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Found 8 results

  1. Hi mates, Having not gained any additional common sense from my last resin build, I decided to jump head first into another! This time it's the oft-neglected subject of the Supermarine Scimitar in glorious 1:72 scale, courtesy of the master craftsmen from the Czech Republic, CMR. The Scimitar, of course, was the last fighter to wear the Supermarine name, and the direct descendent of the legendary Walrus, er, Spitfire from WWII. Project: Supermarine Scimitar F.1 Kit: Czech Master Resin (CMR) Supermarine Scimitar F.1 (kit number 221) Scale: 1:72 (The Gentleman's Scale - then why am I here?) Decals: From the kit, representing XD324, 158-R, aboard H.M.S. Ark Royal in June of 1965 Photoetch: Included with the kit, primarily for the cockpit, air brakes, antennae, and wing fold area Vacuform: Two copies included with the kit, and for once I only needed one! Paint: Gunze H333 Extra Dark Sea Grey, H331 Dark Sea Grey, H339 Engine Grey FS16081;Testors 2143 RLM 21 Semi-gloss White, 2038 FS36492, 1168 Flat White; Alclad 101 Aluminum, 115 Stainless Steel, 314 Klear Kote Flat, and a bunch I forgot about. Weathering: Primarily post shading to simulate paint fading and wear, and the assorted stains and hydraulic fluid/oil streaks. I applied a light gray wash to the white underside, and black to the EDSG topside. Improvements/Corrections Just to fix ham-fisted mistakes from bone-headed modeller. Build thread: Link Now that all that nonsense is over, let's see some photos! Edit: The eagle-eyed amongst us will now doubt notice that I've had a bit of a nap and forgotten to add the port wing probe! Yikes! Please read through all the comments towards the end of the thread, and you'll find a photo showing the mysterious appearance of said probe, in its proper place on the port wing. No, not a bit of Photoshop magic, just the silly modeller fixing his mistake! I shot the underside before adding the outer wings and wing braces, since I didn't think I could figure out a way to prop it up when everything was finished! I couldn't resist some shots with her FAA stablemates and with her wing probe attached (in the photo with the Gannet). These photos were originally added in response to posts in this thread, but I figured while I was editing this (to replace the links to Photobucket) I would include them up front as well. It's back to normal (i.e. plastic) for my next build, if you call trying to build a B-24 kit from 1965 normal. Have a look in the Obsolete Kit Group Build every now and then and see how it used to be. You'll never complain about a missing rivet again! Cheers, Bill
  2. Scratchaeronautics next project is a 1/48th Supermarine Scimitar resin kit. Source: https://www.facebook.com/Scratchaeronautics/posts/1879268225439559 V.P.
  3. Hi - hope I'm not too late for this. Been a bit held up due to backproblems, but with this now sorted I'm ready to have a go at this GB. I've chosen XTrakit's 1/72 Supermarine Scimitar F.1 of 807 Sdn, HMS Ark Royal, at RNAS Hal Far, Malta, 1960-1961 (all according to the instructions ) I plan on building it OOB just for the fun of it. Here's the photo of the starting point: I must admit I don't know much about this plane, but it is SO beautifull! Almost as pretty as a P-47! Cheers for now Hans J
  4. I noticed that FlyPast had an interesting article about the Supermarine Scimitar in their last magazine. Sadly there is no available kit in 1/72... Cheers / André
  5. Hi mates, I've been seduced by the dark side. The side that won't be stuck by conventional styrene adhesives. The side that seduces you with the addictive aroma of toxic dust. The side that shocks you more than the price for a litre of petrol. You know the side I speak of - resin modelling! Hot on the heels of my resin Grumman Jaguar from the Swinging Winging Group Build, I've decided to pull another resin kit out of the stash for this one. It's the 1:72 CMR take on the Supermarine Scimitar F.1. In addition to the basic kit, I also spent my child's remaining college fund on the folding wing set. The CMR kits include everything you ever needed in a model kit - resin, etch, several different marking schemes (eight in this case), extensive payloads, vacuform canopies, masks - heck, everything except plastic! The instruction sheet runs 18 pages, and there are several more pages of both colour and B&W detail photos. Here are the raw materials: If I counted correctly, there are 197 resin and etch parts in the main kit, and another 31 in the folding wing set. Not included is any kind of ocular assist device to enable you to see some of the small parts, especially when you're an old man like me! So that is where we're starting, no actual work has occurred yet. I have no clue what scheme I'll choose, but since they're all EDSG over white, I suspect that's how I'll being painting the model! I do fancy the yellow and black checkerboards of 803 Squadron, but then the stylised Scimitar from 807 Squadron seems strangely appropriate for a, well, Scimitar. But these are accompanied by gold leaf nose numbers that I think would look better on something where Graham Hill was the pilot. We'll see, I've been known to bounce back and forth between schemes, only deciding when I'm ready to start the stickers! Since I spent the money for the wing fold set, I'm sure I'll use it. But to be honest, the lines are so clean on the Scimitar it's almost a shame to interrupt the wings by folding them. Ah, fickle modeller! Cheers, Bill
  6. So, after walking past this kit in my local model shop on several occasions, I've finally yielded to temptation and bought my first armour kit. Having been fortunate enough to have driven them a couple times during the early 90s (Who, me Sir? No Sir. It was like this when we found it Sir.) it seemed justifiable from a personal perspective. May I ask the assembled masses of you talented armour modellers about this kit? What, for instance, is the general consensus about how accurately this kit recreates an early to mid-90s British Army machine. How easy will this go together and is there any pit-falls to be wary of? What, if any, aftermarket is there available and can it be recommended? Please excuse the burst of questions but the usual hunt on Google and rummage around Hannants didn't tell me much.
  7. While waiting for the Thunderbird 4 filler and paint to dry, I've started looking at what next to build and fso the time has finally come... Ever since doing the Bar-armoured Scimitar back in 2012, I've been planning to have a go at doing one of the new Scimitar 2s. On the face of it this should be relatively easy, after all its "only" a Scimitar turret on top of a Spartan hull isn't it? Bar armour? pah no problem! (hahahaha!) This is what I mean: (Image sourced from http://plain-military.proboards.com/thread/4962/qrl-sqn-cvr-mk-2 with thanks) So let us begin by working out what we will need to build it. So: Scimitar Turret - not a problem, got several AFV Club Scimitar kits in the stash. Spartan Hull - okay bit trickier, but Accurate Armour do a Spartan resin kit. Problem here is its an old-style hull which will need updating. Bar armour - well I scratch built the bar armour 2 years ago, I could do it again. However Accurate Srmour also have a PE bar armour set of the Warrior, so it might be worth seeing what can be done with it. Tracks? No problem got several sets of early and late Fruilmodel tracks in the stash which are great fun to put together (ahem!) Right to this is the stuff to begin with: Now the reason you see a Spartan AND Samson Accurate Armour kits is that I also intend at some point to build one of the new build bar-armoured Samson recovery vehicles. Now with these, the commander's cupola has migrated from the middle on the old hulls to the left side as on the Spartan, so I'm performing some drastic surgery on the hulls by cutting them both in half and using the Samson front with the Scimitar rear for the Scimitar 2 and the Scimitar front and Samson back on the Samson 2 at some point in the future. Yes I know how mad that sounds, but it seemed like a good idea at the time! Oh and just because there appears to be a lot of expensive Accurate Armour kits, they've all been acquired over the last 2 years so I'm not made of money Opening the boxes and we end up with this lot of components: Left and top, AFV Club Scimitar bits, Middle top, Accurate ARmour Spartan kit Right Top, bar armour plan from my own fair hand! Middle, Scimitar/Scorpion Photoetch leftovers from previous Scorpion and Scimitar builds and some resin pieces from Castoff Armour left over from the LEP Scimitar build, to provide the extra armour panels. Bottom right, Accurate Armour Warrior PE bar armour set. In addition, there will be a plethora of plastic card, stowage accessories from Castoff, Accurate Armour and other sources. Finally in this introductory post is the bar armour schematic I've created, having studied a lot of the photos in the Plain Military board thread linked to above. This has benefited from my previous research efforts while building the bar armoured Scimitar and research into the Samson build. So thats the intro, now to go and actually DO something about it! Watch this space...
  8. Scimitar XD317 pics from Phil Chapman (Vulcanicity)
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