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Found 20 results

  1. LB Dynamics is working on a 1/32nd Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor 3D printed kit. Source: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/93995-f-22-raptor-132/ 3D renders, test prints and assembly V.P.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this hobby, and this is my very first kit! It irritates me to see F-22 Raptor models done in some boring grey colors. So, I decided to build my own interpretation of how I see a Raptor in terms of paint effects and tried to replicate the real thing! I acknowledge it's not the most visually appealing Raptor model, but I tried and am pleased with the results when compared to what most modelers have done or what is commercially available. Building and painting it was quite challenging for me, and I experimented with my own paint mixtures and trials. Some top coat layers are still missing, which I will add in the coming days. Thanks Model Info: USAF F-22 Raptor S/N 04-5090 Location: 90th Fighter Squadron in 3d Wing, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska Scale: 1:72 by Revell
  3. I Love Kit (link) is to release a 1/48th Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor kit - ref. ILK62801 Sources: http://www.ilovekit.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=83&l=en https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10820085 https://beavercorp.jp/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/アイラブキット-新製品-48th-F22ラプター-注文書-2021.10.05.pdf V.P.
  4. Hello everyone, I have managed to complete this little bug before year end. It has been a great learning during the build, did a number of mistakes and learnt from there. I did not manage paint it in metallic sheen theme, and I have read in this forum on how to make it, I will try next time. Spent some amount of time to deal with the weapons and doors too, it is not just small, but TINY to my eyes even with reading glasses. Another important milestone for myself is that I can manage the masking of the exhaust !! I told myself - I can manage this masking, I can mask anything in the future The WIP : Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas !!
  5. I picked up static model in recent years after long retirement since 90s. Decided going to start with a small one, really tiny one - 1/144 F-22A from Trumpeter. Started with cockpit - 4 pieces of small parts, no detail but just some sharp shapes to represent the 1/144 cockpit. Painted black and highlighted with some German grey. Glued the small parts inside the lower fuselage, parts are small, but still have good details, fitting is not bad. Applied a few thin layers of Tamiya smoke (x19) followed by clear yellow (x24) on the inner surface of the canopy. Gun metal (x10) on the inner wall of the exhaust ports and some black / grey color in the inner frame of the fuselage as the plastic is really thin in some area. After a day, glued the upper and lower fuselage together, added air intake ports too. Fitting is nice, no major faulty area. There are a few mold marking on the upper surface of the wings and on the main body just behind the cockpit. sanding them down and also sanding down all the gaps where the upper and lower fuselage combined. Will then check if any putty filling is required. Definitely NOT a Bandai type of model kit which trial build is almost not required and parts are just fitted together like magic, but if I can manage it as a newbie to airplane model, I am sure it is an above-average kit !
  6. Academy is to re-release its 1/72nd Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor kit with ref. 12527 Sources: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=9035&pCategory=NEWS1 https://www.facebook.com/academytoy/photos/pb.1450541581840342.-2207520000.1442819447./1718872271673937/?type=3&permPage=1 F-22A Raptor "94th FS, Langley AFB" V.P.
  7. Jetmads is to release a 1/32nd Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor resin kit. Source: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/999547414300877 V.P.
  8. An interesting read. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/43613/incredible-images-of-stripped-down-f-22-raptor-being-rebuilt-after-belly-landing
  9. Hi all, back again with another fighter build I've been after an F-22 kit for some time, having previously owned an Italeri from back in the early 2000s. Needless to say, the outcome on it wasn't stupendous, lol So, having seen some decent reviews about the Academy entry, I managed to snag one for a birthday. After much research into how to paint the thing, and an attempt to get the scheme as real as possible, I finally took the dive into building and painting it. The build itself wasn't too bad, although there were some very minor fit issues. Primarily in the weapon bays, which frustrated me enough that I just decided to close them up. That of course resulted in a bit of a fitting problem with making the bay doors flush with the fuselage, and a significant amount of sanding. Unfortunately, it wasn't flawless, but worked well enough. Painting instructions were mostly straight forward but the intakes and the sizing of the Light Ghost Grey around them was left ambiguous, resulting in a little bit of a cramped decal placement on the port side. Overall, I'm pleased with how the paint scheme came out. The Raptor seems to be notoriously difficult to match up with the real thing in colours and finish. My research led to me applying a combo of Aggressor Grey and Mod Eagle grey, mixed with Aluminium, for the camo. Initially, this didn't look correct. The aggressor looked too warm a colour, and the mod eagle was barely discernible. So I made an adjusted top mix of Mod Eagle + Aluminium + 2 drops of Gun Metal + 2 drops of Flat Blue. Initially I thought it would come out a little too blue, but by gently applying it over the mod eagle camo patches, it worked out better than expected. It even had some metallic sheen, although the varnish layers knocked this down a little. Strangely, a small amount of crazing appeared around the edges of the intakes after the Light Ghost Grey was applied over some Ultimate Primer that had dried. Bit confused about that. Overall, happy with the result, even if the upper roundel silvered a little (not entirely sure how it happened on the gloss surface on only one half of it). The panel wash of medium grey worked out nicely in giving it a bit of a brownish tint, which shows up on the real planes when they look a little worse for wear. Biggest annoyance was realising I'd left out the ejection handle after installing the canopy, despite having put a piece of tape next to the handle on the sprue to remind myself. Anyway, enough muttering, time for pics Thanks for looking Gaz
  10. Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor 1/72 Revell (03858) In 1981, the US Air Force developed a requirement for a new aircraft that would eventually replace the F15 and F16 as a next step utilising the latest technology in composite materials, flight control and avionics systems. A competition between the Lockheed YF22 and the Northrop YF23 came to a close with the contract being given to Lockheed. 187 aircraft have been ordered by the USAF. The performance of the F22 is as good as it currently gets. In 2005, it was reported to have achieved Mach 1.7 in supercruise flight without the use of its afterburners. Performance is helped by the fact that all the weapons are stowed internally. It has 3 weapons bays - 1 centrally and two in the intakes under the wings. It also has the Vulcan cannon incase it gets in close with its adversaries. With an all glass cockpit, the aircraft is capable of both Air-Ground and Air-Air combat capability. Maneuverability is enhanced by its afterburning pitch vectoring nozzles enabling high angles of attach to be achieved. Without doubt, this is one of, if not the best fighter in the world today combining speed, agility, precision and technology to give it's pilot exceptional spacial awareness. A ban on exports means that only the USAF operate the F-22. This is a shame because it limits the choice of liveries available. Use of the Raptor has been restricted so far, probably due to it's high unit cost and initial teething problems, but kill ratios in Red Flag exercises indicate it's exceptional abilities. Although it's not yet seen combat (apart from in several blockbuster films !), it has intercepted Bears and Balckjacks that have been on probing missions. The Kit This is the Revell Kit first released in 2007. The kit comes in the now familiar end opening type box that Revell now use. It combines good artwork as well as photo's of a constructed model on the side, which I find really useful. Upon opening the box, there are 2 bags containing a total of 4 sprue's. Additionally, the cockpit glass is individually bagged and is nicely portrayed using slightly tinted plastic and is beautifully moulded. In total, there's 116 parts, the main tow being the large single part upper and lower fuselage parts. As we've come to expect from Revell over recent years, the quality of the engineering in this kit is excellent. Fine recessed lines and general moulding quality is very good. The interior of the weapons bays is very well done. There's a few areas where flash is present however nothing that would get in the way of a novice builder. I've read that assembling the engine intakes can be quite challenging due to their assembly design, so care should be taken when when you come to this area of the model. The kit comes with a choice of either Air-Air or Air-Ground / Air-Air combo with 2 bombs for the centre bomb bay, a choice of 2 types of short range missiles and up to 6 medium range missiles. It also comes with two external drop tanks which gives the exterior more character if you choose to fit them. The exhausts can be built in either an open or closed positions. Construction starts with the cockpit. The four part seat is built up and added to the cockpit tub along with the instrument panel. Details for the panel and the side consoles are provided as decals. Next up a host of subassemblies are made up. The engine intakes are the next up and care will be needed with these due to their shapes. There are decals to be applied in the intakes where RAM is used. The short exhausts are also built up with simulated engine blades at one end. This is followed by the man gear bays and details added to the weapons bays. All of these subassemblies can now be fitted into the upper and lower fuselage halves as needed. The final parts to be fitted before closing them up are the tailplanes. Once the fuselage is closed up the vertical tails can be assembled and added along with the exhaust nozzles. These can be in the open or closed positions. The nose gear leg is built up and installed installed into the nose gear bay which is moulded into the lower fuselage half. The nose gear doors are then added, these are moulded as a single part and will have to be cut if being installed in the open position. The main gear doors and their retraction struts are added next. Again these can be fitted open or closed as needed. At the rear of the fuselage the arrestor hook can be fitted in the raised or lowered position. If lowered then the parts will need to be cut up. Additional parts need to be fitted into the weapons bays to hold the weapons if you are going to have them open (would be a shame to close them up and hide all the details). AIM-9L and AIM-9X Sidewinders are included along with AIM-120 AMRAAMs. Additionally for Air to Ground use two JADAAMs are provided. If you want your Stealthy fighter to be decidedly un-stealthy then two under wing fuel tanks are provided. Once all of your stores are on the cockpit needs finishing with the hud and canopy parts. The canopy can be either open or closed. Decals Decals are printed in Italy by Zanetti and should pose no issues. As well as airframe stencils and some prominent panels markings are supplied for two aircraft. 03-4055 - 195th Fighter Sqn, 154th Fighter Wing / Hawaii ANG - Pacific Air Force Joint Base Pearl Harbour - Hickam - 2010 01-4022 - 43rd Fighter Sqn, 325th Fighter Wing - Tyndall Air Force Base - 2015 Conclusion This is a good kit of an important USAF aircraft. The parts count is not great and aside from the intakes it should be a trouble free build, the real skill will be in painting the model to resemble the Raptors in service. Recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  11. Doyusha is to rebox in April the HobbyBoss 1/72nd Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor - ref. Source: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10765264 V.P.
  12. Hi, I am presenting my last completed model. This is F-22 Raptor from Academy in 1/72 scale. Model painted with Tamiya, Gunze, AK Xtreme metalm MRP int paints and Vellejo and Model master with brush. A very enjoyable work, I didn't have much trouble.
  13. Evening all, Here is my finished F-22 Raptor in 1/48 from Hasegawa. This was my first experience with Hasegawa and I am very impressed! That said, I did add a few details, mostly to the cockpit - all of this is in my WIP thread: Here is the finished build: Some detail photos of the cockpit: Thanks for looking!
  14. Afternoon fellow modellers! Since I've finished my F-15E & F-16, to go along with Tamiya's F-14, I need a new project to fill the 4th shelf: Well maths and the US Military would suggest that the next build should be the F-18, but there's are couple of problems here. Firstly there are a lot of F-18 kits on the market and I didn't feel like trawling through all of them on Scalemates to find a good one. And secondly, and more importantly, I don't actually like the F-18....I don't think it's a particularly good looking plane, certainly compared to the other I've built (Sorry to any Hornet fans or pilots reading this ). So if I want something good looking, that fit's numerically as well, the obvious choice is the Raptor! Also, there are really only 2 kits worth mentioning in 1/48 from Hasegawa and Academy. Most reviews agree that aside from the thickness of the surface detail the Hasegawa one is by the better of the two, so my choice was made. Disappointingly. there doesn't seem to be a resin cockpit set for this kit and I didn't want to risk getting the Academy one and having to perform a lot of "surgery", so I chose to scratchbuild a lot the missing details. I also found a lot of good photos of the ACES II seat courtesy of the USAF: https://www.jble.af.mil/News/Features/Display/Article/260812/egress-airmen-ensure-last-chance-for-life/ The tub is ok, apart from the ejector pin marks, but it is a bit sparse - if anyone has some good photos of the area flat area behind the seat rails that would be really helpful - I can't seem to find anything showing that area. So here is the seat, with a few added details: - Milliput seat cushions with stippling added by a short stiff brush to replicate the fluffy cushions of the real thing - Raised ejector seat handle - Reprofiled lower front section with missing bolts added - Hollow front "legs" taken from spares from the Tamiya F-16 - More refined/missing handles/loops from the F-16 as well - PE belts from the F-16 - Additional wiring + oxygen hose scratchbuilt based on the photos above Here's how it looks in the tub: Not too bad I think, but some clean up required. Lots of details still to be added especially to the back of the seat and the area behind that. Thanks for looking!
  15. F-22A Upgrades (for Hasegawa) 1:48 Eduard Hasegawa released their Raptor just after the Academy released theirs, both having their pluses and minuses in the shape and detail department, but I'm guessing you went for the Hasegawa one if you're reading this. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. The two sets are to be used inside the cockpit, and if you get the cockpit set it would be churlish to omit the seatbelts, so we'll review them together. F-22A Interior (491014) This set includes a nickel-plated pre-printed sheet and a slightly larger fret of bare brass, plus a small slip of acetate with the HUD glazing shapes printed upon it. It contains a complete re-vamp of the main instrument panel in two layers, additional layers for the side consoles and their smaller panel sections, plus a new HUD into which the acetate is fitted. The seat is overhauled with new detail where there was none previously, crew controls, more delicate side parts, and ejection ramp parts, all of which require a little modification/removal of existing details. The cockpit sills and the turtle-deck behind the pilot is also detailed, as is the lip and interior of the canopy frame, all of which will be visible whether you leave the canopy open or not, but more so if open. Seatbelts STEEL (FE1015) This set on the thinner steel etch contains a full set of pre-printed crew belts with the new simulated "depth" achieved with shading, plus a set of yellow handles on the seat sides and between the pilot's knees for a quick getaway in an emergency. If you've got the cockpit set above, you should probably put all the seat details together at the same time. Review sample courtesy of
  16. Wasn’t Hasegawa supposed to release a 1/72nd scale Raptor a few years ago? I heard it was a thing around 2013/14 but haven’t heard about it since. Be nice to see one especially with what they did with the F-35 and the panels which doesn’t look like bolt on tank armour unlike every other offering.
  17. Hello, First and foremost, this is my first post on this forum so bare with me. I'm getting Hasegawa's 1:48 scale model F-22A kit soon. I'm still quite new to scale modelling and i have some questions that hopefully the community here will answer. I have experience with kit modelling before, Kitty Hawk's LM F-35B. It didn't work out as great as i expected to be, but nonetheless, i had injuries but i had fun. It ended with a lot of errors in fitting, some parts broken, some parts with way too many glue, and... No paint... Not even decals. I heard the the F-22A is not a good kit to start with as a beginner, but i am willing to be patient for it, as i am very interested in military aviation. Anyway, on to the questions: 1. Tools. Probably a dumb question, since i should Google it myself. In this case though, i'm asking if i should get more advanced tools. Is an X-Acto knife necessary? I did my F-35B kit with a simple office cutter and it worked okay. And if it is, what blades should i get? Should i get a putty/filler? Sometimes i do accidentally damage a kit. It would be really terrible to break the landing gears. What putty/filler should i get? Do i need decal solutions? Quite serious question. I never tried decals before, but i'm planning to practice decals on my unpainted F-35B. The question is, do water slide decals necessarily require decal solutions? Or will they just 'stick'? If i do need decal solutions, which one should i get? Glue. I have a scale modelling glue from Tamiya that worked pretty okay with the F-35B, but is that enough for the F-22A? Should i get a special glue? And if so, which? Is there a special tool to remove excess glue? What kind of tweezers should i use? I used a set of 'electronic tweezers' for my F-35B, it's not that bad but needless to say, i prefer fingers more due to dexterity. Do you know a special pair of tweezers for modelling that provide extra dexterity? Or are standard tweezers sufficient? Sanding stick or sanding file? I've been using 'electronic sanding files' for the F-35B. They're... Okay i guess... If rusting and bending is normal... But anyway, which one should i get? What kind of brushes should i get? Do simple ones do? I'm also planning to use brushes to paint the model. Do i necessarily need special brushes or will normal ones do? 2. Photo etch. Thin metal parts, used for specific parts that are too thin to be made with plastic. The first time i tried to install a photo etched part, i didn't even know the exact point to 'stick' it, and lost the part. Now i'm too scared to even touch the ladders for the F-35B since it requires folds which i am not confident enough to do. Do you have any tips on them? I heard some boxes of the Hasegawa F-22A comes with photo etch, but even if mine doesn't, it's probably not that bad, right? 3. Model position. Weapon bay open or closed? Kind of want it to be a show unit similar to air shows. Canopy open or closed? Also, with or without pilot? Exhaust nozzle up, down or leveled? In case you didn't know, the F-22A can actually move it's exhaust nozzles horizontally, hence thrust vectoring, hence supermaneuverability (Yes that is a correct word). Flaps and elevators downwards or leveled? Honestly i don't even know if the F-22A has options for downward flaps and elevators, but i heard scale modelers can always cut it and do it manually. And, is there a special stand/case any of you know that is fitting for the F-22A? Personally i'm alright with just letting it stand on top of a table, but it would probably be nicer to write "Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor" somewhere. 4. Painting. I am not planning to get an air brush since i am not planning to make scale models for a long term. I am only planning to use simply brush paints or even simple spray cans combined with water slide decals. I have never painted a scale model before, and my hands are quite unstable. (Bad at drawing circles for example) Any advice would be appreciated. Anyway, what paint should i get for the F-22A? I'm not planning to get an arsenal of them since i wouldn't need them beyond the F-22A. What do i paint the cockpit with? Also very important - Paint the cockpit tub after installing it or before installing it? Apply decal and 'mask' it first or paint first and decal it later? I heard there are paints that specially replicate the metallic look on the real F-22A, that is 'changing' depending on the angle of incidence. Can anyone confirm this? Can it be done without an air brush? Hopefully just a normal paint brush, because as i already mentioned, i am not planning to get an air brush. What happens if i painted wrongly? Is there a special solution to remove the paint? Or should i just paint the correct color on top of it after it dries? What kind of tape should i use for masking? Normal 'masking' tape? Also, try to list as few paints as possible, notably the essential ones, since i do not intend to buy so much paint and to go as far as mixing them to get one RGB color. I've heard about gloss coatings. Are they important? If so, can anyone explain which layer to add in order? Which is first and which is last? (Example: Colour, gloss, decal, metallic finish) That's pretty much all of the questions i can think of right now. I might have forgotten a few questions but i'll get into that if i need to. Thank you for your time. Also, apologies if i sound like someone who shouldn't be scale modelling. I am very interested in the F-22A Raptor in particular and willing to spend time away from the computer to do something else; making this F-22A. I am asking kindly for help, not forcibly requesting.
  18. Chinese new brand? Shenzhen M-Legend is working on a new 1/72nd Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor kit - ref. Sources: http://m-legend.com/cp_detail.php?cl=cp&topid=45359&id=13026164&nowmenuid=20001627&ppid=&cpath=45359:&catid=45359 http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=286736 V.P.
  19. Here's my Hasegawa F-22 Raptor, finished last year. Additional items were Cockpit and nozzle sets by Aires. As the kit decals were a huge disappointment, I mainly used an Academy sheet - courtesy of @Stevej60. Here are the images. I tried to simulate the "Raptor sheen" by using Hasegawas way of mixing Gunze Colors with paints from their 'Super Metallic' range which worked quite well but the paints suggested were not always to my liking - being either too dark or too light. So did my own mixing - at least for parts of the colours used. The sheen itself is very subtle, not quite as intended but rather a little to less than too much I think. There's a hint of 'sheen' on this one The Aires nozzles with their fine texture on the moving nozzle parts. Despite the rather complex construction of the kit everything goes together very well - given a little patience and some dryfitting. I've loaded this model with four 'SDB's" - small diameter bombs and AIM-9X missiles. I do not know if the standard F-22 is already equipped to carry them but if not, they should be very soon. The SDB's are by Skunk models. That's it for my F-22. Hope you like it.
  20. Pictures from Graham James,
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