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Found 9 results

  1. I just received the Mach 2 1:72 scale Swissair Dc-8 model for Christmas and very excitedly opened it and examined the contents especially the decals. Well, there are no decals for the red part of the tail or the red stripe along the plane where the windows are or the black area in front of the cockpit. Am I supposed to mask it off and paint it myself? Or are there any decals for this model from another vendor. I was able to find any in Joydecals or some of the other vendors I have dealt with. Thank you.
  2. For the WIP page, please refer to: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235100492-revell-douglas-dc-3-swissair-172/ Back to our forum after 2 amazing weeks in Germany for doing my MCC in oder to finish my pilot course (finally)! Between this time and Amsterdam for the next week, I wanted to share with you the pictures of the final result of the Douglas DC-3 with the Swissair colors that my dad decided to build. (Sadly, when I was abroad. I didn't saw the model with my own eyes yet.) I've left you with the WIP page if you wanna read the context and also the production of the model. Without any father delays, I'll leave the pictures below, with the Oporto Airport in the background during the 1950's/1960's!
  3. My dad once again, asked me if I could share his work here, and I'm doing that with all my pleasure. This time, and after so many models he did in the military version, he turned for a bit into civil aviation again. Don't ask me how he find it or where I have no clue at all, but one day my dad came home with a DC-3 from Revell in his hands. This kit from 2004, brings two options: the paint scheme of KLM or the paint scheme of Swissair. After some time considering, we've decoded to pick up the Swissair livery. Despite in the end I was more for the KLM one. Well we can save the decals for a later version who knows By what we could check from the box art and also by pictures online this was the paint we needed to recreated in our Dakota. So basically in the beginning. my dad attached the main fuselage and started to sand. After this job was completed he then puttied it and again it sanded. For what he told me this kit didn't had much gaps, so the job was kinda easy. After that he redesigned the fuselage lines and by now this is how the model looks like: Next, my dad inserted the engine nacelles and also the covers, and by him, this was a bit challenging because the pieces didn't fit with each other so he had to use a bit of force and compression for them to remain in their position. After that he put the primer to check some imperfections. I need to confess that I'm actually a bit surprised with this kit from Revell, as because it seems very accurate for me when it comes to shapes and also angles! And with this silver layer, the kit started to gain some Dakota style Here is the guy! And if I am not mistaken with the permeant silver layer. After that my dad started to paint the wings and also the elevators leading edges in black juts like we saw on the pictures. Since my dad doesn't like the "typical travel agency plane" as he normally says, the decided to pop up the lines of the aircraft a bit and dirty them a bit. For that he used the typical black panner line ink. He tool this picture during the first layer on the right wing and since I'm not with him this is the only picture I have for you about this After that the main things were done: Black nose, and the remaining black stripes on the wings, elevators and tail. Looks like in a gap of 1 week this airplane is practically done! By the pictures, the propellers were all black with yellow stripes and he also made them already! When it comes to the landing gear and wheels I don't know how's the status, but looks like it can be a subject for continue this trend. For one post there's too much pictures! See you around!
  4. After some months of work (if you wanna check the WIP topic, here it is: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235087386-revell-boeing-747-200-swissair-converted/) I've finally finished this 747-200. In general therms this kit wasn't very problematic: The main fitting was reasonable okay and everything worked just fine! I just regret the very simplistic lines and some gear doors and minimal pieces didn't fit as I wanted, including the wing antennas). But that was only a minor issue. The Swissair livery left the aircraft with a very beautiful retro look. I don't regret the fact of not using the Revell House Colors ones. Once again 26Decals nailed it! I'll leave ou with some final pictures. Hope you like them all!
  5. Just completed these for the Colourful Dakotas GB over at UAMF - the Italeri kit as a post-war Swissair machine and the new Airfix kit as an Air Atlantique example. DC-3s01 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr 03 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr 02 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr 01 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr aadak01 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr aadak02 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr aadak-3 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr Decals by 26 Decals - the colours are a little off as was the size of the titling and emblems, but they behaved well. Not too keen on the Airfix kit - had some unexpected issues with fit, but it does look nice now that it's finished. Interior was re-arranged from the Airfix kit to better represent the layout, with aded seats from the ESCI kit: IMG_0167 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr Back in July 1985, I made my first and to date only flight in the classic Douglas DC-3, and treated my brother to his first ever flight for his birthday. This was at an airshow at HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-Solent, and the aircraft carried special markings celebrating the 50th anniversary of the type. 35 years on, I finally got around to making a model of that aircraft! daedalus85-02 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr
  6. This is the old Heller kit of the famous DC-10. In came out around 1975 with UTA markings and is still available now with Aero Mexico decals. The Swissair boxing came,as well as their 747 kit,in the 80s and offered decals for the earlier red stripe livery as well as the then new brown stripe livery. As with the 747 Swissair decals,the red stripe decals are also on the DC-10 kit way off shape,so the whole livery was painted on and only the logos and markings were used from the kit decals. Heller got the shape of the DC-10 quite right compared to the Revell and Airfix offerings,only the cockpit clear part is a little wrong.That can be corrected by using decals. I added those little fairings on the engine nacelles,seems only Hasegawa in 1/200 and Nitto in 1/100 had them included.All other manufacturers seemed to omit these parts for some reason. I also opened up the air inlets and backed them up with small parts of evergreen plastic under the cockpit as they were only scribed on the fuselage. The APU was also made of a small plastic tube as on the kit is nothing but a circle. The rest of the build is OOB and the parts went together without issues. Its a great kit in my opinion that builds up into a very nice DC-10,although the odd scale doesn't allow comparision to other airliner kits except Heller's . Paints are all Revell enamels,the decals come from the kit,door outlines and handles were obtained from a Revell A380 ! and the cockpit window comes from the 1/144 !! NAZCA detail set for the DC-10... A very detailed and nice decal set,but they went completely out of scale with the cockpit windows.But they match perfectly on the1/125 heller kit Enjoy
  7. This was a kit I was lookig for for quite some time. Last year I finally found it and started working on it right away.I wanted to do the very first Boeing 747 that went into service with Swissair back in 1971. Heller offered this kit with the Swissair red stripe and brown stripe livery way back in the 80's. Unfortunately the red decalstripes were off size,so I decided to only use the logos and markings and paint the whole livery with my airbrush. The Heller 747 kit very well captures the shape of the originial,I only found the engines a bit off and tried to fix them.Later on I found out that the exhaust cones are sitting too far inside and should have been moved more outwards by using plasticcard.But it was too late to correct this.I will keep that in mind on the next Heller 747.... Detail is ok keeping in mind the age of the kit,its nowhere near of todays standard but it builds up into a nice "Jumbo Jet" The landing gear is probably the most fiddly on this kit and trying to build it in the way its supposed to be when extended is quite some challenge.Heller has obviously designed it to build it with all the doors in open configuration,which leads to some extra work (and cursing) when trying to close the main doors. The fuselage comes in 4 parts as the tail section is separated from the front.Why they designed it that way is a mystery...probably they didn't want to use a bigger box for the parts...? Getting these sections flush is not so easy without sanding off all the panellines. In the end everything came together and when finished its a very large model. Apart from the mentioned problems the build is easy and straight forward.I recently bought some newer releases of that kit which I plan to do in Virgin Atlantic and Braniff "Big Orange" liveries respectively,alhoug wheels up as I won't fiddle again with the landig gear on that kit. Paints are all Revell enamels,ecept for the coroguard panels,this is Tamyia Metallic Grey which I find a good match. Decals are from the kit and from my spares box Hope you like her, And with "something else" the DC-10 will be shown in an extra RFI
  8. This is one of the most difficult to find Revell airliners and prices for this kit are usually astronomic. I had the luck to achieve this one on Ebay for a surprisingly cheap price. The box and all parts were in pristine condition,only the decals showed their age a bit. The kit itself is very nicely molded and has engraved panel lines. Fit is quite ok,the most difficult parts were the wing to fuselage fit which was very poor and required some serious correction work to get the wings in the right angle atached. I decided to build this one as a desktop model.The landing gear is very basic and I didn't like the look of it. As the kit included the classic Revell display stand which allows the model to be displayed in different "flight modes" I decided to omit the landing gear. The Convair 990 looks also very elegant in flight. I decided to paint the whole Swissair livery by airbrush and only use decals for the logos,and other details. Paints are Revell and Testors enamels. For the decals I used a mixture of kits decals (the "Coronado" in the tail,and the "A" from the wing-registration and the registration in the red cheatline) , Swissair titles,logos and the white cross as well as the registration on the wings come from the Glencoe/Frog Convair 880,cabin windows and doors are from a Vintage Flyers decals set. As I tried to build this kit mainly straight from the box I kept the "open cockpit windows" and just filled them with Krystal Klear" The engines show the Coronado before the enhancements she received on behalf of Swissair. Research showed although that the first examples Swissair received came in this configuration and were modified later on so I had not to make alterations on the kits engines. After years of searching for this kit,I can finally add this classic airliner to my collection and it will get a special spot in my vitrine. Cheers
  9. I have all the physical materials I need to build my Heller DC-6B; what I'd like to do is to open up the starboard crew door and port passenger cabin door. However, I've drawn a complete blank on what lies just insides both of these areas. Does anyone have a lead on good, clear interior shots of a DC-6B, preferable but not necessarily a Swissair machine? I hesitate to cut out the doors without having information. Also, does anyone know of a 1/72 kit or model of 1950's style airstairs? Drawing a blank on that, too...!
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