and will try to make one soon. Thanks for looking, Greg
  14. Hi All, My latest completion is Tamiya's lovely Mustang III. El Mojo has been somewhat depleted of late, so I was looking for a straightforward build - I didn't bother with a WIP for this one (for the aforementioned reason). I chose to model this as GA*Q of 112 Sqn, based in Italy in 1944. Here's a photo of the aircraft: This aircraft was a little unusual in that the Sky identification band was painted out (except around the serial number), and it did not have the usual yellow leading edge stripes. Although there is much speculation around the camouflage colours for these aircraft I've chosen to model the aircraft in DG/OG over MSG. Rather curiously, Tamiya's decals provide the incorrect serial number for this aircraft (FB309, whereas any fool knows it should be FB247 ). Never fear, a quick firtle in the spares box yielded the appropriate digits). The kit was an absolute joy to put together - it was pretty much OOB with the exception of a lovely instrument panel from Yahu. I drilled out the ID lights on the underside of the wing and mixed appropriate paints with Krystal Kleer - I think it worked rather well. Anyway, on with the photos! Here's a lovely pair of shark mouths to warm @corsaircorp's frozen cockles (I hope you've now defrosted a bit Alain?) - one with her 112 Sqn forebear: Finally, who doesn't love a family photo? One with her kissing cousin from 3 Sqn RAAF, later also based in Italy: I've thoroughly enjoyed this build, and with mojo at much more normal levels I can gird my loins for a more challenging project. But what, you may ask??! Thanks for looking, Roger
  15. Here is my recently completed Tamiya 1/35 Cromwell. It was painted with acrylics and weathered with oils and pigments. Chain, mg, and stowage were from spares box. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Greg With shelf mate...
  16. Dear all, Greetings from Italy. Finally, after two years of forced stop I'm back to modelling. A new start in a new home, with much more space to build and show my airplanes (with wife blessing of course). This kit is the very nice Tamiya P-47 M, 63rd FS, 65th FG, 8th AF, England 1945 built practically OOB just with some little extra scratchbuilt details on the engine and in the cockpit. To paint it I used Tamya primer, Tamiya acrylics (with airbrush) and Tamiya spray finishing just with a slight homemade oil wash for weathering. Not 100% perfect but I would say a decent re-start. Enjoy pictures and please feel free to comment. Any suggestion to improve is more than welcome. Cheers, Andy
  17. Well I've finally made it to my first RFI, thanks for all the encouragement along the way - Andy
  18. Hi, This is my first post on this forum, however I have been building models on and off for several years. Most of my recent builds turn have been a reasonable standard, but some certainly have a better side. This kit is not a bad kit, but it it certainly not with the normal tamiya fitment and a lot of the builds I have seen online have a poor fitting engine cover (I never know which is the boot or bonnet on a rear engined car). So I have spent a lot more time than usual fettling with the chassis and floorpan before spraying the body. Sprayed all the both the floorpan and chassis leaving the attachment points unpainted to ensure a good bond It is not very easy to see, but the two do not mate together perfectly. Hence the clamps Now I can test fit there is enough room for the engine to fit without interfere. Just one more thing to address before starting on the body. The rear cooling vents could be improved. So I made an impression in milliput and could use this to make a new vent. (Using stainless steel insect pins) Soldered the end and I'm really happy with the result. New one on the left. Thanks for looking - Andy PS I'm not a quick builder so don't expect to see this finished very soon
  19. I can't remember exactly when I bought this kit, but it could easily be fifteen to twenty years ago. Thanks to a messed up paint job it ended up being shoved into storage but I found it when sorting out my loft during lock down and decided it was high time for one last rescue attempt. Thanks to people on here for tips on stripping and repainting and for replacement decals. This is the thread covering the rebuild. I started it so long ago there are no photos of the early stage of the build. Anyway, I set up my "photo studio" to take some pretty pictures. A little bit of overspray from the interior and a little slip of the chrome pen. Headlamp eyebrows have flaked a bit, panel wash is a bit uneven. Slightly wonky ALPINE script Decals are a bit uneven and the wrong way around. For some reason that's all the photos I can upload at the moment but there are a few more to come.
  20. My entry in this group build will be the Night Fighter version of the Mosquito. I will be using this kit by Tamiya, in 1/72nd:- According to the short history provided with the kit, Operation Steinbock involved Luftwaffe blitz raids on London in 1944 using Ju 88's, He 177's and Do 217's. To counteract them, the existing Mosquito fighters were modified with a rather bulbous nose, containing radar, and a four cannon armament in the nose, to intercept the raiders. The result was the NF Mark XIII, and later the Mk XVII. I will be doing the former. This is the colour scheme:- The sprues are in the typical Tamiya light grey, with no flash at all (naturally) and sharp details This sprue has been cut up, so as to fit into my bowl for the usual pre-construction wash in soapy water...... The first three photos, above, show the sprues that are apparently common to all of the 1/72nd Tamiya kits of the Mosquito. The last photo shows the sprues that are specifically for this version, with the nose, gun panel etc. on the left sprue, and the clear sprue on the right. So...off to the paint shop. More later. Thanks for looking. Philip
  21. Hello, This is my Corsair, a well known and excellent kit from Tamiya. Everything OOB except for the masks for the canopy. No issues at all and the decals were really good. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!
  22. Hi, finally got finished both of my early StuG's. Buld log can be found here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235058462-stug-iii-ausfb-both-of-them/ These are depicted as they were used at the end of the summer 1941 at Estonian area. Both of them belonged to the 2. battery of StuG.Abt 185,
  23. Hi comrades! This is my build of Tamiya Buffalo. Old kit, relatively simple. I will made my life more interesting by scratch detailing of the "empty" areas (wheels-motor compartment, cockpit, main u/c legs) and riveting. I'll use some aftermarket details and decals. The painting guide is for general idea only - my project is of different prototype (but the same unit/section). Also, to make the things even more interesting - in parallel I'll build the Classic Airframes counterpart - Brewster Type 239 of Finnish Air Force (will be in different thread) Thanks for looking!
  24. This will be my first build shared on this site, so happy to share. This is from the 1:48 Tamiya F4U Birdcage Corsair kit. It was a fun and easy kit to put together and gives a great result. Paints for the tri-color scheme were mostly Ammo by Mig for the blues. Kit was built out of box with aftermarket decals from Eagle Strike. Markings represent a plane located in Munda, Solomon Islands in 1943.
  25. As a relative new comer to Britmodeller I have been seriously impressed by the standard, especially skills with an airbrush. I decided it was time to try out some of the methods and techniques I have seen from looking through the amazing examples on this site. My guinea pig is a Tamiya F-15 Eagle that was part built some time ago and has been doing nothing apart from gathering dust. A quick wash and a coat of primer and we'll see what happens from here. Any tips and guidance gratefully received.
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