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Found 10 results

  1. As mentioned in the chat thread, after much deliberation on what subject and which kit I have finally decided that this AFV Club kit of the T-34/85 will be sacrificed in the name of entropy. I bought this kit about10 years ago because it was a bargain on a well known auction site and I really should get some therapy. Not sure what to do with it, the kit has languished in my shed since then so this is an ideal end for it, perhaps even karma. The kit is ideal for this build because: A. I don't want it . B. It has full internal detail, so it will look good with covers and panels blown apart showing the engine, transmission and gearbox. C. Even the tyres are separate from the wheels so they can be depicted as burnt off, any good ideas for ashes? Here is the kit and an inspirational book, an Eastern European version of Panzer Wrecks, a cover to cover collection of how T-34's met an untimely end. I wasn't expecting to post this next photo of the kit parts as I initially thought that I would just be using some of the scrap hulls and parts from my spares box. So here is the kit, all the sprues are still in their plastic bags, even an etched fret for the grill on the engine cover and straps for the auxiliary fuel tanks. There is even a bag of springs for working suspension The only other thing I need is some individual track links for that truly knackered look, the kits vinyl rubber band tracks will look far too neat and tidy to be used. So, with lots of rust coloured paint on order from evil bay I had better make a start destroying this kit. Thanks for looking, any questions, comments or advice will be most welcome.
  2. Has anyone tried a metal barrel in the above kits? The kit barrel in my boxing is not in great shape, so I'd rather replace it. But I don't think that any company yet makes a barrel to fit, and those on Scalemates (all for older kits) all look far too short to be a simple and solid drop-fit.
  3. Hello, I want to build the polish TV-Series T-34/85 tank "Rudy" 102. Now I'm looking for a good, easy to build kit. There are many! I have chosen three kits: T-34/85 No. 112 Factory Production, Academy | No. 13290 T34/85, 112 Factory Production, Airfix | Nr. A1361 T-34/85 Model 1944 No.174 Factory, Rye Filed Model, Nr. 5040 (here the additional tanks are missing, but it is the newest kit ) Opinions? Other suggestions?
  4. In a desperate attempt to get my build schedule back on track, I have just bought a kit specifically for this GB: I can't remember the last time I bought a kit to build immediately, and I mean immediately. It's not going into the stash, not even for a day. I'll start it later this afternoon.
  5. So... on Tuesday, whilst waiting for the Bronco tracks for the Crusader to arrive, I decided to take a peek at this... Instructions.. a little basic The underlying theme in this kit is flash and slightly misaligned moulds although to be honest there is a lot of detail to be added. I assume this is a short run kit so one can forgive it's shortcomings. Sprues are already depleted as the kit has been mostly assembled already. Miniature link and length tracks need lots of cleanup. And after 2 days.. Base coat of Olive Green (XF-58) applied and wheels painted up. Wheels on and tracks painted with the displayed paints and drybrushed with the Tamiya Chrome Silver. The weathering will even them out. Another build requiring some attention and significant cleanup, am I a glutton for punishment or what? Trying to decide if I'll do a heavily weathered winter camo Suggestions? Thanks for looking.
  6. Got this kit for my birthday and it was one of the quickest I built, painted and weathered, including the base and figures. Then I left it for several weeks before putting the periscopes and antenna on lol. All done now, though. Finally got a use for those 1/35 bricks I'd had for years too 1/35 Zvezda T-34/85 and Tamiya Assault Infantry Thanks for looking Gaz
  7. Not sure where to post this, but this'll have to do. Yesterday, I watched a film called 'T-34'. It was a Russian film, with English subtitles. Ahem.... well, the subtitles WERE English, but the translation was some of the most awful/funniest I've ever seen. For instance, when the gunner was waiting for the German tanks to cross his scope, he said something which was translated as 'Kilogram, kilogram! They are like little dives who follow their mother, wanting to be fed. The wise hunter kilograms until all the girls are in an argument' It took me a while to work it out, but I think what he said was: 'Wait, wait! They are like little ducks who follow their mother, wanting to be fed. The wise hunter waits until the chicks are in a row. Still, it was an excellent film with a fully restored T-34/85 up against Pz IVs and Panthers (wrongly translated as 'Tigers', one of which had the late war night vision scope on the commander's cupola) and other assorted (some real) German armour/artillery etc. I'm not sure about the validity of the plot (one which MAY have been based on fact, but probably wasn't) Whatever, it was rather original and definitely worth watching. A fair bit of CGI was involved, and in places used to great effect, the battles and strategies were amongst the best I've ever seen: certainly better than the Shermans vs Tiger I in 'Fury'. Basically, I've brought this subject up because the battle scenes in the village are ace, and a great source for those who might be looking for inspiration for a diorama featuring aforementioned AFVs. It's also great to see a real T-34 in 'action'. Badder I
  8. Hi all, this is my first full interior kit. It is a T-34/85 Berlin 1945 by Ding Hao and the base is by Coastal Kits. i am thinking of entering this into the Scalemodel world in Telford this year in the Junior entry as i am still eligible. i also need help on how i should display it, any tips would be highly appreciated 😃 sorry about bad quality, Instagram compresses the photos, plus i have awful lighting for photos
  9. Soviet T-34/85 ICM 1:35 History The T-34 was and remains a legend. It is not only the most produced tank of the WWII-era, with 84,000 built (compared to the 48,966 Shermans of all versions) but also one of the longest-serving tanks ever built. Many are still stored in depots in Asia and Africa, and some served actively during the 90’s (such as during the 1991-99 Yugoslavian war). They formed the backbone of countless armoured forces around the globe from the fifties to the eighties. The basic design was drawn for the first time in 1938 with the A-32, in turn partially derived from the BT-7M, a late evolution of the US-born Christie tank. The T-34/85 came about after it was recognised that there was a need to increase the firepower of the T-34/76 following the Battle of Kursk in 1943. While the hull stayed the same, a new turret was designed and was to be originally fitted with a derivative of the M1939 air defence gun. This gun wasn’t chosen to be produced en masse, that honour went to the ZIS-S-53 which armed the 11,800 tanks produced between 1944 and 1945. The Model The model arrives in a strong box with a separate top sleeve with a nice artist’s representation of the tank and riders on the front. Inside, within a large poly bag, are five sprues and two hull parts of green styrene and, four lengths of tracks, a small sprue of clear styrene, and a smallish decal sheet. On initial inspection the parts are really well moulded, clean, with no sign of flash. There are a number of moulding pips, some of which are on quite fragile looking parts, so care should be taken when removing. The sprue gates attaching some items like are also quite heavy and I can see these parts breaking if not careful. The build begins with the fitting of the engine cover onto the rear decking, and the bow machine gun, armoured tear drop, mantle and ball. The two intake covers are then assembled and also fitted to the rear deck. The two piece bow mounted machine gun is then assembled and slide into the ball of the mounting, being glued such that it is still moveable, whilst there are four plates that are fitted to the underside of the rear decking. The drivers hatch is made up form four parts before being glued into position. Back aft, the rear bulkhead is attached, followed by the radiator cover. Inside the lower hull section the eight suspension boxes are fitted, four per side as are the two driver’s control sticks, whilst the rear mudguards are fitted to the rear. On the outside the driver gearbox covers are fitted, as are the five axles on their torsion beam suspension arms and the idler axles. The drivers are machine gunners seats, each made from six parts are glued in their appropriate positions and the two hull halves joined together. Each of the idler wheels, drive sprockets and road wheels are made from two parts before being fitted to their respective axles. The four towing hooks are then attached, two at the front and two aft. The upper hull is then fitted out with grab handles, stowage beams and a couple of smaller hooks. Each of the two halves of rubber track lengths are joined together and slide of the wheels. While there isn’t really any interior, ICM have allowed for the fact that some modellers like to have the hatches open, to that effect there is some semblance of interior parts. The main gun breech is made up form thirteen parts, and although relatively simple, does look quite effective. On the outside of the turret the mantlet and fixed section of the mantlet cover are fitted, the breech assembly is then glued to the mantlet from the inside and the lower turret, including the turret ring is glued into place. The moving section of the mantlet cover is then attached, along with the machine gun muzzle. The three piece mantlet extension and three piece main gun is then fitted, along with the four piece cupola, gunners hatch, grab handles, ventilator dome, viewing block and top armour plate for the mantlet. There are more stowage bars, periscope sights, lifting eyes and viewing blocks fitted to the turret before the whole assembly si fitted to the upper hull. Final assembly includes the four, four piece fuel drums, each with two cradles, spare track links, stowage boxes and aerial base. There is a four piece folded tarpaulin, (in place of one of the fuel drums), another stowage box, two more track links headlight, horn, two towing cables and a large saw attached before the model can be declares complete. Decals The decal sheet provides four options for tanks that each served in 1945. All of the tanks are in all over green, each with tank ID numbers and unit markings. The choices are:- A T-34/85, 7th Guards Tank Corps, Germany, Spring 1945 A T-34/85, 7th Guards Mechanised Corps, Germany, Spring 1945 A T-34/85, 4th Guard Tank Army, Germany, Spring 1945 A T-34/85, of an undesignated unit, from the Spring 1945 Conclusion This is another fine kit from ICM. Although not the most complicated of tank kits, it does look the part and would make a nice, relaxing weekend build. Review sample courtesy of
  10. I'm in! Better late than never so here goes. I'm doing the Hobby Boss 1/48 T-34/85 in North Korean markings. This will be my first armour build since I was a teenager, which is some time ago, if my memory serves me correctly. The kit comes with a ton of interior detail, I'm half expecting to find a kitchen sink on the sprues somewhere. Unfortunately I really want to model it with hatches down and so I'm not going to be ustilising all that gorgeous detail. It feels slightly sacrilegious to not take advantage of all the work HB have put into the kit but there it is! I will be making the engine compartment as that will be slightly visible through the mesh covers that they supply. For markings I will be making stencils to spray the 3 digit number code that they have on the turret. The kit does come with a set of numbers that would work for this but I want to try and make my own, as my mother in-law got me a Silhouette cutting machine, that I am itching to try out on a sheet of Tamiya Tape. Also going to try making some masks for the wheels to make them a little less painful to paint. So far I've only got as far as washing the parts. And reading the instructions, I thought I'd give that a go for once as there's a lot of them! Trying to work out what bits can be ignored inside without affecting the structure. To get in the mood i just finished reading Roger Baker's account of his experience as a USMC tanker in Korea. Nice little read with some great pictures and sketches that he did out there. The only downside is the pictures are a bit grainy as they are printed on regular paper and not as photo inserts on quality paper. cheers Segan
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