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Found 25 results

  1. Hi All, My latest completion is Special Hobby's 1:72 Boston Mk.III. I first started this kit in 2021, but an irretrievable decal disaster saw my first effort sail binwards (an act of which I am not proud). However, it continued to niggle me, so I recently purchased another kit and started the build from scratch! The reason for persisting with this model is that it depicts a rather unusual experimental camouflage scheme applied to AL468, an aircraft of 418 'City of Edmonton' Sqn RCAF, based at RAF Bradwell Bay, Essex in 1942. Aircraft of this squadron were tasked with 'Night Intruder' missions, whereby they attacked German night fighters at their home bases, often whilst they were in the circuit. AL468 was piloted by Sqn Ldr Burton-Gyles, who was credited with shooting down an enemy aircraft over the town of Beauvais. Most of these aircraft were painted in Night overall, but a couple were painted in the experimental Ocean Grey & Dark Green over Night, rather than the later standard Night Fighter scheme of Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green over Night. The following are excerpts from @Carl V's book on the subject - Carl and @dogsbody were kind enough to provide this information during my build (many thanks gents!). You can see the experimental scheme applied to TH-D in the middle photos. The cockpit close-up on the second panel is TH-O AL468, showing the maple leaf marking above the swastika - the aircraft also carried a distinctive 'O - Ottawa, Ontario' marking on the starboard side. Finally, the bottom artwork shows the scheme itself, Here's the WIP, if anyone is interested: Now the kit itself has a few foibles, mainly relating to the fit of the nose glazing, which was remedied by the addition of a 1mm shim to the fuselage. The aircraft was modelled with the ventral cannon pack fitted, but with the cheek gun blisters removed. I also modified the bombardier's position, removing the bomb sight along with a portion of the floor, as was correct for this aircraft (this from information kindly provided by @Scott Hemsley - many thanks Scott!). I made a few improvements, such as the addition of a life raft, clear wingtip lights, and Tamiya tape harnesses - otherwise the kit was pretty much OOB. Anyway, that's enough waffle - on to the pics! Finally, I couldn't resist a couple of shots with another unusual RCAF aircraft, just to show the difference between a 'light' and 'heavy' bomber Although this build has not been without its frustrations, I'm actually pretty pleased with the outcome. It's an unusual-looking aircraft and hopefully a fitting tribute to the brave Canadian crews who undertook the hazardous Intruder operations night after night. Many thanks to all who have provided help and encouragement along the way - it is sincerely appreciated as always! Thanks for looking, Roger
  2. Hi All, My latest completion is Special Hobby's Short Sunderland Mk.III, modelled as EJ134 'N-Nuts' of 461 Sqn RAAF, based at RAF Pembroke Dock, Wales, 1943, and captained by Flt Lt C B Walker. The Sunderland was known as The Flying Porcupine for its extensive defensive armament and ability to fight off enemy aircraft. 'N-Nuts' very much lived up to this name on 2nd June 1943, whilst on patrol over the Bay of Biscay she was attacked by no less than 8 Ju88s of KG40. During this protracted engagement the crew of EJ134 destroyed 3 of the Ju88s, severely damaging another 2. EJ134 also sustained significant damage as well as several of the crew being severely injured, and Sgt E C B Miles sadly succumbing to his mortal wounds. However, the crew nursed the damaged aircraft back to the Cornish coast without incident and eventually beached the aircraft on Praa Sands. There is an extensive account of the battle on the 'Aircrew Remembered' website - it is compelling reading: http://aircrewremembered.com/walker-colin.html I have found two photos of EJ134 - both of these photos are copyright Poole Flying Boat Celebration, and will be removed on request. Here's their website, which again is well worth a look: http://www.pooleflyingboats.com/archive/04 Changes-at-Poole-with-RAF-Hamworthy.pdf 461 Sqn were stationed at RAF Harmworthy near Poole before relocating to Pembroke Dock, and the website contains a wealth of evocative period detail. The first photo shows the ground crew in front of EJ134: The second shows 'N-Nuts' after ditching at Praa Sands: You can see the distinctive wavy camouflage demarcation on the rear fuselage in this photo. Here's a couple more very evocative shots showing Sunderlands at Pembroke Dock: I suspect these are newly-delivered aircraft, as there are no squadron codes applied. Right - to the build! Here's a link to the WIP if anybody is interested: Here's a couple of shots in progress to show the lovely interior detail: Finally, here's the finished article, which was mostly OOB save a set of Montex masks: Finally, I couldn't resist a couple of shots with another large Short Brothers aircraft - the Stirling Mk.I of PO Rawdon 'Ron' H Middleton VC RAAF, which has its own extraordinary story of Aussie bravery: A pretty imposing pair of aircraft, even in gentleman's scale! I've very much enjoyed the challenge of this build - the kit has the usual Special Hobby foibles but I believe it builds up into a pretty accurate Mk.III. I must thank @LDSModeller who was a valuable source of advice on Sunderland detail throughout the build, and @AliGauld whose parallel Mk.V build provided much inspiration along the way. Thanks also to all those who added words of encouragement throughout the build - as ever it is sincerely appreciated, Thanks for looking, Roger
  3. My latest work... Special hobby Mirage F.1 EQ
  4. Like many I was excited by AZmodels release of the DH Hornet with the promise of an accurate and buildable model. I'd had the Special Hobby F1 kit in the stash since it's release and had heard complaints about it but not really looked at what they were. I'd also built the Magna F3 (Frog clone) many moons ago, so thought I'd get the PR2 boxing from AZmodels. I was disappointed to learn that the PR2 never really went into service, and thought about using the markings from the SH kit. Then I decided I should build them together with AZ kit as an F1 with and the SH wheels up as the PR2. I then added the Aerocraft replacement engine and props into the mix. I ended up using the best bits of both kits to build the F1 as well as I could. In summary AZmodels as F1 used: Aerocraft engines and props SH resin gun trough SH main legs with scratch built oleos and axels SH resin main wheels Additional Details: Fuel dump pipes Hole for gun camera Tailplane tab actuators Landing light Special Hobby PR2 AZ engines and spinners Tail wheel from Matchbox Beaufighter Additional Details: Corrected canopy shape Corrected wing dihedral Corrected cockpit opening (too small!) Camera ports Landing light Replaced incorrect AZ roundels and flash (really?) I followed @David A Collins excellent series of builds of the AZ kit. Personally I still think the AZ kit is a missed opportunity with some indifferent moulding (the legs are awful),many mistakes of the past repeated (panel-lines everywhere) and details missed (actuators). AZmodels as the F1 in 'spurious' Chevron markings but looks cool as... Here is the Special Hobby as the PR2 Here with my now yellowing Manga F3
  5. Hi All, My next project will be Special Hobby's 1:48 Fairey Fulmar. This aircraft was introduced into service with the Fleet Air Arm in 1940, and continued the tradition of two seat aircraft employed by that service, the act of navigation whilst flying considered beyond a mere pilot. Powered by the Merlin III, the Fulmar MkI was underpowered compared to its single seat RAF equivalents. Nevertheless, the aircraft saw combat in a variety of theatres and at its peak equipped 20 FAA squadrons. Here's the box art: And the sprue shots: There's also a couple of frets of PE: And a quite extensive collection of resin parts, mainly pertaining to the cockpits: The decals look to be in good register and are highly glossy (and a little bright to my eye?): 5 schemes are catered for in this boxing. I'm going to complete as N2015 of 805 Sqn FAA, HMS Eagle, which was operating in the Mediterranean in February 1941: I can find no photos of this aircraft, but have no reason to doubt the efficacy of the scheme. It is quite interesting as the leading edges and underside of the cowling are painted in a locally applied 'spaghetti' scheme, which was apparently employed to cause confusion during ground attack sorties. In addition, the pilot's upper canopy had a white sun shade installed. I have also seen a version of this scheme with a straight 'Sky' underside - does anyone have any definitive references for this scheme? I may choose to omit the night/white elements to simplify the scheme, but would appreciate any input on the accuracy as presented. Anyway, onwards and upwards with the build! Thanks for looking, Roger
  6. Hello to all.I finished this model a week ago.It is one of the most interesting airframes I have seen in my life.And I really enjoyed it despite it being difficult to assemble and work with.I have also made a video so feel free to watch it if you are interested. Regards and stay safe.
  7. Hi Friends! Good kit Specia Hobby I broke the front of the canopy, I had to do this part again Painted Gunze Enjoy watching!
  8. Hi mates! Let's start my next build here after a long time. I was quite saddened since the Moa had vanished and I had no motivation to post my builds here, but I would like to share with you my new project, which is this very beautiful machine - the GAL ST-25 Monospar (a piece of art for me just like the DH.89 and other De Havillands...) And it will be no ordinary build - I decided to open the canopy roof and the side door too. The kit provides you with very detailed resin interior which I would like to show off. I made the decision to recreate the British G-ADWH Jubilee Monospar with the black fuselage and silver wings (I hope the colours are right!) as you can see in the photo from the airwar.ru: I would like to kindly ask you, if anyone knows what the small white circle on the back of the fuselage looked like in detail, I would by very very happy if you could share the information. For now, I just assume that it has something to do with the Royal Jubilee from1935 because other civilian aircraft from that time have it too. I started with gluing the wings' halves together and preparing the fuselage parts for further work. There are a few issues with the original kit which I wanted to correct. The cockpit floor is too submerged in the fuselage so I put it a little bit higher. I made the red leather padding for the fuselage walls, the new rear bulkhead and I sawed off the port door. I cut the canopy to pieces to make it easier for gluing. For the wooden floor I used the HGW decal and the seatbelts are produced by Quinta Studio. I also cut out the hole for the nose landing light which will be made soon. The next step was gluing the fuselage halves together which was challenging but I am quite satisfied with the result. Thanks for looking and see you next time!
  9. This will be my entry to this GB, Special Hobby's lovely kit of the Meteor NF.12... The Kit ...I usually try and do something different than what's in the box, the kit provides markings for 25, 46 and 64 Sqns RAF, unfortunately the 25 Sqn markings are incorrect as Special Hobby show the bars as being silver and blue, not silver and black which is correct. For this build I'll be building a 264 Sqn jet stationed at RAF Middleton St George in 1957, these markings will come from Modeldecal sheet 93 and are the yellow and black bars... The stickers ...I've also got the Peewit mask for the multi panelled canopy although I have heard rumours about their lack of tenacity so they may just end up as templates for normal tape. What's not shown here is the Aerocraft clear resin, open canopy as seen in this link, the kit has a very good interior and it would be a shame not to show it off! I've got quite a lot of references for the Meteor, the aircraft sits squarely in my preferred era of subject so I've accumulated quite a few references on the type... References I've got quite a lot going on in the Heller Classic GB at the moment so I won't be getting around to this one any time soon.
  10. Hi guys. Want to show you my second Viggen. Early this year I built the Sk 37 from the Special Hobby Duo Pack, now the AJ 37 followed. Some extras were a pilot from PJ Production, pitot tubes from Master and the m/70 rocket pods from Maestro. I used the nice vinyl masks from DN Models for the paint scheme. Cheers Daniel
  11. Hi All, This is my attempt at Special Hobby's lovely Firefly MkI, modelled as Z1830 of 1770 Sqn FAA, HMS Indefatigable, July 1944. I have not found any photos of the actual aircraft, but apparently it was the first production Firefly MkI and thus has the 3-bladed propellor, early canopy hood and the unfaired Hispano cannon (that's SOOO unfair!). 1770 Sqn took place in Operation Mascot, which was the unsuccessful attack on Tirpitz when she lay at anchor in Kaarfjord, Norway. Here is a link to the WIP if anyone is interested: Special Hobby's kit is a lovely offering with the usual vague engineering and part callouts. There were a couple of 'improvements' made along the way: - Added instrument panel transfers as the one supplied with the kit was rubbish - Cut both canopies as they were presented in the closed position only - Addition of scratch-built navigation light and housing on the port wing - Addition of front antenna as there was no component in the kit Aside from that is was a very pleasurable build apart from a transfer drama - all fixed in the end. Painted in a mixture of AK Interactive and Vallejo acrylics. So onto the photos: And here's a final one with my recent Chesapeake - two aircraft with very different levels of success in their operational history: Thanks for looking, Roger
  12. Hi all, Since my Whirlwind build I've realised I'm developing an interest in the more unusual & esoteric types used by the RAF during WW2. The Martin Maryland fits this category perfectly, so I procured myself one of Special Hobby's. Although in relatively limited use by the RAF, this type saw action in North Africa, and also in the defence of Malta as a reconnaissance and light bomber (eventually replaced by the Martin Baltimore). Interestingly the type was also flown by Adrian Warburton DSO & Bar, DFC & 2 Bars DFC (USA). Whilst a Pilot Officer involved in the defence of Malta he became the only RAF pilot to become an ace whilst flying a bomber aircraft, due to the virtue of the aircraft's wing guns - interesting man and story. Special Hobby's kit is subtitled 'Warburton's War' - the decal options allow for 2 of the aircraft he flew. Here's the box art depicting one of them, which was a French machine reassigned to the RAF following the fall of France: The sprue shots: Detail all looks pretty encouraging - I'll see about some light scratchbuilding along the way . Transparent bits plus resin (including 28 separate cylinders for the Wasp radials - count them): Decals (which look excellent): I've also procured a set of Montex masks (a must for that glasshouse!) I've chosen to build this as AH284 of 39 Sqn RAF, North Africa 1941. Here's a purported shot of the actual aircraft (copyright Australian War Memorial): This appears to show the aircraft in temperate camouflage, but the kit option is thus: I'm preferring the desert scheme, so as I cannot find any compelling evidence to the contrary I'm going to go with the kit! Anyway, I'm off to give the sprues a good wash in soapy water, and on with the build soon after! Thanks for looking, Roger
  13. Hi guys. I just finished my latest modell, number six for this year. It´s the very nice molded Gnat kit from Special Hobby in 1/72 scale. Built without any problems except the camera lenses which didn't fit properly. I used Micro Kristal Klear instead of them. Finland used the Gnat from 1958 to 1972, eleven F.1 and two FR.1 were flown by HävLLv 11 and HävLLv 21. Cheers Daniel
  14. Hi, Not sure when I will make a start on this but here is one that has been in my stash for a few years now, It is one of a series of related kits SH released in 2012 including the Seafire 45 and 46, and is probably related to a group of late Spitfires they also released. It replaced a Rareplanes vacform version I bought back in around 1980 which never was quite completed. The box contains some nicely detailed plastic including numerous alternative parts - props, canopies etc, and the artwork depicts a machine painted in the wartime scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey over Sky - they say they are not entirely sure it was ever painted in this scheme and also include the later EDSG over Sky scheme seen on the Korean War versions. Being SH it remains to be seen how well it goes together. More as and when I get going. Cheers Pete
  15. Hi mates, I finished this one a few days ago, one of my favourite planes. This model from Special Hobby is very nice detailed, with almost a very good fitting, and came with nice PE from Eduard. I added some scratch and wires and some rivets with my Trumpeter's riveting wheel. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you like it... Cheers Ricardo
  16. Hi All, Here's my attempt at Special Hobby's Martin Maryland, presented as AH284 of 39 Sqn RAF, North Africa 1942. I do not have any reference pics for the aircraft in the desert scheme as presented, so it's a bit of a 'what if'. I fought this kit kicking and screaming through the latter stages, and found it all a bit of a struggle with poorly fitting parts (particularly the engines). Here's the WIP thread : Despite all the trials and tribulations I'm not displeased with the final result - it has undeniable 'shelf presence' and I'm glad I gave it a crack. Anyway, here she is - comments and critique welcome as ever: Here's a couple of shots with a Blenheim for scale: Thanks for looking, Roger
  17. For this GB I thought long and hard on what to do. Should I finally start my ASJA B5 dive bomber, or go all in on a A32A Lansen in 1/48 to please my uncle? After pondering long and hard, and looking at the stash and ongoing builds I came to the conclusion that dual booms should be a feature. Also, earlier in the Autumn I found the attack version of J21R, with a full weapon assortment, to compliment the normal fighter version that I already had. Cool! Dual J21R it is. The SAAB J21 was quite interesting project, but SAAB didn't really have the manpover to push the development of it during the war, due to full focus on the light and medium bomber B17 and B18. Therefore, it entered service quite late in the war and at that time jet was coming into vogue. A planned J21B was studied, with a more blown canopy, better cooling performance and a few other changes, but at that time the the C FV Bengt Nordensköld (Chief of the Air Force) decided that all fighting aircraft (both bombers and fighters then) should be jet powered. SAAB wasn't stupid and saw an opportunity to quickly adapt the J21 to jet propulsion, and claimed that it could be converted quickly and cheaply to "rea-drift". (at this time, it wasn't called jet in swedish, but rea which mean reactionpropulsion more or less) As it always turns out, this conversion wasn't very fast, nor cheap and the end result wasn't stellar, but it did provide Flygvapnet with more jet aircraft and also paved the way for the much more advanced follow-on aircraft the J29 Tunnan and A32 Lansen. There is lot more to write about J21R and I will do that later on, for now I'll focus on what I'll actually glue together, which is this! This is 2 old style Special Hobby kits, first Issued in 2011 so no terrible old. They did the J21A in between these two releases and in one fell swoop discarded the old Heller kit to collector status. Probably. There are two common runners, like this Nice details and nice engraved panel lines No intake trunking or compressor face though! The attack version got an extra runner, with a bomb and two different sets of rockets, both practice ones and the normal 12cm ones. Thank you Special Hobby! Resin wheels and guns sight are also provided Ok clear injection molded plastic Lots of tiny etched parts, and a sandwich instrument panel Two sets of decals of course, with excellent printing by Aviaprint To round it off, I have this book Which is filled with excellent photos, both period ones and also from the surviving museum examples. This should be a lot of fun!
  18. You guys, it's here!!! I ordered this kit from Megahobby on Tuesday night and it arrived this morning. Big kudos to Megahobby and the US Postal service. Granted, MH is in New Jersey and I'm in Maryland, so it's not that long of a trip, but considering the covid crap, I'm impressed by the speedy delivery, and I'm grateful to both. If there are any posties reading this - big thank you to all of you for the work you do during these dumb times. You are the glue holding us all together. More to come soon.
  19. I am about to embark on this kit in the Canadian colours of the 'Digby'. This of course started life as the Douglas B-18 Bolo. My question therefore is this. Was the interior repainted in Grey/Green or left as it was in chrome/bronze green as Special Hobby would have it? Further was the Canadian colour scheme of DE/DG/Night made up of British colours or their American/DuPont equivalents? TIA
  20. Hi all I have built this and finished it last week. This is the Special Hobby kit and goes together quite well. The model is built OOB apart from the Seatbelts, whip aerial and Pitot. The kit is brush painted with Humbrol enamel Alluminium. A very enjoyable kit. Hope you enjoy Thanks for looking in All the best Chris
  21. So, I've decided to give this a go... I will build "red-tail" from the box art, with lots of resin and PE upgrades from CMK (airbrakes, thrust reverser, RAT, cockpit set, mask set). And even more aftermarket, originally meant for the Heller kit - exterior and interior PE (will only use a few exterior pieces- I have the wrong set, for AJ37 interior), Master pitots and a tail+drop tank upgrade. The Maestro set on the left is very low quality resin, the drop tanks, particularly the fins, are atrocious. Kits parts are much better. In fact, the only usable "pieces" from this set will probably be the chaff & flare dispensers and the rear RWR "bump" on the exhaust part that I plan to cannibalize. Speaking of chaff and flare dispensers... could anyone point me to some pictures of a JA37 with these on? Google failed me... The CMK sets are very nice, but due to poor packaging, many smaller pieces were flailing around in the bags, I am happy nothing is seriously damaged. I think I will display the thrust reverser fully closed and airbrakes open for this model. Altough I guess I would need a pilot figure then, as it is hard to imagine the brakes are on and reverser closed when the jet is powered down. More to follow...
  22. Hi! I would like to present my new project. I choosed model of Aero C-3A (Siebel Si204) from czech producer SpecialHobby in 1/48 scale. This will be a very long project because I don't have much free time, but I would like update this topic every week. This will be my first model after five years break. So lets go! With model I bought resin pilot´s seats from CMK and photo etched parts from Eduard (photo etched parts are for model Siebel Si204 so i will use only a few parts).
  23. Hi to everyone. I am Patrik from the Czech Republic and I want to show you my first build here. It is my 4th model after almost 5 year pause from modelling. Some time ago, I've decided to build Mirage F1-AZ. I am using this: Mirage F.1CR made by Special Hobby (Czech producer) Mirage F1-AZ conversion for Hasegawa made by Scaleworx Wheels set made by CMK (Czech producer) Pitot tube made by Master die-cut masks made by Eduard (Czech producer) MAV decals (custom set) I've decided to not use any PE parts since it will be even more time consuming build. Kit itself is nice but require some work (filling gaps in parts joins etc.) https://postimg.cc/image/4f1ixx6lz/ https://postimg.cc/image/kda8o45zr/ https://postimg.cc/image/bjjc6y65j/
  24. Hello everyone Do you have some news about that: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/102588-special-hobby-sh72151-iar-80 Thanks
  25. Hi I will be entering this little NAVY Fighter , Special Hobby 1/72nd Brester Buffalo
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