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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All Time for another scratch build. You'll be relieved to hear that I've decided to move on from UFO and instead have decided to use Space 1999 as my source of inspiration, hence the Space Bus which, hopefully, is in the style of Martin Bower's most excellent designs for the series. OK there never was a 'space bus' in the show, but if there had been, it might have looked a bit like this, only a lot better quality. This project had a shaky start. initially, I wanted to build a heavy lifter in the Thunderbirds style, so I made this sketch which is basically a mash-up of some 60s classics, including the Valiant, Victor and the Hercules C-130E, with a touch of B29 around the nose. And then I made a fuselage from plastic pipe, clad in MDF 'wood'. This is when the problems started, because I made the fuselage too short, so the proportions were all wrong. No one wants a short, fat lifter. After some sulking I decided that perhaps I could salvage at least some of the work by making something that actually needed to be a shorter, fatter design, so I retired to the man cave with Mr Bower's book and some liquid refreshment and came up with this: It's supposed to be a space bus for moving people and cargo between spaceships and space stations. Unlike all my previous builds I want to add lighting, but this won't be anything ambitious as this will be my first attempt so I'll keep it simple. The model will be hollow so I'll probably put some battery powered lights inside, drill a few holes and let nature take its course. The photos below show the fuselage taking shape. The three tubes are the engines, these were made from some plumbing pipe I had lying around. If there's one thing I've learnt from @Pete in Lincs it is that anything that is "just lying around" is fair game for the spares box. I have now realised that making stuff from wood does involve a LOT of sanding and filling, and then more of the same, for quite a long time, so I suspect that this build might take a while. However, seeing as it's too hot to do anything else and too expensive to go anywhere, I don't think this will be a problem. Thanks for watching, comments always welcome cheers Monty
  2. Apparently, sometime in the past I built an Airfix Eagle. Probably in the late Seventies. I don't remember doing so, but there you are. Anyway, I discovered it in a box a few years ago and it's been hanging around in the mancave crying out for a refurb. Now is the time. I recently discovered the magic of Dettol as a paint stripper. I've just finished a build, so with a clear desk I set to. The kit came apart quite easily, the ancient tube glue having crystalized over the years. Bits got dunked into the Dettol for 24 hours at a time and scrubbed. Forget a six inch brush, I must have applied the Humbrol gloss white with a tarmac laying machine! The Dettol got most of it off, but I've spent hours just chipping paint out of all the crevices caused by the tubular framework on the panels. The main bodywork. Now pretty much paint free. Dettol and a dental pick got most of it off. I finished up with a wire brush! Inside the 'beak' a copyright script and the year 1975 are moulded in. The lift engine pods. Slight damage caused in splitting these but nothing a dab of filler won't hide. The landing pads had broken off years ago. I've drilled the centres to insert rods. I might have a go at making the scissor links. Under fuselage engines. One was missing so I made a new one. A cutdown prop spinner and a couple of plastic rings. And here's the reason I need help. I originally painted these pods/tanks? in dayglow orange paint (of unknown type & origin) for some reason. Well it reacted with the Dettol and pretty much melted the plastic. No idea why. A horrible twisted mess. They look more like the Alien Queens' eggs! If anyone has a clue where I might be able to get replacements, or if you have a scrap Eagle, Please get in touch. I will have a go at scratchbuilding replacements but it would be good if help turns up anyway. The Passenger pod is in Dettol as I write. It will be decanted and cleaned in the morning. Yes, I know this kit is wrong in a lot of details and that better ones are available, but, nostalgia knows no bounds! Also....Speaking of nostalgia. Another one! This time, a car boot sale Dinky, bought many years ago. Why do just one when you can do two? It too has been hanging around the mancave, just lying there, green. Green? Why, I have no idea. But it was really annoying me, so it had to go. The Dettol did a fair job on the paint but some scrubbing and scraping had to be done. Again, as a model, it's far from perfect, but (sort of) looks the part. Thanks for looking in, As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Pete
  3. Hello all, Like many of us of a certain age, I grew up watching Space 1999 in the 70's. Looking back at it now, it's pretty cheesy, but the classic design of the utilitarian Eagle Transporter endures. I was smitten as a kid, and had the Dinky Eagle, in lurid green paint, and restored one a couple of years ago. I also got hold of the old Airfix 1/72 kit a few years ago, but when the 1/48 scale MPC Eagle kit was announced, I just had to have one. I was saving it for my retirement, so now's the time! Here's the box: ..and for those interested, here's the sprues: That's what the sprues look like when you spend three consecutive evenings cutting off and cleaning up 308 parts, many of which are round rods with a mould seam up both sides. I'm not sure how visible those seams will be on the finished article, but better safe than sorry. I separated the parts into plastic containers so I wouldn't get them mixed up: Comparing the beak to the 9" long Dinky toy I restored gave me my first impression of how big it'll be - referring to it as the 22" Eagle is all very well, but it's only when you get the bits in your hands that you start to wonder where on earth (or moon) you're going to put it afterwards: I hd a glueing frenzy last night, and many of the subassemblies are ready to have their seams dealt with...more when that happens... Cheers, Dean
  4. I have been working on a personal project of a 3D model of the eagle transporter for a number of years - on and off - off mostly. With my acquisition of a 3D printer, I dug the project out again after a suggestion that my chosen printer was not good enough to print the model at the studio scale size of 44 inches. I like a challenge but after a bit of measuring i thought it foolish to create such a monster, my house is small, so I upped the difficulty and decided to go for a 33 inch size (roughly 1/32) as it fits nicely in the sizes of commonly made ET replicas and kits, and would fit on my shelf. after lots of printing, I'm ready to be showing images. A way to go yet but I finally see the end in sight. this is where I had got to at the end of the summer, since then I have been working on fiddly stuff like the cockpit interior, pilot figures and lighting. I'll post more images as I get chunks made. enjoy!
  5. I finished up this project about a month ago for a contest. The model I used was not a production MPC kit, but rather one of the 12 first run test shots done last September (Jamie Hood made a brief mention in the special SF&FM Eagle issue that one went to a Jerseyfest contest winner, that was me). I documented the early part of the build for this on Youtube, but kind of lost interest when the production kits came out. Still, I knew I had to finish it so I got done what needed to be done before the Wonderfest convention. Technically there are still some things I want to do to it as I need to add some stripes to the spine and a little more weathering. But overall it is done. Since we don't have access to the Eagle color of choice here in the states, I went with a mixture of Testors Camouflage gray and 30% white to match the production plastic coloring (which was apparently matched to the original studio model paint). The pod however was done in Tamiya AS-20 U.S. Navy Insigia White and it is a DEAD ON match to the plastic color. The red stripes were done in Floquil caboose red. The main Eagle paint and decal work represents the #1 44" model as it appeared from about "The Last Sunset" to just before "Space Brain". The pod is painted up to represent the rescue pod in "Collision Course" and features red stripes that don't go all the way to the bottom or into the window frames. I believe this was the last time a 44" model was painted with a rescue pod as future appearances that weren't stock footage used the 22" model. For this project, I also made use of the rather expensive aluminium engine bells from Round 2 and the thruster bells. They look great, although next time I do one I'll go the Alclad route on plastic. I've also got 4.6 mm standoffs inside each gear pod to get the model to sit level at the proper height mainly because I didn't have access to the springs used on the production kit. Even with the springs, standoffs are a VERY good idea to keep the model sitting level because the engine bells do make the model a bit tail heavy otherwise. I also installed a battery powered lighting system in the nose to illuminate the cockpit interior and the astronauts. Everything (CR-123A battery, two LEDs, power switch) is self contained in the nose and the nose itself is held on with magnets so I can detach it when I wish to.
  6. Forbidden Planet has a pre-order price (for later in May 2016) of £109.99 plus (I think) £7.50 P&P. Does anyone know of a better offer in the UK? (Hannants are out of stock at £129.99)
  7. So my second entry will be yet another Gerry Anderson production iconic vehicle, this time from the mid 70s and Space 1999, the Hawk. This vehicle only appeared in one episode (War Games) but was released by Airfix/MPC as a kit so has found an enduring fame. This is not the injection moulded kit from Airfix but the resin version produced by Warp, which is REMARKABLY similar to the Airfix kit... ahem... So as you can see its resin and white metal. There are no decals in the kit so I'm going to have to do some research to check on that. I had the Airfix kit back in the 70s and I've see studio-scale versions of this and its immediately obvious that the Airfix Saturn V kit plays an important role in the shape of the original studio model I'm not going to be able to start this right now as I'm now building a 6-wheel Tyrell F1 car for the French Fancies GB, but I'll be back here as soon as that build has progressed significantly...
  8. My next project will be the Eagle Transporter of Space 1999 fame. I will always have fond memories of the first time I watched Space 1999 on our black and white TV, this was sometime in the 1970s, I was immediately hooked to this series by the opening sequence of the crashing Eagle and the title tune. From that day onwards I always wanted to have a model of the Eagle Transporter and yes I also had a crush on Maya. I never remember seeing this model in a toy shop, we didn’t have model shops in those days, and if I ever saw one, an Airfix series 6 model was certainly out of my pocket money reach. This model was always on my wish list. I must have been bidding on an Airfix Eagle for the past 7 years until I succeeded in having the winning bid only last month. I have read online that there is going to be a reissue of this model by a different company. A reboot of the TV series Space 1999 is also in the works this time in the not too distant future of 2099. Can't wait to watch this series. The Eagle Transporter The Eagle was supposed be put in production sometime in 1990, it was a joint project between Boeing, Rockwell, BAC, and The Vehicle Assembly Section of Moon base Alpha. It is supposed to be 150’ long, 60’wide, and 28’ height. The type 2 Eagle is armed with 2 Lasers and 4 space to space missiles. The Eagle transporter has nuclear propulsion engine, and a max range of 18 Billion miles. The Airfix Kit I have read a lot of reviews on this kit none of which were kind. The kit is moulded in white plastic and somehow looks rough. My first impression is that the cage looks horrible, I see a future of stretching sprue and burned fingers, before I start cutting plastic I have to study the plans better and start watching the whole series of Space 1999. As usual I will be grateful for suggestions, Ideas and any information one might have, for this I thank you in advance. Until the next time.
  9. Stumbled across this today: Cult TV Man has a special limited edition of the Space: 1999 Eagle with Lab pod and booster pack announced. Still the basic Eagle kit will be the same and not a retooled one: http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Space1999-Eagle-DELUXE-Edition-from-Round-2MPC--4995--PREORDER-RESERVATION_p_3004.html Rene
  10. Just a few pics of the 11" resin Hawk I recently built Nearly done.... Finished, with a stand copied from one supplied with a model submarine I actually sold this one, but I'm ( slowly ) building another And finally, a gratuitous pic of my resin Lab module and my 30 year old ( hence the discoloured paint ) Airfix Eagle
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