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  1. XZ585 Westland Seaking HAR.3 RAF Coltishall 202 Sqn 1986 This is my attempt at the old tool Airfix Seaking, and well its a meh. The first issue with this, is that is has a crack on the starboard side, which i couldn't be bothered to do much to it to fix it. I have heard alot of bad about this kit, and If im honest i didn't experience many problems (apart from some odd shapes for the seaking) The worst fitting place was around the inlets but even that wasn't difficult to get rid of. Yellow is a few layers of Tamiya Xf-8 and a couple layers of X-3. Decals hav
  2. Westland Seaking Mk.43 as used by the Royal Norwegian Air Force, pictures thanks to Mark (Tiger331)
  3. Good evening all, This is my latest completion, it started out as a Canada Day quick build back in July but like all builds it dragged on a bit! Although 4 months for a build is quite quick for me lol! So this is the Revell version with a few slight modifications. All the sticky out bits were removed as the fuselage was relatively clean. I did have to make two additions, one on the tail and one under the cockpit. These were made from plastic square section rod shaped appropriately. The seats were reshaped as the kit ones are incorrect and the sponson internals were boxed in. The only extr
  4. Good day one and all! Its been some time since I've frequented here, I used to spend many a lunch and break time in work trawling through these pages but about 2 years ago they blocked BM (I know the B*********). I then found it difficult to keep up with all that was going on, slowly losing out, I had done a couple of posts but nowt major. However recently a random google search highlighted a BM page and remarkably it was back. The mighty BM had returned! So having had a good a catch up, and nice to see a few builds still going on ( @hendie and @Martian Hale being the main culprits) it wa
  5. Hi, Appreciate that there has been a recent group build for the Sea King however I didn't take part as it's taken me 5 months to get to this stage. I'll admit, I've not got that far however my hope is that I will end up with a large model representing this actual aircraft, which coincidentally, was the last aircraft I flew in back on 21st August 1996. Not a particularly interesting flight .. more of an AFCS ( automatic flying control system) check test flight. She passed and was serviceable for future use. The last I heard .. she is sitting down in HMS Sultan, being used as a training air
  6. Sikorsky SH-3A/D Seaking (AR14405) 1:144 AFV Club via Pocketbond The Sea King is one of the most enduring aircraft of the post-war period, the Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King flew for the first time in 1959. Although no longer in production, the Sea King continues to serve with air arms around the world, including those of Canada, Germany India, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The SH-3H was a US variant developed specifically for anti-submarine warfare. Originally conceived of as a development of the SH-3D, the SH-3H morphed into a sophisticated ASW platform a
  7. Hello! I would like to partecipate with an amphibious helicopter Airfix 1/72nd Westland Sea King HC.4 with BigEd set I hope I can finish it in time..
  8. I havent seen this version finished so I thought I would put mine up. I do like the yellow RAF rescue helicopters as the last picture wll testify. This is a superb kit and the interior detail is very good shame a lot cant seen if the doors are shut. I have however opened the aircraft up I did the kit version but have just notice that i missed off the directional spot at the rear of the fusalage. Too late now. I had a spare air filter from a revell kit so I used that instead and when the airfix decals went on and the microset had done its job I was rather pleased with the result. Otherwis
  9. Hello everyone. I really wanted to make a WIP of this build but because 1) time constraints, 2) not having my own nor the borrowed laptop handy, and 3) a temporary problem with the image hosting website I use (postimage.org) I decided to go forego the WIP posts. Anyway, I posted the pictures of the assembly on my Facebook page -is it allowed to say FB here??? I wonder...-. It was an extremely satisfactory build And I must insist that lacquer paints are the best! The model was entirely hand painted and no masking was used on the windshields. I made a great effort in pain
  10. Had an email invoice from Airfix today for my 2 new Seaking HAR.3's and on checking the Airfix site its now showing as a New Arrival! No dispatch email just yet but hopefully Mr Postie will be bringing me a wee parcel in a day or 2 Eng
  11. Finally finished this model, which I started back in May this year.. Full build thread is here - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981204-navy-709-flexops-due-sea-king-has-6-xv711-circa-1996-819-nas/ Before the photos, just want to publicly thanks "Wafu" and " daryle-five-zero " for supplying / swopping various parts in order to build this. I also have to thank whirlybird decals for making the bespoke squadron & aircraft decals. Model is Hasegawa mk 5 with added PE and a totally scratch build rear interior. Enjoy .... Many thanks and happy mod
  12. Few pics of my current build, Airfix new tool Seaking HC.4. I'm afraid work and real life mean I'm not the fastest builder and my 'bench time' is (as I'm sure many others will agree) not as much as I'd like, so I'd struggle to maintain an interesting 'In Progress' thread but since this is a new tool, I thought you might like a peek at my progress. As for out of the box, I caved and added some seat belts from tape, comm's cables for the crew and a few wee bits of detail on the forward R/H 'broom cupboard' as I intend to have the crew door and main door open. I also added some prominent pi
  13. Well I can honestly say this has been one of the most enjoyable builds I've done in many years and I have stuck with this almost constantly without the usual distraction of another new kit arriving or loosing interest. Not quite the Out-of-Box build I'd intended, however the only extra I bought was an Eduard mask set for the windows, the rest of the changes were all scratchbuilt. Work-in-Progress thread here - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997923-airfix-seaking-hc4-almost-oob-build-fiddly-bits/ Airfix, well done on a great piece of work, a type sorely needing cover
  14. Good day to one and all, and welcome to, I believe, my first RFI for 2016! I know I have been slacking so I do apologise. I built this in the Helo GB but display it here for those that don't frequent that far down. This is the Seaking MK4 from the newly tooled Airfix offering. I opted to backdate it to around 1990 when I was on 846 as a wee apprentice causing havoc. This depicts a Sea King that we were going to take into Egypt post Ex Dragon Hammer 90 but she had a main lift frame crack so was sent back to the UK for repair. It was the first to be fitted with a sand filter and we arrived back
  15. Greetings everyone, I intend to kick off this group build attempt with the new cracker from Airfix, the lovelly looking Seaking 4.I have a good friend to thank for the kit. He was returning back from the UK and brought one back for me, so cheers Steve! First up is a look at the kit for those that haven't seen it yet (where have you been!) all washed and ready to go (I take it washing a kit before a GB starts is allowed??) and the decal sheet So what to build her as, I have a soft spot for the Mk4 because it was the first aircraft the Navy trusted me to look after. It was VN of 846 NAS b
  16. Has anybody any other pictures of this seaking? or know anything about it? a great whatif don't you think. Rodders
  17. Finished I do like the kit it builds up quite well view from 5ft Rodders No I dont like the sand filter decals either
  18. Attention all Fleet Air Arm modellers, the new Airfix 1/72 Sea King HC.4 has just arrived in stock and is available to order now. The kit has decal options for 2 aircraft, 1. ZA314/WT of 848 NAS in 2011 in the basic Olive Drab colour scheme 2. ZF115/WV/R of 848 NAS in 2009 with the white stripe winter camouflage
  19. I thought the Junglies had been retired? there's a couple been buzzing around Kent today at low level towards Manston( also being converted to a lorry park at present) Unless of course a "Lorry Park" is cover for a 4000 people refugee camp? Steve
  20. Greetings all This is my latest completion, built over in the Seaking STGB but also thought I’d share the completed article here. It is the Revell 1:72 Seaking Mk6 kit modified to Mk 48 standard and built to represent RS05 of the Belgian Air Force. She is depicted in her anniversary markings which are quite colourful and make a difference to the usual grey Seakings. I chose this version because way back when (about 10 years ago) when I work for the Armed Forces Premier aircraft repair unit – MASU (other units are available but not quite as good! ) – I spent 3 months in Koksijde repairing the
  21. First the obligatory picture of the boxes I think we all know what the insides look like! I haven't yet decided what aircraft to build other than a MK 4 in delivery condition with the white lettering. I was thinking of doing either a Pakistan aircraft with the Exocets (Old bobcat kit of the super puma has them I can rob) or an Indian navy one both decals on the way to me if eBay is to be believed. If not as you can see I have 2 set of C Scale conversion for the Mk 4 and decals for 8 different aircraft so may do a winter one or SFOR aircraft Anyway here we go....... Cockpits can be done with
  22. Next Cyber-Hobby Seaking variant is the SH-3H "Sub Hunter" - ref.CH5114 Sources: http://www.platz-hobby.com/products/4367.html http://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=489196 V.P.
  23. Folks, A little elf told me that Santa is bringing me the 1:48 Hasegawa Mk5 limited edition Sea King for Christmas. This kit comes with the barn door FOD shield and larger radome but not sure about the starboard extended sponson. I intend to make it a long term build and build it is a HAS6, airframe number XV711, callsign 09, as shown below. I will be sourcing the various after market PE etc as well as some scratch building.. but I am wondering what's the best way to go, in order to obtain the decals ?? It must be the aircraft shown below, as it was the last Sea King I crewed back in 96 an
  24. Final version of the 1:72 scale Sea King for me, unless I decide to turn my Airfix Seaking Asac 7 into a hanger queen and replace it with another Revell kit. In my opinion the Revell kit is the best 1:72 scale kit out there at the moment. I purchased this one at Wonderland ( on offer at £11.99) and via ebay I bought the Eduard canopy mask and the cracking little SAR crew produced by PJ productions but bought from Models R Go. The Revell kit contains the extra spru for the Mk 5/6 conversion. I will need to source some decals for the kit though. My aim is to have it looking something like t
  25. Can anybody tell me why the Cyber hobby kit is more than twice the price of the revell seaking. Does it come with EB or things like that. I have looked but cannot find anything on the forums if this has been covered before please point me in the right direction (did use google but to no avail maybe not using right search words) Rodders
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