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  1. After finishing my recent epic build, I looked at a Tamiya Panther as the next victim project, but decided I needed to do something that hasn't got tracks and lots of wheels so I released this from the grip of the not-a-stash stash .... This is my first foray into Takom, although having seen many of you build their products, I can't foresee any issues (I have my fingers crossed now as I've pre-ordered the 'Big Box' Tiger kits'!) and a first with 1/16th too. The nice thing here is the chance to have go at adding some extra details, such as wiring and brake lines ... Opening the box reveals this pile of goodies .... At first glance the parts look relatively flash free and crisply moulded, so off to a good start. And after bit of cleaning up, I have the three chassis parts ready to go together .... As always, comments and feedback welcome ... Keith 😁
  2. Hello, just finished building the Takom's Hetzer (without interior) great kit, very precise. I just paint the interior just for the commander hatch. a great figure from CMK for commander.
  3. Well first build of the year completed granted not many parts but a bit of fun building it after real life issues getting in the way. Time to get back to some of my stalled stuff and clear that shelf will need my dust mask some have been lying around that long. So anyway this is the 1/35 scale Secondary Bismarck Turret painted using Colour Coates enamels and various oils for weathering and a Italeri figure from the Pibber sub kit for scale and lots of coffee stirrers for the decking from various outlets. WIP https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235134645-bismarck-turret-15cm/ Stay Safe beefy
  4. Takom/Snowman Model is to release a 1/35th Mil Mi-28N Night Hunter/"Havoc" kit - ref. 2610 & SP2610 Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02NjYWBjfzR5kXBio9ohEhmkvYBZBKi7QnV2LvSrJwZudfkHpGNgvhTMEJ1sn7ZZQKl&id=100057593795167 V.P.
  5. Hello friends, New build : M114 A1E1 CRV from Takom Great model, some photos
  6. dear all inspectors! to your attention is another my build. It is a tank Pz I Ausf.A from 10th PzD, back in 1940 somewhere in France. This is Takom kit #2145, a great kit that allows us to build two Pz I out of one box, both Ausf. A and Ausf. B. Accuracy and fit of parts are very good. Gives you 8 painting options. I have chosen to build Ausf. A in version #3 which contains some field modifications, like - armored air intake and exhaust; smoke grenades. Enjoy it! At the finish of assembling: Main colors applied: Panzer grey by Tamiya XF63 + few drops of XF1 and even a drop of blue XF8. The camo brown by XF64+XF1. By the way in the painting instruction is misleading information. The panzer Dark grey (Dunkelgrau) is named as Olivgrun!!! Dont paint in Olivegreen 🙂 And here it is:
  7. Afternoon all. Finally found some time to start a new thread. Been a bit in a rut recently with many ongoing projects and hit a brick wall on a few so decided a nice simple build is in order to get back on track. Decided on a King Tiger (my first) from the stash. I chose this one as on the whole they seem to have minimal detail really, even with the PE upgrade set. Based on some research, many had little left of detail by wars end like fenders and side mudguards etc.....so going that route. Here's the kit itself..... The kit has the option to build a type with a larger gun and night vision that was never actually built......not realy one for "paper panzers" myself, so stuck with the 88mm version. Now here's an interesting point. The 88mm barrel in the kit has a larger diameter that the Voyager one in the PE upgrade set. Curious..............so thinking Voyager is more accurate, it'll be the metal upgrade one to use. Here's the PE set I went with. It's for the Tamiya/Dragon KT's....but can't imagine the Takom being that much different. And of course my favourite track upgrade option, R-Model. Can't fault these, so easy to throw together....all complete in under an hour, both sides. As you can see, the set comes with new drive wheels as in fact later KT's had more teeth and the tracks had no non guide horn links. Later models had a guide tooth on all links. I can't imagine it's too much of a stretch to say by war's end with lack of supply of parts to switch back to the earlier drive wheels and tracks.....so that's where I'm going with this one. I ploughed into the build late last week and it flew by, so haven't got many early build pics. So intend to post where I am tomorrow as I've just finished the re-texturing of the armour. Overall, there's isn't much to a KT build, very simple so a speedy build so far. Anyway, that's all for now. Cheers Simon.
  8. It's one of the "what if..." builds of mine. What if Object 279 actually went into service and received a tri-color camouflage? What would it look like advancing through the fallout with Geiger counters going crazy? Its 130mm/L70 cannon is just disproportionally long. Almost the size of my 1/16 Abrams' 120mm/L44 Rheinmetall! Kit used: Takom 2001 Object 279, with Aber 130mm/L70 metal barrel and Masterclub metal tracks. Parts don't go together too well, so if you're planning on building one of these too, time to invest in some putty and get your sanding sponges ready. Among all the 3 kits (Panda, AmusingHobby, and Takom) however, I think the Takom one's still the best, having built all these 3. AmusingHobby's kit is just simply horrendous. Neither the turret nor the chassis looks anything even close to an Obj.279: The turret is more like a T-10M bought from wish.com, and the chassis looks like a mutated boat hull. The sprues don't even seem like injected plastic but rather die-casts gone wrong. Most garage kits in the 90s by enthusiasts probably have better quality than the sprues, and the only things that have cast texture are the runners. PandaHobby's kit is not that bad, but still pretty tricky to build. Many of the pins and holes don't go together and have to be filled or removed, and the final outcome is not very proportional to the real thing either. The Takom kit's got quite some issues here and there too, but nothing serious enough to stop a seasoned builder. I've basically given up on the AmusingHobby kit and I'm planning on using it for dioramas or spare parts, and the Pandahobby one's still lying on my shelf waiting for me to paint it, whenever I feel motivated enough.
  9. Here is my build of Takom's 1/35 Kv-5 heavy tank, you can find the work in progress thread here. The kit was a fun simple build without any problems, I made a few modifications most notably replacing the 107mm main gun with a 152mm which looks IMO more in proportion with its large turret. I added the tow rope & various bit of stowage from the spare box (German tools & American Jerry can!) along with some 3D printed wooden crates & brackets for the ditching log, which was a random bit of twig from the garden. It took me roughly 10 months to finish this build, slowly working on it a bit at time with some large gaps at points. I'm glad I got there in the end tho as this is the first model that I've managed to finish in the past four years, not for a lack of trying mind you as my shelf of doom will attest to 😅 Hopefully I can keep the momentum going a get some of those unfinished builds done too.
  10. This is Takom's 1/35 scale model kit of the Soviet Kv-5 Heavy Tank, the design of the tank was finished in 1941 & preparation for constructing a prototype was started but the siege of Leningrad put an end to it's development. You can find more information & photos of the kits's sprues in Mike's review here. I started making this several months ago while house/pet sitting for a friend & wanted a simple low part project to keep me busy while I was there. It turned out it was a bit to simple for my liking though & after constructing the basic hull & turret I spent most of my time rescribing all the weld seams, along with adding several missing ones. I also added flame cut marks along the edges of the armour plates to help bring some life to the textureless kit. Speaking of texture that brings us to today where I though I'd grab this back out of the box & stipple on some thinned down Mr.Surfacer to add a mottled armour texture to the large flat vertical surfaces of the hull & turret. Another change I made to the kit was the two large rectangular hatches on the engine deck, they originally extended all the way to the edge of the deck. I carefully scraped the ends of the hatches off so they are a more accurate size & then scribed a missing panel line along the edge. Someone didn't know when to stop The kits many wheels have also been cleaned up & put together ready for instillation. Before that though I need to finish redoing all the weld seams on the hull & turret.
  11. This kit arrived on my desk via my own pocket this week, and I couldn't resist opening it up and having a look at the parts. You get models of a Mk.I, II & III in the box, and some confusing instructions to go with them, mainly confusing to me because they don't seem to differentiate the model you're working on very clearly. After many splinters in my fingertips, I figured out which steps related to the BIG one, and had a quick snippy-snip, and some quick test-fits later, I was disappointed by the total lack of gear bays on the biggest and most impressive kit in the box. All they supply is some flat inserts with a slightly raised box in the centre to which the twin gear legs fit. If you've ever followed anything I've built or sort-of built, you'll know that I like shiny things, and sometimes get carried away 20 minutes later I found myself with a faulty set of calipers in-hand, measuring the headroom inside the bays and imagining what sort of a bay would really be in there. I decided that I couldn't be bothered to make a curved roof for the bays, as life is too short, so I imagined a square bay with one tapered end that is clearly gonna be in the outer edge, with the thick bit inboard where there's more space. I built up a box using the dimensions I measured, but since I took the photos, I've had to trim 1mm off the outer corner of the box so that things fit better. I clipped off the attachment lobes from one of the blanking plates, making sure the holes would line up later, and glued them on with some stiffeners so they wouldn't just fall off later. If you're wondering what I'm going to do with the landing gear, see those two diagonal lines on the back of the gear bay box? Those are some tests of the positioning of the retraction jack, and where it would meet with the bay wall. The main gear legs will just be extended by a pair of brass tubes, and the retraction jack will be extended by some aluminium tubing slipped over the existing short strut. Here's a quick comparison of a strut cut from the sprues and the extended one with the tube tacked into position. Since writing all this post, I've had a bit of a re-think whilst typing, as I'd like to think that this thing was powered by esoteric particles that would need to be stored in tanks before combustion/reaction/fairy dust or whatever, so I am now wondering whether I can change my mind and use the top surface as my roof to the bays, and add some hemispheres on either side that give the impression of the industrial light and magic that's going on under the bonnet/hood. I've got a ton of 6mm BBs in stock, but I quite fancy a larger one too, maybe 10mm with perhaps an 8mm dome in between sizes. Could look nice alongside some structural members and a bit of ribbing, wiring and the like. I'd have to link the gear leg bases to some kind of pivot against the roof, which could be interesting, and I'd need to mount the side details on a sheet so there's no see-thru nonsense, so there might be a bit more thinking on the horizon. I'm open to any ideas of course
  12. Hey all, This is Takom's T-55AM2b. This project had resided for a good long while as a shelf queen before dusting it off whilst looking for something else. In that time I had managed to lose some of the running gear and the tracks for it! One set of Miniart running gear and track from T-Rex later, I painted the vehicle using Mr. Colour and Tamiya Acrylics with some Humbrol Enamels as well. The model was then drybrushed and had filters/washes applied using oil paints. The decals were a combination of the kits offerings as well as some nicked off a Tamiya T-55 to make up the numbers. The kit only supplied the DDR Roundels otherwise. The T-Rex Tracks were built straight out of the box with no need for any cleanup, just plug and play. I did dip the tips of the track pins in CA Glue however just to ensure they didn't come out again. The tracks were amazingly well detailed, my only slight criticism is that the material was slightly brittle and a number of links were broken straight out of the box. Thanks for looking! Sam
  13. The ubiquitous T-54/55 series of tank served as the mainstay of armored forces supplied by the USSR, and many derivatives/specialist vehicles based on the chassis continue to serve to this day in many countries. My completed model represents a tank on field exercises somewhere in the Soviet Union, the crew suited up in NBC gear and brushing up on their survival checklist. The Takom kit is an excellently detailed, modern kit which I can recommend to anyone. This one is from the dual T-54B and MAZ-537G with trailer boxing. The same tooling is available from AMMO Mig with many more marking options! The smaller plastic parts like the turret handles and fine photoetch details require working with tweezers, but the fit is all good. This was a fun and simple little diorama to put together, using spackle putty as a basing material and Italeri figures. It was my first attempt at heavily weathering an armored vehicle using enamel washes and manually applying paint chips. The model is fully brush painted. I hope you like it, and thanks for looking.
  14. Hi! I'm starting a new build of Takom's fantastic Panther kit. It has a full interior included and very thorough detailwise. I have an ABER set to it, which has all the goodies including aluminum barrel, brass MG barrels, antennas etc. There's also MasterClub tracks, Eduard Panther interior set, Tamiya brass shells and Aber shackles. Some of the aftermarket aren't really necessary, but on the other hand, why the hell not. The details are very crisp and so far the kit goes together really nice. Nothing much has done yet. I'm at the point to get the first paint on it to get the lower hull sides and bottom together. Sorry about the crappy images. We had a rare occasion of sunshine this time of year here and there's a lot of light and shadow on the photos. Cheers! Kristjan
  15. Takom is to release a 1/35th Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout kit - ref. 2165 Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02PbeV6MdogW9AUdsUMqaM8qXE6x11v5k74bsEi68tDCEo1q7JMP9s7Gjqm5t2gcrYl&id=354803674728188 V.P.
  16. Hi all, In between the frustrating steps of my other projects, I've decided to start something a little more easy going. I picked up Takom's M-46 and Jeep combo, a few days ago. Bother kits have been previously released separately. I don't think there is anything new here. The patton has the fantastic Korean War tiger markings, and the jeep can also be built as a USMC Korean War vehicle. The choice was simple. My thoughts on Takom kits, shift. Some of the early ones were extremely frustrating, but the more recent releases are like Tamiya+. The kits are well engineered and comparatively easy to build, like Tamiya. The + comes from all the small details that are all right there. So anyway. Here we go. First the chassis and engine of the jeep. Admittedly, I started this a few nights ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting. It looks fairly intricate, but the assembly was very simple. And here are the first steps of the patton. After wrestling with the suspension on Miniart's T-44, this was like a dream. After taking this photo, I finished the other side. This all took maybe an hour or so.
  17. I've recently gotten into 1/72 scale armor and started off with Takom's double boxing of the FV432 and Chieftain Mk.V. Out of those two, I decided to start with the diminutive FV432, which was an interesting build and painting challenge. The kit itself was so-so, more complex than it had to be in some areas but with a high level of detail. I painted it using AK Real Colors NATO Green and NATO Black, slightly modulating the base colors, and then weathered using Ammo enamels and Oilbrushers using a reference photo of one of these vehicles on maneuvers that was covered in mud and dirt. I have a bunch of other 1/72 armor in the works as well, so this is just the begining! Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  18. Detailed information has emerged with the new box design that will release 3 Haunebu kits in 1:350 scale in a single box. https://hobbyzero.com/news/takom-released-3-haunebu-kits-in-one-box/
  19. Howdy, Here is my latest armor build. This is Takom's M46 Patton done up in gaudy tiger markings, as seen on several USMC and US Army units during the Korean War. The kit is typical Takom in that fit is good, but it is touch over-engineered, and many parts required a good deal of cleanup. The stowage is mixed and matched from a few EXCELLENT Value Gear sets, some Tamiya, and some home made.Paint is Mr. Color, but the tiger stripes were done by hand with Vallejo black primer and off white colors. The paws, maw, and eyes are from Takom's amazing decal sheet. I kept the weathering very simple and organic on this one; just dark brown oil paint washes, with paint strategically moved around as it dried. This was followed by some very subtle dry brushing, and some paint chipping done with a dark brownish black color from Vallejo. A little bit of dark earth pigment on the undercarriage tied things together. Sometimes simple is the best. I'm very proud of this one. It isn't perfect, but its as close as I can probably manage. This is probably my favorite model I have ever built. I hope you enjoy the pictures. https://photos.smugmug.com/M46-Patton/i-BsDM2vN/1/2d8a84f0/XL/PXL_20221002_191217565-XL.jpg
  20. Hi Pals, Trying to resume the construction of kits, here I show a WIP, but almost finished, since it is the last model I was making, and from which I did not make a backup of the photos I was taking when my computer crashed, so I lost a multitude of photos WIP...notice to navigators...Make copies of your photos!... This model is well known by many, it is quite simple, with some problems of origin, but that can be solved with some skill. I had read about it before, and since I thought I could fix it, I also bought it at a discount time. I remember that the structure of the hull, being asymmetrical and complex in shape, I had some problem fitting it into place, I think I had to "sculpt" some joint, although not what it was...sorry, in case it was useful. .. Another well-known thing is the "union" of the tracks, which although they are easy to finish, they have not measured the length they should have well, and there is a space of approximately one link that must be filled... I saw that other modelers cut a link in half, and it was just right... I tried to cut two, so that the loss of width would be less noticeable... As an improvement I tried making the grip straps for the tools out of masking tape. Another problem with the kit is that the decals, although beautiful, are extremely thick...and that even with the fixing liquids, it was impossible not to notice that they "protruded"...incredible for a brand like " TAKOM"... despite everything, several layers of product and varnish, did the job... The stars and the yellow band, I did try with a mask and tape, to airbrush them, because the quality was just as bad, but the surface was not smooth as with the numerals... I think that after several tests they turned out well... The idea was to make a used vehicle, but one that has not seen real combat, since the paint options offered by the kit are from training schools, except the Soviet one, but since I wanted an American vehicle that I have very few, hence the chose. I added a fiber antenna and ready for the RTI photos... There are some photos with his "little brother" an M3 Stuart, which he had already done before (and published in the forum in case someone is interested in seeing it, I add a link WIP and RTI), and that seemed appropriate, since they are from the same period and same user, for comparison... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235074828-recce-force-m3a1-stuart-135-italeri/ Thanks for watching as always. Cheers and TC Francis.👍
  21. We have a massive sale on ! Prices on some kits have been reduced by 25% from RRP. Lots of bargains to be had. Check out the website. https://testvalleymodels.com/pages/plastic-kits Plus, we are still offering FREE POSTAGE on all orders over £25
  22. Thought I'd post some pics of a build that's been going on some time, meant to be relatively quick but life has very definitely got in the way this year! Started back in April, very slow progress; The plan is a Mk11 Chieftain with a 432, on a simple base, extras are Voyager models etch for the Chieftain and Tetra model works etch for the 432 with Master Club tracks for both, which I haven't used before. Accurate Armour figures with Hornet heads when we get that far. Started with the Chieftain building up the hull and replacing various bits with the etch; Turret next, hopefully it'll move a bit faster! Cheers Nick
  23. Takom is to release a 1/72nd Sänger-Bredt Silbervogel - german Luft46 sub-orbital bomber - kit - ref. 5018 Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid0nP8RehYFkEzbAvTSoh54rRrp1VMEVHdHwoEJQLf2FDch2VKy6pdoR7WkvmMo9v46l&id=354803674728188 V.P.
  24. Takom has just announced a 1/35th Fieseler Fi 103 aka V-1 flying bomb with interior kit - ref. 2151 Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1770042266537648&id=354803674728188 Box art V.P.
  25. Evening all........about time I kicked off the GB blog. Here's where she began as a standard blog build......but ended up languishing in a draw.........so have taken the chance to have a deadline and get it done........ Managed to get some of the final units put together.....engine, transmission, side walls and floor.....and then started to tedious painting in stages during the build............this is where I've had to leave off until Thursday. The paint I'm using is a Hataka modulation set for German "Red Primer" AFV Panel Lighting. I have to say, very impressed with the paint itself....it airbrush's with no issue's and dry's to a beautiful finish. The set is supposed to start with a A100 Jet Black (RAL 9005)....but decided to skip it and went straight on with the A174 Brown Primer Shadow. Looking back and final finish, I wish I had used the Jet Black.......live and learn. It's the first "Red Primer" colour lay down I've done....so making notes. There's two choices in interior paint job after the Primer is down. The MIG Interior painting illustration has everything Dunkel Gelb....sponsons, and everything above 12 to 16" from the floor. Another is taken from an actual analysis of a Berge in Germany, and it has a smattering in the forward driver and radio crew positions.........have to see how masking can be done as I fancy the MIG one, to show up the chipping better. Anyway.....off to read some of the other blogs in the GB.....nite all.....
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