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Found 12 results

  1. G'day All, Here's my recently finished 1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter done up in Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) colours. It's mostly out of the box with scratch-built Singapore-specific antennas and inboard pylons added. Paints are Gunze lacquers (camo), SMS (metallics) and Gia varnishes. The Singapore-specific decals are a combination of laser-printed examples from SozoPlamo, in Singapore and an Aeromaster sheet. The airframe depicted was the last Hunter delivered to Singapore and was on display at a local museum here in Australia for a few years in these colours. More recently it was moved to another museum a couple of hours away and has been repainted in RAF colours with its original RAF serial (XF460). I hope to be able to donate this kit to the museum where the airframe now is, to represent its Singaporean service. Happy to pass on other info and pics if anyone is interested. Cheers, Motty.
  2. Hello all. Ever since 2011 or thereabouts (when an injection-moulded kit became available) I have wanted to build the Vickers Vildebeest, and at the weekend I was asked to build one for a friend's friend whose father flew them in Singapore. The one they wanted me to do was this one from 1936: It is from this Special Hobby boxing: I have seen the in-depth discussion on this fine Forum about the camouflaged Vildebeests from Singapore, but am unsure about the silver schemed set up. I have seen also the images on this site: https://www.rafseletar.info/Vickers Vildebeest/Vickers Vildebeest.html And one of the photographs shows a distinct variation in the finish (the photo of the single Vildebeest flying over the coastline/dockyard area). Would I be right in thinking that, like the silver-doped Fairey Swordfish, some of that would have been Cerrux grey? I have started to draw up (metaphorically) plans for adjusting the rear cockpit to cater for the different gun mount, and have taken inspiration from some builds on here for that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ray
  3. I'll be joining with a 'speed build' of the Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knight. It will be completely OOB. I was just finished with construction of Tamiya F16 when I saw this group build, and thought, well, I need something to do and a reason to finish something from my stash, so... two F16s in a row it will be. After quite a hiatus building models, as well as acquiring them, I seem to have got my mojo back having just finished a X-47B. What I have decided is that while I do enjoy building models, I particularly enjoy finishing them, and like to do the painting and decaling most of all. At the end of the day I put them in my cabinet, and all I need is for them to look good in there. I've therefore decided to only focus on what I see as 'value added' tasks which mean the plane looks good enough on the shelf. So for example, basic cockpit colours are done with a drybrush and black wash. No primer on these small areas. Wheel wells will be also basic colour with a light wash and nothing more. Final finish particularly on top will still follow a standard procedure so the main paint job looks good. I will do this approach for a few kits to thin out the stash, then perhaps pick one to do as a more detailed model. A big help to build this fast will be the lack of weapons and even pylons. A big hindrance is the fact I cannot airbrush at home any more, I don't have a spraybooth, and outside is Dubai summer, 40deg + during the day, and early mornings 99% humidity. Lucky the local hobby shop here has some fantastic spraybooths which can be rented for about 2USD per hour Including compressor and a few tools and alligator clips etc. I hope to finish the basic construction this first weekend and prime and maybe paint next weekend. However, I do have a lot of other models requiring a prime job, so it may just be a priming weekend. Let's see! I did live in Singapore before and certainly saw these aircraft during National Day celebrations. They have a very impressive colour scheme, and I actually acquired this kit in Singapore at a local hobby shop there. My only real concern is going to be getting the white of the paint to match the stars and moon decals, and I'm also worried about the red showing through on the white decals. Any hints or pointers regarding this would be most appreciated. Good luck everyone with your builds and I look forward to following what you all are doing.
  4. Hi All, Just about about to start the Italeri AS.532 Cougar in 1/72. Looking at doing the Singapore option, as something a bit different. The colour schemes in the instructions are not the clearest. Looking at images on the net, I believe I am sorted for the upper surfaces and sides. The confusion is the underside colour - Italeri appear to have this as a tan colour, but the only picture I can find that shows any of the underside colour, it appears to be a grey - green colour - https://www.airliners.net/photo/Singapore-Air-Force/Aerospatiale-AS-332M1-Super-Puma/1197162/L?qsp=eJxtjjEOwjAMRe/iuQNRCYhsdGGkAxewHAORQhs5Hqiq3p00RUxs3%2B/bT56BxkH5rbcpMTjIjEJPaCCh4CuDmwGDkOBdO8yBtrX9sW1%2B/MIDy98GnDF2m2MYVr3dWXsq9jyKdlMBHpXPRJyU/ZdfxbOsFWeqjzzKpSmBpa8Z2kPhPuQUsTpYMURYlg%2BR8ELa Anyone have an image of the underside of a Singaporean Cougar or know what the underside colour should be? Thanks James
  5. https://fotoweb.airforcemuseum.co.nz/fotoweb/archives/5003-Search-the-Collection/?q=buffalo
  6. Haven't posted anything in around 6 years! See below F15SG that turned into a commission build. Academy kit went together like usual, not perfect, but not too bad. Included are scratch built parts, Academy F15K parts, plus the latest(?) Hasegawa weapons set and their old smart bombs set. The decals are from the only Singapore eagles sheet that is available and it's fantastic. (But the brand name escapes me!) Didn't turn out perfect but definitely catches the shape of the birds I used to watch flying in and out of Payar Labar Airbase in Singapore. I'll probably build it again, this time from the revell F15E kit.
  7. F-16s of the Peace Carvin I training detachment attached to the 311th Tac Fighter Training Squadron, 58th Tac Training Wing at Luke AFB. Seen Nellis AFB for a range exercise, October 1989. 87-0397 87-0398 87-0399 87-0400 Emblem carried on the left side, opposite the 58TTW shield. The emblem incorporates the 311TFTS "snake". Thanks for looking, Sven
  8. RSAF F-16 training detachment (if it had a squadron designation at this time, I couldn't find it) of the 58th Tac Training Wing playing in Red Flag 90-1 at Nellis AFB, October 1989. These aircraft are from the first RSAF Foreign Military Sale program: Peace Carvin I. F-16A 87-0397 F-16A 87-0398 F-16A 87-0399 F-16A 87-0400 F-16B 87-0401 F-16B 87-0402 F-16B 87-0403 F-16B 87-0404 Emblem on the left side of the engine intake Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. IIRC there were two periods when RAF fighters featured black port wing undersides - first lasted from April 1938 until early June 1940 and the second one from the end of November 1940 till April 1941. During the 1st period the starboard wing underside had to be white, while tailplanes and fuselages (although ordered to be divided black/white along the aircraft centreline) were sometimes left in silver or natural metal. During the second (brief) period only port wing had to be black - tailplanes, fuselage and s/board wing remained in Sky Type S. Of course the "black wing" scheme has been applied not only to the single-engined single seaters. Photos of Defiants, Blenheims and Whirlwinds with black port wing are widely known. But there are some pictures showing army co-operation types (Audax, Tomahawk) featuring black port wing. Is it possible that any Hurricanes, Blenheims or Audax with black port wing were still in frontline units during the early stage (up to May 1942) of the war against Japan? Cheers Michael
  10. Singapore F-16D Peace Carvin II 1:48 Miliverse When The Republic Of Singapore Air Force took delivery of its F-16s in 1985 this was done under then then Peace Carvin I Foreign Military Sales programme. Peace Carvin II would then follow in 1990 with the acquisition of additional single seaters and some 2 seat D models. As a part of the programme a training presence was set up at Luke Air Force Base. In 2013 this presence was celebrated by marking two of the D models with commemorative tails. The decals come on one large sheet, with a supplemental sheet containing badges. The decals look excellent, well printed, colour dense and have minimal carrier film. Conclusion These decals will help the modeller make a good looking Singaporean F-16D with a colourful tail. Review sample courtesy of
  11. Singapore Tigersharks (F-20) 1:48 Miliverse In a programme spanning two decades and costing $1.2 billion, Northrop's F-20 was perhaps one of their most expensive failures, mostly due to policy changes and political pressure. They were looking for a replacement to the lightweight and low-cost F-5 Freedom Fighter that would keep costs low while giving much improved performance to keep pace with the Mig-21s that were being exported to Soviet aligned nations at the time. Eschewing the twin engine format of the original, it had a large GE F404 engine installed in a suitably reshaped rear fuselage, while the wings, forward fuselage and empennage stayed very similar to the original. Under the Carter regime it was decided that leading edge technology shouldn't be included to prevent it from falling into Soviet hands, but after the Reagan administration took over, policy soon changed to giving allies modified versions of the F-16 and even the F-15, which rapidly eroded its market. Add to that the total lack of interest in selling the aircraft by the Government, and the customer base dwindled away until in 1986 the project was finally cancelled whilst circling the drain. As an aircraft? It was well-liked, well-tested and although two of the prototypes crashed killing their pilots, it was found that both were due to the pilots losing consciousness from excessive G-forces, leaving the aircraft's reputation unblemished. With one prototype left intact and another only partially completed, the remainder was shipped off on cancellation to Los Angeles where it hangs in the California Science Centre. It seems to have been yet another Cold War Warrior that got the first three of the four dimensions right, but fell foul of the important fourth politics. These decals from Singapore based Miliverse give an actual scheme for Singapore applied to the real F-20, as well as an interesting insight into potential users of the F-20 in the ASEAN region if it had been produced. As well as markings for multiple Singaporean aircraft in different schemes; they have included markings for Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & The Philippines. There is one major sheet shown on the left, 3 smaller sheets shown on the right; and a small sheet of numbers which is not shown. The decals look excellent, well printed, colour dense and with minimal carrier film. Conclusion These decals will help the modeller make a good looking, believable F-20. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  12. Singapore Stratotankers (KC-135's) + Turkey & Chile 1:72 Miliverse As well as being the mainstay of the USAF Air-2-Air refuelling capacity the KC-135 also provides this capability to other countries air forces around the world. These include Republic of Singapore, Turkey, and Chile. These decals from Singapore based Miliverse give the modeller a chance to represent one of these countries KC-135s. The decals come on 3 major sheets. One contains only black lettering, the second national markings and tail flashes, and the third the main airframe markings including colours and metallics on the same sheet. The decals look excellent, well printed, colour dense and have minimal carrier film. Conclusion These decals will help the modeller make a good looking, and different KC-135. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
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