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  1. Bit of a low mojo year for me. My Hobby Room is now my office, so spending leisure time in there is not high on my agenda (first world problems hey?). Only four completed this year. A Hurricane and a Skua waiting to be sprayed but hopefully they will be in 2021 year book. Here is what was finished though. Hope you enjoy them. Hawker Hurricane I (Trop.) W9327 OL*W 806 NAS Royal Navy Fighter Squadron, 269 Wing RAF. Sidi Haneish, Egypt. 20.11.41 3 x Ju87 Destroyed. Hawker Hurricane I (Trop.) W9327 OL*W 20.11.41 Shot down by a 'friendly' tomahaw
  2. Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) is to release 1/72nd Supermarine Seafire Mk.Ib kits. These kits are claimed based on the KP Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I/.V kit with a new sprue. Reissue from the Admiral kit? link To be followed. Release expected late March 2021. Source: http://www.modelarovo.cz/supermarine-seafire-mk-ib-1-72-kp-kovozavody-prostejov/ - ref. KPM0238 - Supermarine Seafire Mk.Ib https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KPM72238 https://www.aviationmegastore.com/supermarine-seafire-mkib-kpm72238-kovozvody-prostejov-kpm72238-aircraft-scale-modelling/produ
  3. Built this one as a conversion from the Airfix Spitfire Vb using an assortment of parts from various sources and the kind help of a few BM members. The WiP thread can be found here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234927994-seafire-iii-from-airfix-72nd-spitfire-vb/
  4. Dear All, I'm thinking of buying the CMR 72nd scale kit of the Seafire 1b but have no previous experience of this makers products so wondered if anyone has already been down this route and could comment on how good the kit is as it is not cheap at £24+. I've also never built a resin kit before so are there any things to bear in mind, such as the correct adhesives to use, when building and painting the model I wonder? Any/all advice very welcome before I take the plunge as I'm also interested in the CMR Spitfire XII, when it eventually arrives at the Big H, b
  5. Dear All, Have just come across a Seafire 1b 72nd scale kit for sale and it's made by a company I've never had any experience of called Admiral so just wondered if anyone can shed any light on it or the general quality of their offerings. I'm interested in it but not if it's of poor quality. Regards Colin.
  6. HI again All, One of my builds from lockdown which I was pleased with and enjoyed doing immensely. Airfix's SeafireXVII in 1/48. Goes together well with no major issues. Painted with Tamiya 'acrylics' via my then new single-action Mr. Hobby Procyon Boy(which I love). Enjoy......CC/questions welcome.
  7. Does anyone know how common the Aero Vee intake was on merlin Seafires, in particular the type Mk II? It is more commonly seen on the Spitfire VII/VIII/IX etc.. and I've also seen photos of the Mk III with such an intake but I've never seen it on a Mk II so wondered when it may have been introduced and if existing examples could have been retro-fitted? I'm thinking of adding this later intake to my Mk II (robbed from the Heller XVI kit) but only if such a configuration did actually exist. Regards Colin.
  8. Dear All, Does anyone know where I can find plans/diagrams showing the location of the forward catapult spools on the Mk II versions III. I've perused many photos without success and just know that apparently they were supposed to be located somewhere on the underside behind the nose but no idea exactly where or what they actually looked like. Many thanks. Colin.
  9. Dear All, Further to my previous post on Merlin Seafires and my intention to build all 3 versions,1B, IIC and III I've just managed to buy the Sword Mk III / SW72084 late boxing which, with all Sword Seafire and Spitfire kits, are like hens teeth these days. I've read the excellent review of this kit on Hyperscale by Mark Davies (below) which confirms my initial thoughts that the kit is excellent with the only obvious error being the lack of panel lines on the wings showing the wing fold. http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/reviews/kits/sword72083reviewmd_1.htm
  10. Dear All, Apologies if this has been raised before in a previous post. I'm looking to build a merlin powered Seafire, the 1b, IIc or III version from a Spit V donor kit but unsure what type of arrestor hook was used and if it varied at all between these 3 versions? I'm a late comer to the Seafire but I believe the 1b and IIc were converted from existing Spit Vb/c airframes and the III was a new build airframe incorporating the previous mods that had been made (plus some new ones as well) but all three were essentially a Spit V in very general terms.
  11. Hi all, My last build in the Nordic GB took about 3 months, so with the looming deadline of this Group Build I will have to speed up my build to 3 weeks instead! I have chosen the Special Hobby Seafire II in 1/48 scale. This is a nice typical multimedia limited run kit from the Czech manufacturer. Won’t be a shake and bake but should turn out very nicely. I got the kit of Fleabay for a bargain sum due to how there were no instructions and broken transparencies. A quick email to Special hobby solved the latter Issue as they quickly posted out a replacement clear sprue! K
  12. Hi, gentlemen, The recent discussion on the nature of RAF/FAA Interior Gray-Green and the fact that most "internal" airframe areas which had exposure to the outside were (mostly) painted Aluminum made me wonder about the "A-Frame" arrestor hooks (and fuselage bays) on Seafires. I have always assumend they were IGG. Any confirmation or otherwise of that? Pictures are particularly unhelpful regarding this, and the most popular Walkarounds cover F.17 onwards, with their "stinger-tails". Thank you, Fernando, down there at Buenos Aires.
  13. I was looking for Wildcat Mk VI photos that flew from my favorite RN small carrier, the ex-USN Bogue class escort carrier USS Altamaha, renamed HMS Battler, and I found these photos I thought some of you might be interested in. Mike Captioned as an 834 Squadron Seafire- looks like a Seafire Mk 1b https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Royal_Navy_during_the_Second_World_War_A21600.jpg Her history and aircraft http://www.royalnavyresearcharchive.org.uk/ESCORT/BATTLER.htm#.XkSbn2dYZdg Seafire deck ops https://www.iwm.org.uk/collection
  14. I plan to build my Airfix 1/48 Seafire FR.47 carrying 4.5" reconnaissance flares. According to Spitfire - The History, it could carry 4 of them. The only issue I have is how & where to mount them. Are there any photos showing them loaded? The Seafire FR.47 could carry 4 Light Series Bombs under each wing, which were obviously heavier than the 23 lb. 4.5" reconnaissance flares. I can scratch build the flares no problem, but I need info on the mounts/racks. I couldn't find any pictures or drawings of any bomb racks or such, on which to mount them. Can any knowledgeable person help me? Larr
  15. A while ago I floated the idea of doing a Supermarine Seafire for this GB and with my entry in the 60s NATO Vs Warpac GB almost finished I got bored waiting for paint to dry and rather than touch any of the many stalled projects littering the peripheries of the workbench decided, aided in no small part by a pile of Seafire references lying close to hand and being glanced through as bedtime reading, to start something new NN460 H6-Z features as a profile in a couple of my books and they seem to agree for the most part with a couple of minor differences in the details. L
  16. Here it is...I'm happy with it although I have built better kits. The kit itself is oddly designed. The hard points are set up for the modeller to measure and figure out where to place them, etc...the canopy is wonky and fits poorly...however, it is the best in 1/72nd scale so far, or so I believe. Decals were ok, if a little fragile. No need for any solvents or soaps. I kept the weathering to a minimum and just did a little exhaust staining. Next up...something from this big box... --John
  17. Of the four 1/48 Spits that I have on the bench at the moment, I would like to ask our favourite hive mind for some advice/confirmation on the colour scheme/equipment fit for Spitfire Mk.VB BL676 which was to become the first hooked Spitfire used for Carrier Landing trials before being converted to full Seafire specifications. I will be using the Dutch Decals Presentation Spitfires stickers and the On Target Model Alliance Seafires profile book for guidance. The On Target profile seems to be reasonably accurate as far as camouflage demarcations are concerned compared to the numero
  18. As promised, my next 'Spitfire A-Go-Go' instalment will be Special Hobby's Seafire in 1/72nd scale, as flown in July of 1950 during the Korean War. I have read many threads in praise and some not so praiseworthy. I will make up my own mind once I am done. In any case it looks like a dangerous wee beastie to be coming across in the sky. This is the one I'll be building. And the sprue shot. I have already primed them. I'll start in this evening or this afternoon but then I head to Athens tomorrow for some r-n-r.
  19. Hello! This is my new model. First in this year. I hope not lust. Building was hard. The set was not of the best quality. I used some additional details- resin wheels and exhaust. Painting- Tamiya and Mr. Color. Weatering- sold dots, oil dots, pigments and washes.
  20. Does anyone know of any post-WWII FAA prop types, such as the Firefly, Sea Fury or Seafire. Tried L'Arsenal and WEM and neither does anything suitable, even for conversion. Wanting to build both my Heller Illustrious and Colossus, but can't find anything to stick on the flight decks! Maybe I should just have a bunch of crew watching a boxing match..... http://northstarmodels.com/2014/02/new-items-for-ships-in-1350-scale-askold-line/ Honestly, you can buy a boxing match, but you can't buy proper aircraft......
  21. Seafire F.46 - RNAS Lossiemouth Station Flight, 1948 Scratch conversion of Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk.22 - Model Alliance Markings I'm still immobile and broken at this end, so modelling on a coffee table next to my sofa whilst my bones heal! However, that's no excuse, so this month I have tried something a little more adventurous. The Seafire 46 is essentially a navalised Spit 22, so a relatively easy conversion in this scale and this is exactly what Airfix did with their 1/48 kit (same markings too!). The contra-rotating prop was scratched up from the kit
  22. Never given up on a kit yet! I can't claim this as anything more than a bit of fun - but isn't that what modelling is for? I didn't buy this kit deliberately; it came as part of a job lot of Airfix kits in blister packs. I knew it was bad, but it is actually a lot worse than I thought. Rather than despatch it to the landfill, I thought I would have some hot summer fun trying to get something approximately useful out of it. Seafire Mk III of 880 Sqn, HMS IMPLACABLE, British Pacific Fleet It is intended to be the aircraft of Lt Cdr M Crossley
  23. Getting back on the horse after the disappointing early end to the Super Etendard build. Having just finished an Airfix Spitfire Vb in the RAF centenary GB and been left wondering why it had been 30+ years between Spitfire models, here's another - the Airfix Seafire XVII. This will be part of a slightly ambitious Griffon Spitfire/Seafire triple build along with the Airfix PR.XIX and the Eduard/Airfix F.22/24 - ambitious because I'm going to try to get all three done before overseas travel curtails my modelling at the start of June - but given how quickly the Vb went together I think it can be
  24. Decided to join this GB with (hopefully) a simple build to start with, Sword's 1/72nd Seafire Mk.XV. Just one sprue of grey plastic parts with one small clear and PUR exhausts and cannons. Going to do the NAS 806 Aussie Tour version, everything out the box as they say.
  25. Hi all, I finally got around to finishing this kit, I've had it built but unpainted in it's box for months now and I recently saved it from the shelf of doom. The kit was built and painted in my usual way using model air colours. Any criticism or comments highly welcome!
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