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Found 15 results

  1. SturmGeschütz III Ausf.G April 1943 Alkett Prod. (72106) 1:72 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd The StuG is a popular German WWII AFV, and the more you learn about it, the more obvious it becomes why. The SturmGeschütz III was based upon the chassis of the Panzer III, but removed the turret and front deck, replacing it with an armoured casemate with a lower profile that mounted a fixed gun with limited traverse. It was originally intended to be used as infantry support, using its (then) superior armour to advance on the enemy as a mobile blockhouse, but it soon found other uses as an ambush predator, and was employed as a tank destroyer, lurking in wait for Allied forces to stumble haplessly into its path, where it could be deadly. With the advances in sloped armour employed by the Soviets, the original low velocity 75mm StuK 37 L/24 cannon was replaced by a higher velocity unit that was also used in the Panzer IV for tank-on-tank combat, extending the type’s viable career to the end of WWII. The earliest prototypes were made of mild steel and based on Panzer III Ausf.B chassis, and whilst they were equipped with guns, they were unsuitable for combat due to the relative softness of the steel that would have led to a swift demise on the battlefield, being withdrawn in '41-42. By this time the StuG III had progressed to the Ausf.G, which was based on the later Panzer III Ausf.M, with a widened upper hull and improvements in armour to increase survivability prospects for the crew. Many of the complicated aspects of the earlier models that made them time-consuming and expensive to produce were removed and simplified by that time, which led to several specific differences in some of the external fitments around the gun, such as the Saukopf mantlet protector. The Ausf.G was the last and most numerous version, and was used until the end of the war with additional armour plates often welded or bolted to the surface to give it enhanced protection from Allied tanks and artillery. The Kit This is a new boxing of a recent tooling from MiniArt in their nascent 1:72 armour line, which is bringing high levels of detail to this smaller scale, with MiniArt’s engineers and tool designers applying their skills to a scale that has been neglected to an extent for many years. The kit arrives in a small top-opening box, and inside are nine sprues of various sizes in grey styrene, a small clear sprue with decals in a Ziploc bag, a Photo-Etch (PE) brass fret in a card envelope, and the instruction booklet in full colour in portrait A5 format. Detail is excellent, including weld-lines and tread-plate moulded into the exterior of the hull, with plenty of options for personalisation, and link-and-length tracks to provide good detail without making the building of the tracks too time consuming or complex. Construction begins with the lower hull, which is put together with five parts creating the ‘tub’, then adding the three-part glacis plate at the front, and the exhaust assembly at the rear, accompanied by duct-work and overhanging vents with a PE mesh panel underneath. Various suspension parts are applied to the sides that have the swing arms and axles already moulded-in. Six paired return rollers are made up, along with twelve pairs of road wheels, plus two-part idler wheels and drive sprockets, which have an alternative front sprocket face for you to choose from. Once all the wheels are installed on their axles, the tracks can be built, utilising the long lengths on the top and bottom, adding shorter lengths to the diagonal risers, and individual links around the sharper curved sections toward the ends of the runs. There are eight individual links at the rear, and six at the front, plus another between the lower and its diagonal, each link having three sprue gates in sensibly placed locations. The gun shroud is built from four parts and mounted on a carrier between a pair of trunnions, which is then fitted to a pivot plate and set aside while the casemate front is made from two sections. First however, the fenders are glued to the sides of the hull, locating on three lugs moulded into the sides. The gun shroud is slotted into the casemate, with a mantlet slid over the front, after which the lower heavily armoured and bolted lower casemate front has a vision slot and armour cover applied before it is glued to the bottom of the casemate, along with the sides and rear bulkhead, attaching it to the lower hull while the glue cures to ensure everything lines up, remembering to remove two bolt-heads from the cheeks of the casemate before you move on. A convoy light is glued into the centre of the glacis, then the engine deck is made, fitting two-part sides, and a single rear panel that is aligned when the deck is installed on the rear of the hull. Two PE grilles are glued over the outer cooling intakes, and a length of spare track is fitted over the rear bulkhead of the casemate, adding armoured covers over the five vents on the engine deck, with a choice of cast or bolted vents on those at the rear of the deck. A choice of three styles of cupola can be made, each one made from a differing set of parts, based around the commander’s vision blocks and central hatch, adding wire grab handles from your own stock where indicated, then inserting the completed assembly in the cut-out on the roof, adding a periscope forward of the cupola from within the roof. The barrel is moulded as a single tubular section with a hollow muzzle glued to the business end, and sleeve moulded into the front of the saukopf, which is an inverted trapezoid, with a stowage box in the middle of the engine deck. PE brackets are added around the vehicle, with pioneer tools built up and fitted where there is space as the build progresses. The gunner’s hatch can be posed closed, or replaced by two separate parts in the open position, adding another scratch-built grab handle from wire, then fitting a drum magazine to the supplied MG34, sliding it through the frontal bullet shield with PE support and another DIY grab handle before putting it in place in front of the gunner’s hatch. Towing eyes are supplied for the tow cable, but you must provide the braided thread or wire to make the cable itself, attaching one to each fender, fixing fire extinguisher, jack block, jack, barrel cleaning rods etc. to various places, and two stacks of wheels are mounted on long pins on the rear of the engine deck on the aft vents, again on pins made from your own wire stocks. Two aerials of 30mm each are also needed to fit on the bases on the rear of the casemate. There is also the option to add Schürzen to the sides of the vehicle, which is intended to reduce the impact of shaped charges by pre-detonating them. The retaining brackets are attached to three brackets, one on each side of the casemate, from which the PE schürzen sections are mounted on hooks, each panel added separately to allow the modeller the possibility of damaging them individually and even removing some panels as if they have been lost earlier. A pair of short rectangular panels are laminated to the upper section where they protect the casemate, doubling the thickness, and presumably the safety of the crew in the casemate. Markings There are five decal options on the small sheet, with various schemes all with a base coat of dunkelgeb, with various camouflage options over the top. From the box you can build one of the following: StuG.Brig.303, Finland, Summer 1944 StuG.Abt.2 ‘Dad Reich’, Eastern Front, Kursk Area, Summer 1943 III./Pz.Rgt.36, 14th Panzer Division, Eastern Front, Autumn 1943 StuG.Abt.185, Eastern Front, rpresumably Autumn 1943 StuG.Abt.201, Operation Margarethe, Hungary, March 1944 Some of the decal options can be modelled with or without Schürzen, and those options have profiles with and without on the same in the instructions. If you want to see full sets of profiles for the vehicles with or without schürzen however, they are available on MiniArt’s website here in the Side Views tab. Decals are by Cartograf, which is a guarantee of good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. Conclusion MiniArt have brought their talents to bear on 1:72 scale armour, releasing a subject they have already researched for their extensive 1:35 scale StuG range, resulting in a highly detailed model with plenty of options for personalisation, and an ongoing broadening of the range available. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Hey Everyone. After much frustration, delay, and excitement to finally be done with this thing, I present my Takom STUG III G. Another bench sitter brought up to snuff for inspection. This thing has been sitting around unfinished for maybe two years. Definitely not my best work, but it was fun nonetheless. Albeit, a major pain in the butt with some of the accoutrements and foliage. I don't know, for some reason I never got flow with this one. Sometimes it happens. Pretty much an OTB build. Nothing special really. Overall a good kit. It's the one with multiple options for long barrel or short. The tracks are link and length. Not a huge fan, but they get the job done and with the schurzen on, it's not really necessary to spend all the extra cash on tracks and whatnot. I decided on a two tone camo on this one. I needed a break from the normal 3 tone and found a few reference photos with what I think was just dunkelgelb and rotbraun. If not, not a biggie for me. I still like the 2 tone. The "K" on the schurzen is for some company I found in reference photos. K....something dude? K-Man? K....it Kat? Hah. I can't find the darn reference for save my life, but I know many of you will know the reference, so please remind me. In any case, it was cool and different. I had to make a stencil and paint it myself. No "K's" in the stash;) The figure is Alpine. Excellent stuff. BUT, I had tried painting it for another kit and decided to use it here. It came out just awful other than the camo. It is what it is. I really have a long way to go on painting faces. Part of my problem is I have the MIG Ammo face painting set and I have to say,I think it's complete s##t. The paints are SOOOOO THICK and even watering them down or with alcohol, they are simply not well used for faces. I think I may move to oils for faces. Personally, I really think a figure needs to be on most kits. Problem is, once I get the darn thing done, I never have the energy or gumption left for the darn figure. It's something I need to address and practice and maybe start doing the figure before the tank. Yah, OK. Whatever. The boxes and whatnot are resin. The barrel is from the RFM Panzer IV G I just got for Chrismas. It has a few in the kit and they are just awesome. So, I used one here. The foliage is actually from an evergreen bush in my yard. I painted them dark and moulded them into place. They are just OK I guess. I can't stand plastic tree foliage and didn't have the patience to make my own this round, so they'll do for now. Cargo nets are made of tack cloth. Major pain to use as they are super sticky and need to seriously watered down and glued into place. But, they are quite convincing for the scale. In general, I'm fairly happy with how it came out. (Not really). It's definitely better than sitting on the shelf collecting dust. It gives me some things to work on for foliage in the future, as well as painting faces. Let's just say, my guy definitely doesn't look Aryan. Anyway, that's all for this one. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to rip it apart if you need to. I'm not that attached to it. Thanks for looking. Graeme
  3. Hi, This is a 1:35 model of the Sturmgeschutz III ausf G, a German assault gun. This is very old Tamiya KIT no. 35014 from the 70s. I made it as a movable model. The additional parts are - the Friulmodel tracks and sprockets, couple of small accessories like grilles, towing cable, jerry cans, ammo boxes, supply carton box. WIP is here: The clip shows how does it run I invites you to see the rest of works on my site "about me"
  4. Hi guys, Here's my take on Sturmgeschutz Ausf D, one of three Stugs of Sonderverband 288 special purpose unit. Unit arrived in North Africa between November 1941 and May 1942. Three Stugs were part of No. 5 Company, that most likely arrived to North Africa in May 1942 on Thessalia. The unit participated in Gazala battle, where one Stug was lost (captured after doing some scouting). Second Stug was lost during retreat after second battle of El Alamein after it ran out of fuel and third one was captured at Cape Bon in Tunis after being hit and abandoned. Two of these vehicles (I think one captured after retreat from El Alamain and one captured at Cape Bon) were taken to UK for examination, where one was scrapped and the other used for target practice. The one used for target practice was recently restored to running condition. All three vehicles are very similar, so one I built could be any of them. Bronco kit No. CB35117 is quite nice and there are just a few accuracy and construction issues worth mentioning: There are 4 single link track holders on the right fender and 2 on the left fender that do not exist in the kit. I scrap build them, although I built only right fender ones (I found the photo of the left fender too late). The pipes taking air from tropical air filters to engine deck are missing, scrap built as well. Lights protection on the left fender is incorrect, so I had to modify it. Return rollers are to tight and track horns do not fit. I added 0.5mm styrene sheet between two parts to make them a bit wider. Tracks are very well molded but there are fit issues with drive sprocket. It simple does not fit well. I am not sure is it a problem with drive sprocket or tracks though. There's also a question about tropical air filters and were they mounted to these Stugs at all. While these filters were cylindrical, some images show boxes where these filters should be mounted. However, some images clearly show the cylindrical filter support with straps used to attach them. The most probable explanation is that at some point filters were replaced by additional stowage boxes. However, were they replaced on all vehicles, before sending to NA or after, it remains unknown. The build you can see here is my guess on how they looked like. Vehicle is painted RAL 8000 (Gunze H402) over RAL 7021 (MRP) and weathered with AK and MIG pigments and nature effects. I added few Value Gear stowage bits. Thanks for looking and thanks for any feedback! And few shots on black background: Cheers, Nenad
  5. I got a Stug for Christmas, i immediately start looking for a reference picture. I found this one from the Ardennes offensive. I’ve got a base on order that should set the scene nicely and just need to pick the figures up.
  6. Happy Friday BMers Hope you're all keeping well and getting plenty of bench time in. So here goes - this is my first ever StuG III build and only my third armour/military vehicle build to date. For anyone who'd like to take a look - these are the links to my first two builds: The Bucket Car and Tamiya 1/35 Panzer II I'm getting more in to armour builds as well as continuing with my usual aircraft builds - such as my Airfix Wellington which is progressing along nicely - so what better way to become even more acquainted than to join this GB along with all the other fellow BMers joining in the fun. I've chosen the Tamiya 1/35 Sturmgeschütz III Ausf G for the build as you can't go wrong with a Tamiya kit can you? Here's the obligatory box and sprue pics to kick us off: Looks like a very nice kit, think this one is from 1995 and I've purchased some basic Eduard PE to add some little extras - mainly for the mesh grill covers which add a bit more realism. Other than that the build will be OOB and I'm really looking forward to getting cracking. It's got the two figures with this one which I'll be doing - really like the crew member holding the dog - just adds a little something different. So good look with your builds everyone - ready for the off tomorrow and really looking forward to seeing everyone else's come to fruition - especially all you armour modellers out there who will no doubt leave me standing in the dust!!! Kris
  7. Completition number two of 2021 is in the books! I've had this Dragon StuG.III laying around for at least two years so I decided to finish it up. The base kit is Dragon 6891 with a CMK transmission, Aber metal barrel, Masterclub tracks, and Miniart figures. It's modeled after a picture taken of a StuG III captured by the 104th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge. It was a fun build and I look forward to it making the trip with me to the IMPS National Show in Las Vegas, NV later this year. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  8. Hello everyone, just bought this kit Anything Good/Bad to report on it ? Anything I should be aware of ? Dennis
  9. 1/12 StuG IIIG SCRATCH BUILD After building a 1/24 scratch built Maus I wanted to build something with a bit more detail and in a bigger scale. I decided to go for a StuG IIIG late war with Zimmerit, Schurzen and ultimately crew as it will become a diorama. Here's some photos of the fighting compartment and engine deck which were 3D printed. This is where I'm at so far. Now to start adding some detail. There's also a video on YouTube where you can see more of the process HERE
  10. Here's my latest completion, Tamiya's StuG III "Finnish Army" in 1/35 scale. Mainly OOB, the only addition is the U-shaped splash guard in front of the mantlet: Close up of the weathering on the left side, all done with paint: I've decided to call him Stug Larssonnen : As always comments and criticism welcome! Mike.
  11. Hi guys, I've started a new project, Dragon's Stug III G with zimmerit. I will be building a small vignette with a few British soldiers moving past the abandoned stug. I've almost finished building the Stug, just waiting for a CMK engine set to arrive. I'ts a great kit and very well detailed. The only real issue I found was that there are no locating holes on the superstructure or fenders for the side skirt mounts. Not an issue for this build as I won't be using them but if you do use them they have to be located by eye. Also the hole in the mantlet on my kit was smaller than the barrel so had to be drilled out. Apart from that it all goes together well This is certainly one of those kits that is built in sub-assemblies. Thankfully the fit is spot on so painting each assembly separately is a certainly an option. It's especially helpful if you are adding an engine bay and painting the interior. I'm going to make a start on the figures while I wait for the engine. I haven't really tackled figures before so this should be interesting! Cheers Matt
  12. All Below are some pics of the first batch of German AFVs I've built since returning to the hobby. As with my British submission these are all quick build kits. As you'll see they're not up to much compared to a lot of what's on here, my German camo needs more work and the weathering was is a bit hit and miss but I've got to start somewhere!! Any observations, comments and constructive criticism will be gratefully received. Andrew PS in addition to the models below I got 2 Armourfast leFH 28s and a Zvedza 88 that need finishing off at some point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz251 - 4 variants This was the second kit I bought when starting up again and for me it was a great buy. I'm never going to be building vast quantities so the opportunity to build several different versions was appealing. The kit comes with 4 models and you can build 4 x 251/D halftracks or one each of 251/8 Mortar Carrier, 251/9 Stummel, 251 /16 Flamm and 251/7 Pioneer - or a combination thereof. It also comes with 37 crew and a huge amount of spare equipment and stowage - which with having absolutely none to start with a big bonus and some of it generic enough to work on Allied vehicles I ended up mounting the mortar and crew on a very impromptu plastic base rather than mount on one of the vehicles. I also now realise that their uniform tops/smock are should probably be the camo variety but being naive I was following the box art. Needless to say I will be revisiting the base....but it was my first attempt. Amourfast Pz IV G Below is a pic of one of two I have built but the weathering didn't quite work as I was hoping. This one has some stowage from S and S Models on it. Armourfast Stug III This is one of the two I have. For some reason I didn't put any stowage on, so they look a bit bare.... Armourfast Panthers x2 These were actually built by my young daughter. She also did the tarpaulin on the back made from tissue paper covering sprue off-cuts. You'll also notice the lack of weathering and additional stowage. They are sort of her's and she didn't want them looking all cluttered and dirty!! She is a girl after all!! The figures are taken from PSC's German figure and stowage pack - if there are any newbies out there like me with a lack of stowage and crew, then the kit isn't a bad buy. The cupola mounted MGs were spares from Armourfast German MG Team pack. The brackets to mount them were made two of my plastic aerials glued together to make them stronger, sanded down to make them smooth, cut to length and bent slightly.
  13. Hello, finally i managed to finish something. Its Trumpeters StuG III Ausf. E in 1/72 scale. Started in fall 2014 and stalled repeated times and my result is a bit "lacking" but its done. Problems were the very large opening in the roof of the hull for the sight, too long tracks and a problem with the drive sprockets. To blew some more live in, i made a tarpulin from a paper towel for the engine deck and placed a towing cable in the side of the hull. Beside this the kit is quite nice and good for a relaxing build, i hope you like it and i made some more pics with my Revell PzKpfw. III Ausf. L in company Cheers Bernd
  14. StuG III Ausf.G 1943 for Dragon 1:35 Eduard The Dragon StuG III Ausf.G has been out for quite a few years now, but is still a very nice kit. Yet Eduard have only now released this single sheet set 36-281. This may go to show that the kit didnt have too many flaws or the fact that Eduard have covered every new kit that has been released and its now time to look at Dragons re-boxings. Contained on one medium sized sheet are a plethora of small parts, the majority of which appear to be replacement clamps and fittings for the pioneer tools. The fire extinguisher receives a new holder, complete with straps and clasps, as does the jack and the shovel also gets a new blade. In addition to the replacement parts the set has new items that Dragon appears to have missed. These include new brackets for the frontal armour, rear storage bin, new surround for the wooden crate, complete with brackets, and straps, whilst the hatch on the rear decking is fitted with hasp/clasp and even a padlock. On the rear bulkhead of the crew compartment there is a new channel section plus brackets, and is attached with two wingnut bolts. Lastly, there are several grab handles for the machine gun shield and crew hatch. Conclusion Although this is a relatively small set, there is enough included to add that extra zing to what is already a very nice kit. Quite fiddly, but well worth it. Highly recommended Review sample courtesy of
  15. I've mentioned elsewhere, that my airbrush is 'offline' at the moment until a replacement nozzle arrives fron 'Blighty'. In the meantime, I re-ordered my stash and dug this out: and some bits and pieces I bought over a period of 18months: Got a few references too !! And this morning I made a start: The running gear/suspension just dropped into place exactly as it should, then came the Eduard etched Zimmerit. Something entirely new for me, and so far it seems to be working-out very well. It's measured precisely for the Tamiya kit and Eduard do need to be congratulated on getting that 'spot-on'. All looks very good so far, but I'm fully aware that can change as fast as a very fast thing !! Thanks for taking the time to look. As ever I'll try to answer any questions and comments. AFN Ian
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