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Found 9 results

  1. AZ Models are not the easiest to work with. This build required a lot of patience, drilling, sanding, filling and cussing. Since Eduard came out with 1/72 scale Mk VIIIs, I don't think I will put myself through building an AZ Model kit for a while. The canopy is Italeri, rest is straight OOB. This was the WWII ace Wing Commander Frank (Chota) Carey's Spitfire based out of RAF Amarda Road, Odisha, India 1944. Colors are Mr. Hobby Dark Green and Flat Earth and Tamiya Media Sea Grey. Seat belts are scratch using masking tape. Hope you like it!
  2. I have not seen many spitfires with nose art and have been fascinated by MT841 for a while for its excellent nose art and that too on a RIAF Spitfire! Using the book Spitfires in the Sun and the site bharat-rakshak.com as starting reference points, I found some excellent decals for MT841 from Exito Decals and started of on building the kit. According to the reference material cited earlier MT841 Spitfire was with No.2 Sqn RIAF from 20 Jan 46, and was written off on 29th Jan 1947, when P/O Pat Callaghan belly landed the aircraft at Kohat airfield. The aircraft engine had caught fire after an oil leak in circuit. The Hasegawa kit is a quick build with well fitting parts. It has a basic cockpit, good exterior detail and engraved panel lines. Some have discussed that the kit's outline is a tad off from the real airplane as with Hasegawa's 1/48 scale but frankly I could not tell for this or for that matter - the 1/48 I built earlier. I really enjoyed building this kit. The only mods made were seat belts made from masking tape. Paints are all Tamiya. I started with spraying Tamiya Titanium Silver as a primer. Next step was some salt weathering added to the left wing root before pre-shading with Tamiya nato Black. I then sprayed the standard RAF camo scheme in Medium Sea Grey, Dark Green and Dark Earth. The prop cone was a little challenging to paint and required creativity. Once dry, I scrapped off the salt and added some light chipping around heavy traffic areas (cockpit, cowl...etc) using a metallic silver color pencil. Decals were added and sealed with Tamiya clear gloss and then I applied a black panel line wash using Tamiya's line of washes. I sealed it all with Tamiya flat clear. I do hope you enjoy the pictures. Some were taken indoors - some outdoors but my photography skills leave a lot to be desired so apologies for that. Comments/ questions/suggestions are always very welcome as they help me get better! To start, a picture of the actual aircraft: The Decal sheet came with poster art which is excellent! And a few outdoor pictures in natural light Thank you for looking!
  3. For inspection is this Hasegawa 1:48 Spitfire Mk VIII. Though I had applied decals on this many weeks back, I only got around to doing a panel wash and sealing it with dull coat last night. Mostly straight out of the box except for the Eduard seat belts. The real MT 719 has been restored and still flies out of Addison airport in Texas. I have tried to build it in the configuration/markings it might have had when handed over to India (1946/1947). According to the book "Spitfires in the Sun" by Vikram Singh, MT 719 was one of the first aircraft to be flown into action to counter the Jammu and Kashmir invasion. It was used to strafe enemy columns and carry out offensive reconnaissance missions. and it played a vital part in the battle of Shelatang on 7 November 1947, which was a turning point for the conflict. I used Model Master acrylic colors. For the clear gloss and clear flat I used Model Master acrylics as well. For the panel wash I used Tamiya's black panel line accent. My photography skills aren't great but hopefully you will like what you see.
  4. Greetings! The last time I built a 1/72 Hasegawa Spitfire VIII was around 17 years back. I am revisiting this neat little kit with this quick build. Until the Eduard Mk VIII kit came out, the Hasegawa Mk VIII was the benchmark for me. Though this comes no where as close to the detail as Eduard but the engraved panel lines and the lines are pretty good, providing a neat fit and clean quick build. The cockpit has just around enough detail to look ok when you peer in. The only part I disliked was the undercarriage attachment which took some patience. I gave the kit a primary coat of Tamiya flat aluminum and applied salt to places I wanted the metal to show through for weathering. Next up was pre-shading using Tamiya flat black and then applying the camo - Tamiya Medium Sea Gray beneath and on top Tamiya Flat Earth and RAF Green. This was sealed with Tamiya clear. The stencils were from the kit as well as the spares box (Kits-world). I used xtra decals for the numbering and some more after market decals for the roundels and fin-flash. The reference picture I used is in black and white and i guessed that the nose looked blue and that's what I went with. Some quick history about the subject: This particular aircraft (MD 219) was flown by 2 Squadron Royal Indian Air Force and was forced to belly land when it suffered engine failure while formation flying from Kohat in May 1946. I added extra weathering assuming the airplane required much needed TLC before it went down. The pilot, Flying Officer K.L. Suri survived with minor injuries. I got this information from the excellent reference book, "Spitfires in the Sun" which is now my go-to book for the next few Spitfire builds I am planning.
  5. Hello again, all. After a couple of non LSP kits, I decided I'd get back to the Master Scale. My lovely wife bought me the MkVIII Spit for Father's Day, so I thought I'd get right to it. I just have to say, this is, as we all expect from Tamiya LSPs, a beautiful kit. It could be built straight out of the box and look fantastic. So, naturally, I bought a bunch of after market . Actually, as I'll discuss later, I think I may have actually bought too much aftermarket (is such a thing even possible?) I went with HGW seat belts, Barracuda decals and cockpit upgrades, the Eduard exterior photoetch set, and a Yahu IP. My first attempt at HGW belts had been frustrating, so I have left that part for now. I do, however, want to talk about the interior resin upgrade set. It is of course, beautiful work from Roy as always. However, more to the praise of Tamiya than to the detriment of Barracuda, I'm not sure that it is that much better than the kit parts. I've posted below some comparison photos of the relevant parts. The seat is the one clear winner for me. Fortunately it's sold as a separate piece. Tamiya elected not to mold the very prominent backrest cushion, which Barracuda has corrected. The other thing I do love about these particular parts is that they're made to be drop in replacements to the kit parts, complete with attachement points of the correct shape to fit to the sidewall. (I have since removed the flare rack from the front of the seat, which to my understanding is not correct for this mark. The compass is nearly identical. I honestly can't even tell you which is which in this photo The throttle quadrant does show a couple of nice additional details, but the kit part is very good on its own. As you can see, I still struggle with cleanly separating parts from the casting block. That handle is askance because I had to glue it back on after breaking it during sawing. Undercarriage controls. Again, a few nice details, but not a stark contrast as there is with some kits. The control column. The barracuda part comes with wire and asks you to drill three tiny holes to accommodate them. I used a #80 drill bit but still managed to break the part. I ended up using the kit part, with the resin handpiece, which does add some nice detail where the lines attach. Sidewall painted up with paint scraped away for the bulkhead attachments. Rather than try to drill again and ruin my only remaining control stick, I used lead wire and just cut it where it's meant to be going through, picking it back up on the other side. Some solder added for the hydraulic lines from the undercarriage lever. For some unknown reason, Tamiya have chosen to leave very prominent defects in this door. After trying unsucessfully to fill and sand them, I scraped away the detail, smoothed it over with some Bondo, and re-added the detail by scratch. The open door below shows that in progress. I deviated from the instructions and added the sidewalls to the fuselage halves so that I could add some wiring. I just noticed on the second picture that I'm missing a couple of bits that still need to be glued down on the starboard side. These upclose photos also unfortunately are demonstrating my sloppy painting. I usually brush paint Model Master Acryl semi gloss black for these parts, but have been unable to get it appropriately thinned - it either runs everywhere or goes on too thick, as below. I'm expecting a bottle of UMP universal thinner, which I'm going to try on it before switching brands entirely, but does anyone else have a favored paint for this? I prefer not to try to mask and spray all these little parts, so brush painting is a must. Control column and rudder pedals. There is a trick of the light, here, the starboard pedal has not suffered from green overspray. I added straps to the rudder pedals from Tamiya tape. Here's my door. Need to clean it up a little still. Waiting on a new bottle of MRP RAF interior green. The crowbar has yet to be built, but I am thinking that I'll whittle it out of styrene strip. While waiting for my Yahu panel to arrive, I decided to paint up the kit part. It has the usual coke bottle effect on the instrument glass, due to the way Tamiya engineers them, but looks pretty good. The Barracuda set also comes with placard decals. I will add those as well, and may save this pre-made panel for the next 1/32 spit I do (there will definitely be another, as I love Spits and this kit - probably Skalski's MkIX). I just realized looking at this that I somehow lost the bottom three instrument decals! D'oh! And the Barracuda resin seat. First with a base coat of MRP ochre wood, then dabbed and swirled with some burnt siena and burnt umber oils for the Bakelite effect. I was going to give this a top coat with MRP clear red brown, but I think it looks pretty good as is. Thoughts? Anyway, I'm about to go away for the holiday weekend, so I'll leave these oils to dry for a few days and hopefully my IP will be in the mail when I return! Gloss, decals, washes, and seatbelts still to go before I can close up the fuselage halves. Thanks for looking - as always comments criticisms are welcome!
  6. Ever have one of those kits you regret starting? I picked up the ICM 1:48 Spitfire Mk VIII going cheap. Sink marks, very poorly fitting parts and a lot of flash. I had to use a humongous load of filler. But I finally managed to beat it into some sort of submission. Brush painted with my interpretation of fresh foliage green camouflage using Tamiya acrylics, underside is Italeri acrylic. A slight weathering with diluted oils and finished with a Matt Tamiya clear from a rattle can. Markings are for A58-504 flown by F/O Rex Watson, 452 Squadron RAAF, Balikpapan, Borneo, August 1945 from the Eduard Aussie 8 package. Thanks for looking. And some photos outside
  7. So good friends bought me this for Christmas last year, and I have been saving it for a good period of leave. I have never made an Eduard kit before. I wont say it was easy, some of the parts were pretty fiddly, but it was very satisfying. The kit comes with huge range of markings (31 in all). I settled on a bare metal scheme, as I have always wanted to do a Spitfire this way. I chose A58-379 flown by F/L David Glaser, 549 Squadron RAF based at Strauss Airstrip south of Darwin in September 1944. The main scheme came from a Tamiya rattle can (TS17 Gloss Aluminium), with all other detail painting being done with brush painted Tamiya Acrylics. I made her a little dirt with some watercolours (but hopefully not too dirty), sealed that in with Humbrol Mattcote and then wiped on a thin coat of floor polish to give slight sheen (it seems F/L Glaser's ground crew kept his aircraft polished, I thought a full gloss finish though would be too much). Many thanks for looking. And here are a few pictures taken during the build:
  8. Hello All, This one has had a very tortuous existence, nearly binned twice, consigned to the shelf of doom twice. Had all sorts of issues with this particular build. Fit issues with a step in the nose. paint issues with paint de-naturing in the airbrush so that dark earth evolved a strange pinkish hue..... grrrrrrr. It was only due to me needing to familiarise and experiment with a new airbrush that she survived and eventually completed. Thanks for looking and happy modelling Ian
  9. Hi guys, some questions for any of you who've ordered or used decals from Aero Imageworks. First off, and most importantly, are they still around and active? Their website doesn't have a news posting later than late 2012. Secondly, how are the decals? Are their 1/72 "Shark Attack" Spitfire VIII decals worth the $29.95AUS plus shipping price? Lastly, anyone know of any sellers for them outside of the antipodes?
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