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Found 299 results

  1. Hi folks, Thought I'd get this party started at least so it's here when I have the time to get the build going. This is the MPC Snap kit of the Return of the Jedi B-Wing Fighter. I finally managed to track down a kit at a reasonable price, but was amazed at how small it is. Definitely a "box scale" kit . Anyway, here's a photo of the box and its contents taken this afternoon: This is the condition in which it arrived - no paint, no glue, but some parts off their trees. As it was a sealed box, I'm going assume that rattling around in its journeys caused the parts to leave their homes and start wandering. I intend lighting this, as it's simply a case of lights at the front of the wing-fold mechanisms, cockpit lighting, and of course engines. As it's so small, the LEDs will have to go into the locations of the lights, rather than trying to bend fibre-optic cable, or creating perspex light-guides. It's just not worth the hassle . I have a bag of about 100 warm white 3mm LEDs, some of which I shall use for this - any colouring will be done using Tamiya transparent paint, but otherwise the warm-white colour is much more in line with the incandescent bulbs used in the filming models. Power will be supplied externally at 6V, and stepped down to "bugger-all current" by various resistors... so that the lights don't overpower the model. This means I'll have to devise another stand to hold the batteries, battery holder, on-off switch and the wiring leading to the model. I have some planning to do . Although it's possible to articulate the model (it's designed to allow the wings to fold, and the cockpit rotate), I'm not sure yet about how to hack the cockpit section around to allow the wiring through and still allow it to rotate. We'll see. Anyway, there it is! I'm looking forward to this, and hope to make a start in the next few days.
  2. A friend gave me a Metal Earth AT-AT kit for Christmas. This is a couple of sheets of photo-etched steel that assembles into an AT-AT. I've not much experience with the PE you get for model kits but this seems to be designed with a bit more of an eye for ease of construction. The fold lines are perforated so are very inclined to fold (or break, if you fold them too much...) and the kit's parts have tabs and slots so it all holds together without requiring glue or solder. Unless you accidentally break one of the pieces along a fold line. So even after my little error I was still able to put it together quite easily this afternoon. The finished walker is about 2.5" high by 3" long. I enjoyed making my AT-AT and Metal Earth (http://www.fascinations.com/metalearth) have quite a range including licensed designs from Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo and Mass Effect as well as real-world designs. I'm quite tempted by a Normandy SR-2. Edit: Removed duplicate picture, added missing picture.
  3. Since I am between commissions right now, I managed to get some work done to some personal projects. After completing the TIE/Ln fighter, I wanted to tackle something a little more complicated (in terms of painting at least). For Darth Vader's personal starfighter, I decided that a "factory fresh" paint job was inadequate for the Dark Lord considering that his fighter has surely seen plenty of action against the Rebellion. For this model, I primed everything in white and gave it a base color of Tamiya Sky Grey and Flat White mixed at a 1:1 ratio. I then used Vallejo Masking Fluid to apply chips along corners and panel edges and gave the model a preshading of VMA Black followed by a coat of Tamiya Sky Grey. After I removed the liquid mask I sealed everything with a couple of coats of Future and gave it a wash with 502 Abteilung Starship Filth. After I cleaned up the excess, I began to discolor individual panels using 502 Abteilung Faded Grey, Faded UN White, and Faded Navy Blue followed by a couple of coats of matte varnish. The black wing panel interiors were masked and painted with a 6:1 mix of VMA Black and VMA Arctic Blue metallic to give them a metallic sheen. The kit calls for the hull to be painted Air Superiority Blue, but the craft never appeared bluish to me when watching the films so I went with the Sky Grey like a standard TIE from A New Hope. Comments and criticism are always welcome!
  4. http://api.viglink.com/api/click?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_14141403015266&key=0eff82a158b9bcd735539ea921a97f93&libId=1a35641a-4683-4012-8f09-132383a4ebca&cuid=f-&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.network54.com%2FForum%2F149674%2Fthread%2F1414124886%2FFor%2Byou%2BStar%2BWars%2Bfans...&v=1&out=http%3A%2F%2Fimgur.com%2Fa%2FZt9Y4%3Fgallery&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.network54.com%2FForum%2F149674&title=Plane%20Talking%20-%20HyperScale's%20Aircraft%20Scale%20Model%20Discussion%20Forum%3A%20For%20you%20Star%20Wars%20fans...&txt=http%3A%2F%2Fimgur.com%2Fa%2FZt9Y4%3Fgallery I found this link on Hyperscale. Lots of close up shots of the original Star Wars models. You can play where did that bit come from for hours! Hopefully the link works. IE may think differently though.
  5. Bandai now has the Star Wars model kit licence in Japan. Kits announced at the Tokyo Toy Show so far are 1/72 & 1/48th X-Wings, 1/72nd TIE Advanced X-1 & a 1/1700th Star Destroyer. Pics show it is lit up so is probably going to be very expensive! Shops are advising to buy up any Fine Molds kits you need while you can. Paul Harrison
  6. Finally got round to putting this on a base and finishing it off. Base has a on-off-on switch so you can have the interior lit, or the 2 LEDs in the base light up the model. Cheers, Warren
  7. As a long time lurker, I'd like to share my first completed Star Wars model (as well as my first completed scale model in general). I began painting wargaming figures in 2012 before taking the leap in to scale models (Star Wars models specifically) this year, so I wasn't without any experience. I have just about every one of the Fine Molds models left to build (another TIE, TIE Interceptor, TIE/x1, two X-wings, Y-wing, Jedi starfighter, Slave 1, and both the 1/72 and /144 Millennium Falcon models). It will be some time before I will finish them all as I am also a commission miniature painter in addition to my normal day job, so I don't get a lot of time to work on my own projects (it does fund the hobby, so there's that). I completed this model in about four days, which is fast for me, and it was painted in Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics as well as 502 Abteilung oils. Photos were taken with a Nikon D3100 and processed with Gimp2.0. I wrote a short build log on my blog for those interested.
  8. search on you tube for leaked star wars episode VII You'll get a brilliant short video from Frankfurt Airport. For some reason I can't paste the URL on here.
  9. The first lighting kit to be offered by Tirydium Models are as follows; 1/72 FM X-Wing 1/72 FM TIE Fighter/Interceptor 1/32 Revell BSG Viper MkVII The X-Wing has 4 red, one green and one white with fibres, with instructions for fitting - £10 The TIE has a blue led for cockpit backlight and one red with fibres for instruments and engines - £7 The Viper MkVII has 3 blue engine and 2 white cockpit, resistors for 9v operation - £7 Postage on kits is £2. Website is still in development so PM if any are of interest. Thanks for looking, Warren
  10. My Latest build, the Revell 1/72 Easyfit X-Wing. I was curious to see what these kits are like and ordered the 1/72 scale version of the X-wing. They snap together and come already painted, designed for beginners or people with with hands like that of Edward Sissorhands. You can build this thing as is from the box in about 30 minutes...but it wouldnt look too great, so I part built it and painted as I went along then added some weathering and built a base. Hope you like!
  11. Build 8 I've been waiting for a chance to build this for ages, I know that sounds daft seeing how it's already built but I only did that to save space (no big big box to store). I plan to do what I always do with these "Easy Kits" and give it a fictional repaint. In this case it's going to become a Sandspeeder and get a desert camouflage paint job. Price: £5.00 from eBay And now it's in pieces again...
  12. I thought it was high time I showed off our star wars models that we've built. All of them are fine molds kits. The millennium falcon was made by my husband, David and lives in our living room coffee table. The X-wing is my favorite model in our cabinet also made by David. The insides of the x's have added scratch built detail. The y-wing is made by myself (you can tell, at the time I was only just getting into the whole weathering thing by hand whilst he had just had a skills breakthrough with the whole airbrush weathering thing!). The Tie Interceptor was also made by David as a commission for my sister's boyfriend (now ex, so we may never see that model again ), it has a few modifications not part of the original kit. Pictures to follow....
  13. Crossing the reef at the lagoon inlet, Second Element, 19th Regiment (Heavy Reconnaissance) - the much feared Stormwalkers on patrol detachment from Star Destroyer Eradicator during extended anti-piracy operations. With a service life quite different from the Assault AT-AT's which conducted the brief attack on the Rebel Base on Hoth, these Walkers display the very considerable scarring of long-term reconnaissance service. One in particular having been brutally flayed by a four-day hypersonic sandstorm. Base model is the F-Toys pre-painted AT-AT which stands roughly six inches tall. Whilst the replica is arguably the best of all plastic AT AT's which have been available, the main fault is the very stiff pose that assembly without modification obviates. The model can be encouraged to shed its constituent parts at which point the modeller can give all the articulation that a superior model needs. It needs a wee bit of filler and additional detail - not much, but the effort is worth it. Whilst it was released some years ago, they can still be found quite readily on Ebay. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1423.l2649 This was my first attempt at the hairspray weathering technique and I was really quite impressed. The dark undercoat is Halford's Vauxhall Hazel Brown, with a bit of overspray splashing with rust red primer. Then hairspray, a coat of mid-grey primer, hairspray again, then overcoated with Humbrol 64 aerosol. After paint chipping etc, the models were then finished off with varying degrees of Tamiya weathering pastels. The base is Trumpeter No. TU09808 http://www.hannants....product/TU09808 The base was given a sheet of kitchen aluminium foil over which I dabbed irregular and semi-transparent blotches of mid blue and green. The sea base is from bathroom translucent sealant The first layer comprised two full tubes of sealant mixed with a couple of thimble-fulls of Inscribe 'Deep Teal'. Whip it all in as if you were making dough and upon reaching a consistent colour, just paste it over the base in a thick buttered layer. Then the models were placed into the soft sealant. It took only an hour for that initial layer to solidify, so the wave patterns, spray and surges could be built up with the second layer shortly after. (This diorama base was started midday sunday 26 August - it was complete as seen by 9pm...). It was topped off with a wee bit of drybrushing with enamel white, which proved about as easy as drybrushing a melting ice-cream... The second layer was coloured more thinly with blue and green food colouring - just a few drops of each - and the paler surging patches had a few drops of tamiya matt white mixed into this thinner-coloured paste. The upper layer needed only around half a further tube of sealant. It remains pliable for shaping for a goodly amount of time, attaches to the under-layer of silicone without complaint and whilst its dextrous qualities for the modeller are very compliant, the shape it is given is immediately and permanently retained - it's a dream to work with. (Naturally, however, it reeks with a very strong, pungent acrid vent-off. If you have sensitive eyes and\or breathing, then I'd recommend you work it outdoors...) The translucent nature of the silicone means that its diorama transparency is very satisfying and when sunlight falls on the base, it gives a very pleasing glowing cerulean blue shimmer, aided by light reflecting back from the aluminium foil on the underside. Hence it will translate nicely to most forms of maritime diorama - with an added bonus that ships with little below the plimsoll line need not be waterlined. Perhaps another important thing I need to mention is that I've never tried this silicone rubber technique before. This was a first, Armed with a few kitchen spatulas and discarded toothbrushes and cafe coffee stirrers (thanks, MacDonalds...), these effects are an absolute doddle to achieve. However, with the material venting off, I won't be closing the display case lid for some weeks, just in case the vapours damage the transparent case itself. I could be wrong, but I'd rather err on the safe side there.
  14. One of my KUTA VI group build entries, a full restoration and improvement of a 3rd hand vinyl kit. Lots of scratch built details including the belt boxes and lightsaber. Build thread.
  15. Bought this on eBay from a guy who had stored it away for a few years after buying it off someone who had cut the legs off and cut the lower torso up. Apparently the first owner had wanted to change the stance and given up, I've had this one on the go since February and it's been very slow going as it's the first time I've worked with vinyl and having to repair the damage wasn't the easiest thing I've ever had to do. I've done a stupid amount of research which has revealed errors in nearly every part of the figure which I've tried to address as best I can. It's about 80% done but one of the big things left to do is to build a Lightsaber from scratch. This is the photo from the eBay listing, I took a bit of a chance on it but I'm glad I did. It helped that I only paid just under £15 posted You can see where it had been cut, I really needed to be a model making octopus when I fitted it all back together! The moulded belt box details were awful so I started from scratch and turned a lot of the parts from acrylic rod. I bulked out the belt boxes with Milliput, the middle one should just be a belt buckle but there was no way of doing that with the way it was moulded. And this is where I'm at with it. I have both arms done and have reworked the right hand for a correctly sized lightsaber. (The glossy finish on the helmet is polished CA, lots of CA!)
  16. "Well, she may be 1/285 but she's got it where it counts, kid..." Since I was between builds (and had a bit of Sci-Fi bug), decided to have some fun with this little' un.... Behold the many, many sprues of pre-painted kit..... That's an A3 cutting mat I have so you can imagine the size of the kit - you can't? Well, the kit is no bigger than my hand. The detail isn't too bad considering the scale and what I planned to do was repaint it/weather it a bit more realistically and improve it where I could. Fast forward a few nights (or Kessel Run's if that's your thing) and got to here... - thinned down the saucer edges - tried to replicate the 'plating' detail by cutting some notches into them - separated the engine control flap-things (some better than others) - cut away/sanded down some of the more 'heavy' detail - and added some greeblies from tiny slivers of plastic strip here and there I had thought about replacing some of the pipework. And saw how tiny that was. Yeah. Sure! After a coat of primer, followed by Revell Light Grey 371 and some of the 'panels' picked out... One saucer-with-wash-comparison photo... And just a while ago with that universal modelling scale reference, the paint tin Still got some wash to tidy up and bits to add but almost there! Thanks for looking. Dermot
  17. Another easy kit repaint just for a bit of fun that took a lot of masking but was worth it in the end Cockpit and pilot (It was Obi-Wan but now it's Jedi Geoff) were repainted as well but I only gave the Astromech droid a bit of a touch up on the seams. I also "enhanced" the cannons with alloy tube and drilled a few holes for a bit of detail. Painted with Revell and Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oil washes, dry brushing and pastels.
  18. As with my previous Star Wars easy kit, I put it together and immediately decided to take it apart and repaint it. Hunting around online for reference photos for the correct colour (the kit was too blue) I found a picture of an Interceptor with red stripes. After a bit of digging around I found that it was the markings for the 181st Imperial Fighter Group, so that's what I decided to do. I repainted the interior, detailed and weathered it plus I painted the pilot in the 181st uniform colours. The exterior was primed and then a few light coats of white followed by gloss red for the stripes. The lines were then masked and I put down a couple of coats of black for the panels. Once the panels were masked the whole model was sprayed with a grey/blue mix. Individual panels/bits were picked out using various colours (mostly greys) followed a couple of coats of Humbrol Clear and then a simple oil wash. Once the excess was removed I sealed it with Tamiya satin varnish. Painted in Revell acrylics apart from the Humbrol Clear and Tamiya satin varnish.
  19. I bought this on ebay for a couple of pounds thinking it would be fun to just do a OOB build and display it. It stayed like that 24 hours then I took it apart again and repainted it. It's now in an alternative colour scheme as if it were a different Jedi Knight's fighter (repainted Anakin). Repainted the astromech droid and weathered it inside and out with washes and pastels. I went for a very worn and battle weary look.
  20. Here we are with useable pictures at last! AMT/Ertl kit virtually OOB, just the antennae changed with a bit of wire-wound guitar string! Hope you like him Steve
  21. Might consider this,with a few mates,but not going by my self http://uk.news.yahoo.com/star-wars-fans-join-jedis-training-class-183355720.html too shy cheers Don
  22. This is a Revell easy kit on sale for half price due to a crushed box. I would love to say it went together easy but it didn't. Since all the parts were pre-painted great care was taken trying to "snap-fit" pose-able joints. Paint had to be carefully scrubbed off in most places and I finally gave up the chase and went for a full re-paint. All the open socket/joints were filled with milliput and smoothed over, an allen key was pressed into the centres just to tart them up a bit. The pilot is some kind of vinyl with some noticable seams, could'nt do much about it, even with brand new blades, so a new paint job was as much as I could do. The base was from an old toilet roll holder and a bit of polyfilla and a very light blue wash. I also added a little bit of scenics water resin.
  23. Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Revell EasyKit Pocket The Falcon and Luke's X-Wing need no introduction, but if you're looking for a stocking filler for your son, daughter, nephew, niece or family friend that just happens to love Star Wars, look no further. The kits are ready to build, and purport to be snap together without glue – I do wonder however how long they'd last if you didn't glue them. That's an issue for the parent/impatient child though! Each kit is presented in a vacformed package with the major parts laid out within the pack in a vacformed tray. The smaller parts and instructions are held in bags within the lower part of the pack, hidden by the card insert. They're sold as "pocket", and you'd need pretty big pockets for the unbuilt box, and still fairly voluminous ones for the finished article by children's standards. It's probably more of a "pocket money" association however, so we'll let it slide. Inside each pack is a really rather nicely moulded little kit of these famous space craft from the Star Wars franchise, and they are immediately recognisable. The parts are moulded in that Star Wars chewing gum coloured styrene, and are detail painted with appropriate colours to give them extra realism. Clear parts are supplied for the cockpits and the exhaust of the Falcon, and the Falcon also has a gloss black stand supplied because it has no gear legs. The X-wing is Luke's Red 5, and is posed with its spoilers in attack position, living up to its name. A couple of lugs hold the wings open, and even when removed they still want to remain opened, but would glue together if you were minded. The kits take moments to put together, but some of the parts are tricky to get in place, such as the exhaust glazing on the Falcon, and the cockpit of the X-wing, and certain similar looking parts won't fit in the wrong places, which although that might be frustrating for a child, ensures the model goes together correctly. The parts are all numbered on the instructions, but it's anyone's guess why, because all the parts are loose and don't seem to have numbers moulded or painted on them. It's fairly easy to work out which is which though, and I would suggest that an adult is present during construction for the younger and less experienced builder. When complete, the kits are surprisingly faithful models of the "real" things. I grew up with Star Wars, and built many of the AMT kits, and have a whole bunch of the new Finemolds kits still to make, and I recognise the shapes of the details immediately, even though some of them are simplified for moulding considerations. I built them both in a few minutes, and found that they fitted better when the remains of the sprue-gates were removed. Whoever had cut mine off was clearly in a bit of a rush, so there were plenty of bits needing tidying up, and annoyingly, a small section of the Falcon's exhaust ripped off along with the sprue-gate. That won't matter one jot to a young'un though. I glued the parts in place, but they have clever friction posts that once installed should stay put unless you apply some serious pressure, and the fine parts of the Falcon's sides are held in place by tabs and the curve of the top and bottom parts, although I suspect that the two front parts of the loading jaws would have come off fairly quickly if not glued. Conclusion Marvellous! They're great little kits to occupy small fingers for a while, and possibly give them a taste for modelling without appearing too obvious. The newer films have given a whole new generation a taste of Star Wars, and they should sell well. I'm not entirely sure how long the slender prongs at the end of each wing of the X-Wing will last, and I suspect that won't really matter much either. Be aware of the small parts that might represent a choking hazard to younger children, such as the R2-D2 figure in the rear of the X-Wing, which could easily be removed if not glued in. For that reason they are marked as suitable for ages 6+. Highly recommended for stocking fillers. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit
  24. Here is another figure that I have recently started work on. It is one of the Knight Models 30mm pieces, Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is a lovely little sculpt and I am looking forward to more progress on him. So far he has been primed, undercoated in black and then his robe has been airbrushed with some cast shadows being applied (These are not very clear in the pic). More pics soon. Ross
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