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  1. T-34/85 Mod 1945 Plant 112 (37091) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd The T-34 was Stalin's mainstay medium tank that was produced in incredible volume by sometimes crude and expedient methods, to be thrown into the fray against the numerically inferior German tanks on the Eastern Front. The engineers combined a number of important advances in design such as sloped frontal armour, wide tracks to spread the load, and the ability to cope with the harsh Russian winters without freezing to a halt, which was a problem that affected the Germans badly after the initial
  2. For the schoolboy born in Poland 12 years after the VE day the terms "tank" and "T-34" were synonymous. Mind that today the 1990-91 Gulf War seems just few years ago - five, maybe eight, but surely not 30. In my country in the 1960s the T-34 was omnipresent - dozens of them were standing on the pedestals commemorating the Nazi defeat. The 3-volume novel Czterej pancerni i pies (Four tankmen and a dog) by col. Janusz Przymanowski, set in 1944-45, follows the adventures of a tank crew and their T-34 tank in the 1st Polish Army. The book (compulsory reading at school) and 21-episode TV series hav
  3. T-34/85 w/D-5T Gun Plant #112 Spring 1944 (35293) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd The T-34 was Stalin's mainstay medium tank that was produced in incredible volume by sometimes crude and expedient methods, to be thrown into the fray against the numerically inferior German tanks on the Eastern Front. The designers combined a number of important advances in design such as sloped frontal armour, wide tracks to spread the load, and the ability to cope with the harsh Russian winters without freezing to a halt, which was a problem that affected the Germans badly af
  4. At the iHobbyExpo 2013 in the US, Minicraft displayed the box art from a future 1/48th new tool Beechcraft T-34A/B Mentor kit - ref. 11671. Release is expected in 2014. Sources: http://www.cybermodeler.com/special/ihe13.shtml https://minicraftmodels.com/products/11671-1-48-beechcraft-t-34-mentor V.P.
  5. Battle of Berlin (April 1945) (DS3506) 1:35 ICM The battle for Berlin was a bloody one between the advancing Russian Armies and the defending Germans fighting street by street, and sometime room by room. The main tanks for the advancing Russian was the T-34 while the Germans just made do with what ever they had left, these could include the odd King Tiger. While on a one to one basis the T-34 was out classed, the Russian had many more of them then the Germans had King Tigers, and the T-34 was a far more reliable Tank, Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B King Tiger With
  6. Somewhere in the Soviet Union... This started as a build of an old Tamiya T-34 kit to test the hairspray technique. The model was left for two years before I found the inspiration to complete it again a couple of months ago. Figures are Miniart.
  7. AVM Scale Models (link) has just released a retooling of its 1/72nd Beechcraft T-34 Mentor resin kit - ref. Source: https://www.facebook.com/AVM.ScaleModels/posts/2435770459779789 V.P.
  8. M. Fan Cheng Ping (樊成彬) - usually publishing infos about Freedom Model Kits and KASL Hobby in the Taiwanese forums - has published pictures of a 1/48th Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor resin test/design model. From various messages, it appear it'll be a injected plastic kit from Freedom Model Kits (FMK). Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryModelingSRG/permalink/1879366678945880/ Something to replace the OOP Czech Model kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/151929-czech-model-480
  9. I have always thought the three T-34 precursors (A-20, armed with 45mm cannon, 4 main wheels in the tracks instead of 5, and BT-7 tracks, A-32, armed with short barrel L-10 76mm cannon, 400mm thick tracks, and 5 wheels for each side tracks, and A-34, which had 550mm wide tracks, a longer L-11 76mm gun, and 5 wheeled tracks. The A-34's only difference to the T-34 Model 1940 was that it had a huge headlight on top of the barrel, and 37mm frontal armour plating instead of 45mm). I have decided to replicate the A-32. The first step was finding the 1/100 T-34 model 1940 in my "stash". (Which
  10. Another project that languished for a bit. I mostly enjoyed the build, although the ICM T-34 had some fit issues, and the tracks don't want to take paint, which peels off easily. As a result, I was unable to weather the wheels and tracks as much as I wanted to.
  11. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is an aircraft modeller's attempt on "Heavy Metal" - Dragon's 1/72 T-34/85 Mod.1944. Built from the box with the addition of metal towing cable from the spares box. Earlier Dragon kits did include this, as well as photo-etch pieces, but their new (orange) boxings contain plastic parts only. It still builds into a very nice model kit, probably the best in 72 scale. I still need to improve my skills on tank painting and weathering, but I hope you like the outcome. Painted with Gunze acrylics (Olive Drab H80), photographed by Wolfgang
  12. After the 1/48th kit (link) Freedom Model Kits (FMK) is working on a 1/32nd Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor kit - ref.12003 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/Freedommodelkits/posts/1492074717539711 https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryModelingSRG/permalink/1931772517038629/ V.P.
  13. Hi all, This is my first armour model in years, certainly since joining BM and it's the old Matchbox T-34. I have built this as part of the ongoing Matchbox GB and mine is not the only bit of armour being done for it, though some more would be nice. I know it's not a super accurate kit but was built as a bit of nostalgia and fun and I really enjoyed building it, and it will not be my last armour model either. Anyway here are some pictures; And for those of you who a
  14. Couldn't resist the lure of this GB any longer! I used to build lots of Matchbox armour (and aircraft) kits in my youth and I used to like how easily they went together and the fact that they were good subjects and seemed accurate too, at least they did at the time! This is the only Matchbox kit I have in the stash so it didn't take long to choose what to build! Anyway, time for the usual box and sprue shots. I always liked the dramatic pictures on the Matchbox boxes and used to draw my own (terrible) versions of them as a kid. The wonderfully coloured plastic.
  15. Soviet T-34-76 with Tank Riders ICM 1:35 History The T-34 was and remains a legend. It is not only the most produced tank of the WWII-era, with 84,000 built (compared to the 48,966 Shermans of all versions) but also one of the longest-serving tanks ever built. Many are still stored in depots in Asia and Africa, and some served actively during the 90’s (such as during the 1991-99 Yugoslavian war). They formed the backbone of countless armoured forces around the globe from the fifties to the eighties. The basic design was drawn for the first time in 1938 with the A-32,
  16. Presumably Zvezda snap-kit is better than any of the trio mentioned above, but i don't like the looks of the hex-turret model 1942/43. So can anybody tell me what are the pros and cons for the early production T-34 in Braille scale? Is Dragon really so wrong and Unimodels so good? And what about the Trumpeter? Is it worth its price?
  17. After almost 50 years of modelling (mostly aircraft, but also ships, cars, railways) at last I decided to build a small collection of AFVs in 1/72. Frankly speaking somewhere deep in the 70s or 80s I have built two or three such models (Centurion, Patton and 155mm M40 IIRC), but the time goes by and new kits appear every year. As a newbie in this ocean of modelling I would like to know your opinion which kits of several WW2 AFVs are the best on the market now. I'm not a rivet-counter, but correct shape and sharp surface detail are more important for me than sheer number of parts, opened h
  18. T-34 Wafer Type Workable Track Links Set 1:35 Miniart These tracks from Miniart are suitable for their T-34 and Su-122 kits. There are 10 sprues of the track links with guide horns and 8 lengths of the intermediate links. The links with the guide horns have small pins on then which are designed to click into holes on the intermediate links. Conclusion While these links do indeed look good, while attempting to get a set to link together to include in the review I found that they would not "click" together easily. I found that the pins in the guide horn
  19. An aircraft modeller's attempt on 'Heavy Metal'. After building Zvezda's Yak-3 'Snap Kit' I was so impressed by the quality and ease of build that I acquired some vehicles from their 'Snap Kit' range as well. Detail is sufficient, but not as good as with Dragon or Revell. Most suprising issue - there are no grab handles included. These are quite prominent on T-34s, so I added them from my spares box. The tow cable is from a Dragon kit. I really like Zvezda's design for the tracks, they come as one piece. You simply wrap them around the wheels. It's a good idea to dip it in hot water fi
  20. This is my 1/72 T-34/85 from Ukrainian manufacturer Unimodel (aka UM). According to my research this was built at Factory 112 in 1944. Markings from the box, towing cable from the spares box (probably of Dragon origin). Metal gun barrel from CMK. Not entirely happy how this turned out. Being primarily an aircraft modeller, I still need to learn a lot about link-and-length tracks. These do not sit right and produce a 'kinky' look which is unnatural. May have to go through more military vehicle models to improve my experience! Thanks for looking, anyway. Since the prominent welding li
  21. Hi all, this is my first RFI in this forum. About the kit, it was quite good besides a few bad joins and the vinyl tracks may disappoint some, but very good otherwise. Airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics, and details with Humbrol paints. The base was made out of gyp-rock, and the walls of cardboard. Any more info on asking It is meant to look quite heavily weathered btw. Full WIP here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234990517-revell-135-t-3476-model-1943/ Anyway some photos! Any criticisms, advice, and tips are welcome
  22. Hi everyone, this will be my first WIP on this forum. Here is the box art of the kit: (pretty bad image i know ) Won't be starting for a little while because I am quite busy today. All for now
  23. SJLR_1

    T-34/76 Info

    Hi Just wondering if any T-34 crews ever stored spare wheels/road tyres/drive sprockets (etc.) on the outside of their tanks. Like so: Also, I was wondering if Tamiya XF-26 Deep Green or XF-61 Dark Green would be the closest match to a real T-34. Thanks for looking!
  24. Hi folks, A few pics of my T-34/76 Sotka Ps.231-3 commanded by 2/Lt Teppo during the battle of Tali-Ihantala on the Karelian Isthmus in the summer of 1944. The Finnish Tank Company used various (captured) Russian tanks such as T-28, T-50, Klim Voroshilov and the famous T-34/76. The Finnish Soldiers called it 'Sotka' ('Duck'). It is the Dragon T-34/76 Mod. 41, Cast turret kit with some scratch built parts. Painted with Gunze and weathered with Ammo. Note: The Finnish swastika, Hakaristi, was officially taken into use after an order by Mannerheim on 18 March 1918. The Hakaristi had n
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