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Found 17 results

  1. After a long wait for decals, I have finally put the finishing touches on my Ukrainian airlines Embraer 190. I like this little kit. It's an easyish one to turn around, plus I had some spare AA decals left over from my BA 190 made at the end of last year. (See it here: https://bit.ly/3PwnIlj ) I have included some pre-decal shots too. - Kit went together okay, though needs filler in places. - Made a custom nose landing light from a transparent sprue - Decals from Authentic airliners and Polish eBay user 'bigt1972'. Decals quite thick and fragile but look good when in place. My narrowbody shelf is now full! Feedback welcome. Slava Ukraini! Chris
  2. Hello all Another recruit to my rapidly increasing 'brail scale' air force, and this one means more than most as its my favourite aircraft of all time... the English Electric Lightning. This is the fairly old Revell 1/144 kit built completely OOB apart from some Tamiya tape for the seat belts and some brass rod for the pitot tube. Paints were a real mixture as I couldn't seem to get the correct shades I wanted from actual tinned colours. After much trial and error I settled on Xtracrylix 1136 for the medium sea grey (which is actually FS36375), Tamiya XF80 for the barley grey, and Gunze 51 for the light aircraft grey. The trouble with the later low viz Lightnings is that they were so heavily weathered that no two airframes seemed to look the same. Decals were a mix of the spares box and 144th.co.uk (who's Lightning decal sheet is mind blowing by the way) and then some pastels for the weathering. Hope you enjoy, comments much appreciated Inspiration was from this photo from Scale Modelling Now... And here....... https://www.flickr.com/photos/8531201@N04/4794416320/
  3. Here's my Revell 1/144 Embraer E190. It's finished in an Alliance Airlines special scheme commemorating the centenary of the RAAF using Nazca decals. This was a deliberately quick build - trying to get it done in the last couple of weeks of the ANZAC group build - so there are a few details I could have added but didn't. I also didn't use most of the details in the Nazca sheet - they just seemed a bit bold for the scale. thanks for looking Julian
  4. The model was built almost straight from de box, with the kit decals being used for the markings.
  5. As this year marks 50 years from the first flight of F-14 Tomcat, I've decided to give it a special homage with triple build of Revell's nicely moulded Tomcats in "mini" braillescale: 1 - F-14A, VF-84 Jolly Rogers ("Final Countdown" movie) 2 - F-14A, VF-142 Ghostriders 3 - F-14D, VF-101 Grim Reapers I will keep whole of the build(s) in one topic, as I work on all 3 kits at the same time. For the beginning, I've sprayed Mr. Surfacer 1500 Grey on parts that will be painted in white and grey (cockpit and landing gear bits), and won't cut off parts from sprue yet.. I think it will save me some time during this initial phase... Cheers, S.
  6. Hi, I normally post in the aircraft section, but I also wanted to share my German Navy vessels. Let's start with the biggest one ... Thanks for looking!
  7. Nothing new but I finally got around to re-instating the images after the Photobucket issues and that has instilled some impetus for continuing with the build. Hi all, I’ve been a member on here for some time without contributing anything of note worthy, but hopefully soaking up some of the great skills and generous advice that are regularly on show. So, I thought it was about time I stopped sponging, put myself in the firing line and have a go at a WIP, so wish me luck! The build is going to be the Revell 1/144 scale Space Shuttle Discovery and Boosters. I picked the kit up quite cheaply a while ago but I must say upon opening the box I wasn’t overly impressed with the contents; a fair bit of flash, poor fitting parts and some odd details, so the lid was quickly replaced and the kit consigned to the darker reaches of the stash. I should add that I’m no Space Shuttle expert/nerd but have always admired the whole Space Shuttle concept and always wanted to build one, but even I could see that, the engine bells for instance are, well, odd to say the least, just a stack of decreasing diameter discs, to me they look like the Master modeller ran out of time and the base form was all that was available to mould. In fact, it was the engine bells that prompted the start of the build, having just sent an ongoing project to the naughty shelf (anything that could go wrong did!) so looking around for something to occupy me for the rest of the evening I started trawling through some collected reference on the laptop and found a good clear image of the rear end of the orbiter and the main motors and wondered if I could use the kit parts to hang a little more detail on rather than go down the aftermarket route. It seems like a strange place to start a build but it was something to do and quite enjoyable, if a little fiddly. The main motor bell was coarsely filed and filled to remove the steps then sanded to approximately the correct profile. The locating spigot was removed and a 2mm thick plasticard rough disc was glued to the top of the bell and sanded to match the profile, drilled and a new locating spigot glued in place. The overall effect is that the bell is now slightly over scale length wise. Now the fiddly bit, gluing eight 0.6mm plastic rod ‘ribs’ around the bell tested my patience, supply of fingers, clamping tweezers and expletives all at once, and this was only the first of three! The pipe work was formed from more 0.6mm plastic rod and 0.3mm copper wire, additionally the inside of the bell was repeatedly scored with a scalpel blade to give a little texture. Not wholly accurate, but much better than the kit original. Now that the Shuttle has moved well and truly to the front of the stash, one thing I’ve started working on is artwork for some home-print decals to represent the heat tiles that are a dominating and essential feature of the orbiter. The artwork is created as monotone vector line art in CorelDRAW exported as a bitmap and the streaking, discoloration etc. ‘airbrushed’ in Corel Photopaint, the tricky part will be ‘mapping’ the two-dimensional print to the kit surface so I figure it’s going to be a fair bit of trial and error with test prints to get the right shape. The sample below shows a test piece for the body flap of the Orbiter, if at the end of the day I can’t make it work I will use some proprietary decals (if I can get any) along with some oil weathering to get the prominent streaking effects caused by re-entry scorching. More later.
  8. My first big build after nearly 4 months of forced absence due to our house renovation...What would be a better start than a 747 ? Lots of cursing had been heard/read about the Revell 747-400,esp. for the Iron Maiden release being a very bad kit. Well to be honest...yes its a truly awful kit. I built the Revell 747-400 British Airways version that comes with Rolls Royce engines,and being, apart from the engine types,the same kit,those moulds were not as problematic as with this offering here. Lots and lots of excess plastic on virtually every part (these would have well given enough material to do another kit),very thin moulded parts,one engine half was unusable. Luckily I had some replacements in my spares box. Adding the shape issues that plagues the 747-400 kit,it is a shame that Revell didn't put in some more effort in this release or even better,created completely new moulds. Esp. the Iron Maiden version tempted probably many modelling unexperienced people to buy this kit,the results can be frustrating and off putting,a shame as it would have been a nice and original entry into the world of airliner modelling or modelling in particular. The owner of my local modelshop told me about some very disappointed customers who bought this kit and tried to build it. Experienced modellers will have probably much less trouble with it but here Revell surely missed a chance here and one can only think of being cheated by this company. If one make a repack and put this kit in an Eastern Express box,no one could tell the difference... Well,having learnt some lessons while building the BA Landor 747-400,I thought I will have another go on a Revell 747-400 and get me one of these Iron Maiden kit. Corrections / alterations I did on this build; - Correcting the noseshape,but not widening the front end,and using decals for the cockpit windows - Replacing the locator pins on the elevators with aluminium wires to give more stability - Adding hydraulic cables son the main gear - Putting in some sprues in the wing section of the fuselage to strengthten this section for a better stability when gluing in the underfloor plate - Replacing the APU with a plastic pipe cut to shape - Sanding down the wing halfs on the inside before glueing together to get a better wing profile.The wings are too thick out of the box - Using the Flying colour detail decal set for the 747 to enhance the overall appearance Once every part was cleaned,filled and sanded to shape and corrected where needed,the build itself was pretty straight.Problems came when dryfitting the wings...One wing half was a bit shorter than the other,thus creating a gap at the fuselage join.This was corrected by cutting a piece of Evergreen plastic to shape and glued on the lower wing root. I find it much easier to build and paint the parts in sections and then put the model together.It safes a lot of masking and time. By doing so on this kit,I had to correct all parts upfront to guarantee a smooth fit. Small gaps that could not be prevented were filled with Crystal Clear and these sections were then painted in the required color after drying. Paints used for this build;Tamyia Pure white from a rattle can for the fuselage,Revell white airbrushed on the engines, Testors Canadian Woodoo Gray for the wings and landing gears,Mr.Color Super Metallic Chrome Silver for the leading edges and engine inlets. The coroguard panels are a mixture of Revell grey 374,Silver 90 and black 08. The fuselage received a cote of Testors metallic sealer after the white was on to give it a smoother,more realistic look. After the decals were on,a cote of "Future" was applied to seal them. The decal set,again a superb work of quality from Daco,are very nice to apply and also the big fin decal went on and around the edges just beautifully. Overall and despite the faults with the kit,I enjoyed this build and the final result is better than I expected. Its a unique livery and makes this 747 a very special one in every Jumbo collection. On with the photos,taken on the new balcony and my critic (Kitty)
  9. Hi everyone This as been on a shelf in my LMS for years, and this morning I noticed that it had made its way into the 'clearance bin', so I gambled on its eligibility and thanks to Daz, here it is! Compared to Airfix starter sets, Revell dropped the ball a little by providing paint for 2 schemes, but not really enough for either, so a little 'artistic licence' will be in order to try and make up for the lack of anything metallic for the jet pipes, for example. I'm not normally able to do this much model making, but with some time off work, coinciding with a spell of poor weather, I'm able to keep returning to the bench every 2 or 3 hours and fiddle around a little more - result! About to get started Craig
  10. I started these last year as part of the STGB Memorial Build for fellow Britmodeller Merv Milliken (Spike7451). I wanted to try and represent each nation that operates the Tornado and was keen to include an F.3 example. I scratch built some of the missing details such as the Secondary Heat Exchanger intake and other bits relevant to the aircraft modelled. Decals for the Luftwaffe ECR and the RAF F.3 are from the kits with some additional stencilling from a Hannants Xtradecal sheet. The Italian and Saudi examples came from Mark1's book of twelve Tornados I didn't get them over the line for that GB, so when the KUTA VIII GB came along at the back end of the year I decided that I would try to complete them for that. That GB finished a couple of weeks ago and here are the finished models. Tornado ECR 2011 Tigermeet - Revell 1/144 Tornado F.3 RAF 56 R Squadron (Firebirds) - Dragon 1/144 Tornado ECR Italian Air Force - Revell 1/144 Tornado IDS Royal Saudi Air Force - Revell 1/144 And finally a shot of all four together I had a lot of fun putting these together and I'm sure that there are lots of things that Merv would have pointed out had he still been with us, but I am pleased with the way they turned out. Apologies to those who followed these builds for repeating the photos here, but I wanted to share my efforts with the people who may not venture to the GB pages. Thanks for looking in. Links to builds are below Tornado STGB III Link1 Tornado STGB III Link2 (F.3) KUTA VIII Link
  11. Should have been finished as part of the "Lesser Built Airforces" GB but time was against me. Build http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234973889-qatar-boeing-c-17a-globemaster-completed-at-long-last/ Glad it's finally over and done with as I've now got the spray booth back but wondering where to display it - it works out at a whopping 14" wingspan..... and that's in 1/144th scale. Built OOB - You will need a little bit of weight in the nose - Mine was fine until I fitted the tailplanes at the end - Managed to feed a couple or three cut up airgun pellets through the nosewheel well to sort that problem out. Used Tamiya and Gunze paints - Decals came with the kit but you'll need lots of Microsol to apply to them as some are expected to settle in 3 different dimensions at once, they did settle down very well in the end though. Revell thoughtfully (and thankfully!) supplied extra burgundy decal as well as some black lining should your walkways go awry.
  12. Hi all, Retrieved this from deep storage / loft insulation duties for this GB. Box shot for the time being.... Back to sorting workshed and finishing the Hampden first. IanJ
  13. Hi All I finished this model last month. I built it for a friend. It’s a Revell 1/144 Airbus A330 and is out of the box. I did add some extra decals. When I get a but more time and space I will build my two A330. Ken
  14. Hi all, Revells B-52 in 1/144 Scale. The tail gun shouldn't be there on the real thing. Sprayed with Xtracolour Enamem "Gunshit Grey" Brian
  15. Hello here is my only build for this year(!), completed this week. I haven't done a 1/144 build since I was a kid, but decided to go that route as I don't have anywhere specific to make or put my models at the moment due to being in a new house we're redecorating, so small was good! I used the Zactoman F-15 set which included new afterburner cans, CFT pylon and ejector seats, which are all superbly cast. Decals were printed from templates found at the planetspejic website, also including control panel decals. It was brush painted with citadel colours and vallejo before recieving a couple of coats of klear, then decals, another coat of klear then an oil wash of paynes grey. I then airbrushed xtracolour xdff but the oil was looked much worse after that unfortunately, I hadnt had that problem before. It is missing the code near the refuelling port as the numbers would be in white which can't be done with the printer, and I didnt have any that small anywhere. Anyway here's the pics- Cheers for looking!
  16. Hello, this is my first attempt building a Sub'... and maybe not the last! I enjoyed it a lot!! ;D The flag with the swastika has now been redone (not shown on these pictures) Hope you like it! ;D I have the U212 painting progress ^^ Rom
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