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  1. Ok now for something COMPLETELY different. Revell's 1/48 F-105D back dated to an F-105B Thunderbird circa 1964 season ( it's only brief use as a demonstration aircraft. Not sure if I'll do it in Alclad II or Foil, or a combination, But in any event should prove interesting. So come along and all comments, suggestions, questions and general clowning are always welcome, So let the Countdown begin and Gerry Anderson take the hindquarter!
  2. This might be the first outing for this kit on the forums, god knows I built it fast enough! Apologies for the photos, it's just too big to get any decent pics There's a comprehensive build thread detailing the pros (loads!) and cons (relatively few!) of this very nice new kit by Revell. The BM community contributed loads of links, photos, insights and critiques to make it a decent reference for anyone else wanting to build this. The aircraft depicted represents Article #974, one of the most colourful and celebrated airframes. It was stuck on Midway Island in 1969 following a generator failure. During its enforced stay of over four days, it received a painted gear door art of the island's famous Gooney Birds courtesy of a naval officer's artist wife. In addition it had tail art of a '1' (for Det 1 at Kadena AFB in Okinawa) with the habu viper coiled around it and the word ICHI BAN (Number One in Japanese) This is a very good kit. The fit ranges from excellent at best to okay at worst. Surface detail is well-represented with fine panel lines. Also it's MASSIVE at 68cm long! I had been waiting for this kit since pre-ordering from Jumblies Models in Norwich in April, so when it arrived on 9 December I tore into it straightaway! I also got another one from Jadlam, both cost under £75 posted so I would say the kit is well worth the money. Well, there it is. Fit and accuracy are both good enough for most modellers, so if you want a big Blackbird for your display shelf, it's a no-brainer. Feel free to ask any questions but please don't be offended if I steer you towards the build thread, there's so much information there it should be your first stop. All the best and festive greetings EDIT: For completion's sake, here are the finished engines and stand: I went for boring grey for the stand to better contrast the engines and black airframe. This is built from the box, with no filler used at all. The bleed air pipes aren't even glued, they just slot snugly into place. The interior of the jetpipes is brush painted with Vallejo Model Color, everything else is various blends of two colours (AK Xtreme Metal Titanium and Burnt Metal) with a finish of Colourcoats Corticene to represent that heated titanium look. This is the ensemble, it's difficult to get a good photo! It looks a bit incongruous up on a stand with open canopies and compressed oleos, but at least it fits the shelf! Well anyway, that's the end of the odyssey...took exactly a month to build. This is a real gem in my collection, I may never part with it All the best, Alan
  3. Hi folk's another build long overdue a finish is a boxing picked up cheap of Revell's Ventura,this has the option of a RCAF operated machine and here is where I got to in the summer.
  4. This kit was one of the 1st I bought when getting back into modelling ... and it has sat as the Stash entry No.1 unbuilt for 4 years, it is now time to build it. I thought I was going to build it as a GR1 with wrap-around camo as I used to watch in the 80's on holiday at grandparents in Exmoor as they flew through the valleys below us.. But I bought the Edward GR4 cockpit PE . The kit sprue shot : IDS kit , Eduard GR4 Cockpit PE, and the Flightpath Tanks and Pods set - living up north for too long (and reusing decal sheets) I think the subject will be the 617 70th anniversary scheme (Though that might change !) Looking at 'The General's' historical Tonka build Thread and now ExDraken's - I feel the need to buy the Aries resin UC bays
  5. Hi folks, so pre-started a revell b26 and there’s this hole with nothing in the instructions the hole on the left. from the few starboard photo’s I’ve seen this is not there. I assume it’s a crew entry door but should I fill it in?
  6. Hello all, This is the first time I've posted a WIP to Britmodeller. I happen to have 3 copies of the 1/48 scale Revell Ventura kit, one being the early PV-1, the other two being the RAF Ventura II boxing. Originally, I wanted to build a South African Air Force Maritime patrol Ventura, but this soon mushroomed into the RAF Venturas, one of which would have a 4-gun Boulton – Paul turret. The desired outcome is one RAAF Ventura with a 4 -gun turret in the Temperate Land Scheme, a RAF special duties Ventura with Dark Earth / Light Stone / Night scheme, and a SAAF PV-1 in Dark Sea Grey / PR Blue or Sky paint, and Vokes filters. Differences between the versions: Type Operator Nose turret Engines Other Scheme PV-1 SAAF solid none Vokes Filters External racks DSG / Sky / PR Blue Ventura II RAAF glass 4-gun BP DE / DG /Sky grey Ventura II RAF glass 2-gun BP DE / LS / Night Project plan: Source new decal sheets (castle and springbok) for SAAF Ventura. Obtain an additional set of propellers to replace the incorrect ones in the PV-1 boxing. Swap PV-1 upper turret mount with one of the RAF Venturas, and blank this off for SAAF build. Convert the bomber versions to single pilot operation, add detail to the W/Op compartment on all three. Add details to the bomber version noses. Correct the engine nacelle fronts, add Vokes filters to the SAAF build nacelles. Install the Boulton – Paul turret in the PV-1 upper turret mount, add to the Aussie Ventura. Source an ADF football for the SAAF Ventura. Plunge mould some teardrop bubbles for the Bomber Venturas. First, an overview of the kit(s) Decals sourced from MAVdecal in South Africa. I don't necessarily adhere to the build process in the instructions. It's a man thing, so bear with me! I re-profiled the Nacelle fronts , just to see what they looked like! The one on the right has been re-worked.
  7. Hi Red Roo folks, The DK decals for the Revell kit refers to a resin conversion I can’t find on your site. Do you have any information on this? If I have to scratch build, I’m hoping you could show me what these exhausts look like. TW
  8. Hi, I have decided not to talk to my Saudi Tornado for the time being. Then, one weekend, I went to a friend's and started another Tornado, this time an Italian IDS one. So after that weekend work, there it was; I didn't weigh the nose, which proved wise, as the model is nose heavy. I chose Gunze H404 to paint it, but it seems a bit not yellow enough for me... Tailplanes are painted, and the decals are started. A few wheels later... Let's start with the underwing stores: fuel tanks and Hasegawa Sidewinders (those in the Revell kit are awful). Now with all underwing stores displayed: Flaps are on (after some entertaining incidents involving a colossal brainfart): One matt coat later, and some soot added to the fin: Now, the slats are added; And now we add the Mk.83 bombs a friend was kind enough to provide: Tadaa! Done: The RFI is there: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992396-tornado-ids-operazione-locusta/ Cheers, Sebastien
  9. Hi folks, My first completed model in quite too long a time. The WIP is there: Kit: Revell Tornado IDS Decals: Mission Mark Decals Italian Tornado before turning grey HARM from Kinetic F/A-18C kit The belts were made using a sandwich of kabuki-ish tape and aluminum wrap. Here we go: May the Year of the Condescending Carp be good for you and yours, Cheers, S.
  10. While shifting some piles of kits yesterday, I noticed that Hornet which I „inherited“ some years ago and never had a closer look into. Looking at the sprues, it’s neither their legacy tool nor the Monogram (though Scalemates claims the latter). It is a recessed (softish) panels kit, the surfaces looking „lifeless“ . As the box says Made in Korea, the moulds were likely made by Ace; however, that would in all probability mean a copy. Most if not all of the Ace kits boxed by Revell around that time were „inspired“ by Hasegawa, so how about that Hornet? I admit not having tested if google is my friend on this one...
  11. If I intend to build a Gulf War 1991 RAF Tornado in 1/48 Can I use new release Revell Tornado as a base kit? What modification I need to do, if at all? Interested in desert pink RAF Tornados. Which decal sheet will you recommend? Thanks,
  12. Hello everyone I present my stuka from the STGB. I used the old Monogram 1/48th kit repop from Revell. It represents a Stuka from Nachtschlactgruppen #9 based in Italy from March of 1944 to the end of the war. The name “Gerda” is fictitious its just there to represent the young pilots wife or sweetheart. Here is a link to the WIP. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235037785-its-a-bent-winged-bird-just-not-a-corsair/ Without further talk I present “Gerda.” Some closeups of the I.P. & gunsight. The exhaust detail. The S.D.-2 bomblets, there are 96 bomblets represented with 88 wires total. I hope “Gerda” meets with your approval. And as usual questions, comments, or jokes ? Dennis
  13. Good morning.......I'm about to start the F18F from Revell in 1/48 and have just noticed that the wings are two part but don't appear to offer a folded wing option. Two questions for those in the know. Firstly do Hornets ever park with wings extended? And if not does anyone know of any company that offers a wing fold after market set? Any help will be very gratefuly received Simon
  14. Hi All Since my two Tomcats are figthing me at every turn, I decided to put them away and do something less stressful. This will be faily simple with just the Eduard interior PE set and Super Scale decals. Here the first of the PE going into the cockpit.
  15. Hi guys My local Toymaster has recently had a clearance of slow moving stock including a selection of plastic kits, most of which have been added to the stash. One of which is this 'out of my comfort zone' subject, but for way less than a tenner, it would have been rude not to - wouldn't it? First impressions? - well the box looked a little empty, so much so, that I had to check the parts diagram to make sure I wasn't missing a sprue or two, but since everything appears to be present and correct, it seems this will be a fairly simple build. Unfortunately, 'simple' seems to extend to what's actually on the sprues as well. The cockpit and seats in particular are a real disappointment and not at all what I was expecting from what the box suggests is a 2015 release. A quick check on Scalemates reveals the truth - this isn't Revell at all, its a re-box of a rather elderly Italeri tooling - - good job it was half price! Since the only way to display the cockpit is, and I kid you not, to cut the side windows out of the canopy which has disaster written all over it, I wont be doing that! Instead I'll be adding a couple of coats of Tamiya Smoke inside for a bit of a tint and calling it done. Despite a fair bit of flash on the 'A' sprue, the fuselage parts appear to be free of any sink marks, which is lucky because the surface detail is all raised panel lines and rivets which obviously wont survive through much in the way of filing and sanding. AM appears limited to gun barrels from 'Master' - which look great, but will, at a stroke, double the cost of the build! I think I'll wait until I can be sure the build is worth it before 'buying it now'. The 'soft edge' camo looks like a bit of a handful - I've had no success in the past with Blu Tack 'sausages', but I have just received my new 'Fine' airbrush so this may be its 'baptism of fire' on a free-handed scheme! Despite these, what might seem rather negative, comments, I am actually really looking forward to cracking-on with this and so many thanks to the mods who have stepped in at the 11th hour to ensure the Build gets 'up and running' Craig
  16. Hi everyone, with progress on the T-72 slowed to a crawl, its time to fire-up this beast... .... purchased with the Helicopter GB in mind, but when I checked and saw the East German decal option, I decided to save it for this one. Even with the 'too short' tail, its still a big old bus.... ... but looks simple enough, which is handy since I know absolutely nothing about 'choppers'! Cheers for now Craig
  17. Hi all, Here's my latest creation to roll off the workbench: Revell's 1/48 Rafale M. This is the original issue, so I've used Wolfpack's M Production resin update set and a host of minor scratch building to get it to represent an M from 2007. The decals are Model Alliance and poorly researched. A full build article, including all the updates I made (and those I didn't!) is at jonbryon.com/RafaleM.html. Comments welcome; thanks for looking. Jon
  18. Hello !! I show you my new Do 217 from Revell. I use Tamiya and Gunze for the Paint. The Masks are from Eduard EX 103. Take a look pleas !! Reinhard
  19. Not done a huge amount of modelling over the last year what with new little boy and moving house but made a start on Revells Typhoon. I really can't be bothered to make a grey aeroplane so going down the road of a 'what if' The interior should give a pretty good idea of where i'm going with this but the camouflage will keep people guessing. Its OTB apart from a bit of Eduard photo etch for the seats and op panel.
  20. Hi all, This ones been lurking in the loft for many a year so decided to give it a clean up. It's probably not the most accurate of kits but it looks reasonable even though the engines are not correct, anyway built it from the box and painted it with Xtracolour Enamels. Brian.
  21. Dusting down time! I might even get around to the garage....
  22. Hello everybody, some photos of my F-4C in its Spanish form, the C.12 . of Ala 12 Revell kit, excellent decals from Series Espanolas, Eduard Aim-9B Sidewinders, Twobobs decals on Sparrows and Sidewinders. Mk-82 from Hase. Hope you like it, cheers, exdraken
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