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Found 12 results

  1. 1/48 spitfires first and last eduard 1/48 Early spitfire. Built OOB, lovely kit, but the decals are abit of a let down. Built as K9797 11th production aircraft built, 19 squadron, crashed april 1939. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire F24, cockpit detailed using left over eduard parts, eduard etched and some scatchbuilding. quickboost uppercowl and exhusts, quickboost prop and spinner and barracuda studios carburator intake. decals from the box and where very nice, found a couple of photos of this aircraft so 'weathered' it to match. Built as VN318, Hong Kong auxiliary air force, crash landed april 1955. thanks for looking
  2. Some nice colourised footage of some less than pristine Spitfires!
  3. Hi all, The first time I decided to create a yearbook here. Still modest output with 5 models completed but that is the highest number ever for me!!! The first one was the Israeli F-16I in 1/72. Kinetic kit. I started it back in early 2019 but the construction was not really fast. I got it ready for painting by the end of 2019 so winter of 2020 was paint job and then quite long-lasting decalling and final touches so that the model was finished in May. The next one was Jet Provost by Sword in The Poachers livery. Started in late 2019 and pretty quickly (for me) finished in July 2020. Then my three-spitfires-project started to reach RFI section. I started the whole thing on December 30th 2019 and finished in December last year. Again on and off, quite prolonged paint job on camouflages one by one, but glad I managed everything within a year! Tamiya's Mk.Ia was the first: Followed by Airfix's Mk.XIX And then by Eduard's Mk.IXe And the complete project result: So three RAF aircraft and two IDF ones. None I'm disappointed with, so a very pleasant result in that unusual year which was actually giving me way more opportunities to concentrate on the hobby compared to a typical year. All the best, Dennis
  4. Its been 45 years since I spent any time modelling so I thought I would start with a couple of the latest Airfix 1/72 Spitfires after all they should be quite easy, shouldn't they? I decided on a One up one Down for each of the Marks, and attempted my first open cockpit, All four are brush painted and finished with a Matte lacquer, I also used some Decal fix for the first time. I am sure I will look back on this post in many years to come and realise just how many mistakes and poor detailing I have made with these Spitfires and where I could have spent more time getting things right. The canopy fits are appalling! and I considered not posting the images because of that one poorly detailed item alone. However I look forward to your constructive criticism which can only improve my skills. Please be kind. My photo and posting skills I am sure will also improve as we go along. Appalling Canopy Fit! I think my Aerial wire is a bit thin! That black mark on the tail plane ia a complete mystery to me, only just noticed it when posting photos.
  5. Can you have too many Spitfires? The conventional wisdom is no, but I wonder… Since returning to modelling I have built 1/72 Spitfires from AZ, Airfix, Eduard, KP, Revell and Frog, four of them already this year (out of eight completions in 2018 so far). There are three needing MU attention for Cat C repair: 2x Airfix 1x Revell The stash contains quite a few just in 1/72: 1x Academy 17x Airfix 2x Aeroclub conversion fuselages (okay that knocks out two of the others in theory) 5x AZ 10x Eduard 3x Heller 5x KP 1x Frog 1x Fujimi 1x Hasegawa 1x Italeri 1x Matchbox 2x Sword 1x Xtrakits But there’s also a few in 1/48 – 3x Eduard & 1x Academy; 1/32 - 2x Revell and 1/24 - 1x Airfix. And an Eduard 1/144 one in a Czech Air Force group set! That’s several squadrons worth in all. Technically not part of the Spitfire stash are Seafires in 1/32 and 1/48 as well as a 1/72 Seafang. At this year’s (relatively high) build rate that’s 12 or so years supply of just Spitfires or 4 – 5 years if I just devote to the one plane! Actually that doesn’t sound so bad? And when I returned I thought my favourite WW2 fighter was the P-40! Obviously not as there’s only two built and four more in the stash… “Hi, My name’s Will and I’m a Spitfire addict” Cheers Will
  6. Hello again everyone Next up we have some Spitfires.... Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk 1, X4561 QJ*B 92 Sqn RAF. Next up we have the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire MK 1, R6800 LZ*N, 66 Sqn RAF. Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk IXe, MJ250 UF*Q 601, Sqn RAF. More to follow. Cheers all Iain Link to Pt.1
  7. There appear to be two books out right now on the Spitfire dive-bombing offensive against V-2 rockets. I'm trying to figure out which one is right for me (as the kids say) and I was hoping that anyone who's read either or both of them would be willing to weigh in on what they thought of 'em. Spitfire Dive Bombers versus the V-2, by Bill Simpson, which is 258 pages or Operation Big Ben, by Craig Cabell, which is rather shorter at 176 pages. If anyone has any input, I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks!
  8. Hi chaps, I thought I'd show some recent finishes completed for a Spitfire-related GB on another forum. All were hand-brushed with Xtracrylix paint, over a coat of Halford's primer and finished with Games Workshop "Purity Seal" satin varnish. Firstly, the 1/72nd Hasegawa Mk VIII, finished as a machine from 457 Sqn RAAF in 1945. Decals from Almark, I think: Then we move onto the Fujimi Spit XIVe low back in the markings of 41 Sqn RAF, again in 1945. Decals from Freightdog: Finally, we have the Sword Spit IXe, finished as a "fighter bomber" from 66Sqn in late 1944. The underwing bombs are from the kit, the centre line bomb and bomb carrier is from an Airfix Hampden, with the bomb rack assembly being scratchbuilt. Decals were partly from the kit, but codes / serials were sourced from Modeldecal and Ventura sheets respectively: And the inevitable group shot: Comments welcome. regards, Martin
  9. I seem to have got myself confused despite reading Camo and Markings - Paul Lucas on Page 8 there are 4 proposed schemes - A,B, C and D On Page 91 he refers to the A scheme for p/o McKnight's Hurricane (P2961). This is what I have always understood to be the A scheme the Dark Earth "U" in the centre of the wing is on the Starboard side and the opposite is true for the B scheme, being on the Port wing. This is in contradiction with page 8. Further, I have understood the rule to be that even numbered aircraft were painted in the A scheme and Odd Numbered aircraft were panted in the B scheme. This contradicts page 91. McKnight's aircraft. Looking at Eduard's painting guid for Mark IX we see the U is on the starboard wing. We know that after 1941 A and B was dispensed with and only A adopted. So far so good. Now I think I am back on track. The I look at Airfix painting guide for W3185 and see its A. No Problem you say? However I have always thought that the A scheme was adopted WHEN the RAF switched to Grey/Green. Again I am confused???? D-TA, Tucks Hurricane is clearly painted in A Scheme Without referances other photos does one doggedly rely on even = A, odd = B. Has Lucas got McKnights Hurricane wrong???? I await to be enlightened. I would appreciate some guidance as I am trying to get something finished for Southern Expo
  10. I don't know if many on here read Eduard's monthly mag, but in the March edition there are plenty of Spitfires and a article on the Merlin. What I know about Spitfires I could write on the back of a stamp, and I've got no real urge to start learning! So I don't know if the said articles are any good. But though some on here would find it worth a read. http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2015/info-eduard-2015-03EN.pdf Tim.
  11. Hi there, Finally completed my Spitfire collection, 'nuf said. Pr.XIX Lf.IXe Mk.IXc Mk.Vb Mk.Ia Lf.XVIe Lf.XIVe Lf.XIVe Lf.XIVe Lf.XVIe As is probably quite clear, my favourite mark is the XIVe. The front row are all bubble tops. Ben.
  12. Here's all the modelling I've done so far for 2012, minus a few binned failures (AZ Spitfire Vb with horribly askew landing gear, some others) and a Whif (USN Sea Hawk). I expect to finish a Merlin and hopefully a fast jet before the arrival of the new year, but this is probably pretty representative of my work as a whole. Please excuse the quality of the photos, I use my phone camera, and please excuse the quality of the models as well.
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