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Found 16 results

  1. Great Wall Hobby (GWH) is to release a 1/72nd Sukhoi Su-35S "Flanker-E" kit - ref. L7207 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryModelingSRG/permalink/2441443966071479/ https://www.facebook.com/yufei.mao.940/posts/756092534907774 And a bunch of pics: https://www.facebook.com/yufei.mao.940/media_set?set=a.756092464907781&type=3 V.P.
  2. 17 years ago I emailed Flankerman and asked if he had any pictures of the 1988 Su-27M/Su-35 prototype that was later left at Monino. He very kindly got back to me with a goldmine. The reference photos he sent me were a game changer as he had discovered the disruptive scheme was mirrored underneath and had a bundle of photos to illustrate it. I loved the Ferris like camouflage but also the new Su-27M nose profile with the traditional cropped fins as later Su-27Ms had the squared tips. I did all the hard work expected of an Academy and Sol conversion way back then and put it away; it sat in the box (with the occasional peeks) until this year. I've made a real effort to finish unfinished projects and clear the stash a bit. I'm pleased to say it's the last 1/48 Academy for me (7 built)! I'm now looking forward to all the newer companies much improved kits. Colors were mostly AKAN mixes, Neomega cockpit, Eduard etched details, DANmodels intake covers, Armory wheels and one of Haneto's (Fairy-Hobby) beautiful corrected canopies. The decals were from Begemot except for the stars which were hand made. I s I spent the last few days repairing my Su-37 Terminator so I could take a photo similar to this one of 711 and 701 together. i And finish with a hat trick.
  3. Great Wall Hobby is to release a 1/48th Sukhoi Su-35S "Flanker-E" kit - ref. L4820 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154746140309147&set=gm.1933263940222820&type=3&theater http://www.greenmats.club/topic/3850-su-35s-в-148-от-gwh-анонс/ Though THE question: Is there a new tool complete "Flanker" family in design by GWH? Considering the quality of the GWH MiG-29 "Fulcrum" family... V.P.
  4. Since long time I was looking for a resin conversion set to build Su-27M series and Su-35UB (which was a movie star of "Mirror Wars: Reflection One") and finally I found a set with Academy Flanker kit included in ebay... Both the kit and conversion set were in top condition and I was really happy what I got for 60€: For this twin seater conversion I will use one of my MHM kit waiting in basement for several years. It won't hurt much if I ruin the kit after such massive butchery... Serkan
  5. Hello all, currently working on this beast of a kit, and following a request, I thought I'd share this build log with you. Hopefully some of you may find this useful. Here are some photos of the cockpit; (Apologies for the slight blurriness of the pics, they seemed alright when I took them..) Plenty has already been said about the amount of detail in this kit, & I can only confirm this. No need for any 'detail-up' parts here! of course, the downside is there are a lot of small fiddly parts that can easily be lost. Thankfully the fit of everything has been pretty good so far. I've used a mix of Vallejo, Scale 75 & Citadel acrylic paints for this, with the main colours airbrushed on. The interior blue was a mix of about three different colours as I didn't have the exact colour I was looking for. I was looking for a blue with a bit of vibrancy that makes the cockpit and all its details stand out, as well as closely match the real thing (or from what I can best ascertain from stock photos online). The floor colour looks messy, but once the seat is applied so little will be visible I didn't bother to spend too much time on it, a lesson learnt from previous builds. Here's a couple of (blurry) photos of the cockpit with seat attached; For the weathering I used enamel washes/panel liners by AK & AMMO, with a small amount of weathering powder added around the footwells. My biggest concern is the decals - one of the biggest complaints of this kit is to do with the thickness of the decals provided, & the few added to the seat do appear more like vinyl stickers in real life. Whilst very detailed, I didn't want to attempt to add the decals of the powered up screens as I could see that going very wrong. It's also made me think about getting the aftermarket decals from Begemot for this kit, although I didn't really want to spend any more money on this. Overall I don't think this is the best cockpit I've painted, but considering how small it is, & that it'll be buried within the housing of the main body, it should work out ok. Any questions/comments, let me know!
  6. Hi everyone, I wanted to share my most recent build. This kit is spectacular and having built the 1/48th scale version of this kit, I'd say they are comparable and I'd almost prefer the smaller one. I really hope GWH gives the same treatment to the Su-27 and Su-27UB, I'd scoop them up in an instant. In addition to these pictures I also documented my process of painting the engines and heat staining patterns on my website. You can check it out here. Thanks for looking!
  7. Good afternoon, Below my efforts on the wolfpack SU-27 Flanker, of the Russian Knights. While I mostly enjoy propeller planes, I could not resist the fantastic lines of this plane. Thanks for looking and comments more than welcome. CF
  8. Hello Mates, here my new russian fighter, is a superb KH Su-35s, I replaced the kit Jet nozzle with "Su-35S Engine Nozzles" from A.M.U.R. Reaver (Nr. RC4822) For those interested, here the WIP. Best Regards
  9. Grid fins for R-77 (RVV-AE) missile. Set contain 9 (nine) fins. It’s enough for 2 missiles and 1 fin for test assembly.
  10. After the Su-34 "Fullback" (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234996669-kitty-hawk-su-34-148-render-march/), Kitty Hawk is to release a 1/48th Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" kit - ref. KH80142 Source: http://www.kittyhawkmodel.com/copy-of-kh80141 Looks like a weapons box with a Sukhoi a/c as bonus V.P.
  11. I thought I had this one nearly done, all painted in the eggplant gray and light blue scheme, decals on, about to do the panel lines and then I saw this photo of a faded Su-35 with it's uniform dark gray looking far more interesting. So the decals were removed and the fading began. Begemot decals and A.M.U.R Reaver engines were a must for this Kitty Hawk kit as the nozzles are not drooped and the decals have some issues. The kit went together easily with an overall good fit. It certainly has some issues but overall it's a nice kit with a lot of improvements over previous Flankers (particularly after 8 Academy Flanker builds). I have a couple GWH Su-35s waiting and clearly they are simply a new level of accuracy, quality and sophistication that is amazing. However, like most kits with a bit of extra work the Kitty Hawk builds up nice and looks the part. The nose gear is something to be warned about, it's nicely detailed but the angle is all wrong because the smaller rear strut is too short. I used an Academy replacement to correct it. I replaced most of the chunky aerials and antennas with thinner plastic card and a few bits of etched brass from the stash plus some B8M-1 rocket pods as seen in an Aviadarts entry.
  12. So I have the SOL 1/48 Su-35/37 conversation kit for Academy. I also have an Academy flanker I can use... so with all the new flanker kits and various types out now including my much stalled Su-33 kit(I know I need to finish it) is this conversation even worth it? It seems to be the only other way to get a canard equipped Flanker other than the Su-33. The new Su-35 kits are of the newer version without canards. So even with the shortcomings of the Academy kit, is it even worth it anymore or should I sell it off? Opinions? Comments? Thanks!
  13. New set of 1/48 vectoring thrust exhausts for Kitty Hawk Su-35 release.
  14. "Quick, Chief O'Hara -the Flankerphone!" (OK, I don't think Ken is gonna screech up to City Hall in a heavily customised jet-powered black Moskvitch...but you never know!) In the meantime, can anyone help me out identifying the bad boy on the starboard intake position 'neath this Su-35S (the one that isn't a folded-up Kh-35), please: Link only, 'cause this is not my property -probably Ken's! I have un-friended Google, and it won't be getting a card this Christmas -Mucho TIA!
  15. Hasegawa is to release a 1/72nd Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" kit. Source: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2014/Bilder_AT/Hasegawa_04.htm V.P.
  16. The kit is intended to simulate louvres and meshes on aircraft models Su-27 (and based of its conversions Su-33 and Su-35) in 1/48 scale produced by Academy. All parts have scale precise dimentions, so some modifications of existing models may be necessary. Check the photo reference before applying this set. Made of steel with a thickness of 0.05 mm.
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