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  1. Here's Italeri's 1/72 Sea Harrier FRS1, which I built a little while ago - I didn't post it at the time but have recently printed a new diorama backdrop image, and wanted something different to park in front of it. It's been sitting in the loft for quite some time and is a bit dusty... didn't see that at the time but those close-up photos are brutal! I think it was mostly built OOB although that pitot probe is aftermarket (Mastercasters IIRC), as are the Sidewinders and RBF tags. I think the decals were aftermarket but can't remember which ones, sorry. Scratch built FOD covers, pinched from my recent T.4 build. Paint was Xtracylics and I seem to have been far too subtle with the weathering - not sure why, as most Harriers were somewhat dirtier than this example. Not the tidiest build ever but I'm still impressed at the sharpness, and lack of paint bleed, on the fuselage masking line between the DSG and the white!!! As usual with these diorama shoots of such small models, the above three shots are focus stacked from about 10 shots each (this creates the illusion that your eye is looking at something which is larger than it really is) and, coupled with a large photo print in the background, gives an effect which I love, especially as it's just a 6" long model after all. Thanks for looking.
  2. Final completion for 2023, just beat the clock. Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS1, 899 NAS Royal Navy 1988. Completed with the addition of a resin Mk10 seat from Pavla, resin wheels from Reskit, exhaust nozzles from Eduard and pitot from Master. Kit decals and SMS lacquer for the Extra Dk Sea Grey. Scratchbuilt FOD covers to finish her off. I took some liberties with the the markings. XZ455 was credited with two Dagger kills in the Falklands, the first by Flt Lt Penfold. It is unlikely that the aircraft would be carrying these markings in 1988 but I wanted them on so they're on. Here's some pics of the finished product. My #7 for the year. Cheers and Happy New Year.
  3. Of course this topic has already been explored, but I find it still a little bit confusing. I will limit the scope to 800 NAS (HMS Hermes) and 801 NAS (HMS Invincible) Sea Harriers going down from UK to the South Atlantic. Browsing the forum, I have understood that on the way the lower surfaces were repainted over with Extra Dark Sea Grey. Handpainted aboard HMS Hermes, airbrushed aboard HMS Invincible. In short, is there a noticeable difference between the two treatments ? Photographic evidence ? Were the Sea Harriers aboard HMS Invincible of a lighter tone ? Kind Regards
  4. Hi all, When Sub Lieutenant Ian Watson took off from HMS Illustrious on 6th June 1983 in a Sea Harrier, he probably never imagined landing later that day on a Spanish freighter - with his radio and navigation faulty and fuel almost out, he had no chance of making it back to the carrier. The ship he landed on the MV Alraigo docked four days later in Tenerife, with its new cargo safely aboard. You can read more about what would be called The Alraigo Incident This was my attempt to recreate that in 1/72 for the 'In the Navy' GB here on the forum. The diorama build thread is here but to recap.. Kit: 1/72 Esci Sea Harrier FRS1 Build: Dropped the flaps, opened the upper blow in doors, otherwise OOB Paint: Revell acrylics with airbrush, Flory Models Wash, Klear, Satin Varnish Decals: Whirybird for Sea Harriers Extras: Base from a picture frame. Containers & Van built from plastic card. Wood pallet from coffee sticks. Figures: From Esci 'Nato Pilots' set Am happy how it turned out, especially the shipping containers. The van is probably the weakest part of it all and could be more refined. But was my first time trying to scratchbuild anything that wasn't a box! Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (3) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (4) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (5) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (6) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (7) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (9) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (10) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_Sea Harrier_Alraigo_diorama (12) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and stay safe. All the best. Dermot
  5. Hello all, Here are some pics of my Airfix Sea Harrrier. It was a really difficult build - some of you will know the 'curse of the rivets' and the oddly fitting parts. And there is more detail in many modern 1/72 kits than you'll find with this offering. I also made life harder still for myself by building in working flight controls and lights and so on. Then, finally, I failed, once again, to produce a decent gloss finish with an airbrush and had some real difficulties with the decals. And the Extra Dark Sea Grey is almost certainly too extra flipping dark. I could go on. And I'm sure some of you will pick up mistakes I haven't spotted yet. But, all that being said, it does make for an impressive looking thing in its own way. I would also like to thank David Hughes of the wonderful Tangmere Aviation Museum https://www.tangmere-museum.org.uk/ for giving me the chance to take a close look at their FA2 as it provided many clues as to how various things move at full scale, like the outrigger wheels etc. Do visit them if you can: it's run by a very dedicated band of volunteers. My build log is here: So first up some general pics... 'Ah, but the intake vents are closed', I hear you say. That's true, of course, but she will be displayed in flight, eventually, when I get round to making a stand of some kind. Incidentally, those black lines round the gun pods are supposed to be there. They have a kind of rubber flange to make an airtight join. These usually ended up painted over post Falklands schemes. The Aim 9s sometimes had grey fins, as you can see on pictures of the Harriers on the flight deck as they headed South. Mine are perhaps too grey though. Tomorrow, some dusk and night images.
  6. Icelandic Fine Art is soon to release a 1/32nd BAe Sea Harrier resin kits. Source: https://www.facebook.com/flyingSmodels/posts/pfbid0HFLFhQSGb8iBTPathXgYiGxZVTmVhpRLV94yNMGxZUvzAgYS3Nm5TBxgPfpLPVQRl V.P.
  7. Hello, Sorry to say but I've gone lost concerning greys, or to be more exact Dark Sea Grey vs Extra Dark Sea Grey. And now I don't knew what to believe concerning what aircraft I can paint with wich grays. What I understand Extra Dark Sea Grey goes for NAA aircrafts and Dark Sea Grey for RAF aircrafts... ? And what about "Ocean Grey" ? Is it just for RAF wartime aircraft such as Spitfire and Tempest? Westland Wyvern S.4 Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky... Hawker Sea Fury Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky... Sea Harrier FRS 1 No. 801 NAS Extra Dark Sea Grey / White No. 899 NAS Extra Dark Sea Grey overall (HMS Hermes 1982). Sea Harrier FA/2 No. 800 NAS Overall Medium Sea Grey (HMS Ark Royal 2004) but with the nose in Dark Sea Grey or Extra Dark Sea Grey? Harrier T-10 No. 20 RS Dark Sea Grey / Medium Sea Grey (Wittering 1999). Harrier GR.3 Dark Sea Grey / Dark Green Supermarine Swift FR.5 Dark Sea grey / Dark Green / PRU Blue (?) And what about the upcoming FG-1 Phantom from Airfix? Sheers / André
  8. This project still has a little way to go, but March 2021 marks 40 years since I joined HMS HERMES as a wide eyed Midshipman. Sadly, 2021 also sees the end of her, as the INS VIRAAT is dismantled at Gujarat Ship Breakers. I've alread posted pictures of my HERMES Wessex V, now its the SHAR's turn with this pair representing the arrival of her first Sea Harriers in 1981, and the departure of her last Sea Harriers in 2016. This first aircraft is FRS.1 XZ450 of 800 Sqn and is the ESCI kit with Sky (and other) decals and ladder from a Hasegawa kit, plus a Pavla seat. It was one of the first operational aircraft to land on the ship, an event that I remember well. Sadly this is also the aircraft in which Lt Nick Taylor RN was shot down by anti aircraft fire and killed on 4th May 1982, whilst attacking Goose Green airstrip. The second aircraft is FRS.51 LUSH IN617 of 300 Indian Naval Air Sqn "White Tigers", based onboard INS VIRAAT (or Giant) in 2016 for her decommissioning ceremony. This was a LUSH upgraded aircraft with Elbit radar and capable of carrying Rafael Derby missiles as well as MBDA Magic. It is the Fujimi kit, with a mix of Italeri kit and home made decals and scratch built Derby missiles. To complete the project, I have an 814 Sea King HAS.1 currently on the stocks, ready to join my other HERMES SHAR, plus the Wessex, Buccaneer and Scimitar that I have already built. Depending on progress, a few more Wessexes and a Sea Vixen may yet join them, but, so many models to build, so little time!
  9. It may be strange, but in my "Falklands War model collection" Sea Harrier is still missing! That's why I decided to make two at once. To make it more interesting, they will be models from two different manufacturers - Airfix and Italeri. They are most popular kits of SHAR in 1/72 scale on the market (so far) and are well known, but I`ll try to compare them on this occasion. Airfix kit is from 2011, meanwhile, the Italeri is a rebox of the old ESCI kit, which comes from 1983! It would be logical if Airfix was better, but as you know - it is not. So let`s see both kits. As you can see - my Italeri`s SHAR is from anniversary combo box (with Wessex HU.5), but it`s the same as in standard box, except for decals. AIRFIX SPRUES: ITALERI SPRUES: Airfix has more parts and seems to be better detailed. Let`s take a closer look... AIRFIX PANEL LINES: ITALERI PANEL LINES: COMPARISION (ITALERI OVER AIRFIX): As you can see the old Italeri/ESCI kit is MUCH MUCH better in this regard. I will have to work on Airfix` lines... AIRFIX ENGINE EXHAUSTS: ITALERI ENGINE EXHAUSTS: Both are craps - Airfix exhausts will be very difficult to process (sanding required in the middle) and Italeri are too shallow. I will replace them in both kits with Pavla`s resins. AIRFIX SIDEWINDERS: ITALERI SIDEWINDERS: 1 point for Airfix here, but I think I will look for substitutes for both kits. CLEAR PARTS COMPARISION (ITALERI ON LEFT): Italeri is much better in shape and details. AIRFIX DECALS: ITALERI DECALS: Another point for Airfix. I have spare SHAR decals from DP Casper, Xtradecal and Condor Decals, so main decals are not a problem for me, but I have to use stencils from kits. To make "the match" even I will use almost the same additions for both kits: - Eduard`s PE sets (73384 for Airfix and 73457 for Italeri), - Pavla`s resin air intakes and exhausts (72-118 for Airfix and 72-082 for Italeri), - Pavla`s resin MB Mk.10H ejection seats (72-060 for both kits), - Pavla`s resin gun pods (72-117 for both kits), - Master`s Pitot tubes and angle of attack probes (AM-72-052 for both kits). ADDITIONS FOR AIRFIX KIT: ADDITIONS FOR ITALERI KIT: I know that there are some shape issues in Airfix kit and I will try to do something with that. I hope it will be fun. 🤪
  10. Next one in my Royal Navy collection, the fabulous Sea Harrier! I'm already tempted to do a 1/48th one after this. It's a nice kit despite its age, and fits together really well, no filler needed at all. After being delivered to the FAA in 1979, XZ457 subsequently fought in the Falklands War, by then painted in all over dark grey. After conversion to an FA2, it crashed in 1995 after a forced landing following an engine explosion at Yeovilton, but thankfully the pilot ejected safely. The aircraft was subsequently rebuilt at Boscombe Down for static display.
  11. Hello guys, Been working lately on my last model of the year, the Kinetic 1/48 FRS1 Sea Harrier. Been adding the Noemega cockpit resin kit, intended for the old Airfix kit. Iyt requires a bit of surgery to fit but nothing so complicate. You need to retain the kit cockpit back panel, and thin a bit the cockpit sides, and you're done. She'll be in overall dark sea grey, a Falkland war machine. Hope you'll like her .... Best Stef (#6) Clik piccies to enlarge
  12. Mmm... During building an 1/72 Airfix Sea Harrier FA2 (A04052) i noticed I couldn't find the scopes/inlets that are claerly seen on the box picture. Those two scopes placed on both sides above the fuselage just aft of the canopy... Did Airfix miss those parts or am I not looking sharp enough om the build instructions? In the older GR7 kit (04039) and the T.10 kit those parts are numbered 114 and 115... Cheers / André
  13. Hello All, I want to scratch build a Twin AIM-9 Sidewinder installation for a Sea Harrier FRS.1, but I can't find out how the racks are attached to the Pylon. Has anyone got drawings or photos they would be willing to share? TW
  14. Combat Kits 1/72nd - ref. CKS-001S - BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 "Falklands Fighter" Source: https://www.facebook.com/freightdogmodels/photos/a.238637406163951.82458.119466081414418/2107010259326647/?type=3&theater Available here: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/featured/combat-kits-bae-sea-harrier-frs-1-upgraded-kit-limited-edition.html V.P.
  15. Decision time gang. After much dithering I've dug into the stash and unearthed one of the many Sea Harrier kits which have resided untouched for far too long. The Italeri kit and a Pavla resin cockpit along with an as yet undecided aftermarket decal option from that pile. There's also a growing stack of reference books appearing to support or complicate matters but I'll sort out some photos soon as I can remember how to work Flickr
  16. Just about finished, this is my Sword 1/72 Harrier T4N built to represent XW268 as it sits today at the Norwich Aviation Museum, Norfolk. The kit has been chopped about as appropriate and there is the addition of an Airfix IFR probe which was kindly donated to me. Ignore the base, as this is just something rough for it to sit on until I can do a better one! The model has been painted by hand using Humbrol enamels and Model Color acrylics. The tarp over the cockpit area is a piece of 5p supermarket carrier bag over a plastic strip frame. I had all manner of problems with the Sword kit not least the undercarriage. Overall, very few parts actually fit; though to be fair, in the end, I didn't use much filler. That being said, there were a few times when it nearly got thrown against the wall. The decals are from the kit, spares box and home-made.
  17. — from Sea Harrier Over the Falklands by Commander ‘Sharkey’ Ward, 1992 Inspired by a talk given to my hang gliding club by David Morgan, who (as of this writing) is still the last British pilot to shoot down an enemy aircraft in air-to-air combat, I built my kit as one that he flew in the Falklands War of 1982. More photos and description on this page of my web site: La muerte negra
  18. This is my first kit for 2018, Kinetics Sea Harrier FRS 1. It's also the first Kinetic kit I built and it has its ups and downs. Some small stuff left to do. Thanks for looking. Nicklas/IPMS Sweden
  19. Another one for my cold war RAF/RN Collection. I remember the Falklands war as a kid in school, and was always fascinated by the "Jump Jets" on the TV. So I was pretty happy when Kinetic released a Sea Harrier, noting that the only other options in 48 were the horrible Airfix and Tamiya kits. I'm also looking forward to Kinetics Harrier Gr.3. I've chosen to do XZ457 - "14" of No 800 Naval Air Squadron onboard HMS Hermes in the South Atlantic in 1982. XZ457 was the highest scoring Sea Harrier with 2 IAI Daggers and 1 A-4Q Skyhawk. accredited to her. As I've chosen to depict her on in the Hermes during the conflict the kill markings have been left off. The Kit 1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1 You do need to take a bit of time with this kit as many of the pieces needed a little clean up / dry fitting etc. But if you do that it will build up into a nice model. I've gone for a lighter shade Extra Dark Sea Grey to try and get a more scale looking colour, this meant I ended up with a bit to much paint on the model, which filled some of the nice recessed detail. The kit has some nice weapons, so much so I didn't bother with arfermarket weapons. Aftermarket Used Eduard Big Ed Set which has an interior PE set, exterior PE set and a Mask set. Dr Pepper AIM-9 Seaker head covers. Eduard PE RBF tags Fantasy Printshop Paper RBF tags Aerobouns Sea Harrier pilot J's Modelworks Carrier base (I know it's not accurate for a RN carrier but it'll do) I didn't use the Pavla seat as it didn't fit the kit being to large. Decals Kit decals. Probably the best kit decals I've used. Printed by carotgragh and it seams you can do pretty much every Falklands Sea Harrier. These are better than any aftermarket options I've seen. Paints Mr Color Lacquers - adjusted to TLAR for the Extra Dark Sea Grey. I tried to lighten the lower fuselage as this was over-painted white by brush on the way down to the Falklands and darken the areas on the tail where the squadron markings and "Royal Navy" were over painted. I didn't totally pull this off. Various Tamiya Colours Vallejo Acrylics for details . Clear Coats Testors Glosscoate, which was over coated with Gaianotes gloss lacquer as the testors stayed tacky, Testors Dullcoate and Tamiya Flat. Weathered with Oil paints for a wash an filters Pastels, pigments and coloured pencils More photos at my blog
  20. Many of you may have seen coverage of the transfer of Concorde 216 G-BOAF, across Filton's now disused runway, from its resting place since 2003 to the new Aerospace Bristol collection. Last Wednesday a smaller member of the collection arrived to take up permanent residence. After missing out on capturing the Concorde moving in, one of my colleagues was given a heads up that on the 8th a Sea Harrier was going to be moved by Chinook from temporary storage in the Brabazon Hangar to the new Museum. Taking advantage of this bit of intel we waited at the end of the runway to capture the last flight of Sea Harrier FA2 ZD610. Just after 09:30 the remaining spots of morning rain started to clear and Chinook ZD575 arrived, made a quick circuit, landed behind the Brabazon Hangar then collected the Harrier and transported it down the runway to a spot near the new Concorde building. Here's a few samples of the pictures I took during the transfer: Arrival in the drizzly morning: Lift-off: Travelling down the runway: In its natural element for the final time: We're going thataway: Touchdown for the very last time: Heading back to the Brabazon Hangar: Off to the next task after a good job done: Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed the photos. Jonathan
  21. Morning all. You know sometimes, you just run out of steam on a project - for various reasons. This is one I was really enjoying, and then for some reason - principally because the windscreen caused me grief and got a big glue mark in it, the spark sort of died a bit. I'm not unhappy with it, but Im not overjoyed. Anyhow - inspired and aided by Pappy's & Callum's models - here's my "lurker" - finished with Tamiya & Gunze acrylics, decals from the kit, and few improvements to the gun pods. I've forgotten to add the kill marks, and the camera fairing on the starboard nose should be in MSG. Oops! All comments welcome as ever. Jonners
  22. Evening all, As a virtually exclusive 1/72 modeller, it takes a pretty special kt or subject to sway me to the darkside of 1/48, but when it's a new tool Harrier, and a naval one at that, it's a bit of a no brainer really. Having picked this up at Yeovilton, I couldn't resist cracking on with immediately, and have spent the last couple of days trimming, sanding and dry fitting. What I;ve found so far is that Eduard and Tamiya can lure into a false sense of security as far as new tool kits are concerned, and while this kit from Kinetic is very good, it does have it's foibles, or at least mine does. I'm finding every mating surface needs a good few swipes of a coarse sanding stick to remove any flash or chamfering along the edge to achieve a good fit with it's opposing piece. I've been paying particularly close attention to getting the fit of the cockpit and nose gear bay assemblies to fit snugly, primarily to achieve a smooth join between the inner intake faces and their respective fuselage sides. This has necessitated a spot of grinding and trimming of various areas of the kit as detailed below, with my Dremel making a rare appearance to help speed things along. Essentially, I found that the nose gear bay assembly sat too far aft, and needed to come forward a bit, hence the work above. The results are below, and while the gaps may still not look great, they close up well with a bit of pressure that I obviously couldn't apply in the pic. I'm hoping this compression during cementing will fully close the gaps, or at least limit it to a straightforward filling job. I've also had a quick look at the wing fit. Early fettling suggests in general it's not bad, but will require the removal of more material from the fuselage locaters. I fear the rear join will result in an unavoidable filling job to smooth out the step. I've laid down the base colours in the cockpit- Xtracolor Admiralty Grey- and will proceed with detail painting and washes. Thanks for looking, more soon Cheers, Shaun
  23. Source: https://www.facebook.com/wolfpackd/photos/a.554832374609972.1073741832.554818677944675/730275677065640/?type=1&theater "WP24001 1/24 Sea Harrier FA.2 Conversion set (for Airfix 1/24) We should restart to make this massive project again soon. We completed to make over 150 master parts for resin parts. But, We need more time for this project." V.P.
  24. Hello everyone! Greetings for the new year! I'd like to share my last build of 2015- the 1/72 Italeri Sea Harrier FRS 1, 300 sqn, Indian Navy. I used the Eduard PE detail set, along with the Model Alliance Sea Harrier Decal sheet. Additional decals were sourced from some old Modeldecal sets as well. Brass pitot from Air Master. I tried cramming in detail where ever the kit fell short- the Ejection seat, the nose gear bay, and the nose-gear itself. Styrene sheet and stretched sprue worked wonders together. I churned up my own shades of paint using primary colors, and eyeballed it as close as possible to selected references. It still ended up being a tad too blue. Oh well... Weathering was done using oils, and everything was sealed up with a lacquer matte coat. Scratch built the ejection seat using styrene sheet and stretched sprue. Eduard Seatbelts and decals from spares. Here it is installed in the cockpit Shot a new closeups in natural light to showcase the weathering better Thanks for watching and have a great year in modeling ahead!! Cheers! Alex
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