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Found 703 results

  1. Hi, all. Thought I'd share my latest complete kit. I bought the Tamiya Spitfire as a quick build while I struggled along with some of my other works in progress. It largely fell together. I made two small alterations. I sanded the nose to create a profile I was happy with. I lost some of the raised detail in the process, but I'm not worried. I also used a vacuum formed canopy. This is the Squadron Mk1 canopy. The rear section isn't vacuum formed, but is one of my spares from my Eduard Spitfires. I had to build up the airframe with plastic card and filler to meet the base of the new canopy. I've painted this bird as Alan Deere's Kiwi P9398. I've kept it rather clean apart from some light exhaust staining and some highlighting of certain panel lines. This shows better on the underside with the lighter colours. I believe this is the aircraft he was flying when he had a head on collision with a Bf109. Sticking with the New Zealanders in British aircraft theme you'll see Keith Park's Hurricane in the final photos. At some point I'll add Deere's Spitfire Mk. 9 to the collection. Not the best photos (indoors, afternoon, no direct light!) but you get the idea.
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Philip and I love Aeroplanes, they have always been my passion in life which is why eight years ago I learnt to fly real ones. Over Chrismas last year, I decided it would be fun to build a model Spitfire, so whilst learning from youtube videos and reading the forums on this site I completed my first model kit of a Mk.Vb. I was so pleased with my first attempt and enjoyed the process so much that I have built a few more since including a P-51, a De Havilland Mosquito and a Bf109. I find myself visiting Britmodeller quite often for research on aircraft and modelling techniques, so thought it would be only polite for me to signup, say hello and introduce myself. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vb Regards, Philip
  3. Hello Ladies and Gents, So after a 20+ year hiatus from mutilating and butchering 1/72 plastic aircraft models, I've decided to pick up a knife and paint brush again to get through these winter evenings. This forum has been a trove of information and advice which I've quietly browsed for several years, as such I already owe many members thanks for sharing their wisdom though I haven't even started a kit yet. Seeing the vast range of kits that are available these days, combined with the abundance of after-market items and weathering/finishing techniques that have evolved over the last two decades has me excited but also a little intimidated about returning to the hobby...the leaps and bounds taken during my break has me questioning whether I even really know the basics anymore, let alone the advanced stuff, so fellow members can expect some bone-head questions in the near future. I've decided to take things slowly and learn as much as I can about each stage of the build process, so will be making a nuisance of myself on these forums over the next few months. I've decided that 1/48 is now my scale of choice. I'll stick to aircraft, but no particular theme...just whatever takes my fancy, an airframe I admire or have some connection with. My first two projects will be a Spitfire V, (one of Malta's so-called Blue Defenders) and a commonwealth P-51D Mustang. My third project is intended to be an F7F Tigercat Air Tanker, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. Right now I'm purchasing tools/equipment and going through the research stage. The two former kits will most likely be Tamiya products, though I'm aware they have some issues (the Sptifire wings will be annoying). The Tigercat, probably the AMT kit. Any advice offered regarding these products, or potential alternatives, will be graciously received. Though I do prefer a degree of anonymity online, I certainly look forward to getting invovled in this the community which appears to be very generous and supportive! Cheers Everybody Launchpad
  4. Hello, I have been musing with starting a Mk.IV Spitfire, namely BS491 used by No. 542 Sqn RAF at Gibraltar in 1943. I have some questions regarding this particular bird: What would be different inside from standard Mk.I/Mk.V cockpit Wing reinforcement strips - use them or remove them from kit? Antennae wires - which ones to use, if any? The mast is clearly visible on photos Kit instructions suggest it was overall PRU blue, while "On Target Profile No.8 - Photo recce Spitfires" states it was an "Unidentified Dark blue, possibly Dark Mediterranean blue"? Please take a look at photos I have managed to find (below), and give me any opinion on these matters? source: Site du 350ieme Squadron
  5. Hi all, this is AZ's 1/72 Spitfire IXc. Not a bad kit with nice surface detail, but the next time I would try the Eduard kit. Decals came from the Kagero booklet on the Spitfire IX. The model represents an aircraft of No. 340 Sqn filmed at Merston apparently on 18 June 1944 before flying to Normandy. It was piloted by Sous Chef Denys Boudard who had joined the RAF after quite a remarkable escape from France. On 29 April 1941, Boudard and a fellow conuntryman had dressed to resemble German mechanics, walked into a Luftwaffe airfield, stole a Bücker Jungmann and flew to Britain. Two pictures of this aircraft can be found in Christopher Shore's and Chris Thomas' fantastic book on the 2nd Tactical Air Force. These pictures also show that this aircraft was unusually heavily weathered by Spitfire standards, something I tried to replicate on the model. Thanks for viewing and all comments welcome.
  6. Hello, I am keen on building this particular machine - an Mk.XVI, RK840 of 322 Squadron RAF (Dutch). So far, all I have are decal instructions (which state that the appearance, i.e. the profile below, is a probable reconstruction), (img source: Wings Palette) And this CMR kit review at Hyperscale with a bit of machine's history. I would like to ask You for help on these two querries: Are there any period photos to confirm this profile and the decal instructions? Could the accurate shade of blue color used on the spinner be confirmed? Thanks in advance. Aleksandar
  7. Hi. I really recommend this movie/documentary, which I just saw on Netflix Italy. Interesting, moving, 1/1 (re)building at its best. I didn't know the story of Squadron Leader Geoffrey Stephenson. A fitting tribute, IMO. Hope you like it :-) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4210934/
  8. G'day all, Poor lighting pics of my Eduard 1/48 Spitfire XVI completed tonight. I bought this intending for it to be a way to fill in time while I was on course for 17 weeks, with brush-painting throughout. Took longer than 17 weeks and I didn't like the result from brushes, so bought a cheap, small compressor and airbrush from Bunnings and made a mess of a couple of bits. Doesn't look too bad after all that. Built out of the box, using Humbrol and ModelMaster enamels, weathered with artists pastels and crayons. Used Pascoe's floor polish instead of Future as the clear coat, which caused a couple of problems on the clear parts and the odd silvered decal (back to Future for the next models). Great kit - crap builder! I'll try to get some better light pictures soon.
  9. I seem to recall that a Spitfire Mk.IIa kit can be converted into a Mk.Va but I can not find that thread. I am hoping that someone could either point me to that info or better yet, explain it here. I have a set of 1/72 LifeLike decals with Bader's markings on it and an Airfix Mk.IIa kit looking to be put to a good use. Thanks.
  10. Spitfire Mk.IX Detail Sets for Revell Brassin 1:32 The Revell Spitfire Mk.IX, while being a nice kit, is a little simplistic in areas, but then the price may reflect that the detail has been toned down a bit. If you want to add that much needed extra detail, Eduard come to the rescue with this cockpit set and two sets of gunsights, in early and late form from their Brassin range. Cockpit Set (632111) - The set comes in a very well packed cardboard with the parts in several zip lock bags and prevented from being shaken around by two foam pads. There are thirty eight resin parts in a mixture of medium and dark greys, plus a clear acetate sheet, a sheet of pre-painted etched brass and a sheet of unpainted photo etched parts, and a small decal sheet. Unfortunately the decals and acetate sheet are missing from the review sample so I won’t be able to comment on them too much other than where to use them. The detail on the resin parts is quite amazing, being super sharp, with good depth, although some parts have small sections of flash which need to be removed on top of the removal from the casting blocks. The cockpit is literally a tub made up of the front and rear bulkheads, what would be the fuselage side walls and the lower fuselage interior. The kits interior rib detail needs to be completely removed to allow the fitment of the tub, which shouldn’t take too long with a nice sharp curved blade and some sanding sponges. The moulded detail on the bulkheads and inner fuselage parts needs to be seen to be believed, add to this all the smaller sundry parts and you will have a truly amazing cockpit. There is an alternative resin instrument panel for which decals of the instruments are provided if you don’t want to use the etched items. Painting of the parts, especially those pre-moulded will be a bit of a chore, but with care you will end up with something of a masterpiece which would be good on its own, let alone fitted to the model. The resin is further enhanced with the addition of the two sheets of etched parts, the pre-painted seat belts which are quite complex, but with care and attention will build into a pretty amazing representation of the real things, as well as the instrument panel with the pre-painted dials on the back plate. All that needs to be added is some clear to represent the glazing. The unpainted sheet contains a selection of brackets, levers and fixtures for around the cockpit, such as the compass bracket, sight braces, seat details and toe straps. The acetate sheet contains marked out areas which go to make up the gunsight glass. Gunsight early (632113) - Contained in a hard blister pack with protective sponge layers you have three resin sights, resin mounting bracket and PE support straps. There is also an acetate sheet, which, when the marked areas are cut out, makes up the glass components of the sight. Detail is very nicely done on the resin, with the cogged edge of the range wheel being readily apparent. Gunsight late (632114) - As with the early sights mentioned above, this set also comes in a hard blister pack and also contains three sights and their mounting brackets in resin. The PE sheet contains the hood that mounts on top of the sight, and the acetate sheet provides the glass components. There is also a small decal sheet that has four NO HAND HOLD decals, using one for each sight provided; it goes on top of the sight glass hood, leaving one spare Conclusion The Revell Spitfire is a very nice kit out of the box, especially for the price, but it really could do with some extra detail to make it pop. With the cockpit set you can really go to town, and with all the parts provided it will look very busy and cramped, just as the real thing is. If you don’t want to go that far, then that’s where the sight sets come in, adding a bit of dash to the coaming. Review samples courtesy of
  11. THE SSV NORMANDY REMEMBRANCE FLIGHT (link here for what this is.) Liara T'Soni: Supermarine Spitfire Mk. VIII Dr. T'Soni could not be reached for comment; the design was provided by a personal friend, Matriarch Aethyta. The choice of aircraft was inspired by the Spitfire's reputation as both beautiful and deadly. Slight customisations include a piloting VI of unknown origin, and additional armaments from stock. This is another that's been sitting half-finished on my bench for an age. This kit is by Eduard, which means it has around eight million parts. You get a wonderfully detailed model with those eight million parts though. I b****cksed it up in a couple of areas, but generally I'm actually really pleased. The paint mask for the wing and the nose text - they are painted on, not decals - was done using the laser cutting tool on my 3D printer. It worked pretty well, but the edges are a bit fuzzy due to unburnt bits of glue sticking to the edge of the masking tape. Subsequent experiments with the vinyl cutting tool have given even better results, so expect to see that on the next one. Still trying out weathering techniques - I've run into a bit of trouble with polishing yet again so no glossy finish on this one. The final weather was done with oil paint and Tamiya panel line accent colour, and a lot of wiping off. I clearly still need to get the gloss better though, as it's way too dirty. I may attack it with some spirits over the next couple of days before the oil paint dries. Love that exhaust staining though, never tried it before. Mods are minimal - cockpit detailing was done using the photo etch included in the kit, with the addition of Glyph, Liara's VI personal assistant, who pilots the plane and is visible in the cockpit photos. Glyph just consists of a piece of transparent sprue melted into a clear bead and painted with transparent paint. Overall the cockpit looks good, I'm quite happy with it but I'm itching to put more wiring and other scratch built detailing in the next one. The extra wing cannons are turned brass. They're actually 1/32nd scale .50 cals, but at 1/48 scale they look the part for 20mm cannons.
  12. Hello again Next up we have Tamiya, ones a Spifire and the other’s a Mustang both 1/32... Spitefire Mk XIVe 1/32, 301 Sqn (Polish) RAF.. RAF Mustang Mk IV, 3 Sqn RAAF.. Til next time Iain
  13. Hi Guys I'm currently working on a 1/32 Revell Spitfire IX. I already have the fuselage halves together - then found THIS site with some excellent clear images of various cockpit equipment pieces, such as the gear selector, throttle quadrant etc (scroll down, it's not at the top)... Rats I could have done so much more now that I see what some of the parts actually look like in real life. I am considering going back to my local HS and buy another kit (he's got at least 3 or 4 in stock) and start over again AFTER finishing this one. Not that the Revell kit is the most fun kit I have ever worked on, that distinction should go to my PCM Tempest V (sarcasm!) -- Jannie
  14. Hi All, Have been reading this forum a lot recently after picking up my old childhood hobby again, and already gained so much useful information to improve my modeling. Now I came upon a hurdle that I haven't been able to clear so far. I'm replicating Spitfire MH434 1/72 as it was when I got the chance to sit in it as a boy. This was during the time it was part of the Breitling Fighters team featuring the yellow nose cone. I would like to add the team badge as featured in front of the cockpit but so far have not yet found any commercially available decals for this. Presently I'm trying to produce them myself however as my skills with any photo editing software severely lack the results are far from satisfying. Is anybody aware of available decals and or is willing to share their own attempt at these? Regards
  15. I've been modelling for over 45 years, building models ranging from 1/1200 to 1/3 scales, however this build isn't my story, I'm just the narrator. This build is actually my daughter's work! Now before you start imagining, fingerprints, glue blobs and paint runs and skip to another build thread, the finished model was finished to a high standard and sold for a healthy profit!!! My daughter will be eight years old shortly, and has now been modelling for half her life! She was always handy with scissors, sellotape and glue from a very young age, so I decided to see just how capable she was. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Her first model build was started when she was just 3 years 11 month old; a Revell Red Arrows Hawk. It was completed five months later with a lot of guidance from me, but much of the work done by her. Build sessions were limited to about 30 minutes due to her concentration span, but gradually she put together a very respectable model. Here's the finished item. In the Autumn of 2014, with the dark nights coming fast, I decided it was time for another build. She was almost five, so I decided on something a little more ambitious; we would go for a diorama! I opted for the Airfix RAF Battle of Britain set as the price was reasonable and the aircraft, tankers, figures and base could each be separate projects, or all worked on while glue and paint dried on other parts. The aircraft wouldn't be finished in BoB colours however, as my daughter wanted a pink aeroplane, so this was going to be a PR Pink Spitfire. We went to the model shop and fortunately they had the set in stock. We came home with a big box, some extra paint and a happy child. This is her Spitfire story.
  16. This model was completed in January this year after a two year build, started just before her 5th birthday. It came from the old Airfix Airfield Diorama set. The full story of the build is shown in the link below, but for those who don't want to read the whole build thread, here's just a few of the completed pictures. Build thread - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235029483-spitfire-prig-diorama-with-a-twist-172-scale/ With nowhere to keep and display it, she said she had enjoyed the built, but agreed we'd try and sell it. The model was framed and sold, with the profits buying several new lego sets.
  17. Hello, This is the old Matchbox/Revell 1/32 Spitfire 22/24. The cockpit, guns, wheels and decals are after-market parts. IMHO this kit is way too wrong to get a good Spitfire whitout a tremendous amount of work. The nose shape is wrong, the windscreen too, not sure about the propeller, panel lines... I regret having started it, anyway it is done, it is now displayed at the back my scalemodel showcase. cheers
  18. Just off the bench a couple of days ago is this Matchbox Spitfire Mk IX. This is an original edition from the 1970s and not the revamped version. I replace the canopy and wheels and added, more like forced, an Eduard photo-etch cockpit. The easiest part was using the wonderful AML masks. It was finished with Tamiya paints. There is a minor error with the Czech insignia, and I'm looking for a replacement set. The white should be up. Comments welcome
  19. Two at once... Aussie spits coming up. (for the next 10 years, at my building speed) I'm building these for a customer and am enjoying the build so far. Personally, the Eduard spit kit might be one of my favorite kits to build. images hosting images hosting images hosting images hosting Thanks for looking!
  20. Here's my 1/32 Revell Spitfire. I finished off the build late last week. It was a great kit which went together nicely. Really pleased with how it came out and especially the paint. Brushed with @HATAKA OFFICIALRed Line paints. Weathered lightly with Flory Wash and Tamiya Weathering Sets. Plenty of little errors across the model, but I'm pretty chuffed with how it came out in the end. Enjoy
  21. Welcome to my latest completed ‘masterpiece’. I use the term very loosely as I’m still relatively new to all this – but I learn something new everyday – and usually from the good folks on here. It’s the Spitfire MKIA in 1/72 from good old Airfix. I built it OOB apart from the exhausts and decals – but more about that in a moment. I did a WIP thread – not because I can teach you anything – but so you guys and gals can look over my shoulder and teach me as I go along. So what did I learn on this build… This kit is really well detailed for the size and if you are looking to build one – it goes together really well too. Thus was a ‘mojo build’ by the way and this kit certainly ticks that box. As detailed as it is – it doesn’t have an ‘actuator’ – and I didn’t even know what one was – but I now know how to make one out of 0.5mm evergreen rod. I’m getting better at filling and sanding – I’ve learned patience. Gunport decals can be fiddly – but they are REALLY FIDDLY at 1/72. Don’t spend hours on your kit exhausts trying to make them look ‘real’ – unless you put them somewhere safe – I ‘lost’ mine along the way, but luckily had resin ones to substitute. They look great – to me – but so did the kit ones. I still need to work on my camo painting technique – as I went way too heavy on the dark green in an effort to avoid too much ‘blending’ between it and the dark earth – as it is such a small scale – for me. I used Hannants BoB decals and was able to find lots of pictures of the real aircraft – which was brilliant for reference. I had the usual ‘fingerprint’ problems – but got past them this time – so I’m pleased about that. I think I’m going off Montex masks – they are too stiff and leave too much residue behind – problem is I’ve got a box full. Aerial masts on Spitfires aren’t black – as I’ve always done them in the past. Not all Spitfires need an aerial wire from the tail to the mast – result (phew too). I still can’t do exhaust smoke stains for toffee – must practice some more on this one. My gun smoke isn’t much better – but I’ll get there. A cheap £25 airbrush is actually great for varnishing – result. I should use a bamboo skewer through the nose to stop me touching the model – no not ‘my nose’ – the nose of the model. Finally – when it comes to panel lines – ‘less is more’ – so I promise to be more restrained in the future. I DEFINITELY need a decent set up to photograph my ‘masterpieces’ – a camera phone and some black card inside the paint booth doesn’t really cut the mustard. Anyway – enough of the waffle – here she is – I hope you like her… If you are ‘really’ interested – you can find the WIP thread here… …as is usual for me there were a few ‘ups and downs’ along the way – but all good fun and it will definitely give you a laugh. Finally, if you like it – you can ‘like’ it – there are some buttons over there > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > As always – constructive comments or questions are most welcome. Thanks for looking – Steve
  22. I rather like odd looking Spitfires, such as with clipped wings, so the trainer type is ideal. When one was recently built / restored at Thruxton, some of my daughter's classmates got to sit in it on their primary school aero club visit. As first reflown the plane was in Dutch markings, which look a bit different, though it's now down at Goodwood with WW2 RAF markings. As this kit had been oop for a while I ordered one of the last two apparently available in the world from a model shop in the Czech Republic. Until I worked out the relative price in Koruna (Crowns?) I wasn't sure but even with postage it wasn't too bad - a lot cheaper than the CMR or Brigade conversion options... Now AZ have plans to rerelease the trainer kits this year, but at least I'm ahead of the curve! Basically you get an AZ Spifire 9 kit with an extra fuselage and the second cockpit interior and canopy. So far I've painted and assembled the interiors. It's not Eduard or Airfix, so it's all a bit delicate until the glue cures as everything is butt joints rather than any locating pins etc. Cheers Will
  23. Hello, I am building these two spits, both NMF (Camouflage has been stripped down) Were the stencils re-applied after paint removal, i.e. should I apply them on my models? Thanks
  24. Hi folk's,we're all in a seventies time warp over in the Matchbox GB and those of us of a certain age must have ran home from the newsagent's to have a crack at this kit when it came out,an OOB pure nostalgia build even stuck a pilot in and wheels up on the iconic stand,decal's were useable but a bit naf so replacement's used.
  25. Hi folk's,well I did promise an original Matchbox kit to go with my Revell Mk22/24 and had it down to either the Spitfire or Hurricane,due to the age these kit's are now decal's are always a risk when buying them and I've spare Spitfire marking's and none for the Mkii Hurricane.I've ordered the kit from KK so a few day's before it arrives and I'll post sprue shot's hoping for a start after the big Spit is finished.It would be nice to use the kit decal's but I have some D-Day striped scheme's which are just too tempting!
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