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  1. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=615777313890734&set=pb.100063754112187.-2207520000.&type=3 V.P.
  2. I've been painting this tank for around a month, and I'm at the end of finishing it. As this is my third tank painting, I think it's turned out pretty well. I used Revell Aqua Colours for my main painting because I hand-brush everything. Then I used the Revell Weathering Powder to add in the grim and sort of dirt to the tank and recently followed up with oil paints for a discoloration effect for the tank. It could be better if I used less brown for the discolouration, but I think everything else is fine. I just need to finish off the rest of the oil paints to give a discoloured look.
  3. Hi everyone, This is another model I am ashamed to still see on the shelf of so-called doom. Like the Etendard IV M of my other KUTA thread, it is very close to completion. A few photos to prove I sometimes tell the truth: Funny enough, and at the risk of repeating myself, I must be the only modeler in the known universe who did not find this kit a shake'n bake. Thanks for watching. JR
  4. Kits (plural) - no rumours just predictions: one aircraft (in 1/48th scale of course), one target in 1/35th and one toy for vulnerable users.. Source: https://www.facebook.com/TamiyaUSA/posts/pfbid0M2xvQB4KjPNNw9k1exeHhczxF7F4oBMGMMepMaPVeDoLxzZjibc5RfK9LsqNioiGl V.P.
  5. Hello folks Preview of my next project: Hetzer of the 272nd Volks-Grenadier-Division in the battle for Kesternich. See you soon! MD
  6. Hello folks Preview of my next project: Hetzer of the 272nd Volks-Grenadier-Division in the battle for Kesternich. See you soon! MD
  7. It was always my intention to try and squeeze a cheeky little destroyer build into this GB if I was able to finish my first one, but the it occurred to me I'd stand a better chance of getting it finished if I were to start sooner! Since I'm already building HMS Hermes, it seemed fitting that the destroyer be HMAS Vampire, who while escorting the carrier during her final voyage, was also sunk. Vampire was a flotilla leader of the old V class, produced at the end of the first war, and while old, these ships were capable and contributed throughout WW2. Vampire herself had been transferred to the Royal Australian Navy between the wars and served in the Mediterranean initially. However, by mid 1941 her age was beginning to show and was released to Singapore for a full refit. I suspect that is when she was given this scheme: Vampire was present at the sinking of the Prince of Wales and Repulse, and continued to serve in the Indian Ocean until her final voyage alongside Hermes in April 1942. I'm fortunate that Tamiya make a relatively new kit of this very ship, and while I haven't got on top of how much her final configuration differs from that in the box (the camo scheme at least is for an earlier period), I don't anticipate a lot of modifications. This is a 'proper' Tamiya tool, rather than a repop like the o class. The kit looks really nice. The moulding is sharp and the masts are remarkably slender. I may even opt not to replace these. Tamiya have done that propellor thing they do, with the main armament locating into pliable sleeves to allow them to rotate. Flags (which look rather large) appear to be printed on tracing paper, which may look a little cartoony, but we'll see. There's something very satisfying to me about these simple little kits and their nice compact boxings. Limited start has been made, the bottom hull is trimmed and glued, I think I'll leave the deck dry fitted for now before I decide whether it will be easier to paint in isolation Ships are so satisfying to build, none of this misery of having to fuss around with cockpit painting right at the start. Andy
  8. My first figure was this Tamiya greatcoat figure as part of a kit swap at my local IPMS group. Pretty pleased with the outcome all things considered and it has helped me with a few techniques and brush control that will transfer readily into my armour and plane modelling that I normally do. The greatcoat itself was painted using the ammo field grey set, with the res of the model being painted in citadel acrylics. Definitely recommend this model as a first one for anyone thinking of getting into painting figures due to the lack of skin tone to try and get to grips with.
  9. Hi mates. This one was meant to be a "quick" project...but my mojo went awol, and here it is: I hope I can finish it, and this nice GB can give me the right push!
  10. Adding a British counterpart to the in progress German Möbelwagen. DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr The Crusader was one of Tamiya´s earlier 1/48 armour releases, therefore all kit versions come with the full metal lower hull. started to paint it with a selfmixed paint DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  11. #3/2023 After a longer pause and for some diversion between all the aircraft, my dad built a little armour model. Great Tamiya kit, falls together, painted with Tamiya XF-60/62/64 Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235119867-air-defence148-flakpanzer-iv-möbelwagen-with-37cm-flak-43/ DSC_0001 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0001 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  12. It does feel as though we've had a load of very nicely built and modified Mercedes 300SLs on here, especially from Crazy Crank. So time for me to redress the balance with a not-so-well built and barely modified version of Tamiya's kit. First impressions of the kit are that there is a lot in here compared to your standard 1/24 car. I've not done a sprue shot before, but here's what you get: Nice to see plenty of bracing for the body, but it did mean quite a bit of cutting and filing to get all of it off. Once that's all cut off the bodyshell doesn't feel anything like as stiff as it did so definitely a good move on Tamiya's part putting that in. I gave it a guide coat a few weeks ago just to show the mould lines (there is a prominent one on the top of each wing running front to back plus some smaller, but more annoying ones, front and rear. It looks as though I've got them all sanded off now, so it sits here awaiting the start of the proper painting process. The bonnet has also had a start made to it. First job is to remove the ejector marks on the underside. There's quite a few, including some in the middle part. For these, I chose to sand them out rather than fill them as I've heard that clearance under the bonnet is minimal at best, so I figured it was worth grabbing myself a little bit more space, even if it is just a fraction of a millimetre. I've also sanded the inside of the bonnet bulges as far as I dare for the same reason, and I'm going to give the underside of the bonnet minimal coats - it doesn't matter if this part of the car looks very slightly different to the rest. And the other bit which I've started painting is the interior tub. Lots of masking here, some such as for the interior you can see, and some such as inside the wheel arches is less visible. Again, quite a lot of ejector pin marks and these were also sanded flat. Unfortunately, because this part is moulded in the silvery plastic, the ejector pin mark stays visible long after it's sanded flat, so you just have to hope you have them when primer is applied. And in case anyone is wondering, the barbecue skewer is just there to hold it up for painting. So that's a start. The hope is that I can get this painted well before winter as I'd like to get another bodyshell done too before the weather turns. Thanks for looking.
  13. Hello all, Call me mad, call me crazy but have the urge to enter another F-14 into this GB so here it is, this time a D model marked as BuNo 159618 of VF-31 'Tomcatters' during Operation Iraqi Freedom in March-April 2003. Delivered to the Navy in 1975 as an F-14A, this jet served with VF-124 before being the 17th of 18 F-14As rebuilt as an F-14D in 1990/91. The jet returned to VF-124, before being moved to VF-101 and finally VF-31 in 1995. During OIF, 159618 dropped 35 JDAMs/LGBs and was inloved in a strafing run, seeing it expend 193 20mm cannon rounds. The aircraft was scrapped in late 2003. VF-31s cruise on board the Abraham Lincoln eventually lasted 10 and a half months, seeing their involvement in Enduring Freedom, Southern Watch and finally Iraqi Freedom. This is my 11th Tamiya kit and probably my 8th WIP on the subject, so I'm sure you're all familiar with the kit and my thoughts on it! (Or maybe you're just bored ) Kit: Extras: I'll be using the Quinta cockpit set, Quickboost seats, Tamiya detail set, Eduard mask, New Ware masks and Two Bobs decals (an ebay purchase which is on the way!) Will be loading this one with 3x GBU-31 JDAM (the F-14B/D was cleared to carry 4, but 2 or 3 were carried operationally), 1x AIM-54, 2x AIM-9, LANTIRN pod and 2x fuel tanks. Here is the jet post cruise: https://www.airfighters.com/photo/133699/M/USA-Navy/Grumman-F-14D-R-Tomcat/159618/ And a nice video of this cruise. OIF involvement from 26:00 into the video. You can see the load out I'm going for at 27:32 and a shot of 110s bomb tally at 29:21 and 29:29. Will make a start on this next weekend. Dave
  14. Hi, My P-38 build in that STGB is coming along nicely. I'm keen to build something in this GB as well. It's also a Tamiya kit. I'm going to build it as an aircraft of the Naval Air Test Center at Patuxent River. It's a test aircraft with very colourful paintjob, so it fits nicely in this GB. Cheers, Stefan.
  15. Hello my friends, Here it is! My 2nd Honda Repsol bike, with cowls in place this time, is now ready for inspection. Even if it is a bit less detailed (mainly regarding cables running under the dashboard), I admit I love it and probably even prefer it to the first one, maybe because it is the last build, but above all because the cowls in place give the best perception in term of design and aerodynamics of this beautiful G.P bike. The decision to build a new model is for me, as for most of you I suppose, the result of an aesthetic crush, and the first time I saw the Tamiya box-art of this 2014 Honda Repsol, I thought I would build it some day. I finally build it 2 times! For this 2nd build, I sometimes used alternative approaches for some details (no use of the provided decals for the Black stripes on the seat cowl and the tank cover, or yet use of the Kevlar Fiber pattern SK decals inside the upper cowl instead of the painting option), but most of the time, I was faithful to my first build. So, the Top Studio Chain set was patiently assembled and set in place another time to represent faithfully the chain, and, to give another example (I could give many), the rims were dug using the same technique than for the first build. Here are below the pics: I have now to try to represent Marc Marquez on this bike (from a Valentino Rossi figure I recall), what will be another challenge. I just began the work: Thanks for watching Cheers, Olivier P.S: for those of you interested, here are the links to the first build WIP and RFI:
  16. After a rather fruitful Christmas modelling wise I decided it was high time to start chipping away at the pile I had acquired over the festive period. The Eduard Samurai set and the 109 have been stored in the ever growing pile, and with the intention of starting the 1:144 Lightning later in the year it is the Tamiya Matilda that will be he subject of this thread. I might add that this was a present bought for myself... by myself. This would also have the added benefit of coinciding with my IPMS branch group build for the start of the year; the subject of which was desert warfare. Being a vaguely recent kit from Tamiya it of course slots together in the usual fashion and even features some cast texture on the hull and turret. This was to be my first time using link and length tracks and for all I was a bit daunted by this prospect the process actually went relatively smoothly. owing to the fact that the Matilda has track armour/skirt I decided to work a bit smarter and opted to just model the tracks that were going to be visible. After a small amount of test fitting this turned out to work perfectly and means that unless you're a small child or Bilbo Baggins you don't really stand much of a chance of up skirting this beauty. The rest of the build followed in the regular Tamiya fashion. I left most of the tools and gizmos off of the hull to help with painting later. In the next instalment im going o be painting this one up in the blue desert wonder tha is the caunter camo sceme, so rest assured lots of masking is on its way. Until next time JC
  17. After a longer pause, my dad starts a little armour vehicle between all his aircraft projects. DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  18. Seeing as this GB is now running till the end of the month and I haven't got anything else GB wise till middle of Feb I thought I'd throw another quick oob into the ring. I started last week but I've only just got round to posting, so here we go. Tamiya 2001 Subaru Impreza from 2001 probably going to be in Richard Burns markings. TS50 spray can and Tamiya hairy stick acrylics for the rest. Should just about be able to get this over the finish line and add it into the gallery before the end
  19. Afternoon all, managed some time to take some pics of the latest build. Bit of a crash build......build a bit and dash. Here's some quick pics, and sorry for there being no build blog on it. I have a few more hours to finalise as the top section and lower hull are still un-attached for the painting, so I can't add the exhaust etc until I can marry together after painting and add final details. Really nice kit as always from Tamiya, fell together - no issues anywhere. The Aber set was very basic and didn't fit in many places. The set was for Tamiya, but acted like it was for another brand. Anyway, the biggest disappointment was the R-Model tracks. Picked them up cheap (£20), but they require the CNC'd pins but came with wire like Friuls, but for the life of me I could not find any that were specific to the 38(t) tracks. So a little mud should be OK to cover up the lack of bolt heads. Interesting thing to note, neither the Tamiya kit or the Aber upgrade set mentions or supplies the little piston thingy behind the gun lock. Had to build it from scratch with brass tube and some bits of PE from the box of spares. Should have it finished in a week of two........then it's in line for a prime and paint job , so catch you all again soon..., and I'll try and be on more than I have been....
  20. So this will be Tamiya's 72nd scale F4U-1D, based somewhat on the artwork below. I've drawn up decals and sent them out to the printers last Thursday, so couple weeks for sure before I'll have them physically. The tail marking is about the only one I did not change, well almost. Made the white and blue equal widths, but for the rest: 1. - underwing roundel will have lighter surround representing fresh paint, or possibly showing a little difference between American and British Sky Grey 2. - original artwork has a red Indian chief's head, but I could not find any references about this. So will not incorporate this, but in it's place will add the chalked warning "GUNS LOADED" 3. - going with slightly larger fuselage code letters (20 inches) based on studying the well known photos of a pranged Corsair (see image below) 4. - more visible original roundel of 36 inches, with a smaller white portion 5. - smaller serial, adjusted to what should be 4 inches height Photos of plastic to follow ... regards, Jack
  21. So, here she is.... my take on the Sherman M4. A really fun build that i enjoyed putting together. It's mostly OOB apart from the figures and the tracks. The build itself was as expected from Tamiya, they go together pretty much by themselfs. No issues what so ever. With the paint i kept it simple. Just a baselayer of OD with highlights and shadows. After that i did some color modulation with oils, added rust, dust, stains and spots. All the chipping was kept very light. The figures are aftermarket from a certain chinese webshop. They were a real pleasure to paint. Tarps were made with Tamiya epoxy putty. Towingcable was scratch build. Anyway, my goal with this build was to keep it simple. Nothing over the top. Work on my paint and weathering skills and work on my patience ( i tend to overdo things ) I'm happy with how she turned out. A dusty, battlefield used Sherman. So here are the photo's. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment. Tnx all for following my buildlog and for taking the time to read and write. On to the next one!!! Cheers!
  22. First build since I was around 15-16, Im now 57 so its been a while and things have moved on. Enjoyed it, made a few mistakes, so learnt something. Never used an airbrush before so that was a learning curve as well! Quite a few of my own add on’s so enjoyed the research as well as the build. Not the best but pleased all the same. I have the Border Junkers JU87 Stuka all ready to go now!
  23. So I got an email from a certain hosting site for images about the impending deletion of my account. I bravely elected to go forth and see if there was anything worth saving. Lo, there was this. My ex-wife ensured this one ceased to exist many years ago, so it only exists as various component parts in my spares box and these images now. I was proud of it though. Its the 1/48 scale Tamiya 109 with Aeromaster decals.
  24. I probably won't get into this fully until next year as I think I'll struggle to get it fully painted before winter hits. But hopefully I can make some good progress with the paint so I'll be about ready to build when the time comes rather than having to wait until I can spray the paint on. This one is Tamiya's Monte Carlo Alpine A110 kits which seems to get released in small numbers every few years. It's one of those kits which on first glance doesn't appear to have much to it, but looking at the instructions (and some other builds on here) I'm pretty certain it will be quite a detailed car once done. I've not decided whether to do the #22 or #28 car yet, still got a bit of time to decide on that. But to start with, here's the contents: As I said, it doesn't look much with just the two sprues, plus clear, chrome and bodyshell. But in true Tamiya style those sprues have made good use of the real estate available with quite a few parts on them. First job has been to get primer on the wheels and bumpers as they will be sprayed silver - if I go with the Silver Leaf that has quite a long curing time so I want that to have as much time as possible before the weather turns. No photo as it's only the pieces in primer. I've also removed the rear grilles from the chrome sprue. The instructions would have you paint the body colour in the grooves between the chrome grille bars (yeah, right!, like that's going to happen with a rattle can) so I've stripped the chrome. These will be painted body colour then when the time comes I plan to go over the grille bars with BMF - I'm hoping this will be much the easier method. And then it was onto the body, Last weekend I gave it a quick blow over with primer just so that any mould lines would show up better. There are faint lines which run along the top of the front and rear wings, then as is typical much stronger lines in the hard to reach places such as at the back of the windows and around the front of the body which were a particular pain to sand without losing any detail. This is the end result after sanding the lines back: Today it got put into primer. No mould lines reappearing apart from a very faint bit which should be behind the bumper, and no new lines appeared either so at this stage I'm quite happy with how it turned out. That's it for now, I'd love to make some more progress but next weekend I'm likely to be focussing more on the 300SL I think as that one NEEDS to be painted before winter. Thanks for looking.
  25. Hello to all, When I began the build/ thread dedicated to the Honda Repsol 2014, it was to take a break while I was struggling with paint problems on my 1/16 AMT Ford Mustang 1964 Convertible. I thought then that I would build it straight for the box or nearly so. It appeared very quickly (as Jochen had foreseen) that it would turn to a highly detailed build, using several details sets (mainly from Top Studio but also from Blue Stuff, Decalcas, Tamiya etc.) and bringing also my own touch for many details. It appeared then that it would be a pity to hide all these details, wires, cables under the cowls. I decided so to keep only the seat/ tank cowl, while all the other ones would be exposed separately. Then came other ideas: build a second bike, that would be the Marc Marquez one (this one is the Dani Pedrosa, using the Pedrosa Blue Stuff set), with a bit less details and with cowls assembled on the bike. But this, with probably a mechanic working on the "naked" Pedrosa bike and Marquez sitting on the one to come, and if possible with a little paddock scenery, is for later... I thank warmly here all my followers in the WIP section, who encouraged me and sometimes, gave me a hand to avoid errors. In particular, gamblor 916 was my GP expert, me who was up to now totally ignorant on motoGP. I am very happy with the result, especially since the last build I was able to finish was the 1/48 Nieuport Ni 11, in May 2020. I apologize for the Mustang followers, this build will go on waiting, but I prefer to go on and begin asap the 2nd bike. I will not open a new WIP thread for this 2nd bike. The latter will appear in the RFI section when over. And now the last pics of this highly detailed Honda Repsol 2014: Some more pics will be added asap… Cheers, Olivier
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