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  1. The second of my Aeronavale Seafires. This is a Sword boxing of an early MkXV. The early MkXV still had the A-frame arrestor hook in the lower fuselage, the later ones had the 'stinger' style arrestor hook under the rudder. One large sprue sprue with most things on it and a second one with the fuselage. A couple of resin parts and a small sprue with the arrestor hook. And an injection moulded canopy. Instruction booklet and transfers. Including stencils.
  2. Sword is to release a family of 1/72nd North American FJ-2/3 Fury kits. - ref. SW72107 - North American FJ-2 Fury Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/coming-soon/125-sw72107-fj-2fury.html - ref. SW72108 - North American FJ-3 Fury Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/coming-soon/127-sw72108-fj-3-fury.html - ref.SW72109 - North American FJ-3M Fury Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/coming-soon/127-sw72108-fj-3-fury.html V.P.
  3. In 2019 Sword is to release McDonnell F3H Demon kits. - ref. SW 72122 - MCDonnel F-3H-2/F-3B Demon Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/home/141-sw-72122-f-3h-2f-3b-demon.html - ref. SW72123 - McDonnel F3H-2N/M F-3C/MF-3B Demon Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/home/142-sw72123-f3h-2nm-f-3cmf-3b-demon.html V.P.
  4. Hi all, latest completion. SFTB plus Avalon decals for the markings. Hataka orange line for the gloss sea blue. Thanks for looking 20210530_183532 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183525 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183512 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183505 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183043 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183006 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  5. F2H-2P, 128863 U.S.Navy, "Look III", VC-61, USS Yorktown, Korea 1953-54 Kit: Sword F2H-2P Photo Banshee (SW72078) Scale: 1/72 Paints: Vallejo Model Air, Vallejo Metal Colour Weathering: Flory Models Wash WIP: Photo reconnaissance version of the early US Navy fighter jet, the Banshee. Not many were made but still an interesting plane with rather sleek looks due to the extended nose. Delightful little kit with some resin & PE extras that came with the kit. Only thing I have added is the tail pitot tube. Cockpit required some extra cutting but other than that it went together better than I expected. Landing gear installation was tricky to put it mildly and the plane ended up in a nose down position which I'm not sure is entirely correct but oh well. Definitely left me hungry for some more Sword kits - luckily I have plenty of other US Navy subjects waiting in the stash. Painted with Vallejo Model Air.
  6. SWORD 1:72 F-2H-2P Photo Banshee One of my more recent purchases. I'm currently working on Hobby Boss's F9F Panther and thought it could use a friend. Colour schemes. This will be a Navy bird, most likely. Decals. By Eduard, as it seems. It's a short run kit, for sure. Not saying that is a bad thing - I mean the details are pretty nice for the most part, but you can also see that there will most likely be a lot of sanding & fitting included. Interestingly the nose section is a clear part - because of all the camera windows. One way of doing it, I guess. Resin parts included - and they look pretty nice. Sadly, one of the intake fence thingies is bent but I guess it will straighten out with some heating. And also comes with Eduard PE sheet. I have not read or done any research about this kit - but I'm expecting (and looking forwards) to do some actual modelling to make it all come together. But definitely has the pieces fora nice looking kit - we will see how I manage it
  7. I really like the austere look of the 1980s-vintage Hawker HS-125 CC.3 in RAF service, painted gloss white overall and a roundel blue cheat line, similar to that shown on the Matchbox cover-art of the CC.2. To do justice to the type requires kit-bashing using two different generations of kit: the 1974-vintage Matchbox of the -600, and last year's Sword model of the -800. Sword's kit offers many details that can be cobbled onto the -600 to turn it into a -700 jet, such as the engines, underwing details, and possibly the landing gear. As others on this board have pointed out, the Matchbox kit isn't bad, but it does have a few problems. I wanted to do a partial interior and pose the finished product with the door posed open invitingly for little VIPs. No crew figures on this one, however.
  8. Hi all! Bear with me, this is my first WIP post. Sword’s 1:48 T4 lightning. All the usual comments about “short-run” kits apply - no locating pins, some flash, occasional fit issues, etc., but overall, I’m impressed. I bought a few goodies to go with it, the best being Danny Coreman’s book, but there were a few diorama bits I couldn’t resist, like tow bar, FOD cover (covers a multitude of sins!), tow-tractor... I took inspiration from #propforward’s build, so all the same comments apply as to fit, filling and finish! Natural metal finish on an earlier one-oh-wonder (KH RF-101c, Sun-Run #2) gave me some practice with Alclad and highlighted a few things I wanted to try with this T4. More on that as I get nearer to colouring the plastic. Anyhow, on with the show. I must confess at this point that I’ve progressed a bit before starting this thread, so the progress may appear a tad faster than it actually was. Intended subject was a September ‘63 dated T4 of the OCU, at RAF Middleton St George. Scratched a few bits for the bulkhead, using “Uncovering the Lightning” book and a cockpit tub from CMK, intended for a T5 in the stash. Used Evergreen rod, some solder for the cabling for the canopy and some wires from a short length of 3-core cable. The holes in the bracket at the top I struggled with - how do you guys get them in such a straight line? The drill bit kept slipping offf-line and I made a bit of a bodge of it. Here’s hoping the canopy/bang seats will cover most of it! Side consoles were busied up a bit, but I apparently have fingers too thick to make separate throttles and Airpass radar controls. No matter, I intended to do a canopy-down scene anyway...! ... and all dry-fitted in... Blast! That bracket isn’t covered by Martin Baker’s finest. I may not be able to live with it. The kit seats are pretty good though, as is the IP. especially when some of Airscales fab decals are added... That’s it for now. Wings next. Luckily, there’s a good stint of a few days uninterrupted plastic destruction coming up!
  9. After some false starts on recent group builds, I thought that I would try to restart in 2021 with this kit, the Sword 1/72: As the kit box clearly states RAAF, it seems ideal for this GB and I have had it for some time. I will be doing the 79 Squadron version which is A58-169 originally ES307 built at Castle Bromwich (kipper tie, no I have just had one thank you). The airframe history is from ADF serials website: 58-169 F.VC ES307 Arrived in Australia on SS Empire Strength 11/04/43.Rec 2AD ex UK 29/03/43. Rec 1AD ex 2AD 23/04/43. Received streamline cowling modification 1AD (sans Trop)23/04/43. Returned to 79Sqn RAAF 06/05/43. Coded UP-X. Rec 1AD ex 79Sqn RAAF 02/06/43. Rec 79Sqn RAAF ex 1AD 06/06/43. Accident 26/06/43 when after having taken off for a one hour gun test flight, could not select undercarriage on landing. Pilot made a wheels up landing at Milne Bay. Pilot; Sgt G A Chomley Serv#418232 was uninjured. (Code name for Kiriwana was Drake Force) Fitted RR Merlin M46 was #93069. Rec 26RSU ex 79Sqn RAAF 22/08/43. Rec 79 Sqn RAAF ex 26RSU 30/10/43. As LZ844 (A58-213) with 79 Sqn RAAF was now also coded as UP-X, ES307(A58-169) also coded as UP-X, was modified with a white overscore below and another above the grey X, with new Volkes Filter in natural metal cowl. RR Merlin M46 #92661. Rec 12RSU ex 79Sqn RAAF 28/10/44. Rec 6AD ex 12RSU 26/11/44. Rec 8OTU ex 6AD 07/01/45. Rec 6AD ex 8OTU 27/11/45. Authorised for write off 22/05/46. Passed to DAP 26/11/47. Struck off 15/11/48. And I think it is this aircraft: From the Australian War Memorial Site. Interestingly there isn't any serial code on the aircraft. The accepted scheme seems to be RAF DE with RAAF Foliage Green painted over the original RAF Midstone with RAF Azure Blue beneath- the repaint for Spitfires originally finished in 'Desert Camouflage'. The Vokes filter from the above text was a refit and in aluminium which is why it light. The underneath appears lighter that Azure blue on the wings and darker almost imperceptible from the upper colours at the rear. Notice also the dark colour of the leg strut. Of course its not a pin sharp photo. I think there are two likely-hoods, the aircraft is painted Azure Blue and the wings are reflecting the sand beneath or the aircraft could have been repainted RAAF Sky Blue in its many trips back to Servicing. I have build the Sword Spitfire Vc before and it goes together quite well, but the cockpit canopy can be a bit iffy possibly.
  10. I think this might be the next project to start. Not an easy kit to get hold of these days - managed to find it on ebay a couple of years back. Heard some comments in the past about some tricky parts fit? I've also bought aftermarket intakes / nozzles which seems to be this big issue with the Sword kit. It's going to have to be a rattle can paint finish too, so let's see how that works out!!! Will try to update some pics through the build.
  11. Had this mostly built gathering dust on the shelf for a couple of years. If it wasn't for the fact that this was mostly built up, it was too advanced in build to enter into the Interceptors GB but since as I'd just done the MiG, I thought it was only right that I should complete its western counterpart Finally got it done & at last got to grips with Alclad as opposed to the Vallejo Metal Colour on the MiG. Added another pic of them both side by side for size comparison & comparison between the metal finishes. So this is the Sword kit which is a short run kit & should be treated as such. The seam lines on the underside were a pain to ensure that they didn't show up after priming. There was a lot of filling & priming involved but the underside join still faintly shows through. Sword provides a resin insert for the two Avon exhausts which are quite nice only once in, they're not a perfect fit. Either a fine shim inbetween the fuselage halves is needed, or a little bit of filler around the resin is needed. Talking about the resin exhaust, would have been good if they had produced a resin nose ring. The kit halves around the nose were short shot, so it would have taken some sprue filler to correct that, so I added the Quickboost resin nose ring for the Trumpeter kit which fetted exactly & improved on the overall length of the model. I also find that Sword kits in 1/72 have very shallow fine panel lines, so I usually give them a going over to slightly deepen them. Decals are a mix of the kit decals & used some stencil data from the Airfix F.6, only those that applied, similar to what went on the F.3. Thankfully the Sword tail fin markings actually fit the tail fin which was a bonus as a lot of the time with large dcals, they're not always exact in dimensions. Everything else is just out of the box. First success using Alclad over their gloss black base. Used some Vallejo Metal Colour for picking out some individual panels. Used Ammo Mig red for the spine, custom mix Klear gloss & Ammo PLW. English Electric Lightning F.3 XR719 D Wattisham Summer 1965 And a couple for size comparison. Thanks for looking! Martin
  12. Hello guys and girls.I hope you are doing well.Here is my latest finished model.The Sword EE Lightning T.5.A really bad kit that requires a lot of work to turn it into something worth of having a place in you display case.I built it OOB.The paints used are gunze. enjoy the photos.
  13. Hi all, here's the first of 2021. It is the Sword kit straight from the box except Eduard etch ejection seat handles and scratch built pitot. Nice kit though not for the complete novice, and the decals are so thin they are very difficult to move once placed. Anyway thanks for looking 20210214_152721 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210214_152731 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210214_152744 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210214_152803 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210214_152832 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210214_153227 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  14. http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SW72088 Spotted on Hannants future releases is a 1/72nd Fairey Gannet AEW3 by Sword. One to look forward too and can make use of the surplus decals AlleyCat did for their resin kit.
  15. Joining you with this Sword 1/72 BAC Strikemaster. This kit cost me £8 at IPMS Avon show in 2015.
  16. Hello everyone! I just finished another model and also the first one this year. The hero is the Reggiane Re 2001"Falco II" in 1/48 from the company "Sword". The model represents a machine from 152a Sqn. Tenente Remo Cazzolii, may 1942. Construction went without any problems, in few places I had to give putty in minimal amount, I made pilot stripes myself. For painting I used Bilmodel Makers paints dedicated to Italian aviation. And now I invite you to the gallery, you can judge.
  17. Hello everybody! Another model that landed in my workshop is Reggiane Re. 2001 Falco II from Sword in 1:48 scale (SW48012). I know I promised an MC. 202 but there has been a slight adjustment in plans. Falco will be straight out of the box without any fireworks. And the rest will come out during construction. The whole thing looks like this: The little in-box of the kit: And a few details I uploaded the pictures wrong and redid them.
  18. I've been missing the building with all the painting and decals I've been doing lately so was looking forward to starting this from the stash (even though I have a couple of KUTAs I could restart that need decals, etc.)... It's a second hand kit, but everything seems in order - actually I think there's an extra piece that doesn't belong (the light grey bit at the top middle - oddly seems the same sprue colour). The kit has a couple of resin (I think) bits - the exhaust and pilots seat, and some colour photoetch. I've never built a Sword kit before but this may well be my first and last (more on that below). So the sprues don't contain any numbering (not a deal breaker) but the parts - well, there's no attachment 'pins'/sockets or anything - you have to align them up by eye! I made a start on the nose cone - it says to add weights to them (no amount specified) - I fitted a steel ball bearing in the nose and one in the rear section that attaches to, possibly I'll need to add more weights later, doesn't seem lots but I couldn't fit any more. I fixed them in place with some 2 part epoxy glue. I also decided to glue up the wing halves, but there was some serious injector marks that had to be taken care of first as they were getting in the way. So I can see this is going to be a 'fun' build. The only parts with and locator parts are effectively those stubby wing to fuselage parts and some dry fitting when the wings had dried showed they don't fit (so they'll need some modification)! The tailfin and rear wings also have no good strong attachment points which will be 'fun'. The part I'm dreading first though is getting the fuselage halves together they pretty much fit (a little plastic warpage but nothing some glue and clamping won't fix) but without connecting guide points it's going to be an engineering challenge (I'm thinking of building some bits of inner 'lip' on one side with plasticard to help hold it aligned whilst setting, but that's only half of it - I've also got to align and attach the cockpit (ok there's a tiny lip for that), the front radome/wheel-well part and the intake fan all at the same time so it all lines up. Any tips on this appreciated (I'm half tempted to ditch it / kit bash it with another Lightning kit - e.g. take the decals, PE and resin parts and attach them to another kit). Oh add to that I'm planning to try a BMF and this has all the hallmarks of turning into a nightmare project full of silver gluey finger prints!
  19. Boosting the Carrier Air Wing with this Sword 1/72 TF-9J Cougar. Performing as a USMC Forward Air Controller. Parts. This is the Vietnam option.
  20. Hi all, My first build for this GB will be the 1/72 Sword RT-33 in USAF markings. The USAF got one of these from the Philippine Air Force in 1961, to use over Laos to help provide the Laotian government with intel on the Pathet Lao and the Viet Minh in northern Laos and along the border with North Vietnam. Naturally, this whole project was a bit hush hush, but there's some info in the book "Tactical Reconnaisance in the Cold War" by Doug Gordon. A link to the pages about this subject here. As mentioned, I am using the Sword kit which comes with everything you need, including the decals. Everything is nicely packed in bags, with some PE, which you don't really need much of for this version, some resin like the seat and the wheelbays, and decals for a bright orange and yellow/black Italian jet, a French and Dutch one in NMF, and the one I will be doing. The kit is like a typical limited run kit, and I've seen worse. Detail is decent, and the fit doesn't look to be too bad. I've sprayed the interior bits with some Gunze dark interior green and started painting the details in the cockpit. The rear seat was removed from the RT-33, and some electronics were installed instead. The kit comes as a standard T-33, so in order to turn it into a recce bird, you have to cut of the nose along a panel line, and glue the new clear nose parts in place. I'll probably add some reinforcement on the inside though. That's it for now. I'll have some more work done tomorrow.
  21. Sword is to re-release it's T-Bird kit as 1/72nd Lockheed RT-33 Shooting Star - ref. SW72113 Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/6-coming-soon box art V.P.
  22. Dear All, Further to my previous post on Merlin Seafires and my intention to build all 3 versions,1B, IIC and III I've just managed to buy the Sword Mk III / SW72084 late boxing which, with all Sword Seafire and Spitfire kits, are like hens teeth these days. I've read the excellent review of this kit on Hyperscale by Mark Davies (below) which confirms my initial thoughts that the kit is excellent with the only obvious error being the lack of panel lines on the wings showing the wing fold. http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/reviews/kits/sword72083reviewmd_1.htm Given the lack of wing fold lines and the plethora of spares also included, as apparently these are from their previous Spitfire V model which Sword still left in for some reason, I'm wondering if the kit could also be built as Mk II as well? Would love to hear from anyone who has bought/built this kit who could confirm, along with any build issues that the kit may have, as I'm very much a Seafire virgin and still learning as I go. Regards Colin. Ps. any clues as to where I might find any more of the Sword Seafires for sale as mine was the last and only one left with Kingkit and trawling Google has yielded nothing?
  23. What should turn up on my doorstep but a Sword 1/72 Avenger AS.4. Nice kit: very happy with it and construction underway. Sword have had a pretty good stab at the interior but some of the detail is a bit clunky eg shelves 3” thick. Does anyone have any photos of what the interior of the rear cockpits really looks like please? Photos of the other turretless FAA variants (AS.5, ECM.6) equally acceptable! Thanks in advance. PS Have already had a look at the photos of the FAAM Avenger ECM.6 in Walkrounds.
  24. I'm really pleased with this one. Nice kit, bit tricky in places as no locating pins on most parts but goes together fine and good detail. Part of Sword's Reggiane 1/72 boxing and first one I had attempted so looking forward to the others now. Only one marking option per kit included in the 6 kit boxing, this is Reggiane 2001 of Tenente Agostino Celentano, 150a Squadriglia, 2 Gruppo Autonomo. San Pietro di Caltagirone, May 1942
  25. Hi everyone, Not been posting RFIs for a while for various reasons. No time to take photoes, no sunny weather to take good photoes, no time to write articles... Now it's time to change things so I'm presenting here the photoes of my latest model I just finished this week. This is a very well known Jet Provost, but not an Airfix kit which has been invading RFI section recently. I've gone the other way and challenged Sword kit of T.5. Not much aftermarket or scratchbuilding applied. I had Pavla MB mk.4 seats, Reskit wheels (main wheels only as their front wheel is visibly small so I used kit's option), Airdecal sheet is used for The Poachers scheme. Some constuction notes: Canopy requires attention! It is about 1.5 mm too wide at its center. It's okay at both ends though. And more importantly - two canopy parts match each other so this stays usable. My solution was to add plastic stripes to the cockpit insert sides. This made fuselage 'fatter' right where needed. At the same time I hardpressed fuselage at the start and end of the cockpit so no inserts were needed there. On the bottom I did not need an insert either. Exhaust is anemic. It's twice smaller than it should be. Just throw it away and scratchbuild the pipe (so did I) or find a replacement in spares. Resin seats are usable but no harness is provided. So I chose to buy Pavla seats. Also cockpit is too deep. I added quite a bit of plastic to raise seats to appropriate level. For an aerobatic team aircraft you need to cut wingtip tanks and add bare wingtips. Nothing complex. The only nuance - Sword gives us transparent navigation lights but these are useless as they do not fit wingtips at all. I just scratched them myself. Probably single-piece fully transparent wingtips could be a better option for Sword. Instruction sheet is horrible. Sword likes to picture nicer and more detailed parts in the instruction than it gets you for real. For instance, in this kit main undercarriage construction requires photo references. Little transparent navigation lights on top and bottom are provided on the sprue, there are location recesses on the fuselage, but these lights are ignored on the instruction at all! Stencils placing reference is just a puzzle. I used walkaround photoes to put most of the stencils. Techmod decals are thin, nicely printed, very readable. But for some reason they tend to bend over so on my XW360 some inscriptions were painted over by RAFC technicians. Aftermarket Airdecal sheet is superb. I had only couple cracks on a long blue stripes that go from the bottom fuselage and end on the tail. I almost have not torn them and applied almost symmetrically!!! Still makes me think once more whether building civil airliners with their cheatlines is a good idea... Use references for aerials! Looks like these changed over Jet Provost's career. Mine are in line with The Poachers photoes from the 70s but not in line with the instruction sheet. Add enough weight. This is a strong tail sitter! Luckily there is a lot of space in front fuselage. Paints used are Hobby Color FS36440 (H325), Flat Red (H13), white, black etc as appropriate. Blue on the wing tips is mixed from a secret proportion of blues and white which I will never be able to reproduce - seems almost spot on? That is all regarding construction. A bit more photoes: Thank you for watching!!! All the best, Dennis
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