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  1. Here is the Zvezda Boeing 737-700 finished as SE-RJX “Vagn Viking” which as far as I know was the only 737 to carry SAS’s current livery. Somewhere along the way she also managed to acquire an A350-style black windscreen outline, no idea why. SAS introduced their new livery in September 2019 when the days of the 737 fleet were already numbered and only SE-RJX had been repainted by the time Covid 19 brought everything to a stop. To the best of my knowledge the rest of the 737 fleet ended their SAS careers still in the previous livery which I think dated back to the 1990s. I was never a fan of the sandy grey with orange-red engines but I do like the bright, fresh look of the 2019 scheme so here is my take on it. The build was straightforward and largely OOB with the addition of some Daco p/e and a couple of small details from plastic sheet. The light grey is a by-the-eye mix of Mr Hobby H-1 and H-338, roughly 2:1. Blue is Mr Hobby H-5. Photographs were ambiguous about whether the wings, stabs and pylons were Boeing Gray (as they were in the old livery) or the same colour as the fuselage. I opted for the former and used Halfords Racking Grey. If I’m wrong, so be it. The engines are AK Interactive Aluminium overpainted with my favourite brushing satin varnish - Klear mixed with a few drops of Tamiya Flat Base. Other metallics are by Tamiya and Revell. Livery decals are by Lima November with Authentic Airliners windows. Detail decals came from the kit sheet and the spares box. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome. Dave G
  2. My fifth Ju52 is finished. I was given a started kit and didn't really know what to do with it. I decided on a post war machine as it would mean that I didn't need the tedious job of removing the cargo hatch. Instead I could use the part in the kit. A mix of decals and some home made gave me a Norwegian SAS-machine. I think that this livery is one of the best looking of the Ju52's Build:
  3. I was given this model that had been slightly started. Wing halves had been assembled. Also the filling with windows for the cargo door has been glued. Every planned Ju 52/3m that I have is for a prewar plane where the cargo door has to be replaced and new corrugation has to be built. Now I needed to find a postwar plane with the cargo door. I found one but I had to build a door at the front. I used part of the unused cargo door for this. The Italeri kit has some spots that are missing corrugation. So i made a quick "dirty fix". As this plane isn't one that was on my build list I'm not putting to much work into it. It is now ready to enter the paint box. Hopefully I will manage to scrounge together the decals needed for it.
  4. Here is the Zvezda Boeing 737-800 finished as LN-RRW “Saga Viking” of SAS in the Star Alliance logojet scheme. We all love our Zvezda kits but they need to pay a bit more attention to quality control. I recently binned a Tu-134 when attempts to fill bad sink marks on the upper wings went wrong. On the 738 the wings, particularly the left one, were so badly warped that it was touch and go whether I was going to be able to fix them. I had also forgotten how badly the engines fit and it took a fraught hour or so to get them properly aligned followed by a lot of Milliput and Mr Surfacer to make things reasonably presentable. I’m still not 100% happy but it’s as good as I can get. I added a spare Revell satcom fairing, some Daco p/e pitots and a few other small details from plastic sheet. The build was otherwise OOB. As usual paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and Racking Grey. The engines are Xtracolor X339 and Revell Aqua 371 since Xtracolor seem to have discontinued the SAS Light Grey they used to make. Metallics are by Tamiya and Revell. Decals are by V1. They helpfully give you the choice of an overall fin decal or a separate logo. Not being a big fan of overall fin decals I sprayed the fin (Mr Hobby H2 for anyone interested) and used the logo. I also added Authentic Airliners windows and supplemented V1’s detail decals from the spares box. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome. Dave G
  5. So, I'm fairly new to modelling and this is my third official build. First was a steam train as my 2 yr old son loves them. The second was a jeep 1:72 but I felt it was too small scale, so this was my first serious attempt so I thought I'd give weathering a go. It's the Tamiya British SAS Jeep 1/35. Happy for some thoughts or constructive criticism 😀 Just bought the Airfix M3 Grant tank as my next project. Looks complicated!!
  6. I started this in the Nordic GB but got big problems with the fuselage joints so it didn't get finished. I restart the thread here instead. The group build made me dig this one out of the stash. But as usual, building out of the box isn't for me. First, I need to fill all of the small round windows. For this I will need lots of 5,5 mm plastic discs and found that a paper punch will make them, but it is hard to make them without wasting lots of plastic card. A piece of cardboard was used in helping to steer thin plastic strips to minimise the waste. The result was a bag of plastic discs. and holes. I noticed on the text moulded in the wing that this kit is 60 years old this year. I glued in the clear windows and covered them with the plastic discs to get them in level with the fuselage and now it is time to sand them down. Too bad that it will destroy the surface details. I like the very small rivets on it. Started to make holes for new windows
  7. Started on this at the weekend, funnily enough a new mini drill kit i had ordered from amazon also arrived so put it into use, it does create rather a lot of resin dust, so a mask is required when cuting and sanding bit, however it's pretty amazing at doing what it does and for such a great price and its cordless (£22.99) you can get one from here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08B61KR15/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have already done a review of the kit over here - https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/mmm-200mm-scale-sas-nairobi-dusitd2-terrorist-attack.312055/ Upper and lower torso joined and gap filled with some milliput. Sanded smooth. small resin gates ahve now also been removed;
  8. I'm getting ready to paint my SAS landrover kit in the pink scheme used in Yemen, and im curious how far the pink extended? We're these vehicles overpainted in the field or was this a more systematic application of color? In other words, did the pink extend under the vehicle? Into the footwells? Behind the seats? Into all the nooks and crannies? Or was it a more haphazard overspray on top of dark green paint? Thanks in advance.
  9. This is the 1/35 Accurate Armour SAS Longline strike atv, released last year. Possibly the hardest build I’ve ever had, nearly all done under magnification. For an expensive kit I was disappointed with the instructions with parts numbered in error, poor assembly sequence and just unclear in some parts. Maybe because it has been digitally designed the fit has to be super accurate as I found it very difficult to sit everything square, and the suspension just wouldn’t extend far enough for the vehicle to sit at the right height. However the seats are a thing if beauty, as is the .50 cal, and I’m going to load it up with equipment to explain the fact that the mudguards are sitting right on the wheels. Anyone know where to source a Javelin in transport mode? Anyhow, on with the pics.
  10. Hello all, Here is my recently completed Sherman diorama I entered for the M3/4 group build - M4 Sherman meeting up with an advance party of the 2nd SAS Regiment, Normandy 1944. The build thread is here The Sherman is Tamiya's great M4 'Early' kit with Legend stowage set and some other odds and sods. The SAS jeep is Italeri's Commando Car, with Dragon figures and some extra kit from the spares thrown on. The base was pre-made and bought of a famous auction site. Thanks for looking, Dave
  11. Hi Everyone, It's been a busy summer and fall. Have to mention, if you have a chance to visit, the Canada Space and Aviation Museum in Ottawa is absolutely first class. Posting these pics more as a test after moving off PB. Village Photos does seem to work quite well at the moment. Ongoing vignette/environment for the LDRG truck and SAS Jeep. Many firsts again on this project including varying degrees of filters, washes and weathering. Scratch build on the rope is cotton string with paint, wash and mud. Scale doesn't look great in the photo, not quite as bad in real life, size certainly could be better. Work is ongoing with accessories, figures and the diorama base. This project is not on par with many of the amazing builds displayed on Britmodeller but I'm enjoying the hobby and improving (hopefully) with each project. Also on the go is an AFV Wiesel, my first shot a modern vehicle. If anyone has simple ideas/projects to add to the diorama such as grasses, gravel, or other please let me know. Thanks to everyone who posts their how-to tips and helps with advice; this is a great community. Regards, Robert
  12. I finally present SE-BDB “Agne Viking” my Roden DC-6 which began life as part of the Airliner III Group Build last year. Very near the end of the GB I messed up the finishing and had to strip the model back to the bare plastic and start again. As I admitted at the time I was fed up with it, other things got in the way and the DC-6 languished for about six months before I got round to re-finishing it. I used the “Independence” issue of the kit because it includes the round-tipped Curtiss Electric props fitted to early SAS DC-6s. The build is more or less out of the box apart from the radar fairing on the lower left front fuselage and the astrodome for the over-water version. The fairing was guesstimated from photos and sculpted from Milliput and the astrodome was based on a part salvaged from a deceased Minicraft DC-4. Both took a bit of fiddling to get right although we’re talking awkward rather than difficult. Generally the kit went together well although some bits - notably the engines and the undercarriage - are a trifle crude. Roden have been generous with scribed panel lines but the quality of the scribing on the fuselage leaves a bit to be desired, particularly for a natural metal finish. After several abortive attempts at improvement I ended up filling quite a lot of the scribing and leaving an effect similar to the Minicraft DC-4. I know that was a cop-out but if I’d done anything else I doubt if the model would ever have been completed. The finish is AK Interactive Xtreme Metal Aluminium with Rub n Buff to provide a little contrast. Rub n Buff is a medium which has rather gone out of fashion but I’m fond of it, not least because it is very easy to use. The only problem is that decals don’t stick to it very well unless it’s over-coated with Kleer or something similar. Exhaust and weathering was done with pastels and a Tamiya weathering set. The F-DCAL livery decals looked beautiful on the sheet but applying them was a bit of a nightmare. Luckily I started with the windscreen which disintegrated as soon as I tried to position it. That forewarned me and I coated the rest of the sheet with Microscale Liquid Decal film which helped but at the expense of the decal film becoming more prominent against the natural metal. I quickly came to hate the way F-DCAL had printed the windows, doors, stripes, titles and everything else as a single decal, one for each side. That approach might work for laser decals but with fragile silk-screened ones it just made everything twice as difficult as it needed to be. By cutting the main decals into more manageable sections I got there in the end but I still had several heart-in-mouth moments and at one point I thought I was going to have to buy a second sheet. Fortunately that turned out to be unnecessary but I won’t be posting any close-up photos! After I had committed myself to the SAS scheme I realised that all the registrations were missing from the decals. Unfortunately F-DCAL’s customer service had a major hiccup and failed to sort this despite repeated e-mails. Viking very kindly helped me out with some spare Lima November registrations. Many thanks John. My apologies for the lack of spinning props. The fit wasn’t great and they had to be fixed in position. I have been told that the Swedish-registered DC-6s had their blade tips painted blue-yellow-blue rather than the white-blue specified by F-DCAL. If anybody has photos to confirm this on the natural metal scheme I’d be interested to see them with a view to updating the model. Final thoughts? It’s nice to get to the end of what turned into a lengthy and occasionally fraught build. With its blunt nose, short fuselage and round-tipped props “Agne Viking” looks quite different from the ubiquitous DC-6B and from some angles can almost be mistaken for a DC-4. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the result and I hope you like it too. It would be nice if one of the decal makers gave us “photo-real” windows for some of the classic propliners. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  13. Hi All Here's a relatively quick build of Tamiya's old Pink Panther. pretty much OOB except for some stowage items out of the spares box and some replacement head light lens. A quick and easy build(except for painting the number plate, I gave up in the end), which I will make a decent base for. Mainly built out of respect for a character I'll be having a beer or two with at the end of the month and who spent plenty of time behind the wheel of these back in the early 70's. Hope you like it.
  14. Hello all, Here is a recently completed project involving Tamiya's 1/35 SAS jeep and LRDG Chevrolet 'Command Car'. All completely OOB, save for some extras I added from the spares and scratch built myself. The cap badges are from my personal collection. I'm relatively new when it comes to figures, so they're not my strong point. I enjoyed adding some 'captured' German kit to each vehicle. Build thread is here Thanks for looking. Dave
  15. Hi Folk,s and nearly a happy new year,laying down a marker for some armour related stuff I want to do in the coming month's as a change frommainly wingy thing's I thought I would start with a couple of small subject's that I had not done before so Tamiya's old but still nice Jeep (SAS seems to be well represented on BM not so much the standard Jeep) and the good old universal carrier which I'm delighted to find has the TT marking's of the 50th Northumbrian Division on the sheet,all have figures so a small dio base will be in order.I hope later to cover A Dragon Wagon with a suitable load(I've even seen a period photo with a landing craft on board} and Trumpeter's Char B. Here's the boxes.
  16. Hello all, Here is a side project to my current (and next) aircraft builds - A 1/35 diorama with a SAS jeep and LRDG Chevrolet truck. Two classic Tamiya kits, ones which i've built in the past. These will be OOB with a few additions from the spares: Been wanting to do this for a while as these old Tamiya kits remind me of my youth. I've always been interested in the history of the SAS and LRDG but only recently have I read up in more detail about the units during the Second World War. Looking forward to it! Dave
  17. Hi All, I have this in my stash (well, small pile of kits) and was going to build this before I started my Chinook (now complete). I've decided now would be a good time before I commence any GB's next year. I've seen a few fantastic builds in the RFI's (no pressure!!) but not in WIP (though could be wrong) I'm trying Flickr for the first time (instead of PhotoBucket) and it's a bit of a phaff to post pictures!! Any tips on making things easier?
  18. Hi Guys I had a fews days and felt like doing something simple before my next build, so I settled for the Tamiya SAS Jeep. I am getting to like Tamiya more now as the kits seem to be of quite good quality. It was a nice easy build and gave me an excuse to practice my weathering technique (being a newbie). Below is the finished item which I hope may just compare to the other Jeep builds on here. I will be back in with my next builds in the new year as I have a few kits coming from Santa (Revell Pirate ship, King Tiger with interior and more)
  19. For this model I have to say a very big thank you to Vesa on the forum here for donating the decals to me for this model and also an equally big thank you to Ruben and LN Decals for his advice and assistance. Firstly this is an old Airfix kit so the parts don't fit very well at all but I'm quite pleased with its turnout. Also of note the model comes with 2 ladders from the floats to the fuselage by number 2 engine. I haven't seen this config on any of LN-KAF but have seen a single pole ladder to the wing so these had to be fabricated. As there are 2 different variations for LN-KAF markings I've based it on these two pics mainly (credit to digitalmuseum.no) http://dms07.dimu.org/image/012uN2AR7ysn http://dms10.dimu.org/image/012uNXVpK7YN And now my version.
  20. Douglas DC-8-62 1/144 Minicraft (converted), Lima November decals. After the VC-10, the next best looking airliner is the Douglas DC-8, and the best looking of those are the shorter fuselage versions. The Minicraft DC-8 series of kits are amongst the very best airliner kits you can get, they are beautifully moulded, accurate, and have flawless fit. It's a funny thing about the Minicraft range, all the Douglas aircraft are really good, and all the Boeing ones are... well, I don't buy them. This is the 'Hawiian Air' DC-8-63 boxing, with the fuselage cut down to convert it to the shorter -62. Very helpfully the kit has engraved cut lines inside the fuselage to show you where to cut. Other than that, the construction is pretty much straight out of the box. The wings and tailplanes are such a good fit I haven't even bothered to glue them in. They just fit nice and snug on their own. I've used multiple shades of Alclad on the metal areas, and Halfords appliance white on the fuselage top. The Lima November decals come in the Longboat scheme for the versions of the DC-8 that SAS used, the 55, 62, 63, and Freighters. A huge number of fleet names & reg's are provided, along with enough cheat line for the longest, that you may need to cut down for your chosen version. That's what came out of the fuselage fore and aft of the wing; And finally, the 'With something esle' shot. This time the Airfix Caravelle generously given to me when I couldn't find one, by that true gent, Martin Hale, and finished in 26 deacls SAS scheme. Thanks for looking, John [EDIT] 11/08/2014 Wow, thanks for all the kind comments folks, it is very much appreciated. I thought airliners were very much a minority interest Thanks, Gary I can do one of those. The DC-9 & decals are in the stash waiting its turn, and the Viscount is planned, but I have this one; And then it's predecessor, the DC-7C [/EDIT] Thanks again everyone.
  21. This is the only vignette that I've ever done...about 8 years. I've always wanted to present my models as more than just a model but it just doesn't seem to happen. Here, we have the Italeri Commando Car that was built basically OOB with a few little tweaks. The figures are from Dragon's SAS kit. The wall I stumbled across somewhere, it looked right scale wise. I coated it roughly with filler, leaving a couple of sections bare, I think it worked well. I don't think I'll be a figure painter, many a modellers nemesis, might explain why I've avoided the faces. What's your thoughts please, should I continue with the idea of vignettes?
  22. Here are a couple of recent Tamiya SAS Jeep builds, have added photo etch and custom detailing. Feedback welcome. Sly
  23. Hello! I'm hoping this is the correct place for this post because there isn't a section that I thought worked better but never mind. I am building Airfix's C-47 as a present for my great uncle who jumped out of them during his time serving in the SAS in Malaya and Borneo but I need some help! I have no idea as to what paint scheme the dakotas were in when operated by the SAS during the conflicts in Malaya and Borneo, would anybody on here happen to know? I've done lots of searching in books and on the internet but to no avail. Thank you very much, Ben.
  24. Here's a recent discovery in the attic that brought a smile to my face. I reckon these must have been done around 1984/1985/1986 when I was in my early teens http://flic.kr/p/jj58cR http://flic.kr/p/jj4CQv http://flic.kr/p/jj5e76 http://flic.kr/p/jj72WA Pretty rubbish really, but brought back some great memories Happy days Justin H Oops I've posted in WIP not RFI, mods please move if necc. Not used to armour forums I suppose!
  25. Hi all I am a newbie to the site and new in the hobby - I started last summer, well the last thing I built was a Tamiya M3 halftrack in the seventies! so I consider myself a novice. I am blown away by some of the work I have seen you guys publish on here and it is really inspiring. I thought I would get your feedback, tips, hints etc on my latest tinker....see what you think
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