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Found 315 results

  1. BB-8 Astromech Bandai 1/12 These two turned up today, so I thought I'd get a wip underway, although it'll be a while before plastic gets cut, as I need to finish the BTR first. To get things going, I'll just show a few sprue shots for anyone who may be thinking about ordering one. I'll just be dealing with BB-8 here, as R2 is the same as he was in the previous boxing. There's only two sprues in the box for BB; one in silver and the other with the white and orange panels The white panels are very shiny. It'd be a shame to have to paint them. All the body panels fall along natural panel lines, so shouldn't be a problem. The dome however is split in two, as R2's was. There are panel lines on the dome too, so I'll have to see whether it'll need any filling or not. These are two of his arms, including the one for the scene (which I guess at a push you could light, if you threaded a fibre optic along the arm) The orange panels seem like a pretty good match for the prop colour, but I think I'll paint them anyway These two parts make a box section that all the main body panels then attach to. There's space inside to run fibres and LEDs should you wish The 'silver' parts aren't bad as they are, but I'll be Alclad-ing them (although I have just ordered some of that new Vallejo metal paint, so I might try that) A couple of tinted clear parts for the his sensors And the clear parts for the stand. The idea with this is that an arm holds his head in place, and traps the body between the head and the base of the stand, allowing the body to be rotated. I'll be dispensing with this, pinning the dome to the body, and placing him on a terrain base And lastly, although I said before that R2 was identical to the earlier release, Bandai have changed the colour of the plastic for the silver parts. BB-8's silver is the same as the first R2/R5 release but here R2 has a much paler, less metallic plastic I'm not sure what the change is for, or why they haven't done it with BB-8, but as I'll be repainting it, it doesn't really matter. Just thought I'd point it out. I'll make a start on him as and when Andy
  2. I've had a couple of Bandai's Vehicle Model kits sitting around half finished for much of this year (a state that's been all too common with several of my builds in 2018). I'm currently trying (probably in vain) to get several projects wrapped up before the end of the year and, as these didn't require all that much work, they were the first to get finished. A-Wing Vehicle Model 010 Up first is the little 1/144 A-Wing, finished in the red/white movie scheme. The weathering on this is a little rougher than I'd like, but it is what it is, and at least I've got it done. You do get a pair of these in the box and the second one is built but not painted yet. I've modified the guns, rear fins and engine nozzles slightly, and it'll be finished in a non-movie scheme that's yet to be determined. AT-M6 Vehicle Model 012 The second completed build is the First Order Walker from TLJ. It scales out roughly at 1/550, so it doesn't really fit in with any of the other Bandai releases which is a shame (or not, if you don't like the subject). There's not a lot you can do with something that's entirely grey, especially at this scale, but I've tried to vary the tone a bit and pick out some of the panels. The finish isn't entirely accurate (the grey should be quite a bit darker), but it turned out reasonably well. Thanks for looking Andy
  3. I've just got back from the post office, having paid the usual ransom fee to claim my own property , but it does mean that I've finally got my personal Star Wars holy grail, the B-Wing. I know it's nothing new at this point, having been around in the US for a couple of months due to the SDCC exclusive, but I'll post some sprue shots for those that haven't seen it up close yet. Before I do though, a quick mention of the box art. It's a bit of a 'greatest hits' for Bandai, with X, Y and A-Wings and the Falcon all making an appearance. More importantly, though, lurking in the background you can see Home One, Ackbar's flagship from the battle of Endor. In the past, Bandai has shown subjects in the background of box artwork that have subsequently gone on to be released as kits, so I'm going to call it now. We'll be getting a box scale Mon Cal Cruiser at some point in the future. You heard it here first. Unless I'm wrong... then you definitely heard it somewhere else. I digress though, so back to the sprues. Sprue A The standard Bandai multi-colour sprue. Cockpit parts, visor, engine intake and guns Cockpit detail looks good, with the seat moulded onto the back wall. The big lug that Bandai always add to seats to secure the pilot figure is a bit ugly, but you'll need the figure in place anyway, as there's no landing gear included so no option to have it on the ground. The instrument panel looks nicely busy. As usual, Bandai gives you the option for a glazed canopy or an open frame. The guns aren't hollowed out at the ends so they'll need drilling. Sprue B The main parts for the blade aerofoil and the two smaller S foils. There's nice detailing on all the wing sections. Sprue C Fuselage sections and the cockpit outer shell. The cockpit shell isn't slide moulded, but it is a single piece so no seams to clean up. This sprue is where you'll also find Ten Numb. Nice detailing and he looks a bit better proportioned than some of Bandai's earlier pilots, particularly with the arms/hands. Sprue D (x2) Two small sprues holding the engine nozzles and other detail parts. Sprue FB-1 The clear sprue for the multi-part stand. I'm not quite sure what this is made from. It's slightly softer and more flexible than normal styrene. It could be a hard PVC or just a soft grade styrene. Sprue SWE1 Finally, you get the usual Bandai laser blast sprue that absolutely no one ever uses. Instructions are standard Bandai fare, albeit in a stapled booklet rather than the fold-out sheets they've used in the past. Also standard is the option for waterslides or stickers. I've never been that keen on Bandai's decals as the printing is often a little rough and pixilated, although they generally go down well. These look okay apart from the colour of the Hinomaru markings, which are far too yellow and should be more orange. I've got quite a bit on at the moment, but hopefully the build should begin before too long. Andy
  4. I got this for review and just couldn't resist putting it together in between doing other things, and it did put up a little bit more of a fight than I expected, with a few ripples in the body that needed filling, some confusion in the direction the lower body faces, and some bubbles in the corrugated leg parts. They were easy enough to fix, and I've been priming it on & off for a few days, testing, fettling and so forth in between sessions, finishing off with a coat of black. This morning I squirted some LifeColor panzer grey all over it, and sealed that in with some AK Gauzy before applying a couple of coats of AK Worn Effects Chipping Fluid (ooer!). Then I overcoated that with some more LifeColor, but this time some Anthrazitzgrau, which is slightly lighter than the base shade. I've been harassing it with a stiff paintbrush for a wee while now, and decided to take a few pics to see how it looks, as you get a bit "blind" to it after a while. It's the first time I've used this technique, so I was a little anxious about screwing it up I'm quite pleased with how it has come out so far, but there's still a long way to go with it. I'm basing mine off the look of the Star Wars originals, although every one seems to differ slightly from the last pic. I've since applied a filter for Panzer Grey (an old Mig one) to blend the two shades, and add a bit of tonal variation, but I have a lot more to do to weather it. I've also got to do the detail painting of the feet, the greeblie insert in the front etc., and add a general dust coat to finish. It's about the most beaten up model I've tried to date, so I'll be hoping that Andy gets a wriggle on with his painting, so I can slavishly copy him
  5. So after a very long interlude I have returned to model building; following some great advice from you guys at the forum I have begun my first ever attempt at detail painting and weathering. I decided to start small and build my confidence and techniques on the tools that come with R2 and BB, so I selected R2's Arc Welder for my first 'victim' I'm using Vallejo acrylics and what you see is black base coat, gun metal, silver, blue (mixed to lighten the shade), gold and red from the basic set I bought along with the first layer of black wash. Looking at it I think I should have painted the gun metal sections black and washed with the gun metal or attempted to dry brush it on as I think it looks a little bright, but I aim to tone it all down with a few more dark washes. More WIP to follow as soon as I find the time to do some more painting!
  6. https://www2.deagostini.com/uk/products/build-your-own-x-wing/GI2130000000?gclid=CjwKCAjwlPTmBRBoEiwAHqpvhVitafD95FsoHhMiRrnByrfFGP7lILkE9rgw_zsq_CEOWbO44d5A_hoC1pMQAvD_BwE
  7. Hi all, I thought it was time I tried some of these Bandai Star Wars kits I hear all the kids are going mad for... I'm not sure I'll have much to add to Andy and Adam's efforts, but I'd like to move some of the Star Wars-ey plastic from my stash to the cabinet where I can see it I started by putting the little ISD together, which was a pleasant experience. There are some fiddly seams in the superstructure and I'm not delighted with the fit of the bridge tower, but with some clothes pins and thin glue it seems to have mostly closed up. I managed to get glue to squeeze out of most of the superstructure joins so I could pare it down and sand it, but I haven't tried as hard with the joins on the vertical surfaces. I'm trying to decide whether to rip off Andy's "aztec" panelled finish or not - the movie ships are quite flat looking, after all. If I do try the panels, I might keep them to the recesses rather than the raised stuff, really not sure yet. Perhaps more interestingly, I've built up the contents of the 1/144 U-Wing box. The U-wing itself is in a variety of bits as I need to paint the interior, but the TIE Striker and Occupier tanks can be pretty much fully assembled before paint: Fit on both is the usual mix of perfection and not-quite-perfection - you can see some seams where the end-caps of the TIE Striker cabin attach, for example. I thought about running some CA into them, but I'm wary of cracking the plastic or indeed making a mess of what's currently a very sharp line. The same line appears on the 1/72 so presumably it's a legit panel line? The tanks fit pretty well and the seams are such that you *could* fill them all but maybe don't have to? And the U-Wing seems great from what I can see. There's a join right through the radiator fins at the back, so I opted to assemble these around the rear plates first and clean up the join. That means I'll need to make around it to paint the rest. I'd hoped that I could cut away enough of the pins that I could join the pieces and slide them into place, but some of the interlocking stuff is visible so I gave up. I'll put some more pictures up when it's in primer, as well as finish that Zoid Cheers, Will
  8. Welp, I finally gave in to temptation and started the Bandai 1:144 Millennium Falcon that's been sitting in my closet for quite a while now. I'm going to do a proper as-it-happens WIP thread for this build. I still haven't decided on all the particulars -- whether or not I'm going to light this sucker and how much extra detail I'm going to add. I probably will end up lighting it -- fully lit TFA-style looks *really* good to me. I just put in an order for several Flory washes for weathering -- hopefully they'll arrive well before I get to the weathering stage. I started yesterday with the mandible maintenance wells. Inspired by this build video, and this stunning Bandai build I'm painting a lot of detail in the mechanical bits, like I've done with my Blue Leader build. Definitely not going for screen accuracy here . First a coat of Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. Then a base color coat of Gunship Gray. Then I dry-brushed Vallejo Duraluminum all over, and picked out details using Vallejo Gunmetal Gray, Valljeo Duraluminum, Tamiya X-12 Gold, and Citadel Hashut Copper.
  9. This was a quick weekend build of Bandai's box scale (1/144) TIE twin pack. The kit turned up on Friday, and I built them up that evening, adding a little battle damage to one of the standard TIE's solar panels. The X1 was a straight OOB build. They were painted yesterday (Saturday), then weathered today. Nothing fancy with the painting/weathering. Just base coats over a black primer, detail painting, then a few pin washes and some dry brushing over the damaged areas on the panel. This is how they looked on Friday night And then fully finished tonight The obligatory scale comparison shots with paint pot and, of course, Nigel. The Gunze barley grey in the photo was used for the main base coat on both TIEs Thanks for looking
  10. This is Bandai's newly released B-Wing, which finally completes the set of original trilogy rebel fighters, the others having already been out for some time. I did grumble a bit about the cost of this one when I first ordered it, and I still think it's a bit on the steep side, but you can't deny that you get a fantastic kit for your money. All the aspects of the original studio model are reproduced perfectly, and features like the folding wings and rotating cockpit all work without compromising the detail and accuracy. Bandai sell a separate lighting module (originally made for Gundam kits I believe), which can be installed in the fuselage to light the engines. I picked up a Chinese copy unit very cheaply from ebay, which fits perfectly and does the job just as well as the Bandai version. In truth though, the effect isn't all that dramatic, especially as you can't really see it unless you're looking from behind. I didn't bother switching it on for most of the shots, as the camera lights tended to negate the effect. I have added one shot at the end with subdued lighting so you can see how it looks. The only additions to the kit were a couple of aluminium tubes to replace gun barrels, and a few addition stencil decals to add a little more fine detail. The full build can be found here. Thanks for looking Andy
  11. Hi, I am new to this forum so I am starting in the middle of my WIP. It took me weeks to find references to the Snowspeeder cockpit and building it. I think all visible parts in 'making of' pictures of the movie and inside the movie itself should be quite accurate. All other parts is guesswork be me and Bandai itself - it seems to me. I like making the details of the tiny cockpit with a tiny brush. A shame nobody will see it after it is finished. Like in the AT-ST this will almost be half or 1/3 of the build time... This is my reference for the outside: http://www.modelermagic.com/?p=2405 Luke and Dak All inside the fuselage with the first layer of paint Mr Hobby Aqueous Colors. 2 parts H11 (Flat White) and 1 part H51 (Light Gull Gray) Its a little bit brighter than it looks in the photos, but the next layer will have more white. Thanks for feedback. Not only at my work, but also if the WIP format ist ok. Are the photes too large or too small? Thanks!
  12. GOUD-4 Messenger Droid 1/12 Scratch Build I've not been doing much modelling over the last week or two since the room I usually work in is way too cold at this time of year. I've spent more time on the sofa watching TV but, to keep my hands busy, I've also been playing with some scrap plastic card from the big box of off-cuts I keep from previous projects. A couple of night's work ended up with this little pile of droid bits... ...which were then stuck together to make this If you don't recognise him (and there's no reason why you would), he's a loose rendition of GOUD-4, who was a messenger (mouse) droid on Kessel from the Solo film. To be honest, I can't actually remember seeing him on screen but he was presumably in one of the corridors at some point. I first saw him in the DK visual guide for the film and thought he'd make a nice addition to Nigel, who's been looking rather lonely of late. As I said, it's a loose rendition, as many of the angles and details are off. Unfortunately, I'm only aware of one production photo of the droid which is the one in the book. As a result, I've no idea what the back or the right-hand side should look like, so much of that has been made up using the visible sides as reference. If you haven't seen the real GOUD-4, he looks like this So, inaccurate as he is, he's been painted up (in the rather bland paint job of the original), weathered, and has now joined Nigel on the shelf, where he'll no doubt be picking up a few of Nige's bad habits over time. Thanks for looking Andy
  13. Incom T-47 Snowspeeder Bandai 1/48 These finally turned up today and will be my last Star Wars builds for a while (unless the Ep 7 stuff is available for a reasonable price). I'll be leaving the X-Wing for a bit, but I decided to start the snowspeeder strait away. I'm probably going to do a red stripe one rather than Luke's grey stripe which are the markings that come with the kit, and I'll be doing it on the ground rather than in flight so I'll have to make a bit of hanger base for it. I've not done much more than go through the box so far, but I've started to look what work I'll be doing in the cockpit. The moulded detail on the instrument panels is as good as all the other Bandai releases but I might add a few extra details here and there and I'll paint the controls rather than use the supplied decals. It's got the usual clever engineering which allow the parts to just slot together. The side consoles simply slide into the upper fuselage so I'll paint these and the instrument panel before slotting them in As I said, It'll be on the ground, so I won't be using the gibbon twins with their super-long arms which is no loss (it would have been nice if they'd supplied a droid though, something to stand next to it. I may have to have a go at making something, maybe a gonk droid) The problem with not using them is that, like the AT-ST, Bandai have moulded big lugs on the seats to attach gibbon A and gibbon B, so I've ground them of and (rather roughly) rescribed the seat panels. They do look quite coarse but I'll pick up some etched belts which will cover most of the seat so they should be OK. I'll probably add a few extra knobs and switches to the consoles either side of the seats too (maybe a cup holder? or is that only on the ghia model) That's it for tonight. I should get some more done over the weekend Andy
  14. Hello everybody ... Well I decided i couldn't wait to start my Bandai AT-ST Walker. Being that im coming from an Aircraft modeling base i have loads of extras in 1/48 scale. My intentions are to build this as a Resistance captured/operated walker. Ive chosen to build it as a Temperate/Junglie L.R.R.P. Unit. This will have extra weapons possibly uprated armor, stowage, and a nice Camouflage scheme over everything. Something like the scheme #’s 7, 9, & 10 from @Gekko_1‘s walker thread. Im hoping Gekko you dont mind me linking to this ? I take inspiration from several other builds of Star Wars models not just walker’s. I have thank @Gekko_1, @AndyRM101, @monsterpartyhat, & @Pete in Lincs all your sci-fi works have inspired me to do this. Dennis
  15. Hi all, I've been away from the forum for a while(18 months I think) and I haven't really started a model in that time either, family stuff,work etc... But over the summer I talked the wifey into letting me get a shed as a work shop in the garden. And I'm really getting the bug again. It's so much easier not having to get all of my materials out of the kitchen cupboard. Here's the shed for anyone who is interested: So first off was something I have wanted to do since I saw the Rogue one promo shots. I think this image is amazing and shows off the iconic storm troopers perfectly: I think it's the colours that work for me. So I just wanted to try my hand at a diorama and hope it looks something like this. I am quite a way through this and haven't taken too many photos as I've gone on but as I got to thinking about using resin I turned to the site for advice and got some great ideas, it was this that made me realise how great Britmodeller really is and I haven't been off it for the past two weeks. I thought it was best to document the build up to now and going forward. I haven't really done a WIP before so be nice and bear with! So, I started off with two Bandai Troopers, built out of the box. I airbrushed the black parts using a mix of Vallejo light grey and NATO black, just to dull it down a bit and not make it look so shiny. Everything has been said about these kits already, awesome detail and easy to put together. I haven't yet decided on weathering or which blasters they will be holding. On the pic they have E-11's but there is a nice Dlt-19 that comes in the kit so might swap this out nearer the end. I really dont mind if it isnt accurate, im building this so it probably wont be If I do weather the troopers it will be minimal. It was good to find I could get a good pose as the articulation is good on the kits. Next was the base. I cut a 15x15cm square of MDF. Which was big enough for the two figures. Its a bit bigger in the pic, i changed my mind and made it square before i cut it out. This shows the thickness though of the board used. Next was the tree trunks/twigs sticking out of the water. I intended to go out searching for the right twigs to use but as it happened my wife had done some gardening and left a root off something on the path which when cut down was perfect. I drilled holes in the MDF and sprayed them light grey and a darker grey towards the bottom where the water line will be. Happy with it so far so onto the gravel and Sandy base. The stones were just pea gravel from the garden and the sand was filler from wilko's which was smoothed and then I used a wooden stirer to pull it up into ripples as it dried. I then sprinkled silver sand on. I wanted the sand to look whiterthan it did like on a tropical beach which Scarrif was, so I painted it with Vallejo white and interior yellow which did the trick. The gravel was hand painted with all sorts of colours to get the right effect, basically making it look the same as when I started The small kit base which holds the feet were incorporated into the base to hold the troopers steady and I also found a snail shell from my aquarium which I painted red to add a bit of detail under the sea. So that's where I am at right now. I have some water clear resin on order which is something I have never used before. So this could all go great and look just how I imagined or I could screw the Resin step up completely and two models will be forever trapped in a badly made diorama . Thanks for looking, will keep updating and will show the rest of the steps as I do them. Cheers! Chris.
  16. Back in the 80's I purchased, as a job lot, the MPC Snap versions of the X-Wing, A-Wing, TIE Interceptor and the B-Wing, the subject of this little revisit. (They may have been in a 4 ship box set thiking back) Image below for reference I recall I assembled the B-Wing on the train home from Oxford. Once home I painted it... not very well. It had a stand, long since lost to time, marriage, children and house moves. I still have two of it's stable mates more or less intact and shall turn my attention to them in the future. The finish on the B-Wing didn't look any better. So I disassembled it (sorry, didn't think to take a piccie before I had done this and started work). Filled and sanded some significant holes including the original stand location on the engine housing on the right Thinned the intake walls to produce an impression of scale thickness Fixed the seam on the cockpit section including removing some serious misalignments in the detail around the circumference and cleaned up the hole at the back to a more consistent profile. Spent a cosy evening yesterday recreating the intake at the front of the main engine nacelle from plasticard so it wouldn't look so much like it was made from thick sliced bread Really rather pleased with that I also drilled out the guns but no piccie for that yet. That's as far as it goes for now. Thanks for looking in Phil
  17. CR90 Corvette a.k.a. Blockade Runner a.k.a. Tantive IV Some of you may have seen the sprue shots of the new blockade runner I posted in the Bandai discussion thread. Well, I wasn't intending to start it just yet, but since the sprues were laying around on the bench after taking the photos, one thing led to another, and here we are. I also wasn't intending to show any build photos, as the box scale kits only have a handfull of parts and very simple construction, but in the end I took a few shots of the build so I'll post a brief construction run-through before getting on to the painting. The main hull is split vertically, but the majority of the seam is covered by other pieces later on The lower hull, which incorporates the bottom of the cockpit, then clips in place. You can see that they've included (or not included to be accurate) the missing escape pods, so the kit represents a post capture Tantive VI. The upper hull clips on in the same way as the lower hull. The cockpit face and end caps are then added. On all the parts I lightly reamed out the holes for the connection pins to lessen the tight fit, the added a drop of glue to keep everything secure. Most of the parts joined without gaps, but there are a couple around the neck area that will need a smear of filler. The engines are a triple layed construction, with the lower cluster added first. The three engined mid-cluster then clips in place, with the upper cluster added last. There are panels for the top, bottom and sides of the engine assembly which finish off that area, but I'm leaving these off for now as I want to paint each engine cluster separately. The only other parts to add are the small gun turrets and the top radar dish. The whole thing comes in at around 5" (12 ½cm) in length. It doesn't sound all the big, but it seems a lot larger in person than I was expecting. It's certainly the largest kit in the Vehicle Model range so far. This release includes one of the newer clear stands, which I think are an improvement over the older black ones. It's hard to hide the sprue gate marks, but the clear plastic looks a bit more elegant. It would be nice if they'd release a set of these stands to replace the older ones. As I mentioned above, I've kept the engine section loose for now so I can get access for painting. That brings us around to the main part of this wip which will be the painting and weathering. Before that though, I'll need to decide exactly what it is I'll be representing. What it won't be is the Tantive IV. There have been a few CR90's across the films and tv shows but the've shown up most frequently in Rebels. It's a couple of examples from that show that I'm considering for this build. The first one is Liberator, which was the command ship of the Rebel Phoenix cell. It's a similar base colour to Tantive IV, but with blue accents and a grey engine section. The second one has similar colours, but with a different marking pattern. The white triangle on the cockpit on this one would tie in well with the similar marking on the Phoenix Squadron A-Wing I built a while back. The red trim adds a nice highlight too. It's interesting to note that the digital model of the CR90 created for Rebels replicates the missing escape pods from the Tantive. I'm not sure why they did that, but it saves me from having to replace the missing ones. At the moment I'm leaning towards the one with the red highlights, but I'm always open to persuasion. Andy
  18. YT-1300 Millennium Falcon FruitPACK (FP-04) 1:144 GreenStrawberry We're back to Star Wars again! It's pretty certain that GreenStrawberry are clearly SW fans, as they have released a substantial number of sets for the various kits, including the big and the little Falcons. Now they're offering the little Falcon sets in a super-set, which gives you both sets and offers a discount on the individual purchase price. The set arrives in a thick card envelope with the details on the front on a white sticker. Inside are the two individual sets in the usual GS themed dark grey, green and red, each with a header card, the Photo-Etch (PE), instructions and any ancillary parts hidden within a resealable clear foil envelope. The following sets are included: Detail Set (01616-1/144) If you read my review of the FruitPACK for the big Falcon, you might be expecting a re-tread of that, but this one's a little different due to the way that Bandai engineered the kits separately to cater for the differences in scale. This is patterned on the Force Awakens Falcon, which has the new-style dish after its removal in ROTJ during the second Death Star battle. The set contains a large fret of Photo-Etch (PE) and a sheet of self-adhesive stickers, and construction begins with the dish, replacing the chunky kit mounting for a more accurate one. The central gun emplacements are also heavily modified, with new parts added to the cut-down seats, and a complete emplacement with self-adhesive printed details supplied for your ease. This is topped off with a bezel that attaches to the rear of the glazing so that it can be easily installed top and bottom, as the two emplacements are identical. The landing gear has a new set of scale-accurate doors, plus the "cuffs" that sit above the gear legs. The cockpit is also heavily augmented, with the kit instrument panel cleared of all the moulded-in detail, and the three joining studs removed to make room for the new detail. With that done, the glazing receives a quilted headliner, and a new ceiling is folded up with panels added, then more stickers added for detail. The rear seats get new headboxes to correct their inaccurate appearance, and the side consoles with sticker instruments are added, with a new bulkhead plus surround and door, and of course another sticker for the busy light infested detail. The new roof is added to the lower part of the cockpit, and faced off with a small faceted modesty panel before the glazing is put in place. The final few parts include an edge panel for the access walkway roof, and a blanking plate for the end of the walkway inside the hull. Grilles (01715-1/144) Two small frets with 32 circular parts that laminate up to make the six vents on the aft of the Falcon's deck. Each one is made up of four layers – a lower circle, the grill section, the raised divides, and a final detailed bezel that sits on the top. There are two types of grille, with the two on the left (looking from behind) differing slightly from the other four. Their location is shown clearly on the last diagrams, so there should be little room for confusion unless you try really, really hard! These will improve the detail on the aft deck immensely from the original kit parts. Conclusion Lots of extra detail to improve this gem of a kit and make it more impressive than it already is, with a modest discount on buying them separately thrown in as a bonus. Review sample courtesy of
  19. Hi All, My interpretation of the Blockade Runner from Episode IV Bandai's immaculate box scale tantive IV Happy Modelling , Ian
  20. I finished this model ages ago, but it took a long time to get around to taking studio photos of it. The new animated show "Star Wars: Resistance" is a mixed bag, IMO. I love the animation style (I grew up watching Robotech, the US-import version of the Macross Saga, so I love the anime style applied to Star Wars) and some of the ship designs are quite cool, while some of the characters are.....anyway. I fell in love with the main hero ship, the constantly-in-need-of-repair Fireball, which came about from one of Lucasfilm's showrunners wondering what an X-wing designed around the F4U Corsair would look like. While the actual ship doesn't directly share any parts with the T-65 X-wing or the F4U Corsair, you can get pretty close my mashing the two together, which is what I did with a Bandai Vehicle Model T-65 X-Wing, and an AFV Club 1:144 scale F4U. The AFV club model was very nice to work with, with plastic that's compatible with Tamiya extra fine cement. I had to do a lot of chopping, filing, and repositioning of various parts, as well as replacing the X-wing wing cannons with music wire and aluminum tubing, since they predictably broke off in all the handling. The paint job took ages - SO much masking. There are 4 base colors, and quite a few odd panels. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I didn't really keep a build log outside of Instagram, but there are a bunch of WIP and primered photos in a flickr album.
  21. Hi Everyone, This one I've worked at on and off for months (with huge gaps!). I've overdone the weathering (particularly the exhausts), which meant I parked it for a while. I'm happier with the end result now though, even though it's not perfect! Good fun though. And for those not familiar with the size, it's pretty small:
  22. Buying something from Amazon I needed something to take me up to the magic twenty squids and free postage, so I had put this little fellow in my "save for later" basket some time ago for just such a day. I usually top up with Vallejo paints but this time I needed a fiver so this little chap for six squids was just the job. Quick little throwaway bit of fun... But when I opened it. Well it isn't a bad little model. So I started thinking about "doing something" with it. Anyhoo, more on the MF model and what I decided to "do" with it later, I decided I wanted something to display it on. Probably my favourite Star Wars moment is when the Millennium Falcon swoops down on Darth Vader closing in on Luke in the trench and takes out his wingman causing DV to abort and Han shouts "Yahoo, you're in the clear kid, let's blow this thing and go home!" So a bit of Death Star scenery is required. A Laser turret. Nothing commercially available that I know of (apart from the Bandai kits and I don't think there is anything suitable?) Anyway I'll just scratchbuild one... First off find some scale plans. The best I could find was Adam Savage's "Tested" website (yes, the "Mythbusters" guy) Build a Studio Scale Death Star Laser Tower It is more concerned with a CAD/CAM model but the drawing gave me a starting point. So, plasticard and tools to hand off we go... So that is where I'm at. You can see I have started on the "Laser Guns" using plastic tubing or different diameters but I need to "greeblie" them up a bit. The thing that looks like the buffer plate from a steam locomotive is to locate the lasers guns behind the curved plate (making them moveable was decreed as a step too far!) What started as a little basket filler has turned into a project. I think the turret is probably too big but the Death Star was a "BIG" thing so who really knows. I was amused to find out that the sets that depict the interior of the Millennium Falcon would not have fitted inside the full 1:1 model that was built at Elstree for filming the scenes in "A New Hope" and that full model was used for the scenes on Tatooine and on the Death Star without being moved, they rebuilt the sets around the model! If anyone is interested in any of the techniques I have used please ask. Peace out.
  23. so I thought it time to have a go at this one I have had in storage for a while yes Sir it is from the 80's but now I haven't had it since then, I built it as a kid I got it from John menzie and if I remember right it wasn't the best of fits. I bought this one over 5 years ago from eBay and it came with a diorama. any way it was still bagged up as well (sorry no pic of that) so here it is ready to go this was when I remembered a little about it. the mouldings are not up to modern standards so first job was to clean up the top and bottom of the ship CARFULLY in places then start to construct it and that's as far as I have got so far, I will keep you upto date as far as possible, any tips gratefully received I am prob going to airbrush it and that will be the first one in 5 years , am I mad
  24. My idea here is this is a young Mara Jade and her trusty driod an the run from one of the Huts henchmen on distant desert planet, a long time ago in galaxy far far away. The pictures are in a bit of a random order and one or two of my SW driods. Hope you like it as always any comments and feedback is Wellcome. Cheers Brian. Adding this one because I like it, I don't have any fancy photo editing stuff just MS paint.
  25. Hi y'all! Here it is finished at last, after a black wash in the main trench. Another fine addition to my SW Bandai kits, but by far the most time consuming one! See you soon! Ciao Iwik
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